Benefits of, and how to write, white papers explained in “White Papers for Dummies”

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White papers describe the benefits of a business to business (B2B) product or service, or highlight a better way to solve an industry problem in a way that helps business people understand the issue, solve the problem, or at least make an important business decision. Read the review of "White Papers For Dummies".

Join the Campaign Against Death by PowerPoint!

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2) Download the invitation, which invites the presenter to get a free white paper. The white paper, “From Death by PowerPoint to Life by PowerPoint with the Tell ‘n’ Show SM Method,&# is a mini-course in itself. Mainly, the white paper explains what death by PowerPoint is and then shows presenters how to turn it into “life.&# You can give the presenter the URL for the white paper any way you want.

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Corporate White Papers - Should Marketing Material Pass "Peer Review"

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" Here you can read Housman's recommendation that the private sector, like the university, submit white papers and other serious kinds of analytic content to the kind of process standard in journals.

White Papers - Why Would Anyone Read "Em? Thought Leaders Do E-Books, Lots Of Infographics

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Every 20 minutes, the email blares:  White Paper.   White papers can play a role in selling.   That has been going on for years and for years I haven't clicked open, never mind downloaded, one of them.

Why a white paper, why not an ebook?

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Mention white paper and many  eyes glaze over.    White papers scream: Gravitas.    How to get from white paper to ebook?    Reading it seems analogous to the worthy task of sticking to healthy eating.    But mention ebook, especially if its cool graphics and wit are promoted, and the downloads from your website won't stop.    I know.    So do my clients. 

Like Yoda You Must Be

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Perhaps you can offer genuinely helpful charts, checklists, sample budgets, industry stats and benchmarks, plans, white papers, diagrams, a PDF of a chapter in your book or a good app. Despite being famously grammar-challenged, Master Yoda has a thing or two to teach us about being a powerful presenter. No, it’s not sharing profound thoughts like: “Always in motion is the future… ” (You don’t say!) Yoda’s secret is his role as a mentor.

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How to keep your audience’s attention

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For a free course, download by white paper, “From Death by PowerPoint to Life by PowerPoint with the Tell ‘n’ Tell ‘n’ Show SM method.&#.

How a business vision can help you sell

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Do I write white papers, media releases, case studies, direct mail? For instance, if I don’t know what a white paper is, I wouldn’t try to sell white paper writing services. If you are a freelance writer (or editor), your business vision is important. Dear Sir, May I write stuff for you? OK, what do you think of that sales letter? Or how about: Dear Sir. May I write stuff for you? I have experience. My tongue is not even stuck firmly in cheek here.

3 Reasons Sales People Have NEVER Been More Important – Indispensable Really!

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I JUST completed a White paper THIS MORNING and at lunch today, I read newer research that I could have included. A long time ago in a galaxy far away…. sales people held all the power. That not being true for 2 decades now, how do sales people contribute to the buying process, beyond providing answers that they still try to keep secret until asked (is space available? What rates will you give me? What better rates can you give ME?). More than ever!

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Content Marketing in Professional Services - Stop Giving Away the Store

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The blog, article, white paper, online video or email blast should stay in the box of showcasing the ability to solve a problem.

The Professional Speaker’s Imperative

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National Speakers Association White Paper National Speakers Association (NSA) President Kristin Arnold has published a remarkable document. The Professional Speaker’s Imperative: Bringing Value to Today’s Global and Tech-Savvy Marketplace is a 20-page White Paper on the past, present and future of the speaking profession.


The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

Calling all white men: Catalyst offers a free-for-download white paper on whether training for men can help create more gender-inclusive workplaces--based on a study with promising results.

How to book more business and own your niche

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Create ebooks, white papers, and special reports that you give away.

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"13 Reasons Why" - Generation Z Binge-Watching Netflix Long-Form Series on Teen Suicide

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In addition, there is growing demand for white papers. The series on Netflix "13 Reasons Why" probes the underlying reasons of Hannah Baker's suicide. She was a teen. And many of us, of all generations, will see our own past or present suffering in hers.

Yes Checklist: what to discuss when and editor says yes to your article idea

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Reports, white papers, books, and so on you might want to read before writing; websites you may want to visit for background information. Excerpt from Everything You Wanted to Know About Freelance Writing . What you do once an editor says “yes” to your article idea can be as important as how you pitch your ideas (the query letter). Upon having your proposal accepted by an editor, you have to discuss a number of details with your editor before you write.

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Improve your presentations 80% in 20% of your time

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White Paper: From Death by PowerPoint to Life by PowerPoint with the Telln ‘n’ Show SM Method. The Pareto principle , also known as the 80-20 rule , states that, in many situations, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. For example, Microsoft noted that by fixing the top 20% of the most reported bugs, 80% of the errors and crashes would be eliminated.

Public Relations Firms - What You Have to Teach Your Legal Clients

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Forget erudite white papers arguing a point of law. In media of all kinds, including social, there was certitude that the new residents of the White House wouldn't be able to tweet away this meme.

Writing services you can offer corporate clients

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White papers : Industry-specific papers that address trends, systems, methodologies, and technologies. Writing services you can offer corporate clients. Excerpt from Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Writing: How to Develop Article Ideas and Sell Them to Newspapers and Magazines & How to Find, Price and Manage Corporate Writing Assignments - [link].

How to become a good speaker

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Check out the tips and white paper below for more information. Free white paper: From Death by PowerPoint to Life by PowerPoint with the Tell ‘n’ ShowSM Method. Part of presenting is delivering your talk; this is called speaking.

Searching for Success: Every culture has its poignant tale, says Boris Kreiman of

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  In the white paper "The Seven Megatrends of Profesional Services," Ross Dawson of Advanced Human Technologies observes: " we live in a desperate 'me-too' economy, in which most.

COP21 - Making World Economic Forum At Davos Seem Yesterday

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They can crank out articles, white papers, books, and documentaries. The 2015 Paris Climate Conference or COP21 is where the movers and shakers want to be seen. Its influence could make the World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos seem so yesterday.

Hillary Clinton: Can She Evolve into Idea Entrepreneur

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  But that image won't cut it if she decides to run for the White House.   A vice president at a fairly traditional public relations agency instructed me to give the white paper I was writing "a shocking headline." " Yeah, a white paper

Tired Language - Sign Trump Administration May Have Already Worn Itself Out

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If I stuck it in a white paper for clients, they wouldn't use my services again. If a student submitted that in a college research paper, the professor would red-pencil it. "Witch hunt." " What a tired buzzphrase.

“Where can I find … “

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I suggested she check the excellent white papers available at Last month, a speechwriter asked me where she might find good data about a wide range of women’s issues. She did … and she found the perfect bit of research for her client’s speech. Streamline your own speechwriting research by building a database of respected sources. Those links will come in handy

(Tradtional) Journalism Industry - The New York Times Reaches Out to Philanthropy

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A white paper can no longer be, well, boring. Many watchers of traditional journalism have been predicting this development: Brandname news corporations, such as New York Times Inc., would have to shift from being a business to being a good cause supported by philanthropy. 

Video trailer: How to Write a Non-fiction Book in 60 days

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It's ideal for consultants, workshop leaders, speakers, PhD students, professors, freelance writers or anyone with a great idea who wants to write a solid, focused first draft of a non-fiction book, major research report, white paper or academic thesis - in 60 days. "How To Write A Non-fiction Book In 60 Days" is like a workshop in a book.

Fortune 500 - Use of Blogs, Social Media Declines

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Those include standard print books, white papers, opinion-editorials for establishment media, pitches to the media, brochures, and direct mail. 

Donald Trump Blew Up Professional Rhetoric

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That kind of initiative could eliminate all those boring white papers which no one reads. It's irrelevant if Trump wins the White House. Donald Trump didn't invent simplifying communications.

Jeff Zucker - We ghostwriters will be citing him as fresh example of leadership

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  Those citations will be in the articles, opinion-editorials, white papers, and talking points we produce for our clients.  Self-assured, decisive, and with a clear vision.    That's the kind of leadership Jeff Zucker is demonstrating at CNN. 

The Economist - Also For Sale By Pearson

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It's sacred, at least among thought leaders, decision-makers and those who put together those ponderous white papers. The Economist is not only respected. Yet, that hasn't saved it for being put up for sale, just like the prestigious Financial Times.

Fareed Zakaria: Journalism is very different from ghostwriting

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  When I leave, the white paper, case study, book, article or opinion-editorial I produce for that firm will belong to everyone in it. According to the ethics of journalism, CNN and TIME writer Fareed Zakaria has done something very wrong. 

Resume Writers Could Soon Be Out of Business

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With the Experience Graph, professionals will be able to show  that researching/writing that white paper on how public nuisance law is adding X number of dollars to the production of each U.S.

Be Your Own Ghostwriter - DIY - Part 3

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  A white paper by a startup in tech could begin boastful and perhaps self-referential.  On the other hand, a white paper by an established brandname tech company like IBM would start out focusing on how useful this is to the readers.

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The History of Your Company - 98% Irrelevant in Marketing/Sales

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What is of value are your present client list, how you approach projects, case studies, white papers, and offers of complimentary consultations.  Some websites have a section on the organization's history.

Drudge Report - Even Before First 100 Days, 1,000 American Jobs Saved

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For a white paper, ghostwriters in India might charge a fourth of what we ghostwriters in America do. The conservative Drudge Report headlines with how Donald Trump has made American Great again, even before his first 100 days. That's by saving 1,000 American jobs being outsourced to Mexico. To those in the Rust Belt that confirms that they bet on the right horse on election day, November 8th. The symbolism can't be missed.

Leadership Communications - Meme of Employment Dominates

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  When leaders focus on employment, immediately their speeches, opinion-editorials, white papers and books cast spells. "Today, employment is the most important issue in the world." " -  Danny Crichton, Tech Crunch. Here is that article. 

Headlines, Even For Fortune 500 Client Assignments: From Clever to Shocking

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It was for a white paper on social media. Clever word play for headlines used to get us ghostwriters plenty of repeat business. Even establishment clients welcomed that provocative touch.  That was then.

Digital & Content-Creation Market: What's Selling

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  Instead, the white paper market is surging.    As yet, I haven't convinced too many prospects that they might make more effective a presentation with an e-book instead of a white paper.  Overnight it seems, small businesses are getting it that their website is their face to the world.    As a result, the ones they put up several years ago have to go. 

Journalism to PR: Not too smooth, not always successful

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 The head of a writing firm searching for someone to create a white paper introduced herself to me as a former journalist. I should have gotten it right away.

Big Data, The Cloud: That's what ghostwriters/speechwriters have to know

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A few needed white papers on the cloud.  The conversation now is about Big Data and The Cloud.  That's what prospects want to see samples of in our portfolio.  Forget social media.