Create a system for your message

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All presentations should have a system that follows up, closes the loop, and furthers the progress made during the presentation. All presentations should have a system that follows up, closes the loop. Do you see how these examples turn a message in a presentation into a system?

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3 Steps to Putting the Systems, Processes and Marketing in Place to Grow Your Speaking Business

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The post 3 Steps to Putting the Systems, Processes and Marketing in Place to Grow Your Speaking Business appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Most Recent Post Speaking Business Strategy Building your speaking Business business foundation marketing processing supporting business growth systemsI see it all the time. A successful speaker who is busy, busy, busy. They are busy because they are great on the stage and have a valuable message to deliver.

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Getting it together with discipline and systems

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And coincidentally, I've been noticing a lot of signs pointing me toward creating better systems, which can only help me be more disciplined. And as a sub-theme, SYSTEMS. I was lying in bed the other night thinking, "I'm so weak. I'm so lazy. I have great ideas but never follow through."

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Cameron's objections to AV make a powerful case for a more proportional system than AV

Max Atkinson

Those against the alternative vote believe they can persuade the British that we are too dim to count up to three , comes a confession from Rawnsley: 'I belong to that tragically nerdish minority who are fascinated by electoral systems and think they can make a significant difference to the quality of politics and governance. Andrew Rawnsley has an interesting article in today's Observer that's well worth reading as we approach the forthcoming referendum on electoral reform.

Duarte’s Diagrammer™: 4,000 Diagrams at Your Fingertips for 99 cents each

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Business Design Diary Event News Technology Video 3forfree Diagrammer diagrams download library searchable slide:ology system taxonomy tool visualizeWhere there is madness, Nancy Duarte finds method.

Open systems born of counter-culture (redux)

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Dating - Install Perfect Signal System

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So, if you are serious about winning love in the dating game you will install the perfect signal system. Of course, the women's current signal system needs to be disrupted. Dating is a high-risk, time-intensive, and often expensive activity.

Does our Educational System Need Changing?

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So there in lies the question: does our educational system need changing? It's that time of year again - millions of students are either starting or getting ready to start the school year, which is why this post is going to be more about education than communication.

Interacting with your audience using an audience response system

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That’s where audience response systems can be a powerful tool. I was recently lucky enough to witness a demonstration of one such system in Winchester, Stephen Lucas of Soundbite Productions showed us how such devices can increase audience participation and therefore engagement.


In a Legal System that Is About Winning and Losing.

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For prosecutors and defense lawyers, the legal system is really about winning and losing. As for the justice part, the system has judges and juries for that. Both pile up a track record. Prosecutors are known to assess whether to take a case or not, based on the probability of winning.

Business Models - Closed Systems Can Create Unique Edge

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Now and then there have been minor "break-ins" of Jones Day's closed system. Now we have a long form analysis of Jones Day's closed system in AmLaw. The details released leave the system intact. Perhaps being an open system is over-rated.

Adam Smith's Invisible Hand - Will It Replace U.S. Court System?

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That, of course, was Adam Smith's metaphor for the operation of the free market system. Will the court system become less embraced as a tool to end sexual harassment? Anyone who has been bullied long term on a job or serving a client can wish the worst on Bill O'Reilly.

Putting the UW System Tuition Freeze in Context

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It''s no wonder there''s now backlash against our financial aid system-- there''s universal need and a narrow means-tested system. As this recent presentation from System showed, financial aid tends to reduce the price paid by students at these schools by about $2,200 or 17%.

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Public Speaking Tips…for Navigation Systems

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When we arrived in France, we rented a car and made sure that it had a navigation system in it. It was an adventure, and we eventually called the female voice of our navigation system “our consort.” ” We became quite close and trusted her implicitly as she knew all the streets, even the little back [.]. communication Practical application vocal power public speaking tips

Bill O’Reilly Clashes With Krauthammer Over Outdated, ‘Waste Of Time’ Debate System

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Discover Card's Systems, Customer Service - Irate (Former) User Loses It

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That was system error one. The second systems error occurred when they didn't connect the dots that I would have to travel to get from Point A, AZ, to Point B, OH. The third systems error occurred today, September 2nd, in OH. Let's cut to the chase.

What we’ve got here is failure to communicate

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This was followed by Department of Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano first stating that “ the system worked&# , and quickly reversed course the following day stating that “ What I would say is that the system did not work in this instance.&# This is a shining example of why messaging matters. This was followed by Tuesday’s comments (with a marked change of tone ) that “…a systemic failure has occurred.&# .

Wisconsin Republicans Rethinking Shared Governance in University of Wisconsin System

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At a meeting of the Regents today, Representative Robin Vos suggested that the Wisconsin Legislature Republican caucus is rethinking the faculty''s role in governance on UW System campuses, out of a sense that they are keeping the System from being "nimble." shared governance UW System Robin Vos faculty

In U.S., Canada, More Are Representing Themselves in Legal Matters - Implications for Legal Systems

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Such a reality has raised issues about how the legal system might need to change in Canada. For example, currently the system is adversarial and the judge is the neutral entity. The U.S. is not the only nation in which pro se litigation is growing.

The Pulse Tragedy - Violence as homemade system of justice

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The tragedy at the Pulse, in Orlando , is understandable. Not that it should be condoned, of course. Violence is the oldest way in which humans seek to achieve their own form of justice. Cain, the son of the Adam and Eve, killed his brother Abel.

9 Public Speaking Tips from a Slam Poet

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Adobe Spark is a suite of applications designed by Adobe System to help people create and share stories with graphics and videos. It looks like a great tool and I plan to investigate it. To learn more, and to try … Continue reading → Delivery Guest Posts Adobe Spark pacing Pages Matam pauses tone voice

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Kathleen Huebner, et al. - Is Reaching Back Sign We've Become Closed Systems?

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Isn't reaching back a signal that we have become closed systems? Father, forgive me, at age 69, I should have known to steer clear of Seton Hill University Class of 1967 classmates such as Kathleen Huebner, et al. " "But, my child, that has been the gift that keeps giving.

Trust in FInancial System @21%: So?

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  Today, reports POLITICO , the ChicagoBooth/Kellogg School found that only 21% of those surveyed trusted the financial system. But live with the financial system they must. Trust was never high in financial dealings. 

Rebranding Jane Genova - Leveraging P&G's Systems Approach

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Applying systems thinking, every aspect, ranging from positioning to pricing, was determined by an overall template. As with the systems mindset of P&G, all aspects of my communications boutique have to align with the template. "Turning around the business."

Carmen A. Puliafito - Houdini of Branding and Legal System (at least until now)

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Carmen A. Puliafito is one of those Houdini characters. They manage to exit all kinds of messes, both branding and legal. At least for a while. In the New York Post , Ruth Brown reports that when Puliafito, an eye doctor, had been dean of USC Medical School, he lived a double life.

"Noctural Animals"- Creatives Are Way Better at "Justice" than Legal System

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We creatives waste our money and hope playing around with the legal system. Anyone who has been deeply hurt usually longs for just the right kind of revenge. Ed, a writer who finally is going to have a novel published, succeeds. Finally.

Your Tech System Has Been Hospitalized - Before You Go Visit It

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The ultimate catastrophe for a small business is this: The tech system requires hospitalization. Sure, there are online services that tend to what can go wrong with tech systems. The bad news is that a monster had entered my system. Of course, we all know what could be next: days without the system. Within 90 minutes, I knew I would have to visit my system.

DC’s Sewer System Fail In Today’s Storm

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Download now or watch on posterous. (4906 KB). Posted via email from Mike Pulsifer's posterous.

Craigslist (Temp) Help-Wanted - Gaming The System, Part 1

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  But, to stop wasting time I had to learn how to game the Craigslist system. This series will present in blunt terms what I have learned about gaming the system. The non-hustlers among us don't bother checking out Craigslist help-wanted.

Casey Anthony acquitted: Legal system worked

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The same euphoria that spread through the land when a lot of miscreants were nabbed in the Watergate hearings is palpable today among those of us who needed to believe in our legal system

Ari Afilalo, Will Gardner, et al. - Assuming they could game the system

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Perhaps lawyers, because they understand the law so well, assume that they have figured out how to game the system. Both real life and fiction are full of examples of lawyers who consider client funds to be their personal ATM machines.

Mark Cuban Hints at Hiring Charlie Sheen For HDnet TV Network.

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It’s usually on channel 100,051 on most cable systems. News analyzed from a communication perspective.


Checklist for Evaluating a Shopping Cart System

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(Remember… most pieces of software are simply shopping carts and not complete and integrated sales systems) Instructions to use this checklist Whenever considering any shopping cart or shopping cart system ask the questions in the list below. Check out the system that does all of the above

Slideboxx (slide management system) review and special offer

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I've started using a slide-management program called Slideboxx. It lets you search for slides based on file name and content; you can then copy the results to the Clipboard (to paste into an existing presentation) or use them to create a new PowerPoint presentation. With over 10,000 slides on my computer, I need some help! Slideboxx works in your browser, which is unusual; it's actually a Flash application. It features a Search box where you enter keywords to find the slides you need.

Craigslist (Temp) Help Wanted: Gaming the System, Part 3

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Every legitimate businessperson knows that risk has to be shared. Therefore, none who post an ad demanding you take a test or create a customized sample without payment is legitimate. You are investing your time. They are investing nothing. Pass on that answering that ad. 

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Craigslist (Temp) Help-Wanted: Gaming the System, Part 2

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This series provides strategies and tactics on how to land well-paying assignments on Craigslist.  Yes, there are plenty of those, amidst the help-wanted ads which pay peanuts or are scams. The reality about the plums is that the competition is stiff.

Bloggers Taken Seriously By Legal System

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Blogging is being taken seriously by the legal system.    Here is a lawsuit about libel and defamation.     Last week U.S. District Judge William Bertelsman ordered to pay $1 million in compensatory and $10 million in punitive damages.    That latter was because, reports Bruce Carton in LEGAL BLOG WATCH, the gossip blog had not responded to a lawsuit filed against it last February by Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones.

Public Speaking: A Good Sound System

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As a humorous presenter you must have an excellent sound system because some of the time you will be talking while your audience is laughing. A humorous presentation demands a better sound system than a serious talk. Make sure the sound system is carrying to all parts of the room. If it is hard to hear, people won't listen. Stand-up comics need good sound too, but they are a little different because they tell a joke, then people laugh (they hope).

Blacking the names of Adam Boulton, Jeremy Paxman & the American judicial system

Max Atkinson

American readers may be specially impressed Lord Black's views on the US judicial system, which starts about 42 seconds in and features some interesting statistics: ".99.5 The whole system's a fraudulent fascistic conveyer belt to the corrupt prison system, that's what.

How to Be a Professional Speaker - Tom Antion's Wake 'em Up Video System

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I want to help speakers turn into professional speakers! No-cost media marketing methods that get new clients to call you. Advanced database marketing techniques. you''ll know just who to call and exactly when to call them.