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4 steps to create a video from PowerPoint slides

PowerPoint Tips

You can create great videos using PowerPoint! Here are the basic steps to create a video from PowerPoint slides: 1. Add bookmarks.

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Side-by-side speaker video and slide content for a live presentation feel

PowerPoint Tips

Start by watching this short video.

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Start a video with a remote

PowerPoint Tips

A subscriber asked how to start playing a video while using a remote. Insert the video. Choose Insert tab, Video. Click OK.

Sync animation with a video or audio

PowerPoint Tips

Have you ever wanted to synch animation with a video or audio file so that the animation happens at a specified point? link]. Add the bookmarks.

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Create a video zoom effect from photos in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

You’ve probably seen videos which are just a series of photos that zoom in or perhaps move a little. You can then output it as a video.

Become a Better Speaker by Watching Videos

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

A few example videos to help you become a better speaker. But making the most of these recordings isn't as easy as you might think. Steve Jobs.

Michio Kaku on The Power of Video

Presentation Zen

"The Power of video," says famed theoretical physicist Michio Kaku , "is the power of the mind itself. It''s how we communicate.

Create a torn edge effect–with video tutorial

PowerPoint Tips

Watch the video tutorial! The post Create a torn edge effect–with video tutorial appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog. link].

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Videos to help you rethink education, learning, & school

Presentation Zen

Having children causes one to (re)think seriously about education and the role of school. Education obviously is the most powerful thing in the world.

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Free video training: How to Turn Your Organization’s Leaders into Powerful Presenters

PowerPoint Tips

In this video , you’ll get a syllabus for teaching presentation skills to the presenters in your company. Did you find this post useful?

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Instead of wincing, 10 things to look for on the video of your talk

The Eloquent Woman

You can use this list to spot problems, see what you did right, and make improvements, based on your own video. We want to see you! Gesturing.

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Easily sync lyrics with a music video in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

The instructions discuss how to sync lyrics with a music video, but you could use it to transcribe the text of a tutorial as well. The result?

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Business video: get ready for the surge

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Business Communication Technology business video Cisco Laurie BrownBy Ian Griffin and Laurie Brown Laurie Brown has over two decades of experience as a trainer and speaker, helping her audience improve their customer service, sales and presentation skills. This experience has provided her with the ability [.].

Video: 2012 Ragan Speechwriting Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

From first-time attendees to 10-year veterans, attendees at the 2012 Ragan Speechwriters Conference were uniformly impressed with the event. Hear what a random baker’s dozen of the audience had to say. Speechwriting Ragan Speechwriters Conference

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Video: Get the response you want from your audience

Speak Schmeak

Well, now it's a video! Engaging the Audience Video Public Speaking Techniques and StrategiesAnd updated , to boot. Check it out.

Public Speaking - Online Video Resources

Great Public Speaking

This video tells you where you can find tremendous video training to actually show you how to do speaking techniques. link].

Misses and Hits: Lessons from Singapore’s YPAP Video

The Shy Speaker's Guide to Succes on Stage

Articles Body Language Dealing with People Events & Experiences General Image and Impressions Public Speaking Sales & Persuasion The Shy Speakers'' Guide Thoughts and Reflections Videos & Podcast Editors Note: This post is written entirely for learning purposes. C''mon. give me […].

VIDEO: Creative challenges for the Holidays

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Holiday with the sincere wish that clients or managers at work don’t try your patience in the ways shown in these two hilarious videos. Do either of these creative challenges resonate with you? Viewpoint Creative – Holiday Card from Viewpoint Creative on Vimeo. Culture Shock!

Fun Video Links

Humor Power

Life Skills flash mob fun video linkHere are a couple of great YouTube links. If you’d like to add a smile to your day, visit the sites. An excellent Johnny Carson clip: Politician Lie Detector. Sent to me by my cousins Beth Colvin and Ed Howard. I enjoy a good flash mob.

[video] Changing Lanes

Speaker Launcher

Most Recent Post Speaker Marketing Changing Lanes The Frog Whisperer video

Using video in a presentation: 7 steps to success

Max Atkinson

The first was that I found myself giving a few tips to a Twitter follower on how to use video in a presentation. Where do you get videos from?

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How to Produce a Great Speaker Video

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

If you’re a professional speaker, you need a video showcasing your talents; it’s an essential part of your marketing.    You want that video to show you delivering a fantastic talk in front of an engaged, appreciative audience.    What are the ins and outs of creating such a video?    2.

4 tips for better speaking on Skype or video conferences

The Eloquent Woman

If you're on a mobile video call, gestures and other visuals might go by the wayside, and even less of you will be visible. video conferencing

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Danger of a Single Story - TED talk video - passionate speaker

Executive Speech Coach

passion story telling TED talk video Presentation Tips on Twitter Presentation Skills Club on Facebook Executive Speech Coach , Business presentation tips from George Torok , the Speech Coach for Executives Executive Speech Coach & Business Presentation Skills Expert George Torok

Being Present: A Two Minute Video Exercise

Speaker Launcher

The post Being Present: A Two Minute Video Exercise appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

9 things to do with the video of your TED, TEDMED or TEDx talk

The Eloquent Woman

You got through the talk and the video''s been posted To me, this is the greatest value of the video. you''re done, right?

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Video: Making Presentations Unforgettable – Kim A. Page

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Last week I enjoyed an evening at the SVForum Tech Women’s meeting (men welcome!) hearing a presentation by Kim A. Page on ways to make a presentation unforgettable. Since the early 1990’s, Kim has worked as a consultant and trainer within the areas of communication and innovation for multinational and local organizations.

For your next video conference: think Nixon…

More than PowerPoint...

At certain points in the video, you can see sweat beading on Nixon’s face. In 1995, I participated in my first video conference for business.

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Public Speaking Online Videos

Great Public Speaking

This is the best video presentation skills anywhere. link] Over 350 public and professional speaking videos

What can video do to help you get that speaking gig? An organizer's tips

The Eloquent Woman

Over a recent lunch, I urged her to share why she uses videos to choose her program speakers. Video helps overcome all of that.

Unleash your imagination: watch creative videos

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Executive communications professionals increasingly work with video. They range from simple Flip videos which tell winning stories to full-blown studio productions with panel discussions, remote participation via TelePresence and pre-recorded transition or interstitial segments. Business Communication Culture Shock! Shallow End

Capturing the essence of a brand on video via Web Ink Now

Content Marketing Today

One of my favorite videos is HP Invent, which was co-created by Tom Wrigglesworth. The video is not a product pitch.

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Instead of wincing, 10 things to look for on that video of your talk

The Eloquent Woman

They''ll be seeing video of their talks in the coming months, and wanted to know what to look for. If that''s happening, gesture a bit lower.

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Presentation Tips Video: Should You Start with a Joke

Executive Speech Coach

video free presentation tips presentation mistakes speech coaching business presentations public speakingHow should you start your presentation?

Ask not what your TED video can do for you. Ask what you can do.

The Eloquent Woman

But first, do us all a favor, and ask not what your TED video can do for you. Ask what you can do for your TED video. So why bother?

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Presentation Tips Video: 3 Parts to Your Presentation

Executive Speech Coach

video free presentation tips presentation skills coaching business presentations public speaking

What makes a cool speaker video? Ask David Meerman Scott

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Occasionally I comment on the business of public speaking in this blog, and one of the key pieces of any public speakers' kit is a great video

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Put a YouTube video in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

You can embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation. For example, your company may have videos on YouTube that you would like to show. Watch Laura Bergells’ YouTube video on the subject (for PowerPoint 2007 only). Inserting video into PowerPoint. Tags: Delivery PowerPoint video YouTube

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How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking - Presentation Tips video

Executive Speech Coach

This video offers you three simple yet powerful techniques to take more control of your internal feelings.

How to Present to City Council: Steve Jobs Video

Executive Speech Coach

When you need to speak to city council watch this video first. Most of those presenters could learn much from this video. the 50s.