Famous Speech Friday: Taylor Swift's harassment testimony

The Eloquent Woman

It was courtroom testimony by a harassed woman the likes of which is rarely seen, and that's really the pity here. The more you repeat it the more solid your testimony becomes.

Speaking of Testimonials

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Testimonials rank high when it comes to credibility for a buyer, whether you're selling dishwashers, toothpaste, or keynote speeches. They come in many shapes, sizes, and levels of effectiveness, but most testimonials will still outweigh anything we write about ourselves.

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No testimonial…yet. Testimonial

Use the “Testimonial Formula” to Get [Stronger] Testimonials from Your Clients

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We all know how important testimonials are in building your speaking business — especially good testimonials (i.e. The thing is, most clients want to give you a great testimonial after a successful engagement. Clients get “testimonial block&# — they don’t know what to say in 2-3 sentences that will sound good and serve you well, so they think and think and think… and then get sidetracked with other work and… you get no testimonial.

Famous Speech Friday: Clara Barton's Andersonville testimony

The Eloquent Woman

In 1866, she gave this stunning testimony of her visit to the infamous Andersonville war prison before the U.S. Her testimony described how freed blacks were treated there. In the years following this testimony, Barton gave more than 200 lectures about her Civil War service.

Terry Canfield's Testimonial for the "Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking"

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Famous Speech Friday: Edwidge Danticat's testimony on death in detention

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You can read the full transcript of her testimony here.) Why was Danticat's testimony so effective? Halfway through her testimony, Danticat's "voice" shifts gears as she relates a horrifying scene during her uncle's detention hearing.

Desiree Peeples' Testimonial for the "Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking"

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Bridgegate - Bridget Kelly's Cartoonish Testimony

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

As Bloomberg reports, throughout her days of testimony, Bridgegate defendant, Bridget Kelly, maintained she had no role in planning or implementing the Fort Lee, New Jersey traffic gridlock.

Corinne Gregory's Testimonial For The "Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking"

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Terry Canfield's Testimonial for the "Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking"

Great Public Speaking

[link] Terry Canfield tells why Tom Antion's Ultimate Guide is great for his career in public speaking

Elaine Wright Testimonial for the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center

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Elaine Giftos Wright came to Tom's Retreat Center and loved it. Listen to her explain all that she learned there. link]. tomantion Tom Antion

Public Speaking - Tom Antion Testimonial from Amy Reineri

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Bridgegate Testimony: Contention Christie Knew Month Before

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Even before the recent testimony in the Bridgegate trial, a judge had issued a summons for New Jersey gov. Here is the coverage of Kelly's testimony. Therefore, it is possible, if we believe the testimony, that Christie was a bully even to his inner circle of staff.

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Laughter Can Be Cruel - Bridgegate Testimony

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

As The Wall Street Journal reports, in testimony during the Bridgegate trial, prosecution witness David Wildstein said that Christie laughed when informed how badly traffic was in gridlock for Fort Lee. So far, in the court of law New Jersey Gov.

Public Speaking: Testimonials

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There are two types and four formats of testimonials. Types: · Pat on the back · Results Based Formats: · Written · Audio · Video · Oral I have found that "results based" testimonials are by far the most effective. Pat on the back" testimonials are nice and I would certainly use them if that's all I had, but I want you to keep your eyes out for "results based" testimonials. Extra testimonial tips: Make sure your testimonial is believable.

Dr. and Mrs. Jay Shetlin Testimonial for the Great Internet Marketing Training Center

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[link] Watch this amazing video about their experience at Tom Antion's Retreat Center

Gloria Allred after Romney? CEO’s ex-wife backs bid to unseal Romney testimony

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Books: The testimonial game is so over

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

 Testimonials have become mere window dressing in an era in which we watch our pennies and are short on the time needed to read a book. Those who provide the testimonials also cheapen their brandname.

Websites - Yes, Post Gushing Tweets (along with testimonials, case studies)

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In addition, have clicks to testimonials and case studies. Most of the world meets you for the first time through your website. From the get-go, you want folks to remain on that website. Otherwise, all the funds you have invested to develop that inbound marketing platform are going to waste.

Hulk Hogan v Gawker - Stunner Testimony (bad development for defendant)

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"A palpable sense of shock rippled through a courtroom here [St. Petersburg, FL] Wednesday morning when the former editor in chief [Albert J.

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Reputation Risk & Litigation - Faruqi Law Partner Juan Monteverdi Testimony

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But the content of the testimony can damage significantly his personal brand and that of the law firm. On the stand in federal court Monday, Faruqi & Faruqi law partner and rainmaker Juan Monteverede testified.

Books Sold Online: Testimonials don't help

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Hustling colleagues, family, and friends to pen a testimonial about your book for Amazon.com isn't panning out as an effective tactic for sales. 

(Unofficial) National Holiday - James Comey Testimony Before U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Any work that needs to be done will have to be completed before the 10:00 A.M. start of the beginning of Thursday's U.S. Senate Intelligence hearing. As the world knows, former F.B.I. director James Comey is testifying about alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The Bill Cosby Brand Dead - New York Magazine Testimonials From Alleged Victims Like Flogging Dead Horse

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

So, the testimonials of 35 women in New York Magazine who contend they were his sexual-assault victims seem to be a little late in the game. The Bill Cosby story has moved on to be a legal one.

Those Testimonials: Now not only on Amazon.com, but also in the books

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Who doesn't know a bunch of brandname influentials to contribute gushing testimonials about a newly published book? Yet, testimonials are growing in number.  Recently, a colleague told me that her publisher demanded 30 testimonials on Amazon.com.

Tom Antion Testimonial from Dave Edwards

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[link] Dave Edwards explains how Tom Antion's ebook The Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking" helped him

Need Testimonials for Your Book, Have No Network? No problem, put ad on Craigslist

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Some contend testimonials for books' dust jackets and listings online are mandatory. Call this the Gush Game. Maybe they are.  In any event, I advise clients I am ghostwriting books for to include them.  But no need to go crazy and have them in the triple digits. 

Crisis Communication – Time Heals (Many)Wounds

Matt Eventoff

BP CEO Bob Dudley, who took over for Tony Hayward , spoke earlier today at the Confederation of British Industry. The following lines have gotten the most attention so far: Over 87 days as the oil kept flowing into the ocean, it frequently felt as if we were the only story on the news, 24/7. I have seen figures that in some months fully 30% of the 24-hour news coverage was devoted to the incident.&#

BP – 11 More Steps

Matt Eventoff

Following Mr. Hayward’s latest testimony before Congress, the public is no longer listening; (2.) Message Discipline – The CEO was photographed, days after being ripped for his testimony on the Hill, watching a prestigious yacht race. The disaster has taken a turn for the worse today, just as BP put Gulf Coast native and BP executive Bob Dudley in charge of the cleanup effort.

BP Crisis Communication – Lines Litigators Like

Matt Eventoff

BP, after a late start getting out of the “damage control gate&# , developed a fairly effective central message: “We are a responsible party. Our obligation is to deal with the spill, clean it up and make sure the impacts of that spill are compensated. And we are going to do that.&# – BP America CEO Lamar McKay May 11, 2010. However, a number of comments that followed were decidedly off-message.

BP – It’s What You Say AND How You Say It!

Matt Eventoff

Message and delivery. Having a message is crucial – delivering that message effectively is just as crucial. The equation for effective communication involves both message and delivery. All too often, companies and individuals in crisis learn this lesson the hard way.

BP Crisis Communication, Pt II – 9 Steps

Matt Eventoff

Seven weeks later, there are three givens: 1) much damage is being done to the wildlife and ecosystem, 2) no one is quite sure when, or how, this tragedy will end, and 3) everything BP is trying to do from a public relations and communications angle just isn’t working. Nine steps to take now: 1. Stop Talking – I always advocate communicating over silence, as do the most crisis communication professionals.

8 famous speeches by women before the U.S. Congress

The Eloquent Woman

Some would say there's no more high-stakes talk you can give than testimony or an address before the U.S. Anita Hill's Senate testimony against Clarence Thomas's nomination to the U.S.

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Put all benefits on one proposition slide

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Of course, you’ll spend time on each benefit and support each one with data, testimonials, and so on. When you are trying to persuade your audience to buy or make a decision, you need to explain the benefits of your proposition.

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[Podcast] Copywriting that Sells with Steve Slaunwhite

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13:32 Here’s a great way for integrating testimonials into your web copy. 15:40 “Would it be safe to say…” is a good phrase to work into conversations with clients when getting testimonials. You can have an amazing looking website, but it’s not going to do you much good without great web content. Steve Slaunwhite has made his career out of finding the right words to sell services and products. This episode is all about finding the right formula for web content that gets you booked.

Petit Trial: Oh no, testimony father was in on it for insurance money

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Connecticut thought it had been through the worst in the Petit triple-murder home invasion trial.    Then, on Tuesday, a corrections officer testified that he heard from defendant Steven Hayes that Dr. Petit, the only survivor, arranged the event for the insurance money.    Absurd.    Yes, but it did taint his name.    The local evening television broadcast ended with the disclaimer that Dr. Petit had not been a suspect in the murders.

BP Message Development – What message?

Matt Eventoff

From Bloomberg Businessweek : In his testimony yesterday, Hayward not only failed to convince lawmakers he was committed to making BP safer, he may have deepened suspicion of the company by repeatedly pleading ignorance to events that took place under his command, said Matt Eventoff, a partner at New Jersey communications firm, Princeton Public Speaking. “Mr. Any goodwill that the company bought back yesterday eroded today with his testimony.”.

A Truly Heroic Speech

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Recently, Benjamin’s father, David Wheeler, gave testimony at a public hearing before the Connecticut State Legislature’s Bipartisan Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety.

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13 famous speeches by women on death and dying

The Eloquent Woman

Here are 13 famous speeches where death--and the life we lead around it--is the topic: Clara Barton''s Andersonville testimony about the atrocities of prisoner of war camps in the Civil War was specific, detailed and hair-raising.

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