If you have to use an auto cue or teleprompter

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As part of the process I wrote three scripts and emailed them to the videographer so that they were loaded onto an auto-cue ready for the shoot. If you happen to have an iPad there is a great auto cue app called teleprompt that turns your device into an auto cue. If you have to use an auto cue or teleprompter is a post from: Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing. The other day I went into the studio to record some short video clips for my website.

How virtual presentations can help your live presentations

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I learned how to use a teleprompter yesterday. The teleprompter operator was masterful at follow my speaking rate, so that I could just do what I do naturally and he kept up. I'm sure the more familiar I get with using a teleprompter, the easier it will be, much like how my communication skills in Spanish became much more fluid over the week I was in Mexico. I highly recommend working with a professional videographer and learning to use a teleprompter.

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