Extreme Branding Opportunity for Johnson & Johnson: Verdict Win in Talc "Forrest et al."

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The jury in St. Louis Circuit Court ruled for the defense in "Vickie Forrest et al. Medical testimony showed no evidence of asbestos in Forrest's tissues. Johnson & Johnson et al."  "  As Bloomberg reports, members of the jury determined that Johnson & Johnson's talc product did not cause the plaintiff's ovarian cancer and the corporation did not fail to warn about any medical dangers.

Famous Speech Friday: Annie Oakley's Libel Cases

The Eloquent Woman

Oakley won 54 out of 55 libel cases she brought against newspapers from St. Louis to Scranton. So how did Oakley win over the public at the trials, and what you can you learn from her famous courtroom testimony?

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