Technology is a luxury, not a necessity

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I''ve just got one tip for you, which precludes all the others: Prepare for your technology to fail. Consider technology "nice to have" rather than "must have." Technology cannot do the work for you. PowerPoint Public Speaking Anxiety Speakers Technology The Business of Speakin

11 Tips: When Technology Comes to Work

Matt Eventoff

Technology in the workplace has certainly become a proverbial “double-edged sword.” ” While it is making life easier on many levels, sometimes easier actually becomes harder.

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Don't be a technology dinosaur

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I attended a conference last weekend where several speakers had technology issues that could easily have been solved in advance if they had any idea how their technology worked. If there's one little technology glitch, the audience can get past it and the speaker can move on.

Interview: Jag Randhawa – Technology Innovator

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Jag serves as the Vice President of Information Technology and eCommerce at CAMICO Mutual Insurance, where he manages the Technology portfolio and eCommerce channel. Jag has more than 20 years of technology industry experience. Jag has degrees in Electronics Engineering and Information Technology. Podcasts Public Speaking Pro-Track Profile technology innovation“Creativity is thinking up new things.

Technology & humanity: The Luke Hand Organization

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Luke’s hand was science fiction, but the technology that is being developed these days is approaching the level of that pictured in the world of science fiction. Ormsby reminds us that technology has created remarkable things.

Technology As Executive Coach

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Before technology facilitated establishing boundaries, I might have felt compelled to analyze with a coach what seemed to be a red flag in a business relationship and we assess options for how to manage it. The must tech tools for most professionals are gmail and iPhone.

Who Doesn’t Want Great Presentation Technology on the Cheap?

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As a fellow communicator, geek, and genuine cheapskate (just ask my wife), I’ve always been intrigued by great technology for presentations and events that provide effective ways to engage an audience and yet are truly “on the cheap”.…

How To Give A Great Presentation With Just Your Phone

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… Projectors Technology Apps & Add-Ins presentation technologyMobile devices are becoming increasingly capable of doing more than offering the means for checking emails, sending text messages, and playing frivolous games. And of course, they can also be used to make calls!

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10 Of The Best Tools For Hosting A Webinar

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Technology Interaction presentation technology Video WebinarThere are a number of methods used by individuals and organizations to reach a wide audience using the internet.

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Present in Four Places at the Same Time

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Technology has completely changed the way presenters can get their message out to an audience. … Message Technology Apps & Add-Ins Audience Connection credibility Live Stream Podcast presentation technology Webinar YouTube

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The Best Ways Online To Create An Animated Presentation

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… Software Technology Animation Apps & Add-Ins featured presentation technology VideoA lot of people rely on static slide decks created using conventional presentation apps like PowerPoint or Keynote. It seems that the use of animations is still perhaps overrated.

BATS Global Markets: Its problems shake trust in technology

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Is the universe sending mankind a message about technology?    It will take a lot longer to fix the perception that technology fails too often and in too potentially catastrophic a manner.

10 Essential Items For The Presenter On the Go

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… Hardware Technology featured preparation presentation technologyIf you are a professional presenter, motivational speaker or someone who has to give presentations frequently, you might want to use your own presentation kit.

How To Get Instant Feedback From Your Audience

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… Software Technology Apps & Add-Ins Audience Connection Events Interaction presentation technologyGetting your audience engaged is the most important things you can do when presenting.

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New Technology Use Revolutionizes Communications Training | Media Training

TJ Walker Interactive

The more some things change, like technology, the more some things stay the same, like most people’s desire to get certain types of trainings face-to-face. Thankfully, technology has now arrived (and more important, most people feel comfortable using it) to solve this problem. I’ve been conducting media and presentation training for 30 years and most of what I do is face-to face, which sends me to interesting places like Dubai and Delhi not infrequently.

Technology Bonanza: Must Have Apps for Speakers

Speaker Launcher

Whether you are a new speaker, or someone who has been around awhile, there’s always some new technology that you haven’t heard about. for more on this, remembering that technology changes daily.

The Perfect Retreat

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Taking time off from the rigors of work, technology, and the daily grind is critical for keeping creativity and motivation high. This is another installment in my Wednesday for Women blog series, where I feature information to help women gain greater influence, power, and confidence in their professional and personal life. If you’re a man reading this, please enjoy it and then forward these weekly Wednesday blogs to the powerful women in your life. They’ll thank you for it!

Money Talks: Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Technology Mark Anbdreesen Venture CapitalHere in California, the rush for wealth long ago shifted from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains where the 49ers panned for gold, to the Sand Hill Road offices of Silicon Valley venture capitalists (V.C.’s). ’s).

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What Is The Best Multi-Touch Presentation Tool Around?

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At Presentation Guru, we continuously try and keep our audience updated with the newest technology available. … Technology Visuals Interaction Powerpoint Alternative Presentation Design presentation technology Software

Five Things You Didn’t Know PowerPoint Could Do

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… Powerpoint Visuals Apps & Add-Ins featured PowerPoint Presentation Design presentation technology Software Visual Aids

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A Case Story: Teradata | The Edge of Next

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That is the question posed at the opening of the Teradata PARTNERS Conference 2017, followed by cinematic and awe-inspiring images of technological advancements over times like Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, and the Great Wall of China. Design Event Presentations Technology

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Best Web Services for Sharing Presentations Online

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Technology featured PowerPoint presentation technology Sharing online SoftwareThere was a time when sharing a PowerPoint file with someone who did not have PowerPoint was such an nuisance. Luckily, cloud based services have resolved that problem.

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Will the Power of PowerPoint Lie in its New 3D Tool?

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… Powerpoint Software Technology Visuals 3D featured PowerPointThe boundaries of what and how you can present with PowerPoint are being pushed ever further. In an earlier post we discussed five things you didn’t know PowerPoint could do, including 3D models.

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Get the best price on technology purchases, clothing — and anything else!

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Do you buy electronics and more on Amazon, Newegg, or other sites? If so, I’d like to introduce you to a new, free service that will help you get the lowest price. Many people don’t realize that prices fluctuate constantly, particularly on websites like Amazon, which allow third party vendors to continually undercut one another.

The Best Presentation Apps for iPhone and iPad

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… Mobile & Tablet Technology Apps & Add-Ins Mobile and Tablet presentation technology Software

The Best Digital Whiteboards for Presenters

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… Apps & Add-ins Software Uncategorised Apps & Add-Ins featured presentation technologyDigital whiteboards are perhaps one of the tools least used by presenters.

Big Picture or Deep Detail? Do both with PowerPoint Zoom

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… Powerpoint Visuals featured PowerPoint presentation technology Visual AidsSometimes in our presentations we need big-picture thinking to set vision and direction. Yet at other times, we need to deep dive and drill down into the detail. But what if we need to do both ?

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Top Tech Tools to Build Audience Engagement

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The good news is that today’s technology tools can help you do that—while you’re speaking in real time. At the other end of the technology spectrum are Audience Response Systems (ARS). To get an idea of what ARS offers these days, check out Turning Technologies.

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Steve Jobs – Public Speaking, Preparation & Practice

Matt Eventoff

What made Steve Jobs an effective communicator was not innovation or new technology. business computing effective effective communicators Information Technology innovation jobs new technology pescetarians Pixar practice preparation Public Speaking publics steve steve jobs

How to Deliver Online Presentations During Remote Meetings

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… Software Technology featured MightyMeeting presentation technology Remote MeetingsRemote meetings are arguably more frequent today than ever before.

Executive Communication Skills: Tech Habits

Matt Eventoff

Technology has changed how we work and often where we work, as we are now all mobile, and always on. Technology has penetrated every crevice of the working environment, it has not, and will not, replace the value and importance of face-to-face human interaction. Smartphones, net books and tablets have enabled our ability to work faster, cheaper, more efficiently and often more productively.

Aspiring Women

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No one ever said work was easy, but for women, the workplace can be an increasingly difficult place. First, the old cliché of the “glass ceiling” is still alive and well in many industries. Second, the fact is that women still earn less than men—77 cents to every man’s dollar, to be exact. Yes, women have to overcome a lot to be successful. Therefore, having the advanced skills to break through that ceiling and help shrink the pay gap is critical.

Why My Clients Will Pay $2000/hour for PowerPoint

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Here, Nolan gives some tips he’s learned from personal experience about summing up an hourly rate by value, rather than time. … Powerpoint Software PowerPoint Practice presentation technology

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The Easiest (And Most Effective) Way To See How You Really Present

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Here, Chad has given us a review of GoReact, a new program that allows speakers to get feedback in real time when presenting. … Feedback Software Nerves Practice Presentation Mistakes presentation technology reviews

Do you Need Your PowerPoint in a Different Format?

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… Software Technology featured PowerPoint presentation technology VideoIt is fair to say that making a PowerPoint file editable in other document formats isn’t all that easy.

America's Unbanked - Technology Can End Exploitation

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Technology to the Rescue. One of the most promising solutions for reducing or even ending the sufferings of the unbanked comes via technology. They are called "the unbanked." " That's because they have no official association with a financial institution.

How to Elevate your Pitch or Presentation? Ascend to the Cloud!

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Of course there is, and Jose ‘Caya’ Cayasso, Slidebean’s CEO outlines three of the best and shows how he believes web-based technology has the advantage over installed software options.

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No amount of technology will make a bad story good

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I was a bit of a technology geek in those days so what propelled me to actually go see the film initially was the fact that it was the first truly digital animation feature film. When Toy Story opened in the US at the end of 1995, it was met with enthusiasm and great critical acclaim.

Don't be a technology dinosaur

Speak Schmeak

I attended a conference last weekend where several speakers had technology issues that could easily have been solved in advance if they had any idea how their technology worked. If there's one little technology glitch, the audience can get past it and the speaker can move on.

Tech Habits Can Crush Careers: 10 Steps to Take Today

Matt Eventoff

Technology has changed how we work and often where we work, as we are now all mobile, and always on. Technology has penetrated every crevice of the working environment, it has not, and will not, replace the value and importance of face-to-face human interaction. Uncategorized ipad work iphone work making technology work mobile at work mobile etiquette phone etiquette remote office remote work smartphone work technology at work technology in work wireless workplace work email