Use a script or transcript to manage your speaking speed

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Here's an easy way to generate a transcript with YouTube.) Here's where it helps to have a transcript of your actual delivery, even if you used a text.

Shatter Your Writer's Block Pt I: Speechwriting in Reverse

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Off-the-Cuff Practice Run-On Sentences Speech Recording Spontaneity Toastmasters Transcription Writer''s Block I don''t know what to write! You''ll have to Google James Caan/Misery to find out what he''s actually typing.

Donald Trump Offers $5 Million For Obama’s College Transcripts, Passport But Won’t Show His: Report

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Yes! I Want You to Write Your Speech!

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Chances are you can cut between 25 to 50 percent of the words from any speech you don't write down once you get it on paper through transcription. Transcription Write Your Speech Preparation On the Fly Writing Editing Audience Memorization Creativity Winging It

6 Tips for Getting a Communications Job in Silicon Valley

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Here’s the video and transcript of her speech. [.]. The convocation speaker at the May 23, 2013 San Jose State University graduation ceremony for Communications, Journalism and PR students was René Shimada Siegel, the President and Founder of High Tech Connect.

Write Like You Speak - Listen to Yourself!

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Transcription Write Your Speech Practice Speech Writing Write Like You Speak Winging It Wing Your SpeechSo glad we're in the computer age. Source: Library of Congress Last week, I encouraged all of you to Write Your Speech. But, what if you don't Write Like You Speak ?

Donald Trump Unveils Dramatic Campaign Blockbuster: Trump is World’s Worst Evil Monster!

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5 ways you can analyze your speech once it's done (and how I do it)

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Transcribed: There's nothing like a transcript to help you see how you really talk during a presentation. If you're hiring a transcription service, be sure to specify that you want the ums and uhs included in the transcript, otherwise, common practice is to leave them out.

What Bill Clinton Wrote and What Bill Clinton Said

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The result can be seen by clicking on the image of the marked up transcript excerpt below.

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Two must-see college graduation speeches

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TranscriptsTranscripts of Steve Jobs's speech • Transcripts of Conan Obrian's speech It's graduation time in many parts of the world , and that means long ceremonies and a lot of speeches.

New official guide to TED talks shares the 'secret': It's all in your ideas

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So we began with his first talk, and after I watched it and read a transcript, I surprised him by saying, "You need more detail. Read Chris Anderson's long interview on The Diane Rehm Show on NPR, transcript here.

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Malala Yousafzai and Public Speaking: 12 Lessons from the Best Speech of 2013

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A transcript of the entire speech can be found here. Malala Yousafzai addressed the United Nations and delivered what can only be described as the best speech of 2013, as well as the most powerful address of this decade (so far.) Malala Yousafzai is a great global communicator.

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Smart self-promotion: 6 must-haves on your speaker page

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Put the evidence on this page, and link to announcements about your talk, transcripts and video, photos, Storify summaries of tweets during your talk, and other social media commentary. Forget "shameless self-promotion." What's smart self-promotion for a public speaker?

Famous Speech Friday: Shirley Chisholm's 1972 contested debate time

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My regret is that there's no publicly available video of any of these debate opportunities, and no transcript I can find (although I welcome hearing from readers with access to either transcripts or video we can share).

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Evolution of a copywriter and thoughts on copywriting

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Here is a transcript of the interview. I was recently interviewed on copywriting by an advertising student at Centennial College for a student project. How did you get started in the business? I’m an English major from York University. I landed a job as an editor of an in-house magazine at Radio Shack (now The [.]. Copywriting Freelance Writing - General Paul Lima

6 myths about slides that are holding you back as a speaker

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If your talk is captured on video, consider posting a transcript instead of crafting your slides as notes. Many presenters believe in a mythology about slides that's so strong, it's hard to shake. The result?

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Sir Ken Robinson gives best talk yet at TED Talks Education

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Therefore, the passages I chose for inclusion below do not touch on his statements concerning the lessons learned from the Finnish system (you''ll have to watch his talk or read the transcripts for those points).

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New volume of talks from The Moth focuses on uncertainty

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And aside from being a beautifully made volume--one you will want in hardcopy even if, like me, you mostly collect ebooks--this book does something I wish we'd see more of: It collects actual scripts (or in this case transcripts) of complete talks.

Steve Jobs on life: change it, improve it, make your mark

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Here is the transcript for the video clip. Every year around this time I look for inspirational speeches, presentations, and other words of advice for graduating seniors. Last year, for example, I pointed to these three graduation speeches.

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The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

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Last week, our Famous Speech Friday featured a guest post from Kate Peters on Toni Morrison's 2011 commencement address at Rutgers University , and we looked at how using a script or transcript can help control your speaking speed.

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Famous Speech Friday: Queen Latifah's "Keep fighting for it"

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You can read a partial transcript of her remarks here , and watch the video here and below.

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Clean Up Your Presentation – There’s an App for That!

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It tracks what you say, shows you a transcript, and then offers various tools to help you improve. Use your smartphone to improve your public speaking skills. Most business professionals have some brand of smartphone by now.

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Why Leaders Need To Be Authentic

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  The link will take you to Connie's blog, and links to both the podcast and a pdf of the transcript are right there.  For my blog today, I'm connecting to a podcast I did with Connie Dieken on her Influential Leaders blog.    Connie is super smart and does her homework and we had a great conversation about leadership and why leaders today need authenticity above any other quality. 

The quantified speaker: 6 kinds of speaker data to know about yourself

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Use a formula of 120 words per minute as your guide, and divide that into the total words in the transcript or script of your speech. A practical way to advance your speaker skills also is often overlooked: Quantifying your performances as a speaker over time.

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Famous Speech Friday: Elizabeth I's 1563 speech on her singlehood

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In the transcript , you can see, as the British Library analysis notes, "This speech is tentative and ambiguous compared to some of her other speeches on the subject of marriage, which were often angry and insistent that subjects should not rule a monarch.

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"The moment defines the creative expression."

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Below is the transcript from Dr. Tyson''s riff on the importance of spontaneity and being in the moment. A presentation is a moment in time. I have long referenced jazz and my own experience with jazz as having a great parallel to the act of a live talk or a presentation on the center stage.

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Five Essential Questions to ask Yourself

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your answer will be I ‘did.'" • Full speech and transcript It’s graduation time around the United States, and while many speeches are forgettable, some of them stick. Dean James Ryan’s speech at the Harvard Graduate School of Education ceremony was one such speech.

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Our first PodCast! The Jason Womack Interview

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Listen to it by clicking this link for the Jason & Peter PodCast , or if you’d rather read the conversation, we’ve included this transcript as well.

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Richard Feynman on the Scientific Method (in 1 minute)

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Here is a transcript from the clip: "In general, we look for a new law by the following process. There is not a device invented that can measure the joy I have in watching a Richard Feynman lecture.

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My Take on the Jackson Family for Inside Edition

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Here is the transcript. Will post video later. Press Room

Edward Tufte on Data, Analysis, & Truth

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Video and transcript also available on the Microsoft website. Edward Tufte is a leading expert in the data analysis and data visualization space. His books are classics and required reading for anyone interested in understanding how best to display quantitative information.

Seth Godin on what makes a good question from the audience

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Here's how his thoughts on questions emerged, from the interview transcript: Ms. In the unedited interview , which doesn't come with a transcript, Godin touches on how we have discouraged women in particular from speaking up or speaking publicly.

The introverted speaker at TED: Susan Cain

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Each one comes with lessons for speakers, plus video or audio and a transcript, where available.

Tipsters: Can you contribute to Famous Speech Friday? Here's how

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Video, audio and transcripts: It's not possible to have these for every famous speech, particularly our historic examples. Each one comes with lessons for speakers, plus video or audio and a transcript, where available

Pin that speech! The Eloquent Woman on Pinterest

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Each one comes with lessons for speakers, plus video or audio and a transcript, where available Are you using Pinterest? The hot new social sharing site is still in beta and requires an invite, but it's already full of photos, videos and other resources and ideas. You use bookmarklets and buttons to "pin" visuals you like onto topical "boards" you create.

Why (and how) you should publish your speeches

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If you've recorded your speech (about which more below), transcription services are less expensive than you think, and worth using for this purpose. Publish what others heard: Collect the tweets from your audience on Storify and publish them as a different kind of transcript.

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Famous Speech Friday: Jennifer Granholm's 2005 tribute to Rosa Parks

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Take a look at the video, read the transcript , and let us know what you liked. Each one comes with lessons for speakers, plus video or audio and a transcript, where available. We've said it before: Jennifer Granholm is a rock star of public speaking.

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New book on introverts advises finding your public-speaking "sweet spot"

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Each one comes with lessons for speakers, plus video or audio and a transcript, where available

Famous Speech Friday: HBO's Sheila Nevins's interview with Alec Baldwin

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Here's the transcript. If you've watched any of HBO's award-winning documentaries, you've seen the work of Sheila Nevins. She's won more prime time Emmy Awards than anyone else for her work.

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Six Tips for Working with an Interpreter While Public Speaking

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A week ahead of time, I sent over a transcript of a similar talk that I had delivered so the interpreters could read through it and practice. Since my interpreters had the transcript ahead of time, by the time I landed, they had already identified areas where they had questions, so they could make sure they applied regional stories and metaphors that would work. I spoke in Beijing on Saturday, and worked with an interpreter for the first time.

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