Linkedin Updates - Major Influencer Platform, Unpaid

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What's in it for us unpaid influencers? WPP is taking it on the chin. That's because "Mad Men" days are over. Marketers want influencers, not traditional advertising. For that they are willing to pay the big bucks.

Those Unpaid Interns: Risky business

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Craigslist help wanteds still carry myriad ads for unpaid interns. A number of disgruntled former unpaid interns had filed lawsuits - and won.   So risky this situation has appeared to Conde Nast that, after being sued, it had established the policy of not hiring unpaid interns.

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Competing for Assignments/Jobs - Those Unpaid, Time-consuming Tests

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Recently a media outlet focused on the ad world demanded a three-hour unpaid test to compete for assignments paying $25 for a whole bunch of research and high word count. But, sometimes there's enough money and long-term opportunity to take those unpaid tests.

[Unpaid] Experience in Speechwriting

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  Those in the Norfolk, Virginia area can break in through unpaid speechwriting for a local campaign.  "So how do I break into speechwriting?" " That's a question readers of this blog constantly ask.    Now I have a concrete answer.    We are our portfolios.    This will provide samples.    Here are the details.

Unpaid Interns/Bloggers: Is this a domestic Foxconn heating up?

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Unpaid interns/bloggers are proving to be more trouble to organizations than the expenses they might be saving.  I look at the risk shareholders face when they invest in companies which contract with unpaid help. 

The Power of Using Crowdsourcing for Product Development

Speaker Launcher

By definition it means to obtain information or input into a particular task or project by enlisting the services of a number of people, either paid or unpaid, typically via the Internet. Crowdsourcing is one of those buzzwords we all hear tossed around these days.

I don’t attend conferences where speakers don’t get paid

More than PowerPoint...

But, still, I’ll hear unpaid speakers say, “No, wait. By taking an unpaid engagement, the privileged person silences the voices of people I want to hear from the most. Who’s making bank on unpaid labor? I give up. Starting today, on #EqualPayDay — I won’t pay to go to business conferences where speakers don’t get paid. The conference organizers will pay for the room and the food.

Writers: How you/your school can talk employers into unpaid internships

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  The problem is that the new Department of Labor regulations on those unpaid internships make it illegal for organizations to use us as regular interns without paying us.  But there are ways that we or our school can configure the internship in order to have organizations allow us in - unpaid.  Experience, along with contacts, is the new game. 

Here's the deal: Paid greeter at Wal-Mart or Unpaid Public Affairs Intern at Columbia Law School

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There is a growing controversy: Should someone gain workplace experience by seeking out paid work, any kind, or by taking an unpaid internship in a prestigious institution.    It is seeking an unpaid Intern for its Public Affairs, 10 to 20 hours a week.    The latter, of course, provides access to power and that could be useful if you are young and attractive.

Guest post: The Woman Speaker Slot

The Eloquent Woman

There’s plenty to be said on fixing the problem of poor representation of women in tech, but there is one thing I am relatively certain will not fix anything, and that is asking women to do extra unpaid work.

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The one habit you have to change to be a better speaker

Speak Schmeak

One of the most difficult habits to change for part-time or unpaid speakers (those of you who speak occasionally as part of your job or for community events) is the habit of not practicing, or waiting until the last minute to practice a presentation.

Real Magic by Nana Danso - A Book Review

Speak and Deliver

Disclaimer - I was sent a review copy of Real Magic by the author, but this review is unpaid, and all links are non-affiliate.). As I''ve said before - every speaker should have a book.

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InsideDailyBrief - Corridor of Shame

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It has become standard to warn those considering applying for an assignment or a job that the process will entail actual work - unpaid. Unpaid. At the front end, applicants should be alerted that they will have to invest unpaid actual work in the application.

Talent Inc. - Beware

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I do not take unpaid test assignments. Had I been warned at the beginning of the application that an unpaid test was part of the process I wouldn't have even started with it. Talent Inc. posted a help-wanted for a resume writer on Flex Jobs. 

Content Marketing - Be Interactive (8 Musts)

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 Typical is: "Click here for your complimentary consultation that ends your sleepless nights about unpaid taxes." The problem with much of content marketing is this: The focus is on providing polished content, not a sales pitch.

Blogging: Do it right like Outten and Golden and business/national media will come

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  An example of blogging done just right is Unpaid Interns Lawsuit.     For the law firm Outten and Golden, it brings in plenty of business for its litigation niche fighting for justice for interns who go unpaid, allegedly in violation of labor laws.

Ivanka Trump - Is she her sister's keeper?

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As Vanity Fair reports, G-III only provides unpaid 12-week maternity leave to employees. Is Ivanka Trump her sister's keeper? Yes, since she created that signature for herself at the RNC.    Therefore, it's puzzling that her company partners with G-III. That's a manufacturing and distribution enterprise which has been licensing her brand since 2012. That is the legal minimum.    Should Trump use her power to change this policy?

Lifehack, et al. - Read through Application Before Applying

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No, not every help-wanted ad has this kind of demand for unpaid work. BTW, I have found that frequently it is the kind of help-wanted which demands unpaid work which does not mention in the ad itself the level of compensation.

TruConversion - It's Really Trying to Pull This (the business of Congress to investigate)

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The second issue is: Should a content player be engaged in encouraging doing unpaid work? No, producing an unpaid sample of what you might be able to do for an employer or client is not unethical all the time. Click on this help-wanted on ProBlogger - Jobs by TruConversion.

"What Happened" By Hillary Clinton - Books Keep Personalities in Limelight

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That's if they have a seasoned publicist with the contacts to get them media interviews, paid or unpaid speaking engagements, and published reviews. Last night on "The Late Show" was Bernie Sanders. His new book is "Guide to a Political Revolution."

Self-Confidence - Too Often, Career-Killer

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I turned the unpaid invoice over to a collection agency. In the mid-1970s, I first spotted the syndrome: Those with the most self-confidence often were those who peaked in their professional life prematurely. The market for college humanities professors had collapsed.

Channeling Jack McCoy - Points of Law & StrastasCorp's Romeo Spino, BMG's Rodney Burrell

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

At issue is an unpaid invoice, dated September 27, 2017, with N15 day. That is why I have made this unpaid invoice a matter I am sharing, at the present time,  with my devoted blog readers, U.S.

Det. Robert Goren Hammered, "It's the Question" - My 2 Questions about Romeo Spino at StrastasCorp, Rodney Burrell at BMG

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The amount of the unpaid invoice, dated September 27, 2017, with N15 day, is peanuts: $1,125. That is why I have made this unpaid invoice an issue I am sharing with my devoted blog readers, U.S.

Please, Law Enforcement, Shut Tessa Paloma Down

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  For those hungry enough, there will be unpaid work for a month. The header on this Los Angeles section of Craigslist help-wanted contains the illegal term "young." " Here you read that ad for social media wizards.

Digital Writer Offers To Work For This Blog For Free

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

So, no, I am not going to offer unpaid work to the man who contacted me. No, I won't take advantage of "it." " The "it" could be a passion for blogging or simple desperation to gain exposure.

Chipotle Can't Catch a Break, Not in Court of Law, Not in Court of Public Opinion

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The obstacles include unpaid maternity leave at G-III. A jury awarded former Chipotle employee, Doris Garcia Hernandez, $550,000 in a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit.

AOL: Judge tosses lawsuit filed by dummies who blogged for free

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  I refer to them as dummies because, as with unpaid serial interns, they rarely get anywhere laboring in the digital vineyards for nada.    Unpaid work is of a lot less value than paid work.  "Tasini v.

Donald Trump - Should he yank the account from Jones Day (and hire Saul Goodman)

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That is, unpaid.  Smirks. That's the universal response to the outing of Jones Day as in the front lines of legally representing the interests of illegal immigrants. Simultaneously, two of its partners are serving Donald Trump's Make America Great Again campaign.

Ad Tech - Today Don Draper Would Be Chief Marketing Technologist

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For this reason, the leadership, the rank and file content providers and those unpaid worker bees who write for free for exposure at Huffington Post should be worried. Those unpaid writers will have to move on to another setting to work for nada.

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Manhattan PR - Fewer Jobs, More Internships

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  A cunning organizer would establish a collective bargaining something for the surging number of interns, paid and unpaid, in the public relations industry.  The last full-time employee in a Manhattan public relations firm, shut off the light.    A performance art maestro can stage a 90-second event in Grand Central.    You bet, the interns will have the media contacts to cover that.

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Paternity Leave - Still Throws Shade on a Career

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  Yes, the federal Family and Medical Leave Act mandates 12 week of unpaid leave. For the second time, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will be taking paternity leave. Although Facebook allows 4months leave, he'll take only 2.

Non-Disclosure Agreements - Issue Crying Out for Congressional Investigation

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Therefore, it should not have been a surprise to me that I had to turn over the unpaid invoice for six completed assigned articles to collection agency AccountsReceivable. Often, both employees and gig workers are required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

The Language of Friendship - Timeless

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I have turned the unpaid invoice over to collection agency Nothing has changed about the intimate kinds of conversations we have with authentic friends. The language is usually shorthand. Trust is high. Emotional release is predictable. That's exactly why friendship remains important to human beings. Especially women. Linguist Deborah Tannen has a new book on all that - "You're the Only One I Can Tell." " Here I am in Eastern Ohio.

Craigslist (Temp) Help-Wanted - Gaming The System, Part 1

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For example, there is a continual call for unpaid interns, despite the lawsuits won by former unpaid interns against brandname enterprises like the "Charlie Rose Show" and Conde Nast. The non-hustlers among us don't bother checking out Craigslist help-wanted.

Aging & Student-Loan Debt - The Mess

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In New York Magazine , Eric Levitz reports: "Last year, the government took $171 million out of the Social Security checks of 114,000 Americans age 50 and older in order to collect unpaid student-loan debt."

Conde Nast - McKinsey Will Issue Its Findings

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  Yet probably an undergraduate business major could have conducted the same study as an unpaid intern.  No one expects many surprises when McKinsey and Company issues  its report on how Conde Nast can reset itself, including its cost structure.    That's supposed to come later this month.    The consulting firm was searching for sources of redundancies and unnecessary spending.    So there will be job cuts and cuts in budgets. 

The Power Of Not Responding - Post-Oprah, Robert Scoble Era

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A prospect for our business emails a nasty request for us to submit an unpaid 800-word blog post on motivating members of the sales team. Silence casts spells. Being too eager to have a conversation about whatever marks us as less valuable.

Joshua Bryce Newman - Power Of Cool In Digital Era

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If they had, reports Matthew Goldstein in The New York Times, they would have become aware of the "lawsuits that have been filed against Mr. Newman or companies he controls [and that] he has a history of bouncing checks, unpaid debts and misrepresented intentions." Cool is a selling tool some lucky businesspeople get to leverage. Among them seems to be Joshua Bryce Newman.

David Messerschmitt - Confirmed He Was Living Sustained Double Life

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Yet, this same man had to understand that recreational sex, paid and unpaid, was high risk.

The Black Life We Care About: Elie Mystal

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Most of us wring our hands over the $12K unpaid credit-card balance. Immediately after Dallas happened, Elie Mystal posted on Facebook that if he said what he thought, he would be fired. Since I care a lot about Mystal I left the comment "Say nothing."