5 Teleprompter Tips

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The teleprompter has gotten quite a bit of recent attention. After witnessing many faux pas over the past few days, here are five quick tips to make the teleprompter experience a bit more rewarding: 1) Always bring a physical copy of the text with you. There is nothing worse than discovering that the text you had thought was loaded into the teleprompter was not loaded, or was loaded incorrectly.

7 little-known facts about the teleprompter

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In the New York Times obituary for teleprompter inventor Hubert J. Among the great facts to know and share: The teleprompter was invented in the late 1940s, before television was in widespread use--a device introduced ahead of its time, but ready for when its widest use and need would hit.

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Your First Speech, Kate Middleton, President Obama, and the Teleprompter

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  As I was watching her, I was thinking about teleprompters.    Teleprompters make weak, nervous speakers look better.    Now, he’s gives a speech or two a day, with very little prep, and he’s reliant on the teleprompter

Speaking with a Teleprompter

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Teleprompters are a relatively recent addition to the field of oratory. Since that time, scores of political figures and business people have used teleprompters to deliver speeches. In the best of all possible scenarios, the speaker reading from the teleprompter panels appears to be looking directly into the camera or directly at the audience and speaking spontaneously. Here are some tips which will make you less stilted when using a teleprompter.

How to to Use a Teleprompter | Public Speaking Training

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Do you use the Kindle for speaking? Do it now with a gift-card bonus

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The photo in this post shows yet another use: Mounting the largest format Kindle DX as a teleprompter. teleprompter Amazon Kindle

Jonah Hill TelePrompTer Disaster at Golden Globes | Media Training | Public Speaking

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about those convention teleprompters

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So many people have Googled their way to this blog to ask whether speakers used teleprompters at the two political conventions that I think it's worth a short discussion. And while most people giving a speech don't use teleprompters, there's no shame in doing so.

Foster Friess “I hope his (Obama) teleprompters are bullet-proof”

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Why memorizing your high-stakes speech frees you: Sen. Amy Klobuchar

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How important is it, really, to memorize your speech.especially if you will have access to a teleprompter? She'd be using a teleprompter, and under no circumstances could she make any jokes about then-President George W. Patrick Leahy’s speaking, the teleprompter goes dark.

Geraldine Ferraro's teleprompter wars

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Geraldine Ferraro's details her battle with the teleprompter in preparing her acceptance speech. She started with a good goal, checking the venue: I wanted to scope out the arena, to test the height of the lectern (I’m 5 feet 4 inches tall and needed to be seen above it) and, of course, to practice with the teleprompter. As a third-term member of Congress from Queens, I had never had the need nor the opportunity to use a teleprompter.

Michelle Obama 1, teleprompter 0

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Staying on time--and more importantly, on message--means that each speaker is given a speech written for them, and the use of teleprompters and other technology helps keep the show on schedule, if stilted.

iPad app Prompster is all-in-one speechwriter, recorder & teleprompter

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Teleprompters were once the province of conventions and television studios. I've told you about open-source software that will put a teleprompter on your desktop or laptop. Tags: teleprompter

Technology is a luxury, not a necessity

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In short, the teleprompter stopped working, he got flustered, and took off. If your computer dies or isn''t compatible with the projector, if the projector bulb burns out, if your teleprompter croaks, your presentation still must continue.

Practice with a teleprompter--at your desk, free

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Here's a video that walks you through the possibilities: When you're working with a teleprompter, you don't look at the camera--just at the script, which scrolls up so you can keep reading smoothly. Tags: video women and public speaking speaker preparation teleprompter webinars

6 tips for using teleprompters

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Should you use a teleprompter?    I had a question from an old friend and reader of the blog about the uses and abuses of teleprompters.   Teleprompters make weak presenters better – bringing them up to average.   A teleprompter provides you with two little transparent screens, one left, one right, and an operator scrolling the text on the screens at your speaking pace.   To look good using a teleprompter, mix it up a little.

David Miliband trips up on the teleprompter

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Thatcher had more teleprompter troubles than Obama Ronald Reagan's masterclass on how to cope when the teleprompter lets you downA couple of days ago, I posted a clip from a speech by Labour leadership candidate Ed Miliband.

How to Use a TelePrompTer for TV Newscasts | Media Training

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Thatcher had more teleprompter troubles than Obama

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Bert Decke r has just posted a very interesting piece arguing that President Obama’s use of the teleprompter isn’t doing any favours for his reputation as a great communicator. This doesn’t surprise me, because I’ve always thought it a rather mixed blessing since seeing Margaret Thatcher’s performance deteriorate after she moved from using a script on a lectern to reading from teleprompter screens. Before 1982, she never used a teleprompter.

The Eloquent Woman in Toastmaster magazine

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Titled How Technology Has Changed Public Speaking: From soapbox to teleprompter, the article looks at critical technologies like the microphone, sound recording, television, teleprompters, tweets and more--and the implications for public speakers today.

How to convince executives that presenters need presentation skills training

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But executives at their organization are comfortable with the old way of using the slide as a teleprompter, even though the audience hates it! I hear it all the time. It usually comes from people in the Communications or Marketing department.

How virtual presentations can help your live presentations

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I learned how to use a teleprompter yesterday. The teleprompter operator was masterful at follow my speaking rate, so that I could just do what I do naturally and he kept up. I highly recommend working with a professional videographer and learning to use a teleprompter.

Obama’s glass crutches

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

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Verbal communication is the MOST important candidate skill

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Students see professors using PowerPoint as a teleprompter with little engagement except for answering questions. I want to shout this from the rooftops!

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Former Texas GOP Head: ‘Marxist’ Obama Needs Teleprompter ‘Because He Fried His Brain On Drugs’

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Cameron's too good a speaker to be following Mrs Thatcher into the teleprompter trap

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A couple of years ago, I posted some video clips showing how Margaret Thatcher's speech-making became less effective when she stopped using hard copy scripts and started reading speeches from teleprompter screens ( HERE ). A few months later, I realised that I'd been mistaken in thinking that David Cameron was having problems reading from screens - as it turned out that he wasn't using an Autocue or any other form of teleprompter at that time ( HERE ).

Ronald Reagan's master class on how to cope when the teleprompter lets you down

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May 08, 1985 President Left Speechless by TelePrompTer STRASBOURG, France — President Reagan, often spoken of as "the great communicator," was noticeably at a loss for words when his TelePrompTer broke down during his major speech before the European Parliament today. White House spokesman Larry Speakes said Reagan's TelePrompTer cut out three times, causing the President to lose his place.

Surely it's time someone coached Cameron to use a teleprompter

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At the risk of being accused of blogging about the same point too much, I was astonished to see a clip on the BBC TV's 10 o'clock News tonight of David Cameron speaking at the Tory Party conference in which he showed, yet again, that he's ignored the advice I gave him a year ago about spending far too much time looking at one of the autocue screens without looking in the other direction.

If you have to use an auto cue or teleprompter

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If you happen to have an iPad there is a great auto cue app called teleprompt that turns your device into an auto cue. If you have to use an auto cue or teleprompter is a post from: Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing. The other day I went into the studio to record some short video clips for my website. As part of the process I wrote three scripts and emailed them to the videographer so that they were loaded onto an auto-cue ready for the shoot.

Presentation Barriers: Physical

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TELEPROMPTER. Teleprompters act as a barrier because they focus the speaker's attention somewhere other than on the audience and force him to remain stationary. I wrote here about best practices for using a teleprompter.

New iPad app useful for speakers

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iPad app Prompster is all-in-one speechwriter, recorder & teleprompter. Teleprompters were once the province of conventions and television studios. I’ve told you about open-source software that will put a teleprompter on your desktop or laptop. Now, iPad owners can take the teleprompter with them with new app Prompster. Tags: public speaking ipad teleprompter

How your smartphone can help you become a better presenter

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a) Teleprompter apps for Android and iOS. It used to be the case that only television presenters and politicians could make use of Teleprompter technology to help them keep on track without having to memorise their speeches. Nowadays there are a wealth of Teleprompter and Autocue apps available for Android and iOS devices. Promptsmart differs from all the other teleprompter apps I have tried so far because it includes ability to set a specific words per minute reading speed.

How to prepare a televised speech, Part (2): script, statistics & teleprompter timing

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Last week, I posted a couple of video clips to mark the 30th anniversary of the BBC comedy series Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister ( HERE & HERE ). This is the second in the series of three on how Jim Hacker was coached to make a televised speech

Telepromptitude with a free tool: CuePrompter

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CuePrompter is an online teleprompter--which means you just need to get to the website on your computer or mobile device to use this new tool. teleprompter online resources we like

What do Kate Middleton and Kim Jong-un have in common?

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  I recommended that Kate use a teleprompter until she gets a little more practiced.  Since I reviewed Kate Middleton’s first public speech, it seems only fair to check out another world leader’s maiden attempt at public communication. 


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Teleprompters were used for the general sessions, with video screens placed around the hall so everyone could see. It was clear that several of the presenters did not have much experience with the teleprompter. Plea to speakers using teleprompter: please, please rehearse, with teleprompter, more than 10 minutes before your speech. Tags: Commentary conference presentations teleprompter Tweetchat Twitter Washington Convention Center

Clint Eastwood and the Empty Chair

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Kudos to Clint for going out there at 82 and talking pretty much off the cuff and without a script on the teleprompter. “Who is sitting in that empty chair?” ” — Eugene Ormandy.

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Stop that Stutter: 6 Steps to Overcome Presentation Performance Anxiety

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I’ve seen great speakers keep images of their children on their teleprompter because of this technique. Recently we received a tweet from a follower of @Duarte requesting any advice for a stuttering presenter.

6 Powerful Pitch Deck Tips to Get Seed Funding

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Your deck is your sidekick, not your teleprompter. Congratulations on having a great business idea. Extra congratulations if you’ve started the company and gotten some traction. Good job, you! Now all you need is some money to bring your startup vision to life.

A Governor Goes Wild

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  In fact, one year I remember editing directly on the teleprompter a few minutes before the Governor was due to start.      In the end, it is the best argument for a teleprompter and a script I’ve ever witnessed.  It’s the season for State of the State addresses.    They get less attention than the President’s State of the Union address, but they’re arguably more important to the legislators and citizens of the states in question.