6 tips for better visual aids

Manner of Speaking

In the third webinar, we covered visual aids that support your presentations. Importantly, you do not have to be technically sophisticated or a design expert to have effective visual aids. The post 6 tips for better visual aids appeared first on Manner of speaking.

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Essential tools for visual communications

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

On Saturday we heard from two communications experts: Speechwriter Pete Weissman and visual thinking expert David Sibbet. Business Communication David Sibbet Visual communication Visualization This is the second of a two-part report on the September 27th meeting of Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association. This posting is a summary of David’s material. David Sibbet is President and founder of The […].

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Visualizing concepts-24-hour protection

PowerPoint Tips

It was an important concept to visualize because of the emotional impact. Presenters often struggle when visualizing concepts because the concepts may be abstract or because they simply can’t find the right graphic. Collect your own set of concept visualizations. What are some concepts you’ve visualized? The post Visualizing concepts-24-hour protection appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog.

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How to… Use Visual Aids

Presentation Guru

In this episode of my “How to…” series I’m going to talk about using visual aids in your presentation. Visual aids are helpful to give your audience another way of accessing the information you are trying to communicate. Rather than just ‘lend me your ears’, you are asking the audience to lend them your eyes as well. … Visuals featured Presentation Design using props Visual Aids

3 Visual Communication Strategies for Your Sales Team


The post 3 Visual Communication Strategies for Your Sales Team appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog. Effective communication is grist to the mill for businesses of all sizes, from small to large.

Free Online Resources to Make Your Presentations More Visual

Presentation Guru

It may feel counterintuitive, but visuals are the best way to transfer information in a presentation. … Resources Visuals Design Principles featured Presentation Design Using Images Visual Aids Visual LanguageNo matter what the ultimate goal of your presentation is, you can’t achieve that goal if your presentation doesn’t effectively transfer information. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say.

What Are the Simple Rules that Help Us Design Better Visual Aids?

Presentation Guru

You don’t need to be a PowerPoint expert to create effective visual aids. … Visuals featured PowerPoint Presentation Design Slide Design Slide Makeover Visual AidsThe rules I outline here are based on scientific research and human experience.

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Book Review – Visual Thinking by Emma Bannister

Presentation Guru

If you want to make better presentations, and I think most of us do, Visual Thinking is a presentation design book aimed at real people with a message to share. … Book Reviews Design Principles Resources Visuals books featured Presentation Design Reviews Visual Aids Visual LanguageA resource for people who have presentations to create as part of their work or studies, and who aren’t professional designers.

What is Visual Tone in your Presentation?

Presentation Guru

What is Visual Tone in your presentation and, more to the point, why do you need it? … Design Principles Visuals featured Presentation Design Slide Design Slide Makeover Visual AidsThis is an article for all of us who have no background or formal training in design, yet still find ourselves having to design a presentation whose message stands out from the crowd.

10 Tips for… Creating Great Visual Aids

Presentation Guru

We’ve boiled down all of our advice about visual aids into ten golden rules – follow these and you’ll always have your audience’s attention for the right reason. … Visuals 10 Tips for. Presentation Design Visual Aids1) Do the slides last. Create your slides only after you’ve completed your presentation plan and storyboard or you’ll have an overlong, text driven, linear presentation that will lead to dull, text driven slides.…

4 Reasons Why Visuals are the Power Boosters for eLearning Courses


In today’s digital era, visualization has become an integral part of learning and education. Visuals are the most comprehensive communication language that learners from different cultural backgrounds can easily and quickly understand. Visual Aids

Kanban Boards, The Power of a Visual Tool


Kanban is a modern lean method for knowledge service management, which means “Signal” or “Symbol” in Japanese, and it brings to the table a visual way of planning and delivering “To Do’s”. . Colours help to create a visual impact. Final Words: The Power of Visuals.

12 Visually Engaging Roadmap Templates to Ace Your Business Presentations


Be it a small startup or a big enterprise, every venture must have a roadmap that visually represents their strategies to achieve their targets. The post 12 Visually Engaging Roadmap Templates to Ace Your Business Presentations appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog.

What’s a Presentation without Visuals?

DeFinis Communications

When it comes to visual aids for a presentation, what’s the first thing you think of? But the answers about visual aids that I’ve been getting from my clients recently (and what I’ve seen at their locations) have surprised even me. So, when was the last time you used a chalkboard, an overhead projector, a whiteboard, a flipchart, or even no visuals at all? It’s easy to become complacent and narrow-minded about the types of visual aids we use—or don’t’ use.

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Interview with visual language expert Connie Malamed

PowerPoint Tips

I met Connie Malamed at the last Presentation Summit where she presented on the topic, “Your Brain on Graphics–Get your visuals on target and on message.&# I was impressed with her understanding of the field of visual communication and interested in her recommendation of “primitive features,&# images that are simple in terms of color, size, orientation, movement, shape and depth. Connie is the author of Visual Language for Designers.

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Visual Recruiting: How can it Help get the Best Talent Onboard?


The post Visual Recruiting: How can it Help get the Best Talent Onboard? Business Visual AidsRecruitment seems to be an easy undertaking to most of us.

What Are the Simple Rules that Help Us Design Better Visual Aids? – Part Two

Presentation Guru

Use animations for more complex ideas and visuals. … Visuals featured PowerPoint Presentation Design Slide Design Slide Makeover Visual AidsYou don’t need to be a PowerPoint expert to create great slides.

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A Peridoic Table of Visualization Methods

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

at the University of Lugano have created a “periodic table” of 100 visualization methods. They describe their table in their 2007 research paper Towards A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods for Management (Click to enlarge) The periodic […]. Swiss researchers Ralph Lengler & Martin J. Eppler from the Institute of Corporate Communication (how cool is that!)

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Simple Visual Aids That Work – 6 Rules for Non Designers

Presentation Guru

Thanks to all of you that attended the third podcast in a series of 4, ‘How to create and use simple visuals aids that work’. … Case Studies Design Principles Visuals Audience Connection featured Podcast PowerPoint Powerpoint Alternative Presentation Design Software Webinar

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9 Tips to Create a Visually Appealing eLearning Course


The power of visuals can be established by the fact that 40% of people respond better to images and visuals than plain text, and visuals transmit 90% of the information to the brain.

resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences

Manner of Speaking

Nancy Duarte’s latest work, resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences is such a book. The book’s tagline, “Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences&# , gives a clue to two themes that Nancy emphasizes throughout the book: (1) stories convey meaning; and (2) the audience is the hero. As visually pleasing as this book is, it would be a mistake to keep it in pristine condition.

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Are your slides ‘Visual Musak’?

Speaking about Presenting

My partner, Tony, calls it “Visual Musak&#. At worst the photos are visually distracting. Here are some ways you might be creating visual musak rather than relevant illustrations. None of them are terrible if you do it only once in your presentation, but if all of your slides fall into this trap then the slides will become visual musak. What examples of visual musak have you seen? I saw very few bullet-point presentations at the SXSW conference.

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Visual communication with Graphic Recordings

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I’ve been impressed with a number of videos on YouTube that use hand-drawn images to convey complex information. One example from RSA Animate features Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft in the UK, who imagines what might be possible if more organizations embraced the full, empowering potential of technology and encouraged a truly open, […]. Business Communication graphic recording

The Best Way to Use Visual Elements in Your Slides

Presentation Guru

As I work with many professional graphic designers, I’ve witnessed firsthand how important it is to synergize great messaging with strong visuals. … Design Principles Uncategorised featured PowerPoint Powerpoint Templates Presentation Design Slide Design Visual AidsI’ve also witnessed this pairing go very, very wrong.

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When Visuals Are Just Pointless

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

I’ve had to sit though some presentations recently where when it came to visuals, the presenters took cramming information in the audience’s face to a whole new level. In a previous article , I wrote about a couple large visuals that I created that could not be read, even by myself. I was after visual impact, demonstrating a large scope of effort. When using visuals, it goes without saying: make sure they serve a purpose.

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Your Visual Package: What The Audience Sees

Professionally Speaking...

Specifically, the visual package you present. Let''s look at the components of your visual package and examine how your audience interprets some of the things they might see. Then you can be sure that your visual package is not undermining your message but rather enhancing it. The brilliance of your message is only part of what an audience will focus on during your presentation. The other part is you. Your audience brings a holistic perspective to your presentation.

5 Ways to Make your Presentation More Visual and Effective

Presentation Guru

Visualizing slides (just a fancy word for transforming slides full of text into more visual slides) is a big part of my job, but you don’t need to be a PowerPoint expert to apply some basic visualization techniques to your presentations. … Design Principles Powerpoint Visuals Bullet Points featured PowerPoint Presentation Design Slide Design Visual Aids

From Bullet Points to Visual Presentation – and Why It Matters

Presentation Guru

In this article, Robert Lane shares his helpful and relevant advice on how our brains behave when faced with text over visuals. … Powerpoint Visuals Design Principles featured Making it Memorable Stock Images Visual LanguageIf you have tried in the past to use more pictures in your presentations but you’re not quite convinced, keep reading and take a second look at what’s possible and why it matters.

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The Power of Visual Information

The Speaker Point

April 12, 2011 Posts Comments The Speaker Point Helping you master public speaking and communication skills Home Delivery Speech Analysis Making Money Preparation Reviews About The Power of Visual Information February 2, 2011 By Alex Cequea View Comments We live in information overload. Today’s advances in graphic design means we can clarify messages through visual information. I believe visual information should have 3 main characteristics in order to be effective.

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Brain Science Supports More Visual Slides

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visual cues) used instead of, or in addition to, words make information clearer, easier to access and more memorable. You see, the part of our brain that processes visual images is much larger than the part that processes words so we have a built-in bias for using images to enhance our understanding. That bias can be fed by many forms of visual stimulation – pictures, illustrations, charts, graphs, diagrams, maps, cartoons.

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A simple, 4-step guide to beautifully visualize data in your presentations

PowerPoint Tips

Too many people take data visualization for granted and almost always opt for the bare minimum approach. ” Data visualization isn’t just the process of slapping on a few charts. I’m going to help you with your data visualization techniques through a simple four-step guide. To do this, you only need to ask yourself three questions: “ What is the purpose of visualizing my data?” “What is the purpose of visualizing my data?”

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How to Create Visual Documents That Motivate Senior Leaders

Duarte Blog

The post How to Create Visual Documents That Motivate Senior Leaders appeared first on Duarte. Business Delivery Presentations Coaching Complex Documents duarte Ebook eCourse ideas Nancy Duarte Nicole Lowenbraun presentation slidedoc slidedocs speaker speaker coaching training visualA few years ago, in an all-hands meeting at my former company, my CEO asked the entire team to suggest ideas on how to get us to our Q1 goal. My hand shot up.

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Presentation Tip: Design visuals vs. Content visuals

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Some presenters think that adding visuals, especially pictures, will instantly improve their slides. I agree that visuals can improve your slides, but only if those visuals help communicate your message more effectively. In this article I want to discuss the difference between design visuals and content visuals. A design visual is used to improve the appearance of the slide, and doesn’t really add to the point the presenter is making.

From Bullet Points to Visual Presentation – Finding the Right Images

Presentation Guru

There is an art to finding visuals that support your message. In this article, Robert shares his ideas on how to represent messages visually and how indirect representation can sometimes work instead. … Powerpoint Visuals Design Principles featured Making it Memorable PowerPoint Visual LanguageHours can be wasted searching online image libraries and copying images from google is a big no.

The truth about visualization for public speaking success

Speaking about Presenting

Many people think that this type of visualization can help you not only speak better but also help reduce your fear of public speaking. But there are other types of visualization that can help you in both these areas. Visualization for best performance. The most effective visualization to improve your performance is a Process Visualization. During a process visualization you visualize all the steps necessary to get you to the outcome you want.

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Create a Visual Summary Slide

PowerPoint Tips

So I use a visual summary slide. PowerPoint visual summary slide. PowerPoint visual summary slide with SmartArt. PowerPoint visual summary slide using SmartArt. PowerPoint visual summary slide, ungrouping SmartArt. PowerPoint visual summary slide-filling a circle with an image. When I do my webinars, I end with a summary slide to help the audience members remember what I’ve said.

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Data Visualization – The Perfect Combination of Analytics and Art

Presentation Guru

… Data Visualisation Software Visuals charts and graphs Data visualisation featured Visual Aids Visual LanguagePresentation Guru was recently invited to a demonstration by Tableau on how to Make Your Data Make an Impact. The company and a current Tableau user, who was the main case study, gave impressive presentations and it certainly whetted our appetite to find out more.

Are you a visual learner?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

One of the clichés I hear all the time in defense of slides, or in support of adding something visual to a presentation, is the claim that “I’m a visual learner.”    Back in the last century, a bit of pop science proclaimed that there are visual, aural, and kinesthetic learners, and each needed to be catered to.    A great deal of bad pedagogy, not to mention visual aids, has been the result.    Just mostly visual.

Vocal, Visual, and Verbal Skills for Executive Presence

Speaking Freely

The post Vocal, Visual, and Verbal Skills for Executive Presence appeared first on Speaking Freely. By Self-Expression Center Staff A commonly held misconception about executive presence is that it is all about dressing for the part. While appearances are important, your presence is more comprehensive than merely the clothes that you wear. Most people won’t be convinced about your leadership until you demonstrate the ability to communicate in a sophisticated […].

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Review of a new e-book: Visual Presentations

PowerPoint Tips

I recently received a free copy of a new e-book, Visual Presentations: Boring Slides to Visual Presentations in 3 Easy Steps, by M.S. As you read through the book, the author guides you step-by-step through the process of converting boring slides to visual ones. Visualizing the objects. Finally, you visualize the objects. Review Design Ramgopal Visual Presentations

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9 Ways to Turn Text-Heavy Slides into Stunning Visual Presentation


The post 9 Ways to Turn Text-Heavy Slides into Stunning Visual Presentation appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog. Let’s assume a scenario where you are asked to prepare and deliver a presentation on a crucial topic related to your business.

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From Bullet Points to Visual Presentation – Making it Interactive

Presentation Guru

… Powerpoint Visuals Audience Connection featured Interaction Making it Memorable PowerPoint Presentation Design presentation technology Visual AidsIn this article, Robert explains in detail how to transform your presentation into one that can be connected through hyper-links, giving you the control to navigate your audience. This freedom provides the ability to interact and engage with your audience in ways that a linear slide by slide delivery cannot facilitate.

Visuals can tell a story

Presentation Zen

50 years later. Same place. Same ship. On the. left, my dad and me in 1962 on deck somewhere in the Strait of Juan de Fuca on. the way to beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. On the right, my son and me last week on the. same deck. The 1962 version of me, and my son today, are about the same age, one. My dad died when I was 13. Much too young. and too soon. In the picture he is 35. I am currently 51. Different. world. Different time. Both images are actually stills from motion picture cameras.