Famous Speech Friday: Angela Merkel's 2009 U.S. Congress speech

The Eloquent Woman

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's 2009 speech before both houses of the U.S. As she mentioned at the start of her speech, Merkel is only the second German chancellor to address the full U.S. Kennedy--to show how the U.S. Join us!

2009 88

Yes! I Want You to Write Your Speech!

Speak and Deliver

When we write our speeches, our minds work as real-time editors, telling us even as we type that we can say something better. Chances are you can cut between 25 to 50 percent of the words from any speech you don't write down once you get it on paper through transcription.

2011 98

Write Like You Speak - Listen to Yourself!

Speak and Deliver

Many, if not most of us, do not automatically write like we speak. Transcription Write Your Speech Practice Speech Writing Write Like You Speak Winging It Wing Your SpeechSo glad we're in the computer age.

2011 92

Malala Yousafzai and Public Speaking: 12 Lessons from the Best Speech of 2013

Matt Eventoff

There are lessons for all of us in Malala’s speech. A transcript of the entire speech can be found here. Malala Yousafzai addressed the United Nations and delivered what can only be described as the best speech of 2013, as well as the most powerful address of this decade (so far.)

2013 274

Presentation tips for PowerPoint

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Nowadays, many of us use PowerPoint for our presentations. Rather put your main points onto the slides than a transcription of your speech. Rather give us a few seconds to read a slide before speaking about the points on the slide. This is an extract of a training session that I present “Putting the POWER back into PowerPoint”.

2017 109

Two must-see college graduation speeches

Presentation Zen

Last week the famous comedian and TV talkshow host Conan O'brien, who was sharing the stage with luminaries such as former US President George H. Conan's key takeaway message was this: "It is our failure to become our perceived ideal that ultimately defines us and makes us unique.

Analysis of Malala Yousafzai’s speech to the UN General Assembly

The Presenter's Blog

She is reminding us of the many for whom she speaks, while simultaneously using pathos, an appeal to the emotions. You can access a transcript of Malala’s speech by clicking here , or watch the speech on YouTube by clicking here. by Peter Watts.

“It’s Halftime in America” — An Analysis

Manner of Speaking

Nor do most of us guys have the cool, raspy voice of Clint Eastwood.). But then replay it and listen to it while reading the transcript which I have added immediately below. Detroit’s showing us it can be done. And what’s true about them is true about all of us. ” (2) “ Detroit’s showing us it can be done. And what’s true about them is true about all of us.

First Reaction: President Obama’s Second Inaugural Address

The Presenter's Blog

” Speaking of the US domestic environment, Obama spoke of building infrastructure, industry, and education. Starting once again with “We the people” the speech moves to “forbears” and “the star that guides us” So far, so traditional.

2013 155

Famous Speech Friday: Shirley Chisholm's 1972 contested debate time

The Eloquent Woman

Chisholm was a triple-first: the first African American woman elected to the U.S.

2016 87

Seth Godin on what makes a good question from the audience

The Eloquent Woman

Here's how his thoughts on questions emerged, from the interview transcript: Ms. And that then requires us to develop some different kinds of internal resources.

2013 88

Five Essential Questions to ask Yourself

Presentation Zen

Many of us often have an unconscious bias toward information which confirms our own views about the world. Most of us procrastinate because we focus on the enormity of the project or on it’s conclusion, a conclusion about which we are uncertain.

2016 82

Breaking Comedy’s DNA: Review

Pro Humorist

In my experience living in the U.S. For me, I wanted either additional videos available via links in the Breaking Comedy’s DNA eBook or maybe transcripts of the videos that he already has on his blog. I do completely agree with him when he says that as comedians and comedy writers we cannot just always wait for things to happen to us, or for us to observe events before we write comedy about them.

2015 109

King, Hamer, Ginsburg, Obama: Speech collections & a memoir

The Eloquent Woman

Add these to your speaking shelf: Ruth Bader Ginsburg: My Own Words , by U.S. Houck, is the first collection of speeches by the noted civil rights activist, including transcriptions of her extemporaneous remarks. and Joy Redi, collects key speeches of the most recent former U.S.

2017 77

Tipsters: Can you contribute to Famous Speech Friday? Here's how

The Eloquent Woman

To get in on the action, you can: Share suggestions for speeches for the series, Propose a guest post, or Point us to a similar post elsewhere. Video, audio and transcripts: It's not possible to have these for every famous speech, particularly our historic examples.

2012 90

What linguists think about "um:" Guess who gets punished for using it?

The Eloquent Woman

Transcription services agreed to omit ums from transcripts; even today, you have to pay to re-insert them. That we should remove our “likes” and “justs” (and there are apps to help us do it), defry our chords, and that we should practice, and learn to find our “best speaking voices.”

2017 84

The Key to story structure in two words: Therefore & But

Presentation Zen

Here's the transcript from the key part of the video above where Trey Parker explains their simple but oh so effective rewriting tip. So we found out this rule that maybe you guys have all heard before, but it took us a long time to learn it.

2015 114

Read the Declaration of Independence aloud today

The Eloquent Woman

For your own reading, h ere's the actual transcript of the Declaration, from the U.S. Happy Fourth of July to my U.S.

2012 77

Drudge Report - Paul Ryan Repents, WIll Confess Sins on "60 Minutes"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The conservative Drudge Report headlines with the sudden conversion of U.S. Here you can click on the transcript. House Speaker, Paul Ryan. Ryan has surrendered his mind and heart to being a follower of Trumpism.

2016 65

Famous Speech Friday: Queen Latifah's "Keep fighting for it"

The Eloquent Woman

Don't curb your enthusiasm: Awards banquets can be deadly for audiences in the hall and viewing on television, so a lively acceptance like this one--with big gestures and a big smile--tells us we're watching a special moment.

2016 74

Analysis of a Speech by Janine Shepherd

Manner of Speaking

By making light of her own circumstances, Janine gives us permission to laugh, and that laughter is like a much needed breath of fresh air that prepares us for what is to follow. On the TED site, you can see the transcript of Janine’s speech. Janine Shepherd is one of those people whose picture should appear beneath the definition of “remarkable” in the dictionary.

Why Will Ferrell’s USC Commencement Speech Was a Grand Slam

Duarte Blog

Commencement season is upon us and you know what that means. We are moved emotionally and this seems to leave us defenseless.”. Hear it for yourself here: You can read the full transcript of Ferrell’s words here.

Do you talk yourself out of public speaking--or say yes to opportunity?

The Eloquent Woman

And when we call them about being speakers, most of the time they refer us to someone else--usually a man." Each one comes with lessons for speakers, plus video or audio and a transcript, where available So many readers have observed that they see too few women as speakers on conference programs that I've begun asking meeting organizers: Do you have trouble finding women speakers, and why?

2012 70

“It’s Halftime in America” — An Analysis

Manner of Speaking

Nor do most of us guys have the cool, raspy voice of Clint Eastwood.). But then replay it and listen to it while reading the transcript which I have added immediately below. Detroit’s showing us it can be done. And what’s true about them is true about all of us. ” (2) “ Detroit’s showing us it can be done. And what’s true about them is true about all of us.

The 'bigly' problem, from Lincoln to Trump: Is your speech being heard?

The Eloquent Woman

This is a highly unusual look at whether speeches are heard, using technology, ironically, to take us back to a time before microphones and speakers and all the other aids we use to make sure speakers are heard today.

2016 72

Famous Speech Friday: Nancy Astor's "maiden speech" in Parliament

The Eloquent Woman

From the debate transcript: I shall not begin by craving the indulgence of the House. You can read a transcript of the entire debate as well as a transcript of her campaign leaflet , and listen to the BBC interview , to which speaker coach Peter Botting kindly pointed me.

2014 89

Famous Speech Friday: Brené Brown's 2010 TEDx talk on vulnerability

The Eloquent Woman

But this famous speech was about vulnerability--in us and in the speaker. The more esoteric your topic, the more concrete your language: Social work research into vulnerability is not everyday discussion fodder for most of us, and it feels and sounds "messy."

2014 98

Famous Speech Friday: Jennifer Granholm's 2005 tribute to Rosa Parks

The Eloquent Woman

Take a look at the video, read the transcript , and let us know what you liked. Editor's note: Becky Ham wrote this post for The Eloquent Woman, and boy are we glad she found this speech for us.) We've said it before: Jennifer Granholm is a rock star of public speaking.

2005 84

Famous Speech Friday: Eleanor Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor radio address

The Eloquent Woman

Whatever is asked of us, I am sure we can accomplish it. Let the echoes of freedom ring: I doubt that Roosevelt's use of "we, the people"--the familiar first words of the preamble to the U.S. Her words reflected the nation's anxieties as the war progressed before U.S. Join us!

2015 111

Famous Speech Friday: Kavita Krishnan on safety and India's rape culture

The Eloquent Woman

The English transcript of her remarks has gone viral. Don’t you dare tell us how to dress, when to go out at night, in the day, or how to walk or how many escorts we need! The lack of these resources keeps many women's speeches from being known in the world, effectively silencing us.

2013 97

Edward Tufte on Data, Analysis, & Truth

Presentation Zen

Video and transcript also available on the Microsoft website. Edward Tufte is a leading expert in the data analysis and data visualization space. His books are classics and required reading for anyone interested in understanding how best to display quantitative information.

Famous Speech Friday: Viola Davis accepts an historic 2017 Oscar

The Eloquent Woman

Here's a complete transcript: Thank you to the Academy. Speakers, we're tired of you telling us what you're going to tell us. Surprise us a little.

2017 83

Julia Louis-Dreyfus's role as "Veep" on HBO pokes fun at public speaking

The Eloquent Woman

Looks like a must for speechwriters, speakers and anyone who's still hoping for a woman in one of the two top offices in the U.S. Each one comes with lessons for speakers, plus video or audio and a transcript, where available.

Famous Speech Friday: Japan First Lady Akie Abe's keynote in English

The Eloquent Woman

But this 2014 speech, given at the Ford Foundation in New York, recently made headlines after U.S. But Women in the World pointed out that Abe had already met in more intimate settings with the President and First Lady of the U.S. Laying aside for the moment why a U.S.

2017 74

Blockchain - Big Takeaways from Goldman Sachs/JPMorgan Equity Swaps Test

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

For example, the blockchain technology has begun to have credibility in financial markets globally, not only in the U.S. Instead of contacting Harvard Law School to transmit a transcript during a job search, that information can be maintained in the "blockchain wallet."

2017 52

'Inward clutter' in the Archbishop of Canterbury's Easter sermon

Max Atkinson

But there is a short clip on the Daily Telegraph website, to which I've added - for clarity, you understand - a transcript of his latest words of wisdom. Having watched it several times, I still haven't a clue about what he's talking about - but maybe it makes more sense to you: for many of us, most of us, like the disciples at Easter, it takes something of a shock to open us up to joy, some experience that pushes its way through the inward clutter by sheer force and novelty.

2011 60

"How do I help a dying friend with a speech about her life and illness?"

The Eloquent Woman

Can you point us to examples of other speakers facing the same situation? Each one comes with lessons for speakers, plus video or audio and a transcript, where available

2012 74

Famous Speech Friday: Justice Sonia Sotomayor's law school question

The Eloquent Woman

All that would apply to law school classes, and to current U.S. You''ll find a transcript at the NPR link as well as audio of the program. Sometimes, asking a question can seem like giving a high-stress, if short, speech.

2014 101

Famous Speech Friday: Linda Cliatt-Wayman on fixing broken schools

The Eloquent Woman

When she reminds us that "Every one of them is just a child, often scared of what the world tells them they should be," you know that she knows what that feels like. Watch the video here or below, and go to TED for the transcript : Linda Cliatt-Wayman: How to fix a broken school?

2015 99

Famous Speech Friday: Theresa May's 1st prime minister's questions

The Eloquent Woman

May made jokes and humorous asides, put down arguments, and answered most of the questions posed, avoiding one about her appointment of Boris Johnson as foreign secretary and his racist and sexist comments about U.S. Well—it just keeps making us Prime Minister."

2016 69

Starting 2014 with 128 speeches in The Eloquent Woman Index

The Eloquent Woman

To make sure the blog helps to keep women''s speeches available, each post in the series includes--where available--video, audio, text or transcripts.

2014 100

Famous Speech Friday: Margaret Edson's 2008 Smith College commencement address

The Eloquent Woman

Folks who work at universities have heard more commencement speeches than the rest of us--that's part of the job. Read the transcript of the speech here , and do watch the video below, listening for the words she enphasizes vocally.

2008 97

Mathew Martoma: At age 39, he could still has career ahead as a fiction writer

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

 The media, ranging from the buttoned-down Bloomberg to the tabloid New York Post, are blaring details how a creative young man Mathew Martoma put together fake transcripts and then complex stories to defend himself when found out.

2014 61