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Charisma: It’s what you do that counts

Manner of Speaking

Charisma is not who you are. Charisma is what you do. Many people bemoan the fact that they “are not charismatic” But this kind of thinking is not productive. Anyone can be more charismatic if they are willing to work at it. Because charisma is all about actions and behaviours.

Client Success Spotlight: Confidence and Authenticity with Dr. Cindra Kamphoff

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Listen to hear Dr. Cindra Kamphoff share tips on how to find the confidence that will help you to create a more successful speaking business. . The post Client Success Spotlight: Confidence and Authenticity with Dr. Cindra Kamphoff appeared first on Jane Atkinson. The Wealthy Speaker Podcast


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Dylan’s Lyrics: Written for the ears not the eyes

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

On a recent episode of the charming Start the Week BBC Radio 4 program we heard Frances Wilson, Salman Rushdie and Simon Armitage discuss the rehabilitation of DH Lawrence and the relationship between the writer and their work. In the closing minutes (approx 37:00) host Andrew Marr asks Armitage about an essay that claims Bob […]. Culture Shock! Deep End Speechwriting bbc radio 4 Bob Dylan nancy duarte Robert Lehrman simon armitage start the week

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Even Eddie Murphy needs the nerves

Speak Schmeak

I loved this conversation between Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." Those of us who have the most experience speaking and entertaining on stage know this to be true: If you're not a little bit nervous, you just don't do as well.

Time to Vote: Best Virtual Demo Video Contest

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A couple of weeks ago, we announced our Best Virtual Demo Video contest, and all I can say is WOW! Thank you to all of the speakers who submitted their videos. We’ve gone through and watched all of them… and now it’s time for you to check each one out and vote!

How Different Cognitive Bias Impact Your Presentation


The human brain is a weirdly wonderful organ. It processes gazillions of sensory data points in a matter of seconds. But such supersonic cognitive speed comes at a toll. Rather than bringing up a ton of information from memory, our brain often leans on mental shortcuts to accelerate thinking.

Do this calculation every time you speak in public

Manner of Speaking

Whenever you have a speech or presentation to deliver, there’s a calculation that you should always do beforehand. Multiply the time you have to speak by the number of people whom you anticipate will be in the audience. The result is the true amount of your speaking time.

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3 Situations that Demand a Story

Duarte Blog

Critical communications require you to influence an audience. Whether you’re asking a customer for a sale, motivating your team to tackle a new challenge, or helping your boss see you in a new light—your goal is to persuade. Nothing persuades like stories. Stories are how humans interpret the world.

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Case Study: How to Write and Present It


Marketers, consultants, salespeople, and all other types of business managers often use case study analysis to highlight a success story, showing how an exciting problem can be or was addressed. But how do you create a compelling case study and then turn it into a memorable presentation?

Retired. Something I thought I’d never say.

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

It’s official. I am retired. That is something I never thought I’d say. I thought I’d keep on working until my fingers fell off. I didn’t think about age and illness. But I’m 66. I’ve had multiple sclerosis (MS) for … Continue reading →


12 Excellent Content Writing Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentations


If you’re in business or a job, the odds are great that you’ll be creating a PowerPoint slideshow at some point in time. Unfortunately, even if your spoken presentation is well rehearsed, a poor visual experience can ruin it for your audience.

These Screenwriting Principles Will Make Your Business Story More Engaging

Duarte Blog

Every human interprets situations, instances, and occurrences around us through the lens of story. Stories help us frame the world we experience, giving us a handle on reality. We are wired for stories. And we consume lots of them.

Why Every Public Speaker Should Be Taking Advantage of LinkedIn and LinkedIn Live

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If you are building and running a successful public speaking business, you need to invest in marketing – especially social media. But where do you focus your efforts on social media to get the biggest bang for the buck?

How to Incorporate Decision Trees into Your Presentations


Decision Trees Are Powerful Assets for your Presentations. Even if you’ve never heard of a decision tree, you’ve probably seen them at some point in your life. You might have even made one without realizing it.

WinAnyway LIVE - The Perfect Day

Speak and Deliver

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Diversity and Inclusion: The Best HR Approach to Drive Innovative Outcomes


Malcolm Forbes has beautifully defined diversity – The art of thinking independently together. An environment of inclusiveness is the need of the hour for all organizations, irrespective of their size and domain, to foster workplace equality and achieve success.

3 Leaders Who Effectively Use Storytelling to Transform

Duarte Blog

Great leaders rely on varied communication tools to inspire their teams and influence others to take action. But there’s one powerful persuasive tool execs are often reluctant to use: telling personal stories.

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Powerful, Persuasive Presentations In-person, Online, and Virtual with Patricia Fripp

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Listen to hear Patricia Fripp share what it takes to craft powerful presentations and epic stories that will result in long-term customers. The post Powerful, Persuasive Presentations In-person, Online, and Virtual with Patricia Fripp appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

Psychological Biases to Avoid When Decision-Making in Business


What are Psychological Biases? Psychological biases (AKA cognitive biases) are flaws in the way we process information and think about things.

WinAnyway LIVE - Branding in a Flash

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Visual Recruiting: How can it Help get the Best Talent Onboard?


Recruitment seems to be an easy undertaking to most of us. We hold a misconception that the labor market is just like a supermarket where the HR needs to walk in, scrutinize the candidates available on the shelves, and choose the best one. But the reality is far different than this.

Free writing (and thinking) webinars

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

I have a series of pay-what-you-can and free webinars that are all free during the pandemic (simply ignore the request to PWYC!). List below, and you can read about them at – Creative Writing: Getting Started – Format Your … Continue reading →

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From 0 to 7-Figures with David Horsager

Speaker Launcher

Are you working hard to scale your speaking business? Hear David Horsager share some great tips on how to get from zero to 7-figures. The post From 0 to 7-Figures with David Horsager appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

How to Use the Brand Essence Wheel


For any brand to be successful, it needs to resonate with the target market. For example, some brands might offer a low-cost product, whereas others might be seen as a symbol of success and luxury.

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WinAnyway LIVE - Moments in Time

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5 Reasons Why We Should Include Public Speaking in School Curriculum and Ways to Incorporate It


Have you ever noticed the difference between those who sit in the audience and those who stay up on the stage and conduct events? It is as simple as it could be – the ones on stage were taught how to confront gatherings, speak in front of public, and anchor events when they were in […].

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MS Warrior’s Singing Got Me Writing, Again

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Paul Digby is a fellow MS warrior. He was a composer and piano payer until MS took away his ability to play the piano. So what did he do? He was not a singer, but he started to sing. I … Continue reading →

Avoid Burnout in Your Speaking Business with Rachel Sheerin

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Feeling overwhelmed or tired in your business? Rachel Sheerin talks about how to avoid burnout or move forward if you’re already there. The post Avoid Burnout in Your Speaking Business with Rachel Sheerin appeared first on Jane Atkinson. The Wealthy Speaker Podcast

Quick Guide to Project Kick Off Meetings


Every project beginning is exciting; all the members will have different expectations and feelings about the required results. Therefore, rapport is crucial to establish commitment and generate a sense of accountability for everyone when beginning a project.

WinAnyway LIVE - Still Living, So There's That

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6 technical tips for your next online presentation

Manner of Speaking

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world in countless ways. Among other things, the world has been pushed even more online. I am guessing that if you are reading this post, you have participated in at least one online presentation over the past year or so. Probably more than one.

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To Celebrate Leafs vs Canadiens in NHL Playoffs for First Time in 41 years…

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Hockey Night on Ossington Avenue Johnny Bower was my hero. He led the Leafs to victory. In 1967, the year he turned forty-three, the craggy-faced goaltender backstopped the Toronto Maple Leafs to their third straight Stanley Cup triumph. Watching him … Continue reading →


Announcing the Winner of the Best Virtual Demo Video Contest

Speaker Launcher

Wow, we were just blown away by the response to this year’s best virtual demo video contest. First, we had so many submissions, thank you to all those who entered our contest. There was an abundance of talent to choose from and narrowing it down to just six was tough. But we did it!

Powerful Words to Use in Presentations: Ultra Long List 


The power of words is immense and palpable when it comes to sharing ideas with others. The way you frame your sentences and cherry-pick specific words will affect how the audience preserves you. Not just that.

WinAnyway LIVE - How Well Do People Really Know You

Speak and Deliver

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How to Write Your Best Email Ever

SpeakerSue Says...

A friend asked: “Have you ever noticed how some people’s email persona is different from their direct eye contact self?” ” Umm- Yes! A leader I know is charismatic, communicative and clever. But to read his emails, you’d think he skipped grades four onward. Because I really respect this guy, it’s (mostly) easy to give him the benefit of doubt. (He He is busy. He wanted to respond quickly. He doesn’t think this is high priority.).

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Tips for Everyday Videos with Matt Pierce

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Want great video that will help scale your speaking business? Matthew Pierce from TechSmith shares his best tips for speaking on camera. The post Tips for Everyday Videos with Matt Pierce appeared first on Jane Atkinson.