Super Q&A from Confessions webcast

Speaker Confessions

Did a webcast earlier this week to 500 folks about topics from Confessions. I went back in afterward and grabbed all the questions from the chat room during the talk and answered them all here. Lots of good stuff in there – it’s currently one of the most popular posts on my site

(Free!) Recording of slide:ology Webcast

Duarte Blog

Nancy recently hosted a free webcast for Safari Books Online. Attend this 60-minute webcast with Nancy Duarte, principle of Duarte Design, the firm that created the presentation for Al Gore’s Oscar-winning film, An Inconvenient Truth.

Charlie Sheen's New Web Show -VIDEO analysis -Media Training.

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News analyzed from a communication perspective.


WSJ - Going video amateur could create cult following for its webcast

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  THE WALL STREET JOURNAL has been running an investment-business webcast in the already well-established space dominated by strong competitors.  Right now, reports  Ryan Tate on Gawker, WSJ is spending plenty - too much in this market - for the webcast.  Amateur could be the preferred way to go - and the signature style - for a start-up in a tough market. 

3 things speakers should know about virtual presenting

Speaking about Presenting

Web seminars (AKA “webinars&# or “webcasts&# ) are online seminars or presentations used to synchronously engage remote audiences with any content that can be presented from a computer desktop. Tags: Presentation skills virtual presentation web seminar webcast webinar This is a guest post by Roger Courville. You can find out more about Roger in his bio at the end of this post.

How to make money writing speeches: ASJA “Shop Talk” on June 15

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I’ll address speechwriting topics during the June 15th “Shop Talk”, a monthly webcast sponsored by the American Society of Journalists and Authors – hosted by Sandra Beckwith. What questions should you ask to build your speechwriting career? If you’ve ever wondered about any of the following questions, participate on 6/15 and get answers: How can I […].

How to Deliver a First-Rate Online Presentation

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A webcast, on the other hand, is typically one-way communication and not the focus of this blog post. Increasingly public speakers and presenters are finding themselves presenting to online audiences.audiences they can't see or make eye contact with.


Open Source Webconferencing : Digging the DimDim Experience

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Tags: Webcast PowerPoint Presentation Presentation

Facebook Closes Account Over Fake Name « TJWALKER INTERACTIVE

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News analyzed from a communication perspective.


Where in the U.S. is Nancy Duarte?

Duarte Blog

October 8: slide:ology Webcast | via Safari Books Online. November 16: Tools for Visual Storytelling | Web2.0 Expo | New York, NY. October 15-21: Pop!Tech Tech Social Innovation Fellows Program | Camden, Maine.

Inside Voice: Speechwriter Amélie Crosson-Gooderham

The Eloquent Woman

If you can’t attend, watch a webcast and be brutally critical of the performance (but keep your expressed criticism light and constructive).

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Best Public Speaking Gestures

The Speaker Point

Additional effective modes of communication: Some additional effective modes of communication include but are not limited to: Social media, Telephone Conferencing, Webinar, Webcasting, Seminars etc.

OVER-50: HOW WE KEEP WORKING, now published

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  You can attend in-person or through the free webcast.  Yes, the publisher tells me that my new book OVER-50: HOW WE KEEP WORKING has been published.    It will take a while, though, for it to be listed online with and the rest of the usual suspects.    So, please keep your eyes open.    Meanwhile here's a free peek.    Here you have the Preface, Introduction, and Table of Contents Download Over50prefaceintrotoc.

Presenting to the Twitter Backchannel

More than PowerPoint...

I was able to glean enough nuance from the real-time conversations in the Twitter backchannel during a webcast presentation -- that I didn't need to actually watch the presenter! “Content isn't king.

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Top Ten Ways to Make Money Speaking

Great Public Speaking

WEBCASTS This is similar to telephone seminars except you are using the Internet instead of a telephone to hold the seminar. SELL YOUR KNOWLEDGE This is my overriding principle that came from years of hard knocks trying to get people to hire me to speak.

Give Live Speeches Around the World from Your Computer

Pivotal Public Speaking

You set up a webcast and the client shows you speaking to their group on the meeting room large screen. Your client really wants you to present at their managers’ meeting of 500 but they have no funds for your travel. Or, you have a heavy speaking schedule and a favorite client asks you to present for 30 minutes at their executive retreat. Or, there’s been a major event that makes traveling to the meeting venue impossible. Sound familiar? What do you do?

Booking Business - Best of Speaking Pro Central

Speaking Pro Central Posts

Recording of slide:ology Webcast , October 28, 2009. Recording of slide:ology Webcast , October 28, 2009. Recording of slide:ology Webcast , October 28, 2009. Best of Speaking Pro Central. October 2009. Featured Sources. The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. New evidence that bullet-points don’t work - Speaking about Presenting , October 7, 2009.

Alicia The Good Wife 2010 Role Model for Professional Success

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Here  are details and how to register to attend in-person or via the free live webcast. The new success brand is: Poised.    On "The Good Wife" Alicia has that down cold.    Her law firm, where she is a junior associate, has about a year's left of cash.    Her marriage to Peter, who has been granted a new trial, is still rift with uncertainly.    Tonight, we will see her kissing her boss Will Gardner. 

Practice with a teleprompter--at your desk, free

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The Writing Giottis - Now Junior is penning a menoir

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  That course will have to be webcast around the world. Victoria Giotti's memoir "The Family of Mine" had a pull force.    She was already a celebrity of sorts before she published her memories of growing up a Don's daughter.      Now her brother John A. Giotti Jr., made infamous through his four mistrials, is also penning a memoir.    He claims it's different from Victoria's. 

How (and why) to follow the @TEDWomen conference, Dec. 7 & 8

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Here are your options for participating in TEDWomen this weekend: Watch online remotely by signing up for the TEDWomen associates webcast for $100 , which allows you to watch the conference live, as it's going on, and share it with up to 10 friends.

How to Start Speaking at Events |

Some of these are offshoots of Webcasting platforms, like On24, others have started up to do online events, like BrightTalk.

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Top public speaking tips for February

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Recite your love poems, practice a webcast or broadcast, or just get used to teleprompting with this new digital tool: an online teleprompter into which you can enter your text and practice at your desk.

Soft Sell Marketing …Do NOT Miss This FREE Interview.

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Mark your calendar for Wednesday Sept 29th at 5:30 pm PST and join in by either going to the totally free webcast at: [link]. Soft Sell Marketing …Do NOT Miss This FREE Interview. Is marketing challenging for you? If you are like most of most my friends and associates you: Want to make a difference…not just in your bank account Want to serve your clients while making a living. You want to do it without feeling as if you have “sold out” AND still make a good living from your expertise.

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Interviewing: Not a Man/Woman for All Seasons

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  Here is the webcast [link]  [Click on "We are our stories" from April 1, 2010.].   After I studied the webcast of myself from the New York State Bar Association, I realized there were a number of mannerisms I had to delete.  "How should I play it?" " That's the first thing a discouraged unemployed lawyer asked me when he came for one-on-one coaching.    His law firm had let him go about 11 months previously. 

AMA HANDBOOK OF PUBLIC RELATIONS: Like careers, books have comebacks too

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  That sort of thing can be done in a blog, tweets, podcasts, webcasts, and video trailers. On, the AMA HANDBOOK OF PUBLIC RELATIONS by Robert L. Dilenschneider is listed at 403,664.   It was published around February 17, 2010.    Like careers, this book can have a comeback.    All that takes is humility, hustle, and hard work.

Podcast: Comparing PR Disasters

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Podcast: Comparing PR Disasters [11:53m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download From → Podcast , Public Relations 2 Comments Fred Smith permalink Wow, what a dismal, misinformed webcast.


How To Make Money With Public Speaking

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link] WEBCASTS This is similar to telephone seminars except you are using the Internet instead of a telephone to hold the seminar. SELL YOUR KNOWLEDGE This is my overriding principle that came from years of hard knocks trying to get people to hire me to speak. I get more speaking engagements than I ever had before when I quit trying to sell them and began selling my knowledge in as many different formats as possible.

How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio

Every webinar I’ve done for the last year or so, I always suggest that people fire up twitter in addition to OR IN REPLACEMENT OF the built-in Q&A of most webinar/webcast platforms. Pistachio Micro sharing. Macro results. HOME TOUCHBASE BLOG Your Suggestions?

You Have Not Seen New York Until You Have Seen It With Omar Khan!

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This then begs the question, “How much of what we experienced or achieved could have been done by Webcast?’  I was never crazy about New York until I spent a couple of days with Leslie and Omar Khan. You have not seen New York until you have seen it with Omar Khan! Omar Khan is a globally acknowledged leadership development innovator and success coach. He is a sought after change catalyst and a pioneer in transformational learning.


Five Ways to Speak Like Obama | BNET

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