How to Torture a Telemarketer

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Listening to my husband on the phone with a telemarketer is like watching a cat play with a mouse. In the same way, when a telemarketer calls, you could act swiftly by closing down the call with such statements as, “It’s not a good time,” “We’re in the middle of dinner,” or “I’m not interested in what you are selling.” In fact, many people do just that when they are irritated by disruptive telemarketers who always manage to call at the most inopportune time.

Speaking With Conviction…Over the Phone

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I have been working with a recent college graduate who is seeking an entry level job in sales and he is finding that many of the positions available are cold calling, telemarketing positions. Even if you’re not a telemarketer, you’re likely giving phone presentations every day. While I am not certain that sitting behind a desk, on the phone for 80-100 calls a day, is the best fit for this young man, his job search got me thinking….

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Pew Research Center, Thank You for Not Calling

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

If only other organizations would get that message and stop telemarketing to us.  The Pew Research Center, the gold standard in polling, has gotten the message: Don't call us for your research. As Pew itself reports, it is switching to taking surveys via email. In 1997, 36% of those contacted by phone agreed to participate in the survey. In 2017, that declined to 7%. And in 2018, it went down another percentage point to 6.

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Jobs of Market Researchers, Chemical Engineers, Physicists, et al. - Stanford's Michael Webb Outs Their Vulnerability to AI

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The classic example is telemarketing. Artificial intelligence isn't only threatening those repetitive tasks at the low end of the labor food chain. Probably bots have already been interrupting your lunch, dinner, and breakfast. In the Economics Department at Stanford University Michael Webb researched patents being developed. That is, they are not providing current technology. He matched them against the functional keywords in job descriptions of what we think of as knowledge workers. 

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Pick Up the Phone & Book That Business with Anthony Stears

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After working closely with an NLP master-trainer he was able to teach people to “fish for themselves” as he started to really understand the power of his communication style, so combined with the structure he had developed, Anthony began to run a Telemarketing Masterclass. On this episode of the Wealthy Speaker Podcast we are talking with Anthony Stears about telephone sales. We are thrilled to be joined by Anthony all the way from the UK, also known as The Telephone Assassin.

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How to prevent hangups

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99% of the time, it's a recorded message from a telemarketer. I don't pick up my landline when it rings. Here's a message I received yesterday: "This message is from such-and-such association. Did you know that last." Delete. Maybe the recording was going to say, "Last year in California there were 82 train collisions resulting in fatalities." But I'll never know because there was nothing interesting up front to capture my attention.

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How are your observational skills?

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Here's an example from John Kinde's Humor Power blog : "At a company awards luncheon it seemed as though nearly everyone receiving 5, 10 and 15-year service awards had started in the company's telemarketing department and had subsequently worked their way into other jobs. I used to work in telemarketing!' During last night's Tour de France coverage, commentator Craig Hummer made the following segue: "We should make note of the area's most famous landmark, the coal mine behind us.

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Snail Mail & Marketing Mix: Why we buy

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Several years ago I was unhappy with the company providing my auto and home insurance but not unhappy enough to click open email from its competitors or listen to telemarketing sales pitches.    When snail mail came in from State Farm, though, I opened it. The letter was short, earnest about wanting to help my budget, had a photo, and explained why I had nothing to lose by calling local agent Hilda Porrata-Doria for a quote. 

LinkedIn Members - 4 Tips For Smackdowns In Networking, Rainmaking, Job Search

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You figure out a compelling snail-mail campaign as well as a telemarketing one. LinkedIn is crushing all its networking competition. It has become the platform for professional whatever. Just as Facebook is for social. If you're ambitious you check its messaging system a few times a day. You take a peek at who has viewed your prolife.

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Your Email Campaign Didn't Work - What To Do Until You Fix It

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Telemarketing. Shock. That's the common reaction of businesspeople who discover that their email campaign didn't work. There were few click-opens. No responses to the Calls To Action (CTA). So, what to do next? First take an inventory of all the variables which could have collectively set you up for failure. I present the common ones in this article. Yes, you will return to the drawing board. Meanwhile, you have to market. What to do while the email part is being fixed?

Humor in public speaking -- 1: How to use traditional humor

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  When she talks about not hanging up on telemarketers, because Emily Post says it’s rude, she devises another strategy.    After the telemarketer has delivered about half his pitch, she says, “I interrupted with, ‘You sound really sexy’.  Humor is hazardous to the health of public speakers.    Most speakers want to be funny, but you’ve got to do humor well, or it falls flat and that’s worse than no humor at all. 

Public Speaking - What to Know About Speaker's Bureaus

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The bureau spends thousands of dollars in direct mail, advertising and telemarketing to find a client that wants to book you. The bureau must please their clients. Their aim is to have the client use the bureau for speakers on a regular basis. If you please their client, the bureau will use you again and again. The client belongs to the bureau forever. Just as a sales rep's clients belong to them.

Public Speaking: Bureau Tips to Remember

Great Public Speaking

The bureau spends thousands of dollars in direct mail, advertising and telemarketing to find a client that wants to book you. The bureau must please their clients. Their aim is to have the client use the bureau for speakers on a regular basis. If you please their client, the bureau will use you again and again. The client belongs to the bureau forever. Just as a sales rep's clients belong to them.

Social Media in F500: Flat

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Telemarketing has always worked and it always will work.  Ajv123ajv - The Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth conducted a survey about the adoption rate of social media by the Fortune 500 [F500].    Here is a copy of what it found. Essentially, the Center reports that the rate of adoption has been flat for blogs, tweets, and Facebook. 

Joke Contest Results — What Frustrates You?

Humor Power

It’s time for the results of our November Joke Contest — What Frustrates You? New Joke Contests are announced on the first of the month. Our Cartoon Caption Contests are on hold while our cartoonist, Dan Rosandich, upgrades his web site. Here are this month’s top lines for What Frustrates You? — In Three Words or Less: ** FIRST PLACE **. Lane-Changing Lunatics. Scott Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina, USA. ** SECOND PLACE ** (tie).

"My Big Fat Career" - THE ECONOMIST

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The group is a God's Plenty of intellectuals, software testers, former FBI agents, accountants, telemarketers, moms and the retired.  Fourteen days after THE ECONOMIST published its special issue "The Quest For Jobs," leaders of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were featured at a conference via C-Span.    They explicitly said that the global economic situation is dark. 

How To Speak More Persuasively With Ju-Jitsu

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You could be defined by your job – teacher, engineer, telemarketer, manager, salesperson. Photo credits to judoclub. When there’s a storm, the grass bends over and lives to see another day. The oak tree that stands upright and unyielding will eventually be uprooted. The same goes for public speaking. Don’t antagonize your audience – they’re not there to be offended. And if you do offend them, then you’ve just lost any chance you ever had of persuading them of your point of view.

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Sweet Jesus, what's a writer to do?

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  Money can be earned at night as a security guard, waitress, or telemarketing. For writers, it's blood in the streets of the city.    Just today, THE NEW YORK TIMES announced that 100 slots in the newsroom have to go.    If there aren't enough folks taking buyouts, then heads will be chopped off.    WIRED axed six, some writer types.    GLAMOUR, another six.    So, Sweet Jesus, what's a writer to do? 

Getting Past The Gatekeeper

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okay, thanks, telemarketer guy! Let's take a look at how we can talk with a secretary, assistant, or "gate keeper" on the phone so we can get to the person we want to reach. A little context. I am not interested in lying about why I am calling. I assume the gate keeper does not have time to dilly dally: this is a timed event.

Contest Results — IQ Pressure Points

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” any answer lowers your IQ 40%. – Forgetting your wife’s birthday lowers your IQ 90%. – Buying a Men’s magazine lowers your IQ 30%. – Listening to a telemarketer lowers your IQ 30%. – Standing outside in the cold without a jacket to look cool lowers your IQ. It’s time for the results of our July Joke Contest. The theme is “ IQ Pressure Points.” ” Things that raise and lower your IQ.

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Elevator Speeches Part I - Buck the Trend

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If it's said with the intonation of a telemarketer, no. skip to main | skip to sidebar Elevator Speeches Part I - Buck the Trend Posted by Rich Hopkins, Speaker, Author, Coach on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 Labels: Conversation , Elevator Speech , Networking , Questions , Sales The other day I was asked for some advice on how to create an Elevator Speech.

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Skype, Cell, i-Everything: Voice isn't going away

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Telemarketing trumps most other selling tactics.  Talk to those who make a good living singing, ranging from opera to street, and they laugh at the text folks who write off voice as finished.    The sound of the human voice is one of mankind's most primitive attachments to those other social animals David Brooks tells us about. Supposedly Johnny hears his mother's voice in the third trimester when swimming around in the amniotic fluid. 

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