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Here is a pretty cool website that I have been looking at: Slide Hunter , an online collection of free PowerPoint templates. I am not sure exactly how many there are, but at about 40 pages of 7 templates I estimate at least 280 or so templates (and they are all free).

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Using a slide layout template for infinite variations

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How to reuse a slide layout template. The post Using a slide layout template for infinite variations appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog. Slide layout change picture layout template slide layout

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Why You Need to Invest in Creating Professional Powerpoint Templates

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… Powerpoint Working practices featured PowerPoint TemplatesMany companies – maybe yours – make the decision to design their presentations in-house.

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The Best Websites to Download Free PowerPoint Templates

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A beautifully designed template enhances the professionalism and performance of presentations, whether you are pitching investors, presenting ideas to colleagues or making a sales pitch to your target customers.

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Laura Ellsworth & Linda McMahon Template

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

When I received an email requesting donations for Laura Ellsworth's campaign for Pennsylvania governor, I thought: She's doing a Linda McMahon. Essentially, what McMahon's strategy had seemed was to create a presence in GOP politics.

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Create a better PowerPoint template

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PowerPoint’s default blank template is annoying! And with more and more people using white backgrounds, you’re probably using the blank template more often. Here’s what to do to make a better template. Here are the steps: Open a new presentation file, which uses the default blank template. When this is done, save the result as a template so that you won’t have to make these changes again. It really needs work.

Corporate Templates Can Undermine a Slide Presentation

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Many companies unwittingly hinder the effectiveness of their employees’ presentations because of policies that mandate the use of corporate templates on every PowerPoint or Keynote slide. They must use the company template.

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Leaning In - Salle Yoo's Template for Negotiation

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In 2012, when Salle Yoo became top lawyer at Uber it was a love-in with chief executive officer Travis Kalanick. Just as it had been between John Sculley and Steve Jobs at Apple. Then, as at Apple, the relationship between Yoo and Kalanick soured. Yoo, reports BusnessInsider , blames Kalanick.

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How to Edit PowerPoint Templates in Google Slides


If you are thinking to make a switch from Microsoft PowerPoint to Google Slides Google Slides (formerly known as Google Presentation), here we will show you how easily could be to start a new presentation in Google Slides by reusing an existing PowerPoint template.

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Create a better PowerPoint template

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PowerPoint's default blank template is annoying! And with more and more people using white backgrounds, you're probably using the blank template more often. Here's what to do to make a better template It really needs work.

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The Gretchen Carlson Template for Seeking Justice

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In real time, former Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson is creating a template for how to manage forums for righting alleged wrongs done her. This template can be adopted by others with a cause.

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Picking the Perfect PowerPoint Template – Choose, Fill, Apply


The post Picking the Perfect PowerPoint Template – Choose, Fill, Apply appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog. Template Help You are mentally prepared for that crucial presentation. You have your text ready.

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Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe - 21st Century Template for Leadership

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The analysis of leadership is back. We ghostwriters and scriptwriters get early warning of that through requests for our services.    The style of leadership experts on the subject should be taking a long look at is that of Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

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How To Use SWOT Analysis or SOAR Analysis


The following PowerPoint Presentation outlines the major factors after the first run: As you can see in the SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template , the nine factors are listed, ready to be presented by the analysis team. Introduction.

U of Minnesota Law School - Template for Academic Crisis Communications

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The changing world of academia has become the setting for ongoing crisis. The flashpoints range from the cost of tuition to career preparation and actual job placement.

J.C. Penney - Template for selling in a glut era

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

I am continually asked: How you continue to be an on-demand-economy player when the marketplace is so glutted with communications talent? My answer: I know how to sell. And, so does J.C. Penney. As The Wall Street Journal reports, this retail chain is doing better than others.

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The Presenter’s Guide to Porter’s Five Forces Analysis


Firms should also strive to conduct professional business presentations using pre-designed PowerPoint templates that help them achieve visual impact without the need of designs skills. Analysis Templates Business Business Diagrams Business PowerPoint Templates Business Presentations Diagram Templates Funnel Analysis PowerPoint Template TemplatesIntroduction.

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How to Use BBP Templates to Create Your Presentations Faster

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A big problem arises when you apply ordinary PowerPoint templates to every slide in your presentation – instead of visual variety and a clear story, you get tedium that visually bores your audience. Break out of the ordinary and learn how to use the innovative BBP template, that ensures you map your slides to the clear underlying structure of your presentation. Customize off-the-shelf PowerPoint templates to your BBP presentation.

Powerful Storytelling and Professional Visuals to Make your Business Grow


Business PowerPoint Templates Diagram Templates Templates . Introduction. Any business that is willing to create a powerful brand must engage in a robust storytelling and professional visuals. Stories are an important aspect of the everyday lives of people.

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Master the Slide Master

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… Powerpoint Software featured PowerPoint TemplatesYou don’t need to be a professional to be able to take advantage of some of the time-saving tricks PowerPoint has to offer.

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PowerPoint Tip - Beyond Templates

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Many of you will be familiar with the idea of using a template to give your slides a common look. Your template is one part of a style guide, but it goes further than just the look and feel. If you haven't created your own custom professional looking template, get a copy of my e-book "Create Your Own PowerPoint Template" at [link]. A Master Slide sets the background color, text colors and fonts and any branding on the slide.

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5 principles for easier and faster slide creation

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In fact, she bought a template for a sales webinar and part of the problem was due to that template. The template my client bought did away with all of the standard layouts and included only custom layouts.

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Teaching Templates to Professors

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

The topic we were talking about was how to teach students to create an attractive template for their slides. If you want more detailed instructions on creating your own custom template, check out the web tutorial I did that shows you what colors, fonts and other elements work well for presentations and then I showed you exactly how to do it in PowerPoint. At the end of October I was in San Antonio speaking at a conference of business communication professors.

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Getting Started with the BBP Story Template

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The BBP story template helps you organize and outline your thoughts for a presentation before working with PowerPoint. I recently created a presentation on the value of Twitter to businesses, and worked through the sequence of Act I: the Setting, Role, Point A, Point B and Call to Action slides. Act I sets up your story with key elements to identify the setting, main character and conflict. Sound familiar? We all learned this in grade school English. The easiest one: main character.

10 Essential Steps to a Beautiful Eulogy for a Loved One

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… Authenticity Templates Write Great Speeches Eulogy featured Funeral Special Occasion speeches

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Why some templates don't work very well

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A recent presentation showed once again why many of the built-in template that come with PowerPoint should not be used. The template that the presenter used was one that had graphics at the top of each slide. When you have graphics at the top, the slide title is below or inside the graphics and the content of the slide is pushed further down the slide. Here's the problem.

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How To Create a Long Shadow effect for PowerPoint Icons


For this example, we have decided to use the PowerPoint Icons from the Template Creative Flat Shapes for PowerPoint. Step 1 – Open the Template and Copy / Paste Icon. Open the selected template that contains the PowerPoint Icon you will edit.

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An email template to lose customers: Don’t do these things!

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How many mistakes can you find in this sales message? Post your answers and check back Thursday for my answers. My fingers are twitching because I so want to stop this business losing type of writing! Subject line: Important Information from ABC Exhibits. Dear Exhibiting Professional: Everyday exciting and important information is being communicated via email.

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Presenting Business Diagrams: How to Deliver a Strong, Positive Impact


SWOT analysis template helps you perform a high level assessment of your business (or a specific product or service). If you are running an existing business, you can use the SWOT template during planning sessions, especially when assessing the impact of a changing business landscape and creating proactive strategies to keep your business relevant and competitive. Use professionally drawn presentation templates to finalize your SWOT matrix.

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Free PowerPoint backgrounds and how to make your own

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Free PowerPoint Backgrounds has backgrounds, templates, and a few themes. Backgrounds backgrounds templates themesFor several years, I created backgrounds and offered them as free downloads.

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Why buy a PowerPoint background template when you can create your own?

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The most searched for term in the area of PowerPoint are phrases around background templates. There is an entire industry devoted to cranking out new templates for you to buy. Why buy one when you can create a background template that is much more effective than most out there and will be completely unique to your presentations? That's why I have released my new e-book "Create Your Own PowerPoint Template" based on my webinar from earlier this year.

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Apply a slide master to a presentation

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Backgrounds & color Design master template theme I recently received this question. “I have a power point presentation (created in 2007 and recently moved into 2010) that I want to change the master slide with a new one my designer gave me. It was given to me as a regular slide and I want to make it a master slide so all the slides will change using this new background.” ” What do you receive from a designer?

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Interview with Art Holden of PresenterMedia

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They create PowerPoint templates, animations, and 3D artwork. Here you see the page on their site that lists templates. We created a large portion of Animation Factory’s PowerPoint templates and 3D animations. We launched in 2009 with the goal of providing affordable PowerPoint templates, animations and 3D clipart. Yes, we love animations and often incorporate animated characters and elements into our PowerPoint templates.

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150+ Free PowerPoint Slides to Make Great Visually Appealing Presentations


The SWOT Analysis template includes four text components to complete including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This free traffic lights PowerPoint template includes traffic light shapes with the three possible colors (green, yellow and red).

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Create a changeable radial gradient background theme

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Tags: Slide masters, templates & themes background Design gradient

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Christmas PowerPoint Goodies

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Time for the free Christmas PowerPoint template link roundup: First, Get Your Christmas Lyrics. Next, Download Christmas PowerPoint Templates. All sorts of free Christmas PowerPoint Template madness abounds online. Tags: content ideas PowerPoint Templates

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Links to TED Global Talks That are Creating Waves

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We built him frameworks and a template for his content. He had us create zen-like templates for his various types of content and typesetting. Tags: Design Event Video daniel pink paul romer taryn simon TED templates

Success with Slides: A PowerPoint Presentation Guide

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4. The wrong design template : Templates are great, they can save you time and make you look prepared but they must be consistent with your topic, the situation and the audience. . Tags: PowerPoint Tips Charts Complete Sentence Design Font Graphs Handouts Numbers PowerPoint Slides Speaker notes Template Text Visual aids Part 1: The Seven Deadly Sins. . During the last month I have seen some seriously challenged PowerPoint Slide decks.

American Idol Meets Slide Design

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For the fifth consecutive year, the PowerPoint Live User Conference is holding its Design-a-Template contest. One of the requirements is that the template design serve as the backdrop for all of the visuals presented by presenters.

Valentine Hearts - Last Minute Reminder

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Here's a roundup of free heart shaped backgrounds and templates. Tags: PowerPoint Background PowerPoint Templates You didn't forget Valentine's Day -- or did you? Oh, how could you! It's not like you haven't been bombarded with commercials and ads for the past few weeks!

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