How virtual presentations can help your live presentations

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I highly recommend working with a professional videographer and learning to use a teleprompter. I learned how to use a teleprompter yesterday. It was easier than I thought it would be in some ways; in other ways, it was harder. The easy part was following the words and not getting behind.

Public Speaking - What to Do When Things Go Wrong

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The videographer was delayed with a speeding ticket and showed up 10 minutes before the program was to start. The first time I gave the full day seminar associated with my book I had a few MINOR problems.

Stand-Up Comedy

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Special thanks to the contestants, the coaches, the Sgt at Arms JD Smith, the timer Jesse Oakley III, the Emcee Bill Brown, the Videographer/Editor Philip Dahlheimer, and the Facility Host Ryan Mulligan. The Power House Pros Second Annual Stand-Up Comedy Competition was held on November 30, 2015. Six brave and funny contestants took the challenge of being funny on stage. Congratulations to Elliott Chase, Andrea Grossen, Beverly Rideout, Joan Wang, JR Wilson, and Bill Parker.

Public Speaking Delivery Drama – Two Lessons

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A few years ago, only candidates running in hotly contested House races, US Senate races and for the Presidency had to worry about videographers following every stump speech. This is something to see – it can render one simply… speechless. No media training here. .

Are you on fire?

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Connie Brown , a Send Out Cards consultant, had realized that there was no Internet access in the meeting room, so her future daughter-in-law Kimberly, a videographer, created a mock web tutorial in PowerPoint. At yesterday's referrals group meeting, everyone was on fire !

PowerPoint Tip: Video Best Practices

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The single biggest problem with most videos not shot by professional videographers is the low lighting levels. This past week I posted a new article on the web site about best practices when using video clips in sales presentations. It doesn't matter whether you are selling an idea to your boss or selling a multi-million dollar package of products and services to a client, video can be a great addition to your presentation.

Good Pictures Make Good Sense

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While I’d never pass myself off as an expert photographer/videographer, I’ve picked up a few tips shooting stills for a commercial business newspaper (the now defunct Commercial Chronicle) and doing some field video work for a local cable news station. For the videographer: 1) Once again, get close.

Public Speaking : Speaking to Large Crowds

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If you are being projected, then you don't want to be too broad because you will always be running out of the video frame and making it too difficult for the videographer to follow you. I'll arbitrarily pick 100 audience members or more as a large crowd for the purposes of this article. When you are speaking to a large number of people there are many different things you should know to have the most impact in the smoothest manner possible.

when the speech hands you lemons.

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We'd planned to videotape the presentation, which involved putting a lavalier mic with a very long cord on me and putting the videographer in one of the storefront window bays. I’m always coaching speakers to plan ahead, then be ready for anything on the ground.

If you have to use an auto cue or teleprompter

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As part of the process I wrote three scripts and emailed them to the videographer so that they were loaded onto an auto-cue ready for the shoot. The other day I went into the studio to record some short video clips for my website. I don’t know about you but, despite having given thousands of speeches and presentations, I have never used an auto-cue before and I was a bit nervous.

Dear Speakers - James Duncan Davidson - James Duncan Davidson

On the other hand, you shouldn’t make it hard on the photographers and videographers that are trying to capture your image. It might be convenient for a videographer, but it is hell for an audience.