The Difference Between Good and Great

Speaker Launcher

Study other artists (singers, comedians, film, TV and Broadway actors). When you’re getting 2-3 spin offs from every engagement, then you might be able to relax. AND, they can easily share it with others (spin off).

2011 85

Pop Culture, Not What We Learn in College, Shape Our Lives

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Extreme legal literacy came with "Court TV." " That was reinforced by the originals and spin-offs of "CSI," "Law & Order" and, of course, with the ongoing "Criminal Minds." "Father, forgive me. I lashed out at a neighbor.

2017 52

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TED Talk: A story of survival, resilience, and hope

Presentation Zen

nothing; no TV set, no furniture, not even a spoon, I felt empty. Hyeonseo Lee''s 2013 TED Talk describing her escape from North Korea is one of the most compelling and inspiring talks I''ve seen on the TED stage in quite a while.

2013 106

Sunday’s sound-byte: How to Create Emmy-Worthy Presentations That Set You Apart from the Competition

Pivotal Public Speaking

He knows what comedy and TV stars do to stay on top, and he’s going to share that knowledge with us. Everything else springs from that: referrals, spin-offs, product sales — everything. Name the three best speakers you know. Are *you* on your list? If not, are those other speakers better than you? If you ask your clients to name the three best speakers they’ve had at their meetings, are you on *their* list?

Guest Blog: Lessons from Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives of New York City – How to Build Income

DeFinis Communications

It’s where your audience shows you the money, and it’s where all your idea-generating and influence-building pays off—literally. Even though reality TV is often seen as a joke, Frankel is dead serious in her income-building. Got Platform? Part 3 of a Three-part Series: Income.

Horrible historian David Starkey has also got it in for the Scots, Welsh and Irish

Max Atkinson

Editors of TV current affairs programmes believe, probably correctly, that guests who can be relied upon to say outrageous things are a sure-fire recipe for making their shows more entertaining - and may even help to increase their ratings. For Starkey himself, an important spin-off of his 'celebrity' status is that he presumably sells far more history books than most professional historians.

2011 59

Claptrap 5: In the right places at the right times

Max Atkinson

A spin-off from that was that I found myself being invited to speak at sixth form conferences, where bus-loads of reluctant school children were treated to the dubious pleasure of listening to some of the authors whose work they were supposed to know about.

2009 69