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Robert McKee: Persuasion through storytelling trumps statistics

Presentation Zen

Data and storytelling Statistics and storytelling are not mutually exclusive. is a term I never use. And humans tell stories.

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Statistics don’t Need to be Sleep-Inducing in Your Presentation


American detective writer Rex Stout once quipped that there are two kinds of statistics: the kind you look up and the kind you make up.

7 and a Half Ways to Make Your Information Matter

Speak and Deliver

Pictures, not Numbers - numbers, statistics, and hard data in general don't work well when displayed or spoken, in terms of memorability.

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Want your data to go viral? Make it visual.

Duarte Blog

Strategy Video Brian Dennehy Long Island Index Rauch Foundation RSA statistics viral video visualizeThe more clicks, the better.

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Strong openings: shocking statistics

Speak Schmeak

People are jaded, and a statistic like, "One in six 10th graders smokes pot" will just make their eyes glaze over. I actually said "Wow!"


Analysis: 2012 State of the Union Address

Successful Speeches Blog

Events How to start a speech Live Presentations Opinion Political Speeches Presentation Skills Public Speaking Rhetorical Devices Scripting Your Speech Speech Writing Starting Your Speech StatisticsLast night, President Obama delivered what could be his last “State of the Union” address.

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Starting Your Speech in the Middle

Speak and Deliver

Example 2: Speech Topic: Taking Risks A typical start to this speech might be a statistic - "40,000 people a year die in car accidents".

PowerPoint Slide Makeover - Presenting People-based Statistics

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Often presentations need to include statistics. It helps the audience connect with what the statistic means to them. each, click here

Do you use statistics in your speeches?

Joan Detz Speaker Services

More to the point: Do you use those statistics as effectively as possible? When I taught a speechwriting workshop a few weeks ago, I recommended this book to the participants: INNUMERACY: MATHEMATICAL ILLITERACY AND ITS CONSEQUENCES (written by John Allen Paulos). . And what is the social cost of our “innumeracy&# ?

Are You Creating Followers?

Speak and Deliver

Beyond that, you can grow your network to thousands of people, many who may care what you say, others who just treat you as a statistic.

Public Relations: Field growing at 21% (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The good things we have been feeling in the field of public relations have been confirmed by statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

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Hans Rosling & the art of storytelling with statistics

Presentation Zen

Hans Rosling is the Zen Master of presenting statistics. Statistics tell a story. He's brilliant. Better yet, share it with others.

Your stats are paralyzing your audience

Speak Schmeak

When you''re using statistics in a presentation, it''s really easy to get caught up in the numbers. Here are two ways to do this: 1.

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Public Speaking: Fake Facts And Statistics

Great Public Speaking

Deadpan expression, or keeping a straight face, is a good technique to couple with fake facts and statistics. Stating falsehoods as if they are absolutely true is another fun way to play with the audience during a public speaking engagement. However, you must make the statements obviously false by your words and your facial expressions.

Two Thirds of Public Speaking Statistics are Made Up | Public Speaking Training

TJ Walker Interactive

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1st prize winner in’s contest: Smoke, the Convenient Truth

PowerPoint Tips

The statistics will shock you! This presentation won first prize in’s World’s Best Presentation contest.

SOCIAL MEDIA: KEY TO YOUR CAREER | Communication Steroids

Communication Steroids

92 percent of businesses use social media to help find prospective employees. Astounding. Your potential employer will use social media. Check it out!

Beginning a Speech or Presentation – Four More Tips

Matt Eventoff

2) A Statistic - Not a boring statistic. A surprising statistic; a powerful statistic; a personalized statistic. . “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression&# – Will Rogers. These are by no means the only effective ways to open. “Look to your left. Now look to your right.

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Review of “Start strong – 3 gripping ways to open your talk” by Craig Hadden

PowerPoint Tips

Cite a startling statistic. This is a review of a blog post by Craig Hadden , who blogs about presenting at Remote Possibilities. Need training?

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Romney Falsely Claims Good Job Numbers Are Because People Have Stopped Looking For Work

TJ Walker Interactive

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How to create a TED talk

Pivotal Public Speaking

How do you rate it? “Jaw-dropping&# ? “Unconvincing&# ? Or just plain “Funny&# ?

How to prepare a televised speech, Part (2): script, statistics & teleprompter timing

Max Atkinson

Last week, I posted a couple of video clips to mark the 30th anniversary of the BBC comedy series Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister ( HERE & HERE ). This is the second in the series of three on how Jim Hacker was coached to make a televised speech

Bruce Gabrielle presents on “Storytelling Secrets for Boardroom Presentations”

PowerPoint Tips

” This distinguishes a story from a statistic. Metaphors are like mini-stories. A story must have a “slope effect.”

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Jon Stewart Interviews Nate Silver on the Daily Show (video)

TJ Walker Interactive

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Fox Turns To Donald Trump To Peddle Unemployment Rate Trutherism via Media Matters

TJ Walker Interactive

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How to start a presentation

PowerPoint Tips

Tell the audience a startling fact or statistic: Pique their curiosity about your topic with a fact they didn’t know. Your topic.

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What about PowerPoint 2016 (Windows)?

PowerPoint Tips

Box and whisker charts are often used in statistical analysis. It’s also used in statistical analysis. So, what’s new?

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6 Ways To Counteract Your Audience's Short Attention Span

Professionally Speaking...

I recently read an updated statistic about people’s attention span. As presenters, this should be very worrisome. Ask lots of questions.

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How to be an Outstanding Communicator

Manner of Speaking

Statistics are abstractions that leave us cold. Outstanding communicators understand the limits of statistical data – they know that in most instances it just goes over the heads of a lay audience. To most lay people, a statistic like: 50 million acres of rainforest are cut down every year, doesn’t mean too much. Keep it simple.

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Intrigue your audience

PowerPoint Tips

some fact or statistic. If you can intrigue your audience, you will engage them and maintain their attention. How can you get there? What if?

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40 Fatal Public Speaking Mistakes

Successful Speeches Blog

Tags: Presentation Skills Public Speaking Rhetorical Devices Scripting Your Speech Speech Writing Statistics Visual Aids Bad Habits How to start a speech PowerPoint Speeches

40 Fatal Public Speaking Mistakes

Successful Speeches Blog

Tags: Presentation Skills Public Speaking Rhetorical Devices Scripting Your Speech Speech Writing Statistics Visual Aids Bad Habits How to start a speech PowerPoint Speeches

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 117)

Manner of Speaking

“Start strong with a ‘grabber’ A personal story, a quote from an expert or a shocking statistic — something that takes a hold of your audience and gets them hooked and opens their mind to your message. Conor Neill - Irish Teacher at IESE Business School, Entrepreneur and Author. ” — Conor Neill.

Malala Yousafzai and Public Speaking: 12 Lessons from the Best Speech of 2013

Matt Eventoff

It was not buried in facts, details or statistics. Malala Yousafzai is a great global communicator. And she was a young woman. It showed.

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Press release goes live for Campaign Against Death by PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

According to PrWeb statistics, it received 647 full-page reads in the first day. The press release for the Campaign Against Death by PowerPoint is now online ! For more information on the campaign, and to learn how you can participate, go to

Cyberflirting etc

The Communication Blog

12.20.2010 Cyberflirting etc Here is a startling statistic from a survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and reported in The Week magazine (December 17, 2010, p. 8): 20 percent of divorces filed involved cyber flirting and affairs arising from Facebook messages. Communication Strategies: Guidelines for Making Se.

Discover PowerPoint Mix for interactive online lessons

PowerPoint Tips

You get statistics about who watched the Mix as well as quiz scores. What is PowerPoint Mix? You can add quizzes. How to get started. Quizzes.

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Hans Rosling: Doctor, Professor & Presenter Extraordinaire

Presentation Zen

The Zen Master of data visualization has died. I am sorry to have to report that Dr. Hans Rosling passed away today in Uppsala, Sweden. It's all there.

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Pennsylvania Education Policy Roundup for September 16, 2013: Since 1991-92 there has been no set formula for providing funds for PA schools. 65% of all funds now distributed in this school year are based on statistics from the 1989-90 school year.

Speaking Of...

65% of all funds now distributed in this school year are based on statistics from the 1989-90 school year. 65% of all funds now distributed in this school year are based on statistics from the 1989-90 school year. Are you a member? Have your friends and colleagues? We can help! Zero, zip, zilch…. This simply is not true. Legal Update).

A public speaking example

The Communication Blog

9.02.2009 A public speaking example In a recent ad to defeat the debt there’s an interesting example of using statistics (just numbers, actually) and making the numbers real for the audience, something we always tell our public speaking students. Categories: Public Speaking , statistics 3comments: Huzaifa Tabassum said.

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