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3 Steps to Mentally Preparing Yourself to Attract the Perfect Buyer

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Let’s be honest. When you lose a piece of business that you know you would be perfect for, it stings. And it can push us through a flurry of different emotions, many of which aren’t conducive to closing more business.

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Kanban Boards, The Power of a Visual Tool


Overview. It is easy to schedule daily tasks, like making a bed or doing laundry. However, if more than one person is living under the same roof, and many more chores need to be arranged, managing everyone’s tasks can be more challenging.


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Three key words for every speaker

Manner of Speaking

There are three key words that every speaker needs to master. In many respects, they are the most important words that one can say on stage: “I”, “you” and “we” Each has its place. “I” and its variants (“my”, etc.).

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Practice your speaking skills with PowerPoint’s Presenter Coach

PowerPoint Tips

I talk about presentations having 3 components: content, design, and delivery. I probably spend the least time talking about delivery, but it’s important! You can be engaging, lively, and informal. You can also appear wooden, dull, and formal.

There's no such thing as a dry topic, only a dry speaker

Speak Schmeak

The other day someone commented on a post I wrote, saying, "Public speaking is easy if you love what you're speaking about and know it thoroughly. Then you just can't wait to stand up and tell everyone about it." But sadly, not everyone feels passionate about their speaking topic.

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Can Forest Bathing Improve Your Presentation Skills?

DeFinis Communications

Even though many of us have been working remotely for the past year, few would say the time at home has felt like a vacation. Quite the contrary!

How to Feel Good In Zoom Meetings

Speaking Freely

Virtual meetings have become ubiquitous. By now, we are all learning how to look good on video. Next we can focus on learning to feel good in Zoom meetings.

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Getting Booked with Speakers Bureaus with Tim Mathy

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Want to hear what’s happening with speakers bureaus and how you might become a client? Listen to hear Tim Mathy share his 20+ years of bureau experience and what it takes to stand out. The post Getting Booked with Speakers Bureaus with Tim Mathy appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

Three key words for any Slayer

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Were you a fan of the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer?" I missed it the first time around; having been out of high school for some time when it came out, I didn't find a show about high school kids killing vampires to be very appealing.

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How to Use Theory of Change to Plan Successful Programs


Humans are resistant to change; especially one imposed externally. We may prefer the status quo, even if the proposed changes improve our lives. Program managers and policy-makers are well-aware of this tendency. Yet, they manage to drive successful outcomes even for the most challenging initiatives.

Interview with author Paul Lima about his novels

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Heinrich Gautier is the author of ZAP: Confessions of a Channel Changer. In this blog post he interviews Paul Lima, author of Chronic: A Sick Novel, Geri: A Post-Pandemic LGBTQ+ Novel About Something and Rebel in the Back Seat (short … Continue reading →

One Thing – Stick to That and Everything Else Don’t Mean S**t

Manner of Speaking

City Slickers is one of my favourite movies. It’s a 1991 Western comedy starring Billy Crystal , Daniel Stern , Bruno Kirby and Jack Palance. It received critical claim and won several awards. It is frequently hilarious but also contains some deep truths about life. Well worth watching.

4 Tips to Present Like a Pro Over Video Conference


With the outbreak of Covid-19, the global business has got considerably affected in the last few months. The ban on travel during global lockdown made virtual meetings more of a necessity than a convenience.

Coworking Spaces Post-Pandemic: Where the Industry Is Heading?


If you were told a year ago that you’d be working from home full-time, could you believe that? Surely not. However, a year into the experience, most people are eager for a change of scenery. But that doesn’t necessarily mean a full-time return to the office.

Interview with author of ZAP: Confessions of a Channel Changer

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Bias alert: I designed book cover. You can see it at the bottom of Paul Lima: Welcome to our virtual interview. Dr. Heinrich Gautier: Thanks for having me. Looking forward to it. PL: Some people think ZAP is a … Continue reading →

Interview on The Story Powers Podcast

Manner of Speaking

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Francisco Mahfuz on The Story Powers podcast. The show is about the power of stories, the people who tell them, and why you should be doing it too.

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How to Land Clients from Speaking Events Without Being Slimy with Nikki Rausch

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Tune in to hear Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch share some great strategies on how to sell from the stage and feel great about it! The post How to Land Clients from Speaking Events Without Being Slimy with Nikki Rausch appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

The Ancient Storytelling Secret That Every Leader Needs to Know

Duarte Blog

When Ray Anderson, former CEO of the carpet company Interface, realized that his company needed to lead the charge on sustainability, he didn’t just plan an initiative and put it into action. He told a story. Anderson explained to employees that they’d need to climb a mountain “taller than Everest.”

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The Manager’s Guide to Effective Teamwork


Let’s cut the chase: teamwork is challenging. Encouraging people to communicate better. Getting a team to consistent performance levels. Resolving conflicts. Everyone who tells you otherwise would be wrong.

Use Your Time to Do What You Want to Do

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

I told a friend that I was writing a blog post called Use Your Time to Do What You Want to Do. He said, “Shouldn’t the title be Find time to… or Make Time to…?” ” “They might be sexier titles,” … Continue reading →

Two Japanese Words for Public Speakers

Manner of Speaking

I love the Japanese culture and hope to visit Japan one day. It is a country with a rich heritage. I especially appreciate the ability of the Japanese to find beauty in simplicity and removing what is unnecessary. Japanese is an incredibly intricate language.

Risk Forward with Victoria Labalme

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Have you been holding back on your risk-taking? Victoria Labalme shares her unique ideas of when it’s good to take a risk and when you might want to take a step back and wait. The post Risk Forward with Victoria Labalme appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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Do You Have What It Takes to Lead a Successful Change Effort?

Duarte Blog

Here’s the scene: You’re leading a change. You’re motivated. You’re energized. You have a good idea (or someone else does) and you can see it will result in great things. Now you’re trying to get other people to make it happen. It’s time to communicate!

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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace, the New Rule


Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is important. We’ve heard it before, sure, but probably we have not emphasized its power enough. Diversity and Inclusion is something more than a new concept that your HR team needs to understand.

5 Reasons Why You Really Need a Presentation Design Specialist


An Italian designer, Massimo Vignelli, has rightly said: “Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.” ” And who can better understand this language other than an expert presentation designer? Got a brilliant idea? That’s great!

7 Tips for Public Speakers in a 2-minute video

Manner of Speaking

If you give me 2 minutes, I will give you 7 tips that will help you be a more effective, more impactful speaker. In my previous post , I shared a video from my YouTube Channel in which I drew on Japanese culture and talked about the benefit for public speakers of being out in nature.

Financial Goal Setting with Danielle Hayden

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Danielle Hayden joins us to share some sound advice about how to keep track of your finances and set goals to scale your business. . The post Financial Goal Setting with Danielle Hayden appeared first on Jane Atkinson. The Wealthy Speaker Podcast

Celebrating Women Storytellers & the Lessons They Share

Duarte Blog

Throughout history, women have made considerable contributions to society in countless ways, including through the power of storytelling. In celebration of Women’s History Month, we want to amplify and celebrate the voices of some of these notable women.

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April 15 - Win Anyway LIVE - What Do I Do, Anyway

Speak and Deliver

Coaching Sales Speaking Writing

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Video promos 3 works of fiction

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Video Blog: MS Warrior Paul Lima has written 3 non-fiction books: Rebel in the Back Seat, 10 coming of age no matter the age collection of short stories Geri: Post-Pandemic LGBTQ+ Novel About Something, aka a humorous spoof of Seinfeld, … Continue reading →

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How to Raise the Bar with Virtual Speaking and Presentations

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Last month at the Wealthy Speaker School we talked about how to sell and deliver virtual presentations. Back when the pandemic started, doing virtual “well” was all that was required.

A Year of Crisis: Nancy Duarte’s Successful Leadership Story

Duarte Blog

In times of crisis, good leadership is displayed through empathy and authority. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Nancy Duarte invited employees to contact her at any time with questions or concerns.

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Enhancing Workplace Performance using the Flow Model


Workplace performance can often suffer from mental roadblocks. You might feel stuck in completing a report or procrastinating an urgent task because you cannot find the right momentum that can enable you to ensure that everything is done right.

April 14 - Win Anyway LIVE - Weight Loss Wednesday Vol 10

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Accountability Atkins Dieting Weight Loss


Great Emails Start with Great Questions

SpeakerSue Says...

I was working with a group of wedding specialists and they echoed a challenge almost all sellers have. How do you handle a client who keeps pushing for a lower price when you’ve gone as low as you can go? Your best offer is on the table. You know their experience/product/service will be worth every penny and as much as you’d like the business, you can’t lower the rate. So why are they still pushing? As George Costanza said, “It’s not them, it’s you.”

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Expand Your Reach by Being a Podcast Guest with Case Lane

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Looking to market your business or brand to a wider audience? Listen to hear Case Lane share her ideas about why and how you can be a great podcast guest. . The post Expand Your Reach by Being a Podcast Guest with Case Lane appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

Aristotle’s pillars of persuasion

Manner of Speaking

More than 2,300 years ago, Aristotle wrote Rhetoric , considered by many to be the Bible of persuasive speaking.