Public Speaking Tip – 3 Techniques to Handle Hostile Audiences

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(Graphic by Vector Graphics) Public speaking and presentation clients sometimes ask me how to handle hostile audiences. The post Public Speaking Tip – 3 Techniques to Handle Hostile Audiences appeared first on Read The Self-Expression Blog to Improve Speaking Skills. Authenticity Communication Confrontation Skills Connection Presence Presentation Presentation Skills public speaking Techniques to Clear Fear

Try this 1 mindfulness technique to reduce stammering

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” In a public speaking consultation for a smart person who stammers, I borrow an exercise from the world of theater. ” It’s both a theater technique + a mindfulness technique rolled into one exercise. Use an action verb as your focal point as you speak.

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Fear of Public Speaking, Pt. II – Breathing Techniques

Matt Eventoff

I of this series I went over a number of tips and tactics to deal with the fear of public speaking. Today will focus 0n a few of my favorite breathing techniques to use prior to presenting or giving a speech: 1. This is awesome for the few minutes before you are actually going to be speaking. It is a yogic breathing technique I first learned from struggling through Vinyasa yoga classes with Nicole , and now practice for 5-10 minutes every day. In Pt.

Supercharging Your Speaking Business: Tips and Techniques from the Best and the Brightest

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Business Communication Public Speaking productivity sales NSA/NC Meeting Report: Saturday January 12, 2014 Last Saturday the Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association hosted NSA National President Ron Karr, CSP, and the best and brightest of NSA/NC, including Chapter founder Patricia Fripp, and a brains-trust of experienced, successful speakers. Ron Karr: Sales Leader Ron talked about “How to Turn a [.].

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Microphone Techniques for Speakers and Performers

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

Why is handheld microphone technique so important for speakers? Have you ever seen someone speak into a handheld microphone and yet been unable to hear them clearly, you’ve probably been tempted to blame the PA system? Bad microphone technique is like bad breath. The primary cause of poor microphone technique is a lack of understanding of a property of microphones called directionality, which relates to the direction from which they best pick up the sound.

Try the Turkey Tail Technique in your next Zoom Meeting

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Try using what I call ‘THE TURKEY TAIL TECHNIQUE.” Try the Turkey Tail Technique in your next Zoom interview or Zoom meeting. ——————————————————-. She writes, coaches, teaches, and speaks.

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Seven speech-techniques powering Obama’s UN Address

The Presenter's Blog

It was the number one rhetorical technique within the president’s UN speech, and we saw it in the very first line: “… we come together at a crossroads between war and peace; between disorder and integration; between fear and hope.”. The technique is called Antithesis, and it suspends audiences between doubt and certainty – darkness and light – peril and salvation. President Obama used a technique called Polysyndeton, which is a deliberate overuse of conjunctions.

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Making Effective Group Decisions with the Stepladder Technique


The Stepladder technique can help provide a step-by-step approach to help make effective group decisions. What is the Stepladder Technique of Decision Making? When is the Stepladder Technique Used? Steps Involved in the Stepladder Technique.

Two Views on Public Speaking Training: Skills and Technique vs. Personal Style

DeFinis Communications

I had lunch with a colleague last week and we had a rousing discussion about two different approaches to teaching public speaking and presentation skills. . We teach the techniques, behaviors and skills that are associated with powerful and effective public speaking —and we do it with a proprietary coaching approach that gets great results. For example, I recently worked with a group of experienced presenters who had accumulated some bad speaking habits.

Would it help if I sounded like a man? 5 Techniques for Quiet Talkers

Kate's Voice

On the average, women now speak only 2/3 […]. Many women think that a powerful voice is a low voice. Perhaps believing this to be the case, as women have stepped into more and more leadership positions in business, politics and the community, the average pitch of women’s voices in the western world has dropped significantly. Executive Presence gender mask resonance vocal power

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The Most Powerful Techniques for Speaking I Learned from Movie Speeches

Duarte Blog

The post The Most Powerful Techniques for Speaking I Learned from Movie Speeches appeared first on Duarte. If I asked you to quote a line from one of the most inspirational speeches you know off the top of your head, there’s a chance you’d recite something by a political or Civil Rights leader, like John F. Kennedy Jr. or Martin Luther King Jr. But, it’s more likely you’d give me lines from [.] continue reading.

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People with Public Speaking Fear can Learn from a Downs Syndrome Golfer

Speaking Freely

People who have public speaking fear can learn to develop their confidence from Amy. The post People with Public Speaking Fear can Learn from a Downs Syndrome Golfer appeared first on Read The Self-Expression Blog to Improve Speaking Skills.

This ONE technique is essential for performing under pressure:

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My colleague continued, “Of course, we couldn’t practice or drill on that technique. If a technique is effective, you need to practice it. It may be uncomfortable, but PRACTICE is essential to making a new technique second nature. I’m not sure if the “dirty word” self defense technique is effective. But I know if students don’t practice the technique, they won’t use it effectively when faced with a high-pressure situation.

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Two unconventional (okay, downright weird) anxiety techniques

Speak Schmeak

While I'm moving this week, I've invited some of my favorite public speaking and communications bloggers to guest post here on Speak Schmeak. Two Unconventional (Okay, Downright Weird) Anxiety Techniques I’m Teaching in my Public Speaking Class That You Can Try, Too! It’s the first day of Public Speaking class and my college students bear various facial expressions ranging from shock, to concern, to sheer mortification.

Nine awesome techniques for managing presentation and public speaking nerves

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

The most asked question I get is “how can I overcome my fear of public speaking&#. Inevitably I will change the wording during this process as I notice that some phrases just don’t work or flow naturally when I am speaking. It is a worldwide network of public speaking clubs providing a safe place to practice and gain feedback. – what techniques have you found to help you or your colleagues. Nerves Presentation Skills Public Speaking

22 Humor Techniques from Politics

Humor Power

The Obama Technique. The Gingrich Technique. The Mitt Romney Technique. The Cheney Technique. The Rick Perry Technique. Just speak and you’ll naturally say something funny. The Bill Clinton Technique. The Hillary Clinton Technique. The Ron Paul Technique. The Herman Cain Technique. The Jon Huntsman Technique. The Nancy Pelosi Technique. The Joe Biden Technique. The John Boehner Technique.

Practice Breathing to Manage Public Speaking Fear

Speaking Freely

Breathing to manage public speaking fear really works. Every article you read on managing fear and anxiety for public speaking will suggest learning to breathe deeply and diaphragmatically. The post Practice Breathing to Manage Public Speaking Fear appeared first on Read The Self-Expression Blog to Improve Speaking Skills. However, it only works if you practice it regularly and integrate conscious deep breathing into daily activities.

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Technique, Style, and Strategy from America’s Top Speaking Coach

Pivotal Public Speaking

The Power Presenter: Technique, Style, and Strategy from America’s Top Speaking Coach. Learn the successful presentation techniques used in over 500 IPO road shows and featured in The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company. books public speaking Jerry Weissman Power PresenterJerry Weissman. Filled with illustrative case studies of Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, John F.

Acting techniques for everyday life: Guest post by Jane Marla Robbins

Speak Schmeak

The second is from actress and author Jane Marla Robbins , on how to use acting techniques to improve your presentations. I was an actress for thirty-five years; I share acting techniques with my clients. A lot of people come to me because, in the middle of speaking, or in the middle of an important speech, they will suddenly not be able to find the word they knew yesterday. There are other acting techniques to combat fear.

Practice your speaking skills with PowerPoint’s Presenter Coach

PowerPoint Tips

One of the best techniques to improve your delivery is to practice, but how do you get feedback on how well you did? You can hire a speaking coach. Speaking too fast or in a monotone. Get my free video training, "13 techniques that will make designing your slides EASY."

6 Techniques to Make Your Presentation Unforgettable

Pivotal Public Speaking

It’s great to find yourself at the front of the room, speaking clearly, shuffling confidently through your perfectly-chosen slides, seeing looks on the faces of your audience members that seem to say “Yes, I am listening. audience in public speaking public speaking audience attention


Great Public Speaking

The same technique can be used by speakers (without the cigar). Here's how the Columbo technique works: Save one of your really critical points. Just one more thing" technique and deliver your big point. Until you've tried this out several times, don't try to use this technique at the end of your speech because people will start shuffling their materials in anticipation of the talk being over.This would cause too much distraction for the technique to have it's full effect.

Public Speaking Techniques - How to Close a Speech

Great Public Speaking

Even the most serious public speaking subjects can benefit from humor, but the humor should be sprinkled throughout the body of the presentation. This same technique can be very effective in ending a mostly humorous speaking engagement. Don't be afraid to use humor when you speak in public. Public speaking has never been easier than this One of the worst mistakes you can make as a public speaker is talking too long.

Nine awesome techniques for overcoming fear of public speaking

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

“ How can I overcome my fear of public speaking&#. Since your brain can only really focus on one thing at a time, if you focus on our audience you are not automatically not focusing on fear of public speaking. If you feel nervous about our presentations we may find yourself procrastinating over the preparation and this is a sure fire way to increase your stress levels and increase your fear of public speaking.

Public Speaking Techniques - Localized/Personalized Comments

Great Public Speaking

Get the best public speaking tips on the web. If you plan on making any comments to specific people in the audience or about the location of the presentation, now is the time to do it. Anything you say at this point should be personalized and/or localized and broadly understood. One of the things I enthusiastically and sincerely say somewhere in the beginning of a talk is, I am so happy to be here. However, that can mean uh-oh, it's pillow time to the audience because everyone says that.

Public Speaking Techniques for Staying in Control: Effective Recovery From Interruptions

Pivotal Public Speaking

For many presenters who haven’t had public speaking training, interruptions like these destroy their concentration, the mood they have set, and their overall impact. By learning these public speaking techniques to stay in control. Still, if you have exhausted all other approaches and they keep on talking, you may want to resort to this public speaking technique. The biggest question they are asked is: “How can I control my public speaking fears?”

The Alchemy of Public Speaking: Turning Performance Anxiety into Presence

Speaking Freely

Alchemy Authenticity Fear of Public Speaking Presence public speaking Public Speaking Courses Public Speaking Training Stage Fright Techniques to Clear Fear Cure for Fear of Public Speaking Fear of Speaking Leadership presence overcoming fear of public speaking overcoming stage fright Presentation style Public Speaking Course public speaking training Transformation Transparency

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Acting Techniques for Everyday Life: A Book Review

Speak and Deliver

Yesterday I compared the two disciplines of Acting & Speaking - separating them in spots, joining them in others. I had a couple of comments suggesting that the two feed into each other - or as Michael Erwine succinctly put it "Acting and Speaking inform one another". I completely agree, and today I'll review a book that isn't about speaking, per se, but, as the title reads: Acting Techniques for Everyday Life , by Jane Marla Robbins. Robbins techniques.

How to speak like a leader

PowerPoint Tips

Do you want to sound like a leader when you speak? A lot of the work of leadership is done through speaking, both to individuals one-on-one and to groups. Here are some guidelines for speaking like a leader. When you speak, you need to share your vision of the new way, without sounding preachy or condescending. You must be prepared before you speak. If you would like to speak as a leader, contact me so we can discuss training and consulting to meet your needs.

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PPT - Powerful Presentation Techniques Resource Guide Rev 11

PPT - Powerful Presentation Techniques

I've updated the PPT - Powerful Presentation Techniques Resource Guide listing to include several new books, blogs, web sites and article links that I've come across or that have been submitted to me. The Resource Guide is now in its 11th version. You can download and share the Guide - Download PPT-PowerfulPresentationTechniquesResourceGuideRev11. If you have additions or changes that should be made to the listing, please send me an e-mail. .

Stacking the Observations — A Humor Technique

Humor Power

Here’s a good technique to add more power to your set-up. What the technique involves is using multiple call backs to set up your punchline. The power in the technique is that it seems that making a serious point is the only reason you referred to the call-back. The more you use the stacking technique, it becomes internalized and will tend to happen naturally without a complex thinking process cluttering your mind. Humor In Speaking

Speaking tips from "Serial"

Speak Schmeak

I work with a lot of clients who speak and train on complex topics. Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Quick FixesI finally got around to finishing the original season of the podcast "Serial," in which the case of convicted murder Adnan Syed is re-evaluated in detail by investigative journalist Sarah Koenig. I had listened to the first four episodes on a road trip last year, but never picked it up again.

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Acting techniques for everyday life: Guest post by Jane Marla Robbins

Speak Schmeak

The second is from actress and author Jane Marla Robbins , on how to use acting techniques to improve your presentations. I was an actress for thirty-five years; I share acting techniques with my clients. A lot of people come to me because, in the middle of speaking, or in the middle of an important speech, they will suddenly not be able to find the word they knew yesterday. There are other acting techniques to combat fear.

Better Public Speaking Techniques - Presenting Like a Pro

Great Public Speaking

[link] If you want to get paid for your public speaking engagements then you need to know what professional speakers know. Over 450 public and professional speaking videos

Public Speaking : HUMOR TECHNIQUE - Toasts

Great Public Speaking

Toasting is not nearly as common as it once was. However, the polished presenter should have a few short toasts ready to go if and when the occasion arises. Here are a few fun toasts and a few touching ones too: Birthdays: => To your birthday, glass held high. Glad it's you that's older not I. => Heres to you. No matter how old you are, you don't look it.

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Fear isn't the reason you avoid speaking.

Speak Schmeak

And yes, this is a metaphor for public speaking. And here's what I say to that: You don't HAVE to do public speaking. You GET to do public speaking! And then I might argue: What if you learned to like public speaking, or even love it? My friends, colleagues and clients do a lot of avoiding of public speaking. And by "avoiding," I mean either not pursuing speaking opportunities or saying no when opportunities are presented. Not Alex Honnold.

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Interview: Resolving Public Speaking Anxiety with Jonathan Berent, L.C.S.W., A.C.S.W

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

A primary area he addresses is public speaking anxiety. He resolves the emotions of embarrassment, shame, and humiliation that many who are anxious about public speaking suffer. Fear of public speaking is not simply an inconvenience; it’s an income inhibitor, career killer, and an insidious anxiety disorder that most mental health and medical professionals do not understand. If you, or anyone you know, suffer from anxiety about public speaking, I highly recommend this book.

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How to Become Great in Public Speaking: Presenting Best Practices


In that case, you’ll benefit a lot from the public speaking tips and tricks we showcase in this post! What is Public Speaking? In the simplest terms, public speaking is the art of effective oral communication with one person or many. The Benefits of Public Speaking.

PowerPoint, Speaking or Sex?

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

   When I taught public speaking at Princeton, I developed a variety of ways to help nervous students combat speaking anxiety.    And that would make the point exactly:  the same symptoms get defined as bad when you’re about to speak and great when you’re about to have some fun.    This technique takes a little time to master, but once you do you will find it very helpful. 

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Fear of Public Speaking? You Are Not Alone…

Matt Eventoff

I enjoy Anderson’s speaking style – he appears confident, is conversational and has great control and is masterful in his use of paralanguage while reporting. . Imagine my surprise to read that Anderson Cooper, who presents in front of millions and millions of people (indirectly) everyday, prime-time, has struggled with… a fear of public speaking ? AC: On a more ridiculous level, public speaking.

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Does Tom Brady even eat bread?

Speak Schmeak

Most of the time, the people who object to your message or ideas won't speak up. Sometimes they will speak up, and you can plan in advance to have answers to their questions. Athletes Preparation Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Quick Fixes TV inspired

Fear of Public Speaking, Pt. III

Matt Eventoff

Body Movement, Pt II - As a former amateur boxer, nothing prepares me to speak better than light shadow boxing a few minutes before I have to speak. Tags: Uncategorized body movement speaking fear of public speaking improve public speaking skills media training overcome fear of public speaking public speaking anxiety public speaking fear public speaking nerves relaxation technique for public speaking visualization

Standing in the Rush: How to Transform Stage Fright and Fear of Public Speaking

Speaking Freely

This is the absolute bottom line of what to do to transform your public speaking tension and performance anxiety into radiant, authentic presence so that you shine in front of others. Coaching a corporate HR executive from a Fortune 100 company on his anxiety about public speaking, I said something new, something I’ve never [.].

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