22 tips for effective video presentations

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Presentations via videoconference on … Continue reading → Video public speaking Skype video conference video presentations ZoomThese days, an increasing number of presentations are delivered, not from a stage, but in front of a computer screen. The audience is live but dispersed across offices and cities or even countries and time zones.

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Create an animated intro for videos in PowerPoint

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If you want to create a series of short training or promotional videos, it’s useful to have an intro that you put in front of each video. This might include your company’s branding or just create a theme that viewers associate with your videos. Since you’ll be adding a video, it looks better when you animate the intro so that the intro isn’t static. You can easily create animation in PowerPoint that is quite video-like. Export as a video.

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Creative Video for Communicators

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

As a past Chapter President (2008-09) I was invited to the meeting where the current national president, Brian Walter, CPAE, CSP held a brilliant workshop modestly titled ‘A Bazillion Extreme Ways to Use Video DURING Your Speeches’ This […]. Business Communication Technology videoThis Saturday I attended the annual Presidents Day meeting of the National Speakers Association Northern California Chapter.

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Using Video to Rock Your Speaking Business with Dan Thurmon

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On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, we are talking about how to use video to help grow your speaking business. Today we are so fortunate to be joined by my good friend Dan Thurmon, who is here to share his expertise on what makes great video and how to use it in your […]. The post Using Video to Rock Your Speaking Business with Dan Thurmon appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Why video is critical for me. Suggestions for phenomenal video.

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Sync animation with a video or audio

PowerPoint Tips

Have you ever wanted to synch animation with a video or audio file so that the animation happens at a specified point? Starting with PowerPoint 2010, you can add bookmarks to video or audio files. In this short presentation, I added video of me speaking to the left side of the slide and on 2 slides, synced animation so that it appeared at a specific point — a bookmark that I set — in the video. Click the video’s Play button to play the video.

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How to … Use Video in Your Presentations

Presentation Guru

Earlier in September, my fellow columnist Rob Oliver wrote a great piece on using video in sales presentations. In this blog, as part of my occasional “How to…” series, I want to build on and expand his ideas and reflect on the use of video more generally.… … Technology Visuals featured VideoIf you are in sales or pitching, he has some fantastic ideas for you.

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Easily sync lyrics with a music video in PowerPoint

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The instructions discuss how to sync lyrics with a music video, but you could use it to transcribe the text of a tutorial as well. When presenting a music video where the vocals (message) are occasionally not perfectly intelligible, you might want to give viewers the advantage of KNOWING the words. Insert the video. Insert the video by choosing Insert tab, then Video or Movie, then Video on my PC, Video from File, or Movie from File (depending on your version of PowerPoint).

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4 steps to create a video from PowerPoint slides

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You can create great videos using PowerPoint! A common reason to create videos is to post them on YouTube but you can post them on a website or on social media as well. Here are the basic steps to create a video from PowerPoint slides: 1. The basic concept is to keep things moving like they would in a video. A video is a very different medium from a slide presentation, so you have to think differently. Export to video format. Choose Create a Video.

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Start a video with a remote

PowerPoint Tips

A subscriber asked how to start playing a video while using a remote. Let’s say that you want to play a video but you don’t want it to play as soon as you display the slide. You want to explain the point on the slide first, then play the video to validate your point. Furthermore, let’s say that you are using a remote and don’t want to have to walk over to your laptop and click on the video itself. Insert the video.

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Atheist Chronicles video blog

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Video blog: The Atheist Chronicles by Paul Lima… Paul Lima is a freelance writer, writing trainer and a devout atheist. ” This video-blog is an overview of his book. He has written a book called “The Atheist Chronicles.” link] … It’s … Continue reading →

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Side-by-side speaker video and slide content for a live presentation feel

PowerPoint Tips

Start by watching this short video. https://s3.amazonaws.com/ellenfinkelstein.com/pptblog/powerpoint-tips-video-slide-content-side-by-side.mp4. You can place a video of you speaking on one side of your slide and use the other side for your slide content to come a little closer to a live presentation feel when you need to provide a pre-recorded presentation. On YouTube (or another video sharing site) for marketing or for clients. Keep the video selected.

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Create a video zoom effect from photos in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

You’ve probably seen videos which are just a series of photos that zoom in or perhaps move a little. You can create this in MovieMaker or a similar low-end video editor but you can also do it in PowerPoint. You can then output it as a video. Here’s the video I created from some photos I took at a local park last fall. So let’s get started creating this video! Have you created a video-like presentation this way?

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Project SuperHero video interview

Executive Speech Coach

career tips interview professional speaking videoEnjoy this 32 minute - on Project Superhero. George Torok interviewed by host Prithiviraj Saminathan (Raj). Raj is on a mission to interview 90 people with inspiring messages from around the world. A noble and helpful project especially during these challenging times. Discover George's journey into professional speaking and learn about his secret pleasure.

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Create a video from photos in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

Do you have some business photos that you would like to highlight in a presentation or post on your company’s website as a video? In PowerPoint 2010, you can go one step further and convert your photos to video format. This is important if you want to end up with a video. For information on how to add slide timing, see my tip, “ Create a video effect. “ To create a video in PowerPoint 2010, choose File> Save & Send> Create a Video.

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How Vistage & Video Can Boost Your Speaking Business with Gair Maxwell

Speaker Launcher

On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we are joined by Branding Expert, Gair Maxwell who will share his story and thoughts on Vistage as well as some great ideas on how to use video to propel your speaking career. The post How Vistage & Video Can Boost Your Speaking Business with Gair Maxwell appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Using video in your business and where to post. Video is forever and can keep business coming in long after it’s first posted.

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5 Ways Using Video Will Make Your Presentation Even Better

Presentation Guru

… Technology Visuals featured VideoThanks to the accessibility of high-speed internet connectivity, staggering amounts of information are available at everyone’s fingertips. This, in fact, makes it even more challenging to deliver a sales presentation that leaves a lasting impression on your potential clients. Want to know how you can beat the competition and impress your potential clients like never before?…

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Post your PowerPoint presentation as a video to YouTube

PowerPoint Tips

I get lots of requests for information on how to post a presentation as a video to YouTube. Choose File> Save and Send> Create a Video. The video output will include sounds and narration, and even embedded videos! Camtasia is video-recording software, so you run through your presentation and Camtasia creates a video. Jing is also a video-capture program and you can record your narration as you go. It doesn’t let you edit your video.

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How to survive watching yourself on video

Speaking about Presenting

Do you hate the idea of watching yourself on video? There’s only one way to prove this to yourself and that’s by watching yourself present on video. So here are some tips to not only survive watching your video but to give yourself a boost of confidence: 1. Choose a friend who was at the live presentation when you were videoed. Most people find watching themselves on video to be a little weird. That’s because of the frame provided by the video.

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Video - Marketing Power Tool, But Only If Used Right

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It's all-good with video for marketing and sales. For example, more than 50% of those in the loop have found the use of video to be generating the highest ROI. And, about 80% documented that having a video on a landing page can boost conversion rates by 80%.    But, producing (literally) those kinds of results means doing the video "right."    There are many reasons why videos don't convert.

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Video tutorial: Create a theme in PowerPoint from scratch

PowerPoint Tips

Here’s a video of a session from Power Pointers Quarter Hour that shows the process of how to create a theme in PowerPoint — similar to one that I often use. Get my free video training, "13 techniques that will make designing your slides EASY." The post Video tutorial: Create a theme in PowerPoint from scratch appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog.

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Video Applications - Goucher Disrupts

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Instead of spending months being coached for the SAT, applicants to Goucher can plan and create a video. But they probably have been hanging around video from the get-go. Let's follow how members of the Class of 2015 who submitted video applications are faring. Branding Current Affairs Generational Divide Online video Personal Musings Selling Values Web/Tech Writing

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How to transform presentation content into video social media posts

More than PowerPoint...

Here’s a question about presentations and videos I started to get a lot last month. How do you do those square, short, silent little videos that you share on LinkedIn and Twitter? Yes, Canva excels at quick online video creation. I’m finding a lot of people use Canva — but we tend not to think of using it for video. I show you how in this two minute video.

Crushing the Platform… Rocking the Video with Robin Creasman

Speaker Launcher

The post Crushing the Platform… Rocking the Video with Robin Creasman appeared first on Jane Atkinson. In this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, I’m talking to Robin Creasman about crushing the platform and creating a killer demo video to get more speaking business. In this podcast, Robin and I discuss how crushing the platform and creating a killer demo video or sizzle reel are two very effective ways in which you can get more business as a speaker.

“Little Face Mitt” Video

TJ Walker Interactive

Uncategorized "Little Face Mitt" Video Mitt Romney

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That "Pivot to Video" - Smirk, Smirk

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

On Tuesday, plaintiffs Crowd Siren, an ad firm, and Jonathan Murdough, who had purchased video ads, amended the complaint based on what they had learned during discovery. At the heart of the lawsuit is the allegation that Facebook misrepresented the amount of time users were spending viewing a video on the social platform. The longer the user was supposedly viewing the video the more Facebook could charge advertisers.   Initially, "LLE ONE, et al.

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Insert video in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

How do you put video files into PowerPoint? Can you show video in a PowerPoint presentation? Video files come in several formats. The answer is yes! In fact, it's very easy. The formats that work well in PowerPoint are: AVI, WMV, MPG (or MPEG) Before you start, you must put

Business video: get ready for the surge

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Business Communication Technology business video Cisco Laurie BrownBy Ian Griffin and Laurie Brown Laurie Brown has over two decades of experience as a trainer and speaker, helping her audience improve their customer service, sales and presentation skills. She started her career as a professional actor, performing in hundreds of training films, commercials and movies. This experience has provided her with the ability [.].

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YOU on VIDEO Workshop – If Warren Buffett can do it so can YOU

Speaking Freely

Have you been holding back from making videos due to fear of making a fool of yourself? You already know that video can boost your career, your product or service. Take look at Warren Buffett having fun on video and [.]. Camera Presence Confidence Interviewing public speaking Video You on Video Making Videos Public Speaking Course public speaking training You on Video Workshop

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How to Add Video into Text and Shapes in PowerPoint

Presentation Guru

Ever wondered how to do those cool slides where the video plays inside either text or shapes? Wonder no more, because we’ve put together this short video showing you exactly how to do it. You can watch the video here, or head over to our YouTube channel to see all the other How To videos that we have created.… … Powerpoint Resources Tips & Techniques Visuals PowerPoint User Guide

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What’s Hot & What’s Not in Demo Videos with Chris West

Speaker Launcher

The post What’s Hot & What’s Not in Demo Videos with Chris West appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Chris West is joining us to talk about the questions to ask to ensure that you are presenting a clear narrative in your demo video to help you get the gig. Chris West is the owner and founder of Video Narrative, a production company that specializes in growing speaking businesses through brand clarity, speaker demo reels, and website design. .

Workshop video

Speak Schmeak

Thought I'd show some video I shot at my last workshop with my Flip Mino. I've wanted to incorporate more video and photos of my audiences, and this is an easy way to do it. In this video, they are doing the " Curse of Knowledge " exercise described in the book " Made to Stick ," and then practicing three-minute presentations at the end of the day.

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Being Present: A Two Minute Video Exercise

Speaker Launcher

I am also guessing that many of you spend a significant amount of time on that device – checking email, participating on social media platforms, watching videos, etc. The post Being Present: A Two Minute Video Exercise appeared first on Jane Atkinson. My guess is that everyone reading this blog post right now owns a cell phone.

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Create a torn edge effect–with video tutorial

PowerPoint Tips

Watch the video tutorial! The post Create a torn edge effect–with video tutorial appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog. Sometimes you need to show part of an image. This is especially common when you’re showing a screenshot of a document or form. I can think of 2 reasons for this: The image is too big to show clearly on the slide. You want to focus the attention of the audience on a small portion of the image.

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Create a video effect

PowerPoint Tips

The technique is time consuming, because you need to get the timing just right, but it's not difficult, and it's a lot cheaper than making a video. You think of most presentations as being made up of slides, and most presentations look like that. But you can create a presentation that looks like it's all one slide. It's excellent for sales presentations. The key is

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Podcast: Online Video

Communication Steroids

Online video is exploding. Are you doing any online video at all? Tim and Roger take a look at today’s online video landscape and offer some suggestions and ideas. Online video is exploding. Are you doing any online video at all? Tim and Roger take a look at today's online video landscape and offer some suggestions and ideas. Podcast Public speaking VideoWhat are you doing right? What are you doing wrong?

LIVE Video!

TJ Walker Interactive

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV News VideoFor more information on media and presentation training please visit [link] [link] and continue reading [link] for news and analysis to help you communicate more effectively.

Speech Writing Video: Successful Speeches Toolkit

Successful Speeches Blog

In the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing more videos from me on the topic of “how to write a speech&# and “public speaking&#. My first video is for my Successful [.]. The Oprah Winfrey reality show contest has come and gone without a call from Oprah, but my desire for being on camera has been rekindled.

Flipped Teaching: Get Ready for Your Close-up! Great Concept but New Video Teaching Skills Needed.

Speaking Freely

The flipped classroom concept allows students to watch short instructional videos outside of the classroom and then to practice skills in class while a [.]. Camera Presence Confidence Fear of Public Speaking public speaking Video You on Video Look Good on Video overcoming fear of public speaking Presence Public Speaking Course Video ConfidenceLearning by doing is how we learn! Seems so simple.

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How to Turn Your PowerPoint into a Video

Presentation Guru

PowerPoint versions released over the past decade come equipped with the option to turn your PowerPoint slides into a video. However, you might need to make some major changes to the video using a video editing tool. Thankfully, there are a number of very useful tools that you can use to do away with the need for using complicated editing applications, and make impressive videos from your PowerPoint slides.…

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Create The Best Video Presentations With These Innovative Tools

Presentation Guru

While there is a multitude of uses for video programs, the ability to record your presentation and share it across the web afterwards is paramount in the digital age. … Software Visuals presentation technology VideoWe’ve detailed the importance of good streaming services for presentations before, and we’ve also shown how products like GoReact can help you improve your presenting ability by watching yourself after you present.

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Podcast: Online Video

Communication Steroids

Online video is exploding. Are you doing any online video at all? Tim and Roger take a look at today’s online video landscape and offer some suggestions and ideas. Online video is exploding. Are you doing any online video at all? Tim and Roger take a look at today's online video landscape and offer some suggestions and ideas. Podcast Public speaking VideoWhat are you doing right? What are you doing wrong?

Video: Get the response you want from your audience

Speak Schmeak

Well, now it's a video! Engaging the Audience Video Public Speaking Techniques and StrategiesRemember this blog post about asking questions in a way that you get the response you want from the audience? And updated , to boot. Check it out.

PowerPoint Lesson on video

Pivotal Public Speaking

PowerPoint public speaking videos