11 Tips: When Technology Comes to Work

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Technology in the workplace has certainly become a proverbial “double-edged sword.” ” While it is making life easier on many levels, sometimes easier actually becomes harder.

Technology is a luxury, not a necessity

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I''ve just got one tip for you, which precludes all the others: Prepare for your technology to fail. Consider technology "nice to have" rather than "must have." Technology cannot do the work for you. PowerPoint Public Speaking Anxiety Speakers Technology The Business of Speakin

The Best Screen Mirroring Apps and Technology for Every Occasion

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In this article we have compiled a list of the best screen mirroring apps and devices to help our readers pick a platform or device that best suits their needs.

Don't be a technology dinosaur

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I attended a conference last weekend where several speakers had technology issues that could easily have been solved in advance if they had any idea how their technology worked. If there's one little technology glitch, the audience can get past it and the speaker can move on.

Technology As Executive Coach

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Before technology facilitated establishing boundaries, I might have felt compelled to analyze with a coach what seemed to be a red flag in a business relationship and we assess options for how to manage it. The must tech tools for most professionals are gmail and iPhone.

Presentation Resolutions: Embrace Technology

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Although we only have three hundred and forty-four days left in 2010, I, for one, don't think it's too late to create some New Year's resolutions for the year.

America's Unbanked - Technology Can End Exploitation

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Technology to the Rescue. One of the most promising solutions for reducing or even ending the sufferings of the unbanked comes via technology. They are called "the unbanked." " That's because they have no official association with a financial institution.

Brand Arizona - Tarnished by Blind Trust in Technology

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Eventually, Theranos, which hadn't actually developed the proprietary technology it touted, wound up being sued by consumers for inaccurate tests. Its blind faith in technology makes it appear reckless. No one in the know trusts technology.

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IBM's Watson: Showmanship Trumps Technology

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It was widely known that Apple wasn't the best in the technology game. The Watson cognitive computing technology is not new. Its edge had always been in marketing. That began with the intuitive grasp of what users wanted and giving it to them.

E-Learning - Technology Better Fix This Problem

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It will take a technological solution to stop this farming out of instructional tasks. Online education or e-learning has yet another challenge. Some of the standard ones range from low-completion rate to the learners' need to engage with a real human being in-person. 

Technology & humanity: The Luke Hand Organization

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Luke’s hand was science fiction, but the technology that is being developed these days is approaching the level of that pictured in the world of science fiction. Ormsby reminds us that technology has created remarkable things.

Technology made accessible - Simon Wardley explains cloud computing

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Technology made accessible - Simon Wardley explains cloud computing

Speak Schmeak

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11 famous speeches by women in engineering & technology

The Eloquent Woman

Women are underrepresented in engineering and technology, and when it comes to speaking, often find themselves at conferences with no or few women speakers.

Has Technology Got Us All Scrooged Up?

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The technology pendulum has swung all the way in one direction towards our being "connected" to everything and everyone. Here's your 2011 Technology Check-in: 1. Most Recent Post Speaker Marketing Speaking Business strategy technology for speakers

In Technology We No Longer Trust (including crypto) - The Herzberg Effect

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Until the end of the human race, the name "Elaine Herzberg" will appear in discussions of technology, state regulations, and liability in personal injury. For the layperson, the seminal one is: Can technology be trusted. Not only can technology not be trusted.

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Technology Bonanza: Must Have Apps for Speakers

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Whether you are a new speaker, or someone who has been around awhile, there’s always some new technology that you haven’t heard about. for more on this, remembering that technology changes daily.

No amount of technology will make a bad story good

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I was a bit of a technology geek in those days so what propelled me to actually go see the film initially was the fact that it was the first truly digital animation feature film. When Toy Story opened in the US at the end of 1995, it was met with enthusiasm and great critical acclaim.

No amount of technology will make a bad story good

Presentation Zen

I was a bit of a technology geek in those days so what propelled me to actually go see the film initially was the fact that it was the first truly digital animation feature film. When Toy Story opened in the US at the end of 1995, it was met with enthusiasm and great critical acclaim.

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Matchmaking, Not Technology, Is Brand, Profit Potential

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 Those parents could care less about the technology.  However, the technology which allows the care-giver to upload photos and videos of Fido is, of course, a competitive advantage. Of course, I had and have no interest about the technology involved. 

Does IBM Need Leaders Who Have Disruptive Technology Down Cold?

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There have been questions if the current top layer of leadership at IBM is in-touch enough with disruptive technology. IBM, which is trying to establish itself as a major cloud player, just suffered a setback.

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Solos, Small Firms: Success = Technology

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No matter what the professional service, be it law or public relations, success as a solo or small firm comes from how technology is leveraged. 

Can’t-Live-Without Technology Tools for Speakers

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public speaking technology and public speakingYour life is complicated. You have your home life, office life, and travel life. How do you keep them all coordinated easily and with the least headaches?

Starting Over: Still an illusion but technology makes it seamless

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Of course, human beings don't start over, not really.  Even in the witness protection program they still bring themselves.  And unless they have done considerable work on those selves they cart along plenty of emotional baggage.

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Seth Godin on tech support

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Technology support technologyHere is a old but still great post on Seth Godin's website about how to get effective tech support. I love one of his comments : If you own a computer, back it up. If you don’t, all bad things are your fault.

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New Technology Use Revolutionizes Communications Training | Media Training

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The more some things change, like technology, the more some things stay the same, like most people’s desire to get certain types of trainings face-to-face. Thankfully, technology has now arrived (and more important, most people feel comfortable using it) to solve this problem. I’ve been conducting media and presentation training for 30 years and most of what I do is face-to face, which sends me to interesting places like Dubai and Delhi not infrequently.

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Creative Video for Communicators

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Business Communication Technology videoThis Saturday I attended the annual Presidents Day meeting of the National Speakers Association Northern California Chapter.

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Get the best price on technology purchases, clothing — and anything else!

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Do you buy electronics and more on Amazon, Newegg, or other sites? If so, I’d like to introduce you to a new, free service that will help you get the lowest price. Many people don’t realize that prices fluctuate constantly, particularly on websites like Amazon, which allow third party vendors to continually undercut one another.

Embrace Church 'Embracing' New Technology - How Twitter can be used for good

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via www.keloland.com. There have been numerous articles and blogs written about Twitter over the past year. Some of those articles have been good and others have been bad. I have commented several times about twitter and how it can be used for good. Embrace Church in Sioux Falls is doing just that.

PowerPoint Tip: Saving money on technology purchases

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According to retail statistics, this time of year is now more popular for technology buying than Christmas. The back-to-school purchases for those heading to high school or college/university often include technology such as computers, software, tablets, and smartphones. Our kids have been using PowerPoint in school since grade 3, so we know how important technology is in schools today. For any of these technology purchases, look for non-cash ways to pay.

Speakers Must Roll with the Technology Punches | Public Speaking Tips

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BATS Global Markets: Its problems shake trust in technology

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Is the universe sending mankind a message about technology?    It will take a lot longer to fix the perception that technology fails too often and in too potentially catastrophic a manner.

Technology, or Lack Thereof, at the Podium

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To read David Pogue’s thoughts on technology and presenting from the NewYorkTimes.com click here. Reader response by TJ Walker Dave, you are my favorite tech columnist in the world and your videos are brilliant. But for the love of Pete, you over-complicate speaking. I recommended that you have a single sheet of notes printed in big bold [.]. Uncategorized david pogue Media Training new york times

Presentation Technology Checklist

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It is called the Presentation Technology Checklist and it lists items that you may need to take along for your presentation in a checklist format. Recently I had a request to reprint a checklist I produced in 2002 that clearly people still have and use. It is especially useful when you are travelling to deliver a presentation or preparing someone else to deliver a presentation in another location. It is based on my own experience taking equipment to present all over North America.

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Public Speaking? There’s an App for That!

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Well we know it’s not always that simple and for those of you who will find comfort in a bit of technology to keep you on the right track, here are some useful apps that focus on all the different aspects of the public speaking process.…

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MasterCard: Re-branding As Technology Company, Deep Dive into Data Analytics

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In its official corporate branding, MasterCard now identifies itself as a technology company. MasterCard isn't just for swiping any more. The payment industry is going through a branding revolution.  AmEx had expanded its elite positioning to the EveryDay card for moms.

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This Week in History: Technology & Society

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Well, I just returned from coaching speakers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and my mind is focused on “all things technical&# … particularly, the relationship between technology and society. . For the week of January 10 through January 16, consider: 1906 The first radio was advertised in Scientific American. A selling point? Receiving signals up to one mile away. .

CNN Cuts 50: Technology deep-sixes photojournalists, just like print folks

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Had LIFE hung on, with today's technology its budget would be peanuts. On TV NEWSER , Chris Ariens reports that across the nation CNN has cut about 50 people.    In addition to editors, the ax hit photojournalists. 

Need a good resource for speeches on energy/technology?

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“The Role of Renewable Energy Technologies in Limiting Climate Change&#. “The Technological Challenge of Climate Change The National Academy of Engineering publishes a quarterly journal, The Bridge: Linking Engineering and Society. The Fall 2010 issue is now available: . www.nae.edu/TheBridge. Articles include: “Adaptation to the Impacts of Climate Change on Transportation&#. “Risk Assessment and Risk Management for Infrastructure Planning and Investment&#.

Technology--Friend or Foe of Good Communication?

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We embrace the technology, thinking it will save us time and make us more efficient. All too quickly, the technology owns us, and stress mounts. Tags: technology , balance aoljpictureUpload , aoljpictureUpload_1Friend or Foe? iPhones , Blackberrys , GPS, Instant Message, Texting --are these your new Masters, and are you their Slave? Have you replaced the old fashioned verbal conversation with text, even when the person you communicate is steps away?

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