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My 2015 holiday speaker gift list is here!

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For off-camera recordings, like webinars and teleseminars, I use a big ol'' USB headset like this one. Oldies but goodies. The solution?

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Guest Posting: The 5 Best Alternatives to Powerpoint by Joanne Westley

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Will the computer read your USB stick? Joanne Westley is a senior manager in the supply chain of the UK’s Jansen Display. In her spare time Joanne likes to go mountain biking as well as hiking in the Lake District. Presentations are stressful, and PowerPoint can make them even more so. Will the version of [.].

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Holiday gift list for speakers!

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I love my portable 4-port USB hub ( similar to this one ), and it is a permanent part of my speaking bag of tricks. The problem? The solution?

slideboxx updates their software for finding and reusing slides

PowerPoint Tips

Or install it on a USB drive and use with other computers. slideboxx by Zinali has updated their software (now version 2.1) that helps you find and reuse slides. I’ve reviewed this software previously. Here are the new changes: It’s faster: slideboxx 2.1 is up to 3x faster for building your library and displaying slides.

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How to Play a PowerPoint Slideshow on TV


Play Slides as Image Slideshow or Video from a USB. The various connectivity options in a video streaming device such as HDMI, USB and Wi-Fi / Ethernet provide ample scope for streaming various file types to your TV. However, sometimes the projector is replaced with a large monitor or TV. Convert and Play Your Slides from a DVD Player.

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PowerPoint Tip: Equipment to carry when presenting

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

It is powered from a USB port, so there are no power cords to carry. The USB dongle for the computer magnetically sticks to the bottom of the mouse and is protected when the mouse is flipped close. I was speaking at the CSAE Trillium Chapter Winter Summit last Friday. I’ve used it successfully in rooms with 50-75 people.

Presentation Checklists

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neglecting to have a backup copy of the presentation on a USB drive and then finding your computer doesn't work with the room's equipment.

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How your smartphone can help you become a better presenter

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

As well as the common wireless USB remote controllers for PowerPoint and Keynote, there are a number of smartphone apps that claim to allow the presenter to control their slides wirelessly via Bluetooth. 1) Recording your presentations. Audio recording is simple and has three obvious applications. b) Fidgeting and non-purposeful movement.

13 Speaking Lessons in 30 Days

Speak and Deliver

If possible, have a USB backup. A few lessons learned, re-learned, and/or reinforced: A. Roll With The Punches. Don''t Forget Your Chargers.

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Presentation Tip: Be prepared: VGA is going away

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

While there are USB to HDMI adapters, the USB speed will likely make any videos in your presentation not run smoothly. For many years presenters have walked into a room and connected their laptop to the projector using a VGA cable. All that will change in the next two years. The VGA port is being phased out by computer manufacturers.

5 last-minute gifts for speakers

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  Speech notes go in there, along with a back up DVD or USB drive of your slides and video, as well as that check the meeting planner gives you for a job well done. Is someone in your life a public speaker, and does that make the gift-giving a challenge?    And have you perhaps procrastinated?    1. 

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A tool I can't live without

Speak Schmeak

It's my 4-port retractable USB hub , and let me tell you how it came into my life. The cord retracts into the tiny case.


Magic flip chart

Speak Schmeak

As you draw, the camera records the pen tip's position and sends it to the Bluetooth USB key plugged into the computer. And voila!


Presentation Tip: Choose a boring font

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

In a typical corporate setting, we are having to e-mail our presentations to others or take the presentation on a USB stick to another computer that is used for the presentation. A lot of presentation designers have made comments in the last year or two about what font you should choose for your PowerPoint slides. Here’s why I say this.

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My Trusted Sidekick: The Yeti Blue Mic

Great Public Speaking

The Yeti is a USB microphone used for professional recording. I use a Yeti to record all of my audio lessons and telesiminars.

What is Your Unique Buying Proposition?

Content Marketing Today

A UBP is a first cousin to a USB. Don’t get me wrong. The unique part is critical. Forget what they call it. Insightful reports.

Interacting with your audience using an audience response system

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

There were no wires, just a box of little keypads, each about the size of a pocket calculator and a USB “dongle&# that plugs into you laptop.


20 tips for better conference speaking ~ Authentic Boredom

I’ve also had good luck with the Kensington 33374 because it only uses the batteries when the USB receiver is plugged into the computer, and when you’re not using it, there’s a secret compartment that pops right back into the presenter so you don’t lose it. Below are 20 things I’ve learned. Preparation 1.

Holiday shopping list for your favorite speaker

Speak Schmeak

I've updated my annual shopping list again this year to help you find the best gifts for your favorite speaker -- who might just be you! Not any more!

Holiday shopping list for your favorite speaker

Speak Schmeak

I've updated my annual shopping list again this year to help you find the best gifts for your favorite speaker -- who might just be you! Not any more!


PowerPoint Tip: Corrupted PowerPoint file

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

The problem may have occurred because they are running the file from a USB drive. I always suggest that you copy your presentation from a USB drive to your computer’s hard drive for two reasons. Second, the file can get corrupt if you pull the USB drive out of the computer without properly ejecting it. Here are some thoughts.


How to become a good speaker

PowerPoint Tips

Have a copy of your slides on a USB drive in case your laptop goes south. Part of presenting is delivering your talk; this is called speaking.


PowerPoint Tip: Presenting from someone else’s computer

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

In my workshops it is common that participants ask about what they need to take into account when they must take their PowerPoint presentation to another computer on a USB drive instead of using a laptop. Then you can just copy the whole folder to the USB drive and copy the folder to the other computer.

PowerPoint Tip: Tools for working with audio or video to include in your PowerPoint presentation

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

If you are recording an audio track, use a microphone, like a USB headset mic you might use for video chatting with friends. The latest version of PowerPoint (PowerPoint 2010) includes built-in audio and video editing tools that make it almost like a media editing software program. Once you have the video converted, you may need to edit it.

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Web Ink Now: Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking

Someone beat me to it but I was going to recommend toastmansters and the USB key is right on. Then you need a Google profile An open letter to journalists: You have an amazing career opportunity on the Dark Side The New Rules of Viral Marketing - free ebook! You are in the book) The Gobbledygook Manifesto -- Cutting Edge! Mission Critical!

Review: Targus Bluetooth Presentation Remote

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

No USB dongle. If you’re like me, you probably subscribe to either MacWorld Magazine or Mac Life. It’s a good remote. Rut-roh.


Screens in Your Magazines

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

The battery lasts for 65-70 minutes, and it’s rechargeable via a mini USB cable. For an audiovisual company blog, we don’t run much material about audiovisual technology, because our clients and presenters aren’t really interested in the technical detail of our projectors. Is there nothin g they can’t do now?


Review: Cloudberry online backups

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Support of external (USB) drives. This saves in both upload time (bandwidth), and in storage cost. Robust. The backup key is NEVER sent out.


Flowchart To Oblivion

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

Those who know me well know I despise rigid, inflexible thinking and the rigid, inflexible processes that it spawns. The KVM Switch. Amazing. blink*.

What’s in your speakers bag?

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

USB memory stick with presentation backup. Data projector. Apple MacBook. Clicker/PowerPoint remote control for advancing slides remotely.


Video Killed the Presentation Star: Don’t Go Blank On Your Audience

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

There you are up in front of an expectant audience, buck naked, without a script, and you open your mouth and nothing comes out. Is it really a DVD?

PowerPoint Karaoke slides

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

This little device plugs into your USB port on one end, and the projector on the other, and voila, you have a wireless projector! Overview.

PowerPoint Tip: Being prepared for computer failure

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

You have probably been told not to do this with USB flash drives, trust me, heed the warnings. Copy your presentation file and any other linked files or media content onto a USB flash drive. Last month I had an experience that I wish you never have - my computer operating system got corrupted. One of his suggestions is my third lesson.

Tip of the Week: Save an Extra Copy on Google Docs

The Speaker Point

If this isn’t enough for you, you can always be paranoid like me, and carry another additional copy of the presentation on a USB drive J Related Articles: Is Prezi Right For You? I usually upload an extra copy of my Powerpoint onto Google Docs in case I have any technical difficulties with my computer. link] Alexander Cequea Yes!

Public Speaking: What a Public Speaker Needs to Know About Video Cameras

Great Public Speaking

Fire wire port — A fire wire is much faster than a USB cable for uploading your video to a computer. What do you want to do with your videos?

Product Review: Papershow

Beyond Bullet Points

The Papershow package consists of a dongle (like a USB stick), pen and pad. What Comes in the Package. Starting Papershow. Final Thoughts.

Product Review: Anoto penPresenter

Beyond Bullet Points

But do take care if you remove the dongle from the USB port as it’s easy to lose. Not pretty, but effective. Print interactive sheets.


the speaker's wish list: practice tools

The Eloquent Woman

But even speakers who invest in training need to spend time practicing on their own. I'm concerned about my appearance when I speak.

iPad for presenters?

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

There is no USB port to plug in a remote and the external keyboard does not allow advancement of slides. Gavin Meikle. The presentation Doctor.


My Thoughts On the iPad

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

Contrary to the Windows zealots around me, they weren’t all fed by Apple. I can’t blame them too much, though. The “Vision&# Thing.