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Spreading Kindness as a Business Strategy with Shola Richards

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Looking for a kinder, gentler workplace? Join me to hear Shola Richards share how embracing a culture of kindness changed his life and his business for the better! The post Spreading Kindness as a Business Strategy with Shola Richards appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

5 PowerPoint Tips for Teachers – Make Your Educational Presentations More Interactive


“Crises and deadlocks, when they occur, have at least this advantage, that they force us to think.” – Jawaharlal Nehru The above quote best fits in today’s educational landscape that has undergone major transformations and radical changes in the past few years, specifically after the outbreak of Covid-19.


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Interview with Alfred Poor: Better Online Presentations

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Alfred Poor is an expert in helping speakers and companies create successful online events.

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Free Presentation Skills Assessment

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Jim Harvey , my co-founder of Presentation Guru , and I have been developing a comprehensive questionnaire to help people assess their level of skill when it comes to presentation skills and public speaking.

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How to Prepare Your Scientific Presentation


Since the dawn of time, humans were eager to find explanations for the world around them. At first, our scientific method was very simplistic and somewhat naive. We observed and reflected.

It's okay to be "unprofessional"

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"Emotion in business is unprofessional." Black women's natural hair is unprofessional." Tattoos are unprofessional." Facial hair is unprofessional." Poor grammar/spelling is unprofessional." And for speakers (I've actually heard these): "Flat shoes are unprofessional." Curly hair is unprofessional."

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3 techniques for putting less text on your slides

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You probably know that creating slides with lots of text on them is a sure sign of “Death by PowerPoint.” ” Even if your content is valuable and interesting, the text makes it LOOK boring. Also, research has shown that images attract more attention.

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How to Create and Present a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)


Managers will find themselves dealing with all kinds of projects throughout their profession. Some will be large and ambitious, while others will be straightforward and more manageable.

Be Your Own Life Coach

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Many people hire life coaches when they are trying to figure out what to do with their lives,]. Many people stumble through life not knowing what they want to do. If you can’t afford a life coach, if you feel … Continue reading →

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Speaking on Tricky Topics with Gregg Brown

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Quote: “You have to build a bridge between you and your audience. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tricky topic or not; how do we build that bridge, take them to where we need to get to, and then do the reveal when people can hear it.” Gregg Brown Have you ever been speaking to […].

Lessons from Our Training Pivot: How Virtual Presentations Build Soft Skills and Connections

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Remember when everyone thought the pandemic shut-down was going to last a couple of weeks? We figured we’d catch up on our favorite shows, bake some loaves of bread, go on a few walks, then life would be back to normal. But then weeks turned into months. And months turned into…well, you know.

What Do the Best Presenters and Public Speakers Do (That Makes Them Better Than the Rest)?

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We have used the last 18 months to build a competency framework and a presentation skills questionnaire that will help individuals, professionals, and organisations understand the current level of their presentation skills, and easily identify ways to build the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits of the very best communicators.…The

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The Power of Contagious Enthusiasm with Cassandra Worthy

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Are you presenting your authentic self on and off stage? Join me to hear Cassandra Worthy share how she has created a very successful speaking career just by being herself. The post The Power of Contagious Enthusiasm with Cassandra Worthy appeared first on Jane Atkinson. The Wealthy Speaker Podcast

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Are You Prepared for the New World of Work? Hone Your Soft Skills Online

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A skilled workforce is critical to business success and individual job security. As Amy Borsetti, Senior Director of LinkedIn Talent Solutions, put it: “skills are the new currency”. The uncertainty of the last few years has elevated the importance of soft skills.

3 Visual Communication Strategies for Your Sales Team


Effective communication is grist to the mill for businesses of all sizes, from small to large.

The Presentation Guru Presentation Skills Questionnaire – How Do YOU Rate?

Presentation Guru

For the past 18 months, Presentation Guru has been developing a comprehensive presentation skills questionnaire to help people (whatever their experience as presenters) assess their current ability in this life-changing skill.


How to talk like a business leader…or a pirate


A great costume needs a great vocal disguise, just as a great slide deck begs for a great speaker. In this post, you will find three steps to prepare for either Halloween or your next business presentation. After all, it’s not every business leader who can talk like a pirate! .

30 Days to Better Marketing that Helps You Book More Speaking Gigs

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Have you ever been in the running for a speaking gig only to lose it to someone that you know is not nearly as good a speaker as you are? Frustrating, right? Then you are left wondering what tipped the scales in their favor. What are they doing that you aren’t that is getting them […].

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Guide to Presenting Using the Pyramid Principle


The conventional method for presenting a PowerPoint presentation entails reflecting upon the facts and fine details to draw the audience towards a conclusion.

7 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Presentations


Finally, your hard work and valuable time in researching, conceptualizing, and crafting the presentation paid off, and you have nailed your slideshow. Three cheers and high fives for you. And from here, the new journey of your well-crafted presentation begins!


A Checklist for Presenters – Our New FREE Questionnaire is Here

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The team at Presentation Guru has been developing a comprehensive presentation skills questionnaire to help people assess their current level of skill in this life-changing ability.

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Make a Tiny Commitment.

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Effortless Sales Conversations with Dawnna St Louis

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Do you tense up at the thought of having a sales conversation? Listen and learn how to approach the sales and money talk with Dawnna St Louis. The post Effortless Sales Conversations with Dawnna St Louis appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

Write What You Know

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Write What You Know I confess, as a freelance journalist and non-fiction freelance writer, if I followed the “write what you know” rule of writing, I would have written very little. Because I know very little. I had to bend … Continue reading →

Training via Webinars: Points to Consider


The outbreak of Covid-19 moved all the business and education activities to an online mode overnight. All of a sudden, face-to-face interactions with clients and customers were replaced by virtual meetings, and traditional classroom lectures were shifted to eLearning.

How to Start a Prospecting Email

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Ask anyone – especially any sales training company or LinkedIn maven – how to start a prospecting email and you’ll get a hundred different answers. Some work depending on what you’re selling and the people to whom you sell. Some no longer work no matter how reputable the sales training company once was. Some work most of the time. This process works most of the time because it’s: •authentic. buyer-focused and. helpful. Pretty simple really. #1. Don’t lie.

100 Years of Experience.

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Understanding Keynote Speaker Fees and How to Set Your Fees as a Public Speaker

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Whether you are just starting as a public speaker or you’ve been at it for several years, understanding keynote speaker fees and how to set your fees as a public speaker is crucial to success. In this article, I will outline exactly what you need to know and the steps you can take to set […].

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ASSISTED DYING DEBATE: Why was suicide ever a crime?

Max Atkinson

Lords debates Assisted Dying Bill at second reading 22 October 2021 Members of the Lords will debate the main principles and purpose of the Assisted Dying Bill during second reading, on Friday 22 October.

6 Public Speaking Tips to Make a Long-Lasting Impression at Your Next Business Meeting


Are you one among those who feel intimidated and overwhelmed by getting an email regarding an invitation to a business meeting? If so, you are not alone!

Three New Tips to Boost Email Sales Today

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Do you remember when you started in sales? Were you given a “reader file” to copy or an on-boarding manual with sample emails to cut and paste? Maybe you only received product training and lists of features to push. The best product wins, right? Hahahaha). I’ve been thinking a lot about this because of the boatload of email sales training webinars I’ve been presenting to SDRs, their leaders, and other business development specialists. Typically their email goal is to book a meeting/demo.

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You Define Your Boundaries.

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The Champions Code with Ross Bernstein

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We all know there’s more than one way to get to where we want to be. Join me to learn how Ross Bernstein found his great success by taking a less conventional road. The post The Champions Code with Ross Bernstein appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

Consulting Report: How to Write and Present One


Consultants have many tools of the trade at their disposal — frameworks, analytics dashboards, data science models, and more. Yet many clients still expect to receive a narrated consulting report. So how do you write one? This guide will show you. What is a Consulting Report?

Book Review: There is Nothing for You Here, by Fiona Hill

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Fiona Hill burst onto the national, and international, stage when she testified in the 2019 impeachment hearings for President Donald J. Trump.

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Change your Email Action Request Depending on Your Stage of Sale

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(Prospecting emails that land in my inbox are natural fodder for this blog.). Imagine when I realized how turned off I was by a cold prospecting email where the seller wrote, “Please check my * Calendar App * for an available time” but NOT by the seller who wrote almost the identical (ever slightly more brain friendly) words, “Please choose a convenient time here [Calendar App link] to further discuss”. A blinding flash of the obvious!

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