Using Storytelling as a Sales Tool

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The post Using Storytelling as a Sales Tool appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Emerging Speaker Rising Superstar Speaker Seasoned Speaker Speaking Business Strategy Motivational speaker professional speaker sales pitches sales strategy speaker agent speaker launcher storytelling as sales tool

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Top Tech Tools to Build Audience Engagement

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The good news is that today’s technology tools can help you do that—while you’re speaking in real time. While some people may think that having technology front and center during a presentation (aside from PowerPoint™) would be too distracting and hard to manage, there are technology tools that make engagement much easier. Of course, ARS tools have evolved over the years and come in all shapes and sizes and do much more than simple polling.

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The Secret Tool for Booking More Speaking Gigs

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The post The Secret Tool for Booking More Speaking Gigs appeared first on Jane Atkinson. One of the most important aspects of building a successful speaking business is remembering that our success is built on the relationships we build.

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Free photo-editing tools

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And you may find the tools elsewhere to be better or easier to use. So here’s a list of free photo-editing tools. I like this tool so much, that I’ve set it as my default to open JPGs and PNGs. To find the Picture Manager, go to Start, Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Tools. You upload a photo, use the tools (Crop, Rotate, Exposure, Colors, Sharpen, Resize), then save the photo to your computer. Other free tools.

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Top Tech Tools to Build Audience Engagement

DeFinis Communications

The good news is that today’s technology tools can help you do that—while you’re speaking in real time. While some people may think that having technology front and center during a presentation (aside from PowerPoint™) would be too distracting and hard to manage, there are technology tools that make engagement much easier. Of course, ARS tools have evolved over the years and come in all shapes and sizes and do much more than simple polling.

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Essential tools for visual communications

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

This is the second of a two-part report on the September 27th meeting of Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association. On Saturday we heard from two communications experts: Speechwriter Pete Weissman and visual thinking expert David Sibbet. This posting is a summary of David’s material. David Sibbet is President and founder of The […]. Business Communication David Sibbet Visual communication Visualization

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Opinion is a persuasive tool

The Presenter's Blog

Audiences, be they customers or colleagues, act when presentations are delivered with the fist-punch impact of belief. They remember presenters who deliver not just the facts, but the flavour of their opinions. I’m pleased and delighted to be able to say, that as of this month I’m going to be writing for the business website My first piece is live on their blog today.

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5 great tools for presenters

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Jon Thomas, in his blog, Presentation Advisors , has written a post, “ My Five Favorite Free Presentation Design Tools ,&# and I thought I’d share them with you. Compfight is a tool to search for images on Flikr. While I don’t think its tools are the best, it has the most traffic, so uploading your presentations there will get you the most traffic.

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How to Turn Your Website Bio Into a Selling Tool

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The post How to Turn Your Website Bio Into a Selling Tool appeared first on Jane Atkinson. How do we write a killer website bio that makes our clients pick up the phone or email us to ask us if their date is free on our calendars? Do you think someone who charges $1,000 per biography might know something about it? Last year I had copywriter Caroline Mays on my podcast to talk about writing a killer website bio. Her wisdom was so, ahem, a-Mays-ing, I wanted to share some of the […].

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Guest Blog: The 3 Best Recruiting Automation Tools For 2018


Here are the 3 best recruiting automation tools for 2018. The post Guest Blog: The 3 Best Recruiting Automation Tools For 2018 appeared first on Ideal. Blog ai and automation ai for recruiting recruiting automation recruiting tools recruitment techIt’s unavoidable these days: stories about how artificial intelligence and automation are poised to transform the economy dominate the news.

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New Tools for Your Presentation Toolbox

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Just like a carpenter has a box of tools, each appropriate for a certain job, we speakers have access to a presentation tool kit filled with things that can help us to better communicate our message and engage our audiences. Some of these tools are techniques we draw on like eye contact, body language, stories and voice inflection. And some of the tools are actual products that we can use to enhance and enliven our presentations.

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Tears - Underused Tool in Communications

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

After all, crying as part of a mea culpa is an equal-opportunity tool. In court yesterday when she made her guilty plea, Felicity Huffman also made all the right moves.    Her body language was subdued. She took full responsibility for what she had done. There was remorse. And, that was all topped all with tears. Here is the coverage in the LA Times. Some of the tears were triggered by her account of her daughter's struggle with a learning disability.

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10 tools for presenting with Twitter

Speaking about Presenting

Gradually tools are being developed to make it easier for you as the presenter to manage the backchannel. I would love to see more tools available which work within the most common slideware – PowerPoint and Keynote. There is an add-in to do this with PowerPoint 2007 called Slide Tweet , but you need Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio Tools for Office. This is not primarily a presenter tool, but it’s so impressive and so useful I couldn’t leave it out.

Job Search/Career Change - Informational Interviews Are THE Power Tool

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Pay attention: Informational interviews are a power tool in a job search as well as a career change. Unfortunately, that tool tends to be neglected.

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Hyperbole: A tool of jest, not of anger

The Presenter's Blog

Hyperbole is a well known tool of speech. Not only is it completely the wrong tool for the job but it sounds downright childish, and this is exactly what it was. by Peter Watts. Hyperbole is a rhetorical weapon best used with tongue-in-cheek, and that’s a public speaking lesson Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana appears to have missed.

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The Best Presentation Tools for Students in 2020

Presentation Guru

Presentations have long been an integral part of every academic programme and there are quite a few reasons for that. First of all, due to the rate of progress nowadays, children now are more technologically advanced than ever.

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Video - Marketing Power Tool, But Only If Used Right

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It's all-good with video for marketing and sales. For example, more than 50% of those in the loop have found the use of video to be generating the highest ROI. And, about 80% documented that having a video on a landing page can boost conversion rates by 80%. 

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[Podcast] Behavior Tools and How to Use Them with Jill Davis

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These tools are often used in businesses to help avoid bad hires, manage more effectively and retain top talent by identifying the natural traits a person possess and then capitalizing on those for best performance. […]. The post [Podcast] Behavior Tools and How to Use Them with Jill Davis appeared first on Jane Atkinson. To learn more – take a listen to the full podcast below: Ready to start using DISC as a tool to help in your speaking business?

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Sacred Cow #8: The Laser Pointer Is A Useful Tool

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

It seems, at least in my stomping grounds, that it’s just accepted that laser pointers, being presentation tools are wholly appropriate. Tags: Presenting Presenting; technique; tools We’ve seen these people. They’re all over the place. In some organizations, it’s institutionalized. What I’m concerned about is the laser pointer.

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The Smirk - Ultimate Power Tool

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Confidence is power. Read Hedrick Smith on that in "The Power Game." "  And nothing transmits the message of power like The Smirk. The message is: I can't even be bothered with that. However, I am amused. Ridicule is the move we learn in adolescence. Of course, we are not always confident. But that's irrelevant. What counts is what we put out there. The Smirk puts confidence out there. So, why doesn't everyone leverage The Smirk? Socialization.

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Blogging - Mature Medium, But Useful Marketing Tool (7 strategies)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Is blogging worth the time? After all, unlike social networks such as Twitter, the blogging medium is long form. That requires much more than a fleeting thought. Another concern is that blogging is mature. Some recall when it was a "toddler."

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Should You Use Text Messaging as a Prospecting Tool?

SpeakerSue Says...

What mass SMS companies (and their marketing stats) don’t make as clear: Texting is too personal a tool to use for prospecting. Your team will thank you for giving them the tools they need now. You’ve likely read the research about how email open rates are about 20% while about 98% of texts are opened and 90% of texts are read within three minutes. But you have to read the fine print.

Sandra Zimmer featured in Houston Chronicle Article on Public Speaking as a Career Tool

Speaking Freely

Today, Sunday, March 23, 2014, The Houston Chronicle Jobs Section is printing an article entitled “Public Speaking an Important Career Tool.” ” This article written by Emilia Benton, a copy editor from the Special Publications of Houston Chronicle Media Group, features some of my ideas about the value of public speaking skills for career development. Benton [.].

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Blogging = Branding/Networking/New Business Development Tool

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The blog remains a powerful tool for branding, networking and new business development. Since 2005, I have leveraged blogging as my primary marketing tactic. But some businesses still haven't set up one or don't invest the thinking and time required to make content unique aka clickbait. One major obstacle is that they fear unwanted attention. That comes in myriad forms, ranging from spam comments to gadflies who piggyback on our content and misinterpret us.

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Technical Writer for Power Tools, Tucson, Arizona (part - time)

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Master the relationship even when your only tool is email

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When email is the only tool, top achievers use it strategically and smartly. Email may not be the best tool but it’s up to you to make the most of everything you write. Email Etiquette & Productivity Email Sales Writing Featured Selling Skills Communication Skills email as a sales tool hospitality and hotel sales Hospitality Sales how to say it to sell it Power Sales Writing sales success sales training say it to sell it SpeakerSue

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Are you giving the audience tools they can use?

Speak Schmeak

One of the things I find lacking in many presentations is the useful take-home tool. How can you provide more useful, relevant and practical tools for your audiences? Sure, I hear lots of good ideas from speakers, but I don't often go home with action steps rather than concepts. I don't often go home with concrete things I can DO to improve my business, my presentations or my life.

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Your Voice: The Most Powerful Tool You Have

Presentation Guru

Rightly or wrongly people make lasting assumptions based on first impressions and, I think its fair to say that if you speak with no vocal inflection at all most people will think you sound a bit weird – or if we’re being kind, a lot like a robot.… … Build Real Impact Build Your Skills Performance Elsewhere on the Web Voice

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How to Engage Your Audience Using Games and Other Fun Tools with Stephen Shapiro

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The post How to Engage Your Audience Using Games and Other Fun Tools with Stephen Shapiro appeared first on Jane Atkinson. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast we welcome Stephen who will share with us how he uses games and innovation to engage and inspire his audience. In 2001, after publishing his first book, 24/7 Innovation, Stephen left the consulting firm, Accenture to become a full-time innovation speaker and advisor to clients around the world.

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LinkedIn Pulse Mutating Into Multi-Dimensional Tool

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

LinkedIn Pulse is mutating into a multi-dimensional tool. Remember how it started out as a platform restricted to brandname experts? When it opened the doors to Everyman and Everywoman, evolution kicked in. Currently, on LinkedIn Pulse is a post by writer/editor/consultant Claire Zulkey. She is working on a project and needs to interview cancer survivors who have used online support services. Yes, she is seeking out interview subjects in this way. Interesting.

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A tool I can't live without

Speak Schmeak

I mentioned this briefly in another post, but I thought I would give more time to a recently discovered lifesaving tool that I now realize I can't live without. For more of my lifesaving (or just fun) tools, click here. What tools can you not live without when you present? Tags: My Favorite Tools It's my 4-port retractable USB hub , and let me tell you how it came into my life.

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Speaking Tools Beyond Your Equipment

Pivotal Public Speaking

When making a speech or presentation, a typical speaker usually has a number of tools to help convey their message. The best speaking tools, however, can’t be found in electronic shops or purchased online. The greatest speaking tools are actually within the person speaking. Let’s take a look at three of these speaking tools, which you can also use yourself. Knowing a little about things from various areas of discipline is a good speaking tool.

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Cool Tools I Use and Love

Communication Steroids

Skip to content Follow: RSS Twitter Home About Contact Us Current Programs Inner Circle Newsletter Products 20 Presentation Skills That Kill: Audio CDSeminar Social Media and Public Relations: Audio Task Oriented Teams: Audio CDSeminar What We Do Cool Tools I Use and Love by Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon on September 22, 2010 I love productivity tools, and love sharing them with friends and colleagues. So here ’tis: some are old friends, some are brand new tools.

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Snail Mail - Powerful Marketing Tool, When Customized

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Since the Pony Express, that kind of marketing tool has been effective. If you haven't experimented with snail mall for a while, you owe it to yourself to invest again in this tool. Most clients come to me to boost their click-open/Call To Action rate in email. Increasingly I am recommending that in the A/B testing we experiment with snail mail. The trick is to update the format, tone and text for changing times.

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That "Open Letter" - Communications Power Tool (both internally and externally)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

At DLA Piper, junior partner Vanina Guerrero's open letter achieved its objective: She wanted the right attention for her request to be released from mandatory arbitration to deal with a complaint against one of the law firm's leaders.    Internally, the power structure agreed to review the matter.    Externally, the media coverage has been intense. Again, the issue of mandatory arbitration in law firms is front-page news.

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Dog Leash - Multi-Purpose Networking Tool

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The secret to leveraging walking your dog as a multi-purpose networking tool is the same as in real estate: Location, location, location.    But that doesn't necessarily mean an ultra upscale location where you meet the movers and shakers. It means where you can present yourself easily as a relaxed, confident, and successful professional. For example, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, I didn't gain any insight into business or get any referrals.

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What Is The Best Multi-Touch Presentation Tool Around?

Presentation Guru

At Presentation Guru, we continuously try and keep our audience updated with the newest technology available. In this article, Damjan introduces us to Intuiface, a multi-touch capable program for presenters that’s geared toward the ever-growing market of touch-screens. . Many people will be familiar with the most popular presentation applications such as PowerPoint, Prezi and Keynote, with plenty of other lesser known apps available.…

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Using all your tools: Adele tells a story

Speak Schmeak

There is a reason we present in person, and that's to make a case, to stand up and face our audience with all the tools available to us. She simply tells her story , using all the tools at her disposal, and tells it spectacularly. If you watched the MTV Video Music Awards, you might have seen the following performance by Adele of her song, "Someone Like You." If you didn't, please take a few minutes to watch below.

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Best Tool for Building a New Space: Google SketchUp

Duarte Blog

My tool of choice for projects like this is Google SketchUp. So we at Duarte would like to extend an extra special thanks to Google for putting a powerful 3D modeling tool into a package even a layman can use. As a designer, some of the most challenging clients are the ones with a design background—they catch everything.

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How to create your very own cool shapes with the Custom Shapes tools: Part III-Intersect

PowerPoint Tips

In Part I of this series, I explained the Union tool and how to get all the Custom Shapes tools on your Quick Access toolbar. In Part II, I covered the Subtract tool. The 3rd tool is the Intersect tool and it results in a shape that is the intersection of the selected shapes. The tools doesn’t work if you have text in the shapes.).

Make your words sing like Obama – 9 rhetorical tools that will help your message be remembered forever

Presentation Guru

A big big thank you! Thanks to all of you that attended our podcast on storytelling – ‘Make your words sing’ last week. It’s the second in a series of four podcasts by John Zimmer and Jim Harvey, founders of Presentation Guru, to help you do just that.… … Uncategorised

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Create The Best Video Presentations With These Innovative Tools

Presentation Guru

We’ve detailed the importance of good streaming services for presentations before, and we’ve also shown how products like GoReact can help you improve your presenting ability by watching yourself after you present. While there is a multitude of uses for video programs, the ability to record your presentation and share it across the web afterwards is paramount in the digital age. … Software Visuals presentation technology Video

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Best Tools for Pitching to Angel Investors « TJWALKER INTERACTIVE

TJ Walker Interactive

Public speaking, media training, presentation training, crisis communications Home Live Video About TJ Products & Services FAQs « Avoid Common Mistakes During a Pitch Chuck Schumer Rises to Power in Senate » Best Tools for Pitching to Angel Investors The best tools one should use when pitching to Angel investors to help create a show stopping pitch. News analyzed from a communication perspective.

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