#SpeakerSuccessTip – Have a COVID Strategy!

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This is why it is so important to have a COVID strategy mapped […]. The post #SpeakerSuccessTip – Have a COVID Strategy! speakersuccesstip Emerging Speaker Rising Superstar Speaker Seasoned Speaker Speaking Business Strategy speaking business success tip

Spreading Kindness as a Business Strategy with Shola Richards

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The post Spreading Kindness as a Business Strategy with Shola Richards appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Looking for a kinder, gentler workplace? Join me to hear Shola Richards share how embracing a culture of kindness changed his life and his business for the better!


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3 Visual Communication Strategies for Your Sales Team


However, in an attempt to find new ways to secure more sales, businesses generally pay heed to all possible strategies but most often overlook the importance of a simple yet powerful strategy, i.e., sales communication.

Sales presentation strategy

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You’re there to sell! What is your primary goal in making a sales presentation? It’s to sell something. So why do so many sales-presenters try to conceal the fact? You might be amongst them. Do your sales presentations open with phrases such as: “Your success is important to us, and we’re going to look at how our products can help you be even more successful.”

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Sales pitch strategy

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To bring the skill of persona into your pitch strategy is fundamentally as simple as asking what shape the audience is, and making yourself into as similar a shape as possible. Match your character to the customer. Audiences like to believe that presenters see, hear, and feel the world as they do. When this occurs they become more inclined to give credibility to the presenter’s sales message. How much thought do you put into selecting the most appropriate persona for your presentation?

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Power Strategies

The Communication Blog

Strategies for Power. Here is a discussion of the communication of power which I wrote for my 50 Communication Strategies book and that I thought might be of interest to a wide variety of readers. Here are some strategies for communicating power nonverbally. ·. Here are a few verbal strategies: ·. power and nonverbal communication power 50 Communication Strategies types of power power strategies

Power 131

Employee Engagement: 6 Strategies That Work


A solid employee engagement strategy incorporates multiple facets for monitoring staff performance, productivity, and happiness and finding new ways for empowering people to do their best work, both on individual and team levels. How to Improve Employee Engagement: 6 Strategies That Work.

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Job Interview Strategy to Win Managerial and Executive Positions

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Use This Job Interview Strategy to Win Managerial and Executive Positions Massive numbers of layoffs during the COVID19 pandemic mean having a job interview strategy to win managerial and executive positions is a wise skill to polish.

2020 130

An Executive’s Guide to Pricing Strategy Models


Well, that’s the pricing strategy in action — something every business works hard to get right. What is Pricing Strategy? A pricing strategy is your approach to selecting the best price for your products or services. A common strategy among luxury retailers.

Job Interview Strategy to Win Managerial and Executive Positions

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Use This Job Interview Strategy to Win Managerial and Executive Positions Massive numbers of layoffs during the COVID19 pandemic mean having a job interview strategy to win managerial and executive positions a wise skill to polish.

2020 130

PR Strategies to Book More Business with Courtney Love Gavin

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The post PR Strategies to Book More Business with Courtney Love Gavin appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Quote: “I just want to make PR a lot more approachable and people to know that it’s not a luxury.”

2020 69

How to Craft a Winning Go-to-Market Strategy to Unlock Product Launch Success?


Most companies get so obsessed with designing and manufacturing new products that they think no more of the marketing strategy, and […]. The post How to Craft a Winning Go-to-Market Strategy to Unlock Product Launch Success? Congratulations! Your new product is up for launch.

2020 98

Developing a Sales Strategy for Booking More Speaking Gigs

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And the cherry on top – developing a sales strategy for booking more speaking gigs. The post Developing a Sales Strategy for Booking More Speaking Gigs appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Booking Speeches Emerging Speaker Rising Superstar Speaker Seasoned Speaker Speaking Business Strategy booking more gigs developing a sales strategy finding speaking gigs hiring a salesperson hiring an agent list building prospecting sales strategy

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5 Problem Solving Strategies to Become a Better Problem Solver


As you gain experience with problem-solving, you might develop your own set of techniques as well as strategies. 3- Picking The Best Strategy. Once you’re sure of a strategy, you can move to the next stage. A lot of people would agree on the fact that life is full of challenges.

2020 95

Communication Strategies: Supportiveness

The Communication Blog

Continuing with my attempt to spell out the various communication strategies, here is a little item on supportiveness--taken from my Essentials of Human Communication which has the most complete discussion of Gibb's system. Strategy When you use strategy and try to get around other people or situations through manipulation —especially when you conceal your true purposes—others are likely to resent it and to respond defensively.

Communication Strategies: Impression Management

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This is a really strange area because it has so many ethical implications; in many cases these strategies are used to fool people. The strategies you use to achieve this desired impression will depend on your specific goal. Here is a classification based on seven major communication goals and strategies. In addition to helping you communicate the impression you want to communicate, each of these strategies may backfire and communicate the opposite of your intended purpose.

Presentation strategies for women

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This article has been selected for DeFinis Communications' “Top Presentation Strategies for Women” Blog Carnival. For this blog carnival, I agreed to write about the topic, "Presentation Strategies for Women." So let me ask you this: How many articles have you read titled, "Presentation Strategies for Men?" Pet Peeves Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies

2011 154

Strategies for Apprehension Management

The Communication Blog

Here we consider a few preliminaries to communication apprehension and then offer four strategies, four sets of skills, that may help you manage your own fear of speaking. Strategy One. Strategy Two. Strategy Three. Strategy Four. These strategies are not designed to eliminate fear but rather to help you manage it so that it doesn’t impose barriers in your social and professional lives.

Communication Strategies: Empathy

The Communication Blog

In this continuing effort to identify and explain (briefly and practically) the skills/strategies of interpersonal communication, here is a brief discussion of empathy. Empathy communication strategiesEmpathy is feeling what another person feels from that person’s point of view without losing your own identity. Empathy enables you to understand emotionally what another person is experiencing. (To

Communication Strategies: Mindfulness

The Communication Blog

Among the many communication strategies are the competencies of interpersonal communication which I thought would make a neat sub-set of strategies to post. I owe these strategies to a wide variety of researchers and theorists—I’ll mention a few tho’ I’m sure I’m omitting many: Art Bochner, Michael Hecht, Brian Spitzberg, William Cupach, James McCroskey, and Gerald Miller stand out in my mind. communication strategies mindfulness

Speaking Business Success Strategies Part 1: The Emerging Speaker

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The post Speaking Business Success Strategies Part 1: The Emerging Speaker appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Speaker Marketing Speaking Business Strategy Speaking Profession emerging speaker Picking a lane promise statement speaking business strategies starting a speaking businessWhen you’ve been around an industry for over 30 years, like I have, it is easy to spot and empathize with people who are going through growing pains.

2019 62

50 Communication Strategies

The Communication Blog

I’ve assembled (and rewrote) some of my blog posts and a variety of other brief pieces into a book that I published with iUniverse, a subsidy publisher (recently acquired by Penguin, a division of Pearson), called 50 Communication Strategies. interpersonal skills communication strategies communication skills

Communication Strategies: Other-Orientation

The Communication Blog

other-orientation communication strategiesOther-Orientation. Other-orientation is a quality of interpersonal effectiveness that includes the ability to adapt your messages to the other person. It involves communicating attentiveness to and interest in the other person and genuine interest in what the person says. Communicating Other-Orientation. You’ll recognize the following behaviors in those with whom you enjoy talking.

Communication Strategies: Openness

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openness communication strategiesOpenness in interpersonal communication is a person’s willingness to self-disclose——to reveal information about himself or herself as appropriate. Openness also includes a willingness to listen openly and to react honestly to the messages of others. This does not mean that openness is always appropriate. In fact, too much openness is likely to lead to a decrease in your relationship satisfaction. Communicating Openness. Consider these few ideas.

Communication Strategies: Flexibility

The Communication Blog

flexibility communication strategiesFlexibility is a quality of thinking and behaving in which you vary your messages based on the unique situation in which you find yourself. It's one of the essential skills of interpersonal communication.


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A key marketing strategy for any business, speaking businesses included, is building a list of qualified prospects that you can market to and nurture from prospect to customer. This month’s #SpeakerSuccessTip is focused on rethinking your strategy for list building.

2020 56

Communication Strategies: Immediacy

The Communication Blog

immediacy interpersonal skills communication strategiesImmediacy is the creation of closeness, a sense of togetherness, of oneness, between speaker and listener. When you communicate immediacy you convey a sense of interest and attention, a liking for and an attraction to the other person. You communicate immediacy with both verbal and nonverbal messages. And, not surprisingly, people respond to communication that is immediate more favorably than to communication that is not.

Communication Strategies: Expressiveness

The Communication Blog

Others are all labeled "Communicaton Strategies: Skill ". expressiveness communication strategiesIn some of my books, I'm integrating much of the material on skills that I once had in boxes. But, some may still prefer the box presentation. This one is on expressiveness.

7 Mental Strategies to Help you Recover from a Presentation Disaster

Speaking about Presenting

Here are seven mental strategies to help you recover from a presentation disaster. If in the past you’ve stewed about failure in a way that disrupts your life, then give yourself a time limit to experience the disappointment and then use the mental strategies below to help you move on. Use these strategies next time you have a disappointing experience with a presentation. And let me know what strategies you’ve found useful to recover from a presentation disaster.

2017 158

Wednesday4Women Blog Carnival: “Top Presentation Strategies for Women”

DeFinis Communications

For this blog carnival, I asked several experts to share their views on “Top Presentations Strategies for Women.” Top Presentation Strategies for Women. Strategies that can help you overcome your presentation fears and “wow” your audience. Top Presentation Strategies for Women. Top Presentation Strategies for Women. Top Presentation Strategies. Top Presentation Strategies. Presentation Strategies for Women.

2011 175

Communication Strategies. Cultural Sensitivity

The Communication Blog

cultural sensitivity communication strategiesHere is a brief explanation--all too brief probably--of cultural sensitivity as it applies particularly to communication. Cultural sensitivity is an attitude and way of behaving in which you’re aware of and acknowledge cultural differences; it’s crucial for such global goals as world peace and economic growth as well as for effective interpersonal communication (Franklin & Mizell, 1995).

What is an Innovation Strategy and Why Your Company Needs One?


And thus, to survive and thrive in the new competitive landscape, business leaders will need to overhaul their innovation strategies and, more importantly, put them to action. Further, such leaders build their innovation strategy around the next four principles.

2020 60

Speaking Business Success Strategies Part III: The Seasoned Speaker

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For our third and final piece in the Speaking Business Success Strategies series, we are focusing on the seasoned speaker. The post Speaking Business Success Strategies Part III: The Seasoned Speaker appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Speaker Marketing Speaking Business Strategy Speaking Profession building a business calendar management getting to 7 figures hiring how to hire right seasoned speaker speaking success strategies

2019 48

Communication Strategies: Using Disclaimers

The Communication Blog

disclaimers communication strategiesDisclaimers are statements that aim to ensure that your messages will be understood as you wish it to be and will not reflect negatively on you. Some of the more popular disclaimers are these: • Hedging helps you to separate yourself from the message so that if your listeners reject your message, they need not reject you (for example, “I may be wrong here, but.”). Hedging also enables you to cushion your being proven wrong.

Communication Strategies: Listening Choices

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As you read these you’ll notice that these are strategies designed to be supportive of the speaker’s positive and negative face needs. listening effectiveness communication strategies listsening choicesEffective listening can be viewed as a process of making choices among a variety of different perspectives which can be visualized as a series of choices along a scale of polar opposites.

A "secret" strategy.

Speak Schmeak

It's a simple strategy that gives me one less thing to worry about when presenting. Guys, do you have a similar strategy, or do you just keep your jacket on? Share your secret (or not so secret) preparation strategies in the comments! Here's a quick tip for you today that may save you some aggravation when presenting. It came up during group coaching last night, so I know I'm not the only one who thinks about this. But I may be the only one who plans for it!

2010 141

Communication Strategies: Listening Stages

The Communication Blog

Listening is actually a complex of processes and skills and so it’s convenient to divide the listening process into stages or steps. This is a five-stage model and seems to get at most, if not all, of the essential listening processes and, more important, enables us to identify the relevant skills at each stage. Here five stages are identified: Receiving, understanding, remembering, evaluating, and responding. Listening at the Receiving Stage.

Stage 139

3 Strategies High-Performing Brands Use to Communicate Data

Duarte Blog

The post 3 Strategies High-Performing Brands Use to Communicate Data appeared first on Duarte.

2020 55

What is Your Social Media Strategy?

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I admire people who have a strong content and social media strategy. The post What is Your Social Media Strategy? Most Recent Post Speaker Marketing content marketing Social Media social media marketing social media strategiesThey know exactly who they are talking to and what content to deliver to them on a regular basis. They skillfully pepper in personal content along with solid ideas based on their area of expertise to not only deliver content of value but […].

Communication Strategies: Positiveness

The Communication Blog

Positiveness in interpersonal communication has to do with the use of positive rather than negative messages. For example, instead of the negative “I wish you wouldn’t ignore my opinions,” consider the positive alternative: “I feel good when you ask my opinions.” Instead of the negative “You look horrible with long hair” consider the positive: “I think you look great with short hair.”

2012 122

5 Strategies for Making a Name for Yourself in Your Target Market

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The post 5 Strategies for Making a Name for Yourself in Your Target Market appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Expert Speaker Marketing Speaking Business Strategy becoming the expert Building your speaking Business positioning as an expert target marketHow well known are you in your market? When someone says, “If you want to know all about [insert your industry/expertise here], you’ve got to check out [??]” – is it your name that is coming up in the [??]?

Communication Strategies: How to avoid ageist talk

The Communication Blog

ageist talk ageism communication strategiesAlthough used mainly to refer to prejudice against older people, the word ageism can also refer to prejudice against other age groups. For example, if you describe all teenagers as selfish and undependable, you’re discriminating against a group purely because of their age, and thus are ageist in your statements. Individual ageism is seen in the general disrespect many show toward older people and in negative stereotypes about older people.

2011 172

Denial: Neither a river, nor a strategy

The Presenter's Blog

by Peter Watts. When there’s an underlaying bogey lurking behind your presentation, and you’d rather not have that bogey become smeered all over the screen as the main talking-point of the day, should you: a) Make your announcement, and then quietly and concisely move on, or. b) Make your announcement and then immediately mention the existence of the bogey before vehemently denying it’s existence? A few examples: “Redundancies are not an indication that the company is in trouble.”.

2013 116