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Does humor play best with the lights up…or with the lights down? You have two areas of concern for lighting. First, the lighting for the stage or the performance area. And second, the lighting for the audience area. We also need to recognize that sometimes you can control the lighting, sometimes you can’t. For example, if you’re performing in a comedy club, it’s unlikely you’ll have much control over the lights.

Lady Gaga Gave Us a Valentine’s Day Gift at the Grammy’s

DeFinis Communications

Spellbinding costumes, staging, lights, and an incredible corps of dancers commanded the stage, leaving me more breathless than the performers. Confidence Building Examples of Powerful Performers Performance Pop Culture Stage Presence body language Confidence Grammies Lady Gaga Physical Presence powerful PerformerI admit that I had never seen Lady Gaga speak until last night when I tuned in to 60 Minutes. And I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.

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My triple Axel moment

Speak Schmeak

I was the first teller on stage; what a relief! First, there was a fixed mic on a stand in the middle of the stage, and we were not allowed to remove it or walk around the stage, for the purposes of videotaping. I'm used to moving around the stage or the room, and it was awkward to have to stand in one place. Another thing that was strange for me: Stage lighting!

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Chasing Celebrity: Not so fast

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Also, too many human beings melt under the stage lights. I watch bemused a former client, a Millennial, chasing celebrity.  Earlier this month he was on a business progam on television.  If he were selling services, such as being a financial planner or executive coach, he might be doing his professional self a big favor.  The exposure represents a smart move.  And the clips can be housed in the Media Centre on his website.

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Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges! Guest post by Lee Potts

Speak Schmeak

I was also responsible for giving each of them a quick visual check before they took the stage. The badges needed to come off because the stage lighting tended to reflect off the plastic holders and the flashing could be distracting for the audience. When you’re the slide guy, once all the presentations have been thoroughly PowerPointed and the meeting has started, they need to find something for you to do so you’re not just hanging around enjoying yourself.

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OK, You’re Good, But What’s In It For Them?

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

Handwriting and stage lights don’t mix, and “A leading expert on hedge funds” will turn into “A leering waxer of hedgehogs.”. Well, hello! Have I mentioned how great I am at pretty much everything? Talented. Sophisticated. Charming. And devilishly good looking as well. I guess that gives you some idea of why I’m so popular and successful, so pay attention while I tell you a little more of myself.

2009 40

Claptrap 8: Sparks in the background

Max Atkinson

There was an electrician, for example, who spent about a minute poking a gadget into one of the electrical sockets on my study wall before giving the crew the ‘all clear’ to set up the camera and lighting. How many electricians does it take to light a theatre? Granada needed to know exactly how many RSC electricians would be doing the stage lighting.

2009 59

Interview w/Ian Tyson: comedian & motivational speaker

Speaker Confessions

In that regard, it makes what I do that much more appealing as a career, if I wasn’t doing it on a stage I would be telling friends over dinner. If I am adding something new to my existing show, it usually develops through improvisation on stage or forethought of a story/bit that I throw in when the time seems right. I was very excited to be on the stage I performed high school plays in. Second, the stage lights had been sent off to be cleaned.

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Dear Speakers - James Duncan Davidson - James Duncan Davidson

Getting up on stage and speaking is a difficult and demanding thing to do. It’s also hard to know how what you are doing up there on stage is perceived by the audience. Malcolm Matson, OPLAN Foundation, on stage at eComm2009 / ©2009 James Duncan Davidson Please deliver your speech to the crowd, not the screen. This was directed at those speakers that pace from one end of the stage and back to the other at rather high speed. Stages have edges.

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