Coaching a cadre of scientists to give TED-quality talks

The Eloquent Woman

Denise did a fantastic job creating the excitement for the TED-style approach even with the potential for cultural differences, and the 1:1 coaching enabled conversations tailored to the appropriateness of a participant’s culture. For this project, I trained scientists in Australia, Belize, California, China, Georgia, Indonesia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mongolia, Palau, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.without traveling to them or vice versa, except for the workshops.

2016 46

Learning from Make TV’s William Gurstelle

Speaker Confessions

As much as we would like to ask the orchestra conductor or theater director why they interpreted Beethoven or Tennessee Williams in a particular way, the opportunity to query them personally doesn’t often happen except in a lecture. Audiences differ, so it’s important to tailor the talk to the particular group of listeners. I met William Gurstelle , author of Backyard Ballistics , at FOO Camp , an event run by O’Reilly Media.