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3 techniques for putting less text on your slides

PowerPoint Tips

You probably know that creating slides with lots of text on them is a sure sign of “Death by PowerPoint.” ” Even if your content is valuable and interesting, the text makes it LOOK boring. Also, research has shown that images attract more attention.

It's okay to be "unprofessional"

Speak Schmeak

"Emotion in business is unprofessional." Black women's natural hair is unprofessional." Tattoos are unprofessional." Facial hair is unprofessional." Poor grammar/spelling is unprofessional." And for speakers (I've actually heard these): "Flat shoes are unprofessional." Curly hair is unprofessional."

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Spreading Kindness as a Business Strategy with Shola Richards

Speaker Launcher

Looking for a kinder, gentler workplace? Join me to hear Shola Richards share how embracing a culture of kindness changed his life and his business for the better! The post Spreading Kindness as a Business Strategy with Shola Richards appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

Lessons from Our Training Pivot: How Virtual Presentations Build Soft Skills and Connections

Duarte Blog

Remember when everyone thought the pandemic shut-down was going to last a couple of weeks? We figured we’d catch up on our favorite shows, bake some loaves of bread, go on a few walks, then life would be back to normal. But then weeks turned into months. And months turned into…well, you know.

3 Visual Communication Strategies for Your Sales Team


Effective communication is grist to the mill for businesses of all sizes, from small to large.

Write What You Know

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Write What You Know I confess, as a freelance journalist and non-fiction freelance writer, if I followed the “write what you know” rule of writing, I would have written very little. Because I know very little. I had to bend … Continue reading →

30 Days to Better Marketing that Helps You Book More Speaking Gigs

Speaker Launcher

Have you ever been in the running for a speaking gig only to lose it to someone that you know is not nearly as good a speaker as you are? Frustrating, right? Then you are left wondering what tipped the scales in their favor. What are they doing that you aren’t that is getting them […].

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