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2012 U.S. “Prezi”dential Election Recap

Manner of Speaking

Slide Presentation Barack Obama Keynote Mitt Romney PowerPoint Prezi U.S. If you are not familiar with Prezi, have a look. Election

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Why are US visa questions so weird?

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Financial times US Citizenship US Visas Do you have a communicable disease of public health significance such as tuberculosis [.].

What Kurt Vonnegut Can Teach Us About Business Stories

Manner of Speaking

Storytelling is powerful. Stories resonate with people on a deep, psychological level. Stories are memorable and help support our messages. Hence the speaker’s maxim: Tell a story, make a point. The best stories contain many elements related to plot, character, dialogue, etc.

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Famous Speech Friday: Elizabeth Warren's silencing in the U.S. Senate

The Eloquent Woman

We always tell the smartest women to shut up because we recognize how powerful their words are and it scares us. Not even. She was warned.

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Obama v. Romney: Blogging the 2012 US Presidential Debates

The Presenter's Blog

The ancient Romans and Greeks gave us the skills we today call Public Speaking. They also brought us the arena. Ah yes, a winner.

2012 29

What Japan Can Teach the World About Communication / ?????????????????????????

Matt Eventoff

I recently returned from conducting workshops throughout Japan on behalf of the State Department, U.S. Heinlein. audience. 1????????2??????-????A.??????.

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SXSW | Meet us in Austin!

Duarte Blog

One of the best places to see us will be the Agency Speed Dating events on March 10-13 in the Austin Convention Center. Sound like a plan?

13 famous U.S. political convention speeches by women

The Eloquent Woman

As Americans head to the polls with the option, finally, to elect our first women president, it seemed right to focus on political speeches by women.

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: An analysis of their speeches

Manner of Speaking

As I write this post, the votes are still being counted in some states, but the results will not affect the outcome; Trump … Continue reading → Analysis of a Speech Donald Trump Hillary Clinton public speaking US electionThe 2016 Presidential election in the United States is over and Donald Trump has emerged as the winner.

What have the Romans done for us?

The Presenter's Blog

When it comes to presenting, the Romans and the Greeks taught us all we know. My new blog can be found here. Drop in for a read.

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The Worker Bee U.S. President

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

They are: Withdrawing the U.S. Essentially this prohibits any NGO receiving U.S. And what a day it has been. High rankings on Google.

13 communication and life tips that children teach us

Presentation Zen

Our fear and our tendency to keep our minds fixed on the past and the future keeps us from being spontaneous in the moment. (3) What's the use?

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5 famous speeches by women candidates for U.S. president or vice president

The Eloquent Woman

But we do have a representative sample of the women who wanted to represent us through the ages, from the first to the most recent.

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Slides Prevent Us From Connecting at a Human Level

Duarte Blog

Mac Slocum interviews Nancy Duarte at Web 2.0. The kind folks at O’Reilly had me speak at Web 2.0 Are we going about it the wrong way? Enjoy!

2011 30

Picture this: US college kids – then and now

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Thanks to the fascinating website Sociological Images for a pointer to this interactive map at The Chronicle of Higher Education website that presents data on the proportion of U.S. adults with a bachelor’s degree over time. In 1940, in the vast majority of counties no more than 10% of the population had graduated from college [.].

Two Things Charles Dickens Can Teach Us About Successful Presentations

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Charles Dickens is 200 today, and in his honor, this blog will explore a little-known side of the great novelist:  his public speaking, and in particular 2 lessons the great Boz still can teach us today.   At 200, Dickens can still teach us a thing or two about speaking, performance, and memory.    05.

How to answer the dreaded question: "Tell us something about yourself"

Speak Schmeak

Remember: They aren't judging you. Why do we hate introducing ourselves? Some people are uncomfortable being the center of attention. You ROCK! Smile.

Corsets come off in Downton Abbey. Time they come off for us as well

The Presenter's Blog

When we ring-fence our IP it is because scarcity mentality tells us that if we release this precious idea, we’ll never get another one.

PowerPoint at war – how one soldier changed US strategy in Iraq

Duarte Blog

US forces in Iraq lowered their flag on Wednesday, officially marking the end of our nine-year military mission.

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Save Us From Ugly PowerPoint Slides

Executive Speech Coach

How can you change this ugly PowerPoint typical bar chart slide.into this simple and more visual pleasing PowerPoint slid e?

Women in the U.S. Senate. 17 Strong…and Hopefully Growing

DeFinis Communications

And while those figures are low, have you ever noticed how few women represent us in the United States senate? Watson, who had died.

Humor techniques of 22 prominent U.S. politicians

Speak to Lead

As the 2012 U.S. presidential primaries begin, humorist John Kinde has analyzed the key humor techniques of 22 current and former candidates. Here, with his permission, are his findings: With the caucus and primary events coming soon, let’s reflect on. Humor 2012 Republican primaries John Kinde Lou Hampton political humor presidential humor

Do all your references to women in speeches cast us as "mothers, wives and daughters?"

The Eloquent Woman

Former U.S. And somehow, that seems a lot less about us, and a lot more about you. It's a popular device. books we like affiliate links

Famous Speech Friday: Jane Goodall's "What Separates Us From the Apes"

The Eloquent Woman

So what does separate us from the apes, anyway? Goodall, who turned 78 earlier this month, travels 300 days a year. Expand your idea of a prop.

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How to Get Angry in Public - Australian Prime Minister Gillard Shows Us How to Get It Right

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  So, if you’re going to blow off some steam, take these 5 lessons from Prime Minister Gillard on how to do it well.    1. 

Obama vs. Romney. Blogging the 2012 US Presidential Debates. Round 2. Head to Head at Hofstra.

The Presenter's Blog

Reblogged from make a powerful point: Over $1.1billion has been spent so far on this year’s presidential debate. Read more… 1,094 more words.

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Awesome Author Website ‘Versailles and More’ Lures Us to 18th Century

Content Marketing Today

It brings us deeper into the 18th century period about which she writes. This is one of the best websites I’ve seen from a novelist.

Mr. Rogers Video Showed the US Senate how to Speak from the Heart

Speaking Freely

2011 22

Presentation Lessons from a Cooking Demonstration

Professionally Speaking...

In my volunteer role at the U.S. Presentation Tips and Techniques business presentation cooking demonstration U.S. 2.0. . .

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Famous Speech Friday: Susan B. Anthony's "Is it a crime for a U.S. citizen to vote?"

The Eloquent Woman

She ends with a repetitive call to action: "We will no longer petition Legislature or Congress to give us the right to vote.We ask the judges."

James Comey Said at Cybersecurity Conference He Didn't Want to Freak Us Out - But, He Sure Did

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

As you see in this video , at the Boston College conference on cybersecurity, FBI director James Comey said he didn't want to freak us out.

Let Us Pray

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The conservative Drudge Report is providing a "journal" of the first days of the Trump Administration. That force has been labeled: God.

How to us Humor in Public Speaking

TJ Walker Interactive

One Laugh At a Time. The reality is that you don’t have to be a natural born comic or even the class clown to develop a reputation as a humorous speaker. It’s really just a function of hard work. If you speak on a similar subject on a regular basis, the trick is to occasionally say something that strikes you as amusing or funny. Go break a leg.

Renouncing U.S. Citizenship - The 2-Part Tax Story

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

During Campaign 2016, one meme was that if Donald Trump won there would be a flood of Americans turning in their passports and renouncing U.S.

"U.S. Supreme Court" = Popular Keyword

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Yesterday, lawyer-journalist, Kathleen Rubino, chose a question associated with the U.S. Supreme Court. Senate. The answer was John Rutledge. 

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Stuck Speechwriters - Let Us Pray

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

They will lift us out of our angst and get us back into the creative trance. His tone was that of one of us - a searcher for inner peace.

Strike News: speeches inside, cameras outside and a reporter gives us a lecture.

Max Atkinson

Maybe, by the time we get to the prime-time news programmes later this evening, they'll have singled out a few sound bites for us. There was time when you could expect to see some rather good speeches from trades union leaders, especially when speaking to supporters during industrial action. But I'm not banking on it

The Internet is NOT making us stupid - It's making us different

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Lots of commentators -- like my old friend Nicholas Carr , for example --  have bemoaned the rise of the Internet, and before that television, arguing that these evil distractions have shortened our attention spans and caused us to become digital idiots, capable of only the briefest moments of focus.  Here’s what’s going on. 

Immigration Order Puts U.S. Tech in Pickle

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It's well-known that the U.S. tech sector uses lots of non-U.S. Those, both employees and contractors, who were out of the U.S.

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U.S. Supreme Court Sides with Obamacare: 5 to 4 decision

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  The cornerstone of his progressive agenda - Obamacare - was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court today.