Public Speaking Techniques for Staying in Control: Effective Recovery From Interruptions

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For many presenters who haven’t had public speaking training, interruptions like these destroy their concentration, the mood they have set, and their overall impact. By learning these public speaking techniques to stay in control. Still, if you have exhausted all other approaches and they keep on talking, you may want to resort to this public speaking technique. The biggest question they are asked is: “How can I control my public speaking fears?”

Public Speaking Techniques - Localized/Personalized Comments

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Get the best public speaking tips on the web. If you plan on making any comments to specific people in the audience or about the location of the presentation, now is the time to do it. Anything you say at this point should be personalized and/or localized and broadly understood. One of the things I enthusiastically and sincerely say somewhere in the beginning of a talk is, I am so happy to be here. However, that can mean uh-oh, it's pillow time to the audience because everyone says that.

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I want to see the speaker, not the coaching

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As a speaking coach, I always learn something from watching others present, and of course, I analyze everything about their approach to see what I can pass along to my community. Their vocal inflections lacked authenticity and sounded over-rehearsed, not how people speak in "real life."

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Storytelling in 30 seconds - can you do it?

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Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Stories TV inspired

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Drowning your audience? Try these 3 livesavers.

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We speak over our audiences'' heads, we give far too much detail, and we pack our presentations so full of information that our audiences leave numb and slack-jawed from the mental barrage. Which is why you''ve been invited to speak.

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Stay weird.

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The best speeches are those the move the audience in some way, that speak to our humanity and our deepest needs and desires. Or you can be the one who speaks up and stands out! Awards shows Engaging the Audience Entertainers Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Speakers

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Is your audience suffering an engagement drought?

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And yes, you can combine audience engagement techniques - in fact, it''s better if you do. Authenticity Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies One solution to the drought: Succulents!

The biology of courage: Make stress your friend

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Public Speaking Anxiety Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Research Speakers Taking Risks Kelly McGonigal says, "How you think about stress matters."

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Information doesn't excite your audience

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And he recognizes that this is a problem when he speaks. Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Research Photo Credit: Dan Harrelson via Compfight cc A client told me the other day that his wife says he never knows when to shut up.

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Leave your audience wanting more, not less

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Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Quick Fixes TV inspired While scrolling through channels looking for movies to record one weekend, I found the following one-line movie descriptions: 1. French policeman hounds bread thief for life 2.

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9 ways to use props for maximum impact in your presentations

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Engaging the Audience Humor Preparation Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Science and Scientists I discovered this fun challenge posted by Téa Silvestre Godfrey on Facebook, to use one of these 50 bizarre stock photos to inspire a blog post title. I couldn''t resist.

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How have you pushed the boundaries of your presentations?

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I want my readers and clients to see examples of successfully challenging the status quo (stick to the realm of public speaking, please), and the positive results that can be achieved by standing out instead of blending in.

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Stop playing it safe and start owning the stage!

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Just a quick message to tell you about my upcoming teleseminar series "Speak to Engage: 7-Step Shortcut to Public Speaking Success." Engaging the Audience Specials and Sales Programs Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies

Do people want to call you back?

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Now, I don''t expect you to be jumping for joy when we speak on the phone, but I also really don''t want to talk to you when your voice is monotone or dreary. Speak slowly and clearly. It''s okay if you speak slower than normal! Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Voice

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Do your audience's filters override your message?

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I thought the fig would speak for itself. But I didn't know it was going to be such a great experiment - and a perfect analogy for public speaking. Communication Preparation Public Speaking Techniques and StrategiesIt's a story about a fig. It's a very simple story.

Your first mistake is comparing yourself to someone else

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Not just about our speaking skills, but about everything? Say you want to be like Tony Robbins -- and I say this because I and other speaking coaches I know have had clients literally say this to us. What actions steps will get you what you want?

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Thinking of doing a Hangout? Read this first!

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Preparation Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Speakers The Business of Speaking Video Wearing a virtual cat face on a Google Hangout This is not going to be a technology article, so if that''s what you were hoping for. sorry!

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Transitions: Making the connection between ideas

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In public speaking, transitions are like the links in a chain, connectors between our ideas. Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Quick Fixes TV inspired

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What does your audience really expect of you? Guest post by Barry Potyondi

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Regardless of the speaking opportunity, every audience wants the same three things from a speaker: Clarity How many times have you listened to a speech and come away thinking, “What on earth was he trying to say?”

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Is the elevator pitch dead?

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As a public speaking coach, I do believe in practicing what you want to say, exactly so it sounds natural and not mechanical -- and so you have nailed down the most important elements: who you serve and what problem you solve.

Why your audience isn't participating

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In a recent presentation, I asked my audience if they've ever regretting not speaking up when they had something to say. Maybe someone puts her foot in her mouth all the time and is trying to speak up less.

Top ten torments to terrify your audience

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Frightful confessions I''m terrified of what''s to come when this speaker tells us she''s sorry, she''s not very good at public speaking, or she didn''t have time to prepare, or she only got two hours of sleep. People fear speaking more than they fear death."

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Public speaking role models -- all under 20

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Speakers Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Taking Risks TEDxSB Ellen Degeneres AuthenticityI've been meaning to show you these three young speakers for some time, and finally realized I should put them all into one post!

Want to improve as a speaker? Change your attitude!

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I spoke to a client yesterday who told me he sits in company meetings thinking to himself, "Don't ask me to speak. Don't ask me to speak." I suggested to him that, instead of sitting in meetings hoping not to get called on, instead he attend meetings with the intention to speak.

Using props to create a vibe

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Not knowing much about feng shui, I don't know if her decorations were merely for fun or if they had some significance, but either way, it was a nice touch and created some anticipation for the program well before it was time for her to speak.

How many goofs are in your presentation?

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I met with a client recently who will be speaking at a prestigious conference in his industry. Engaging the Audience Fun Stuff Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Speakers When we started working together, I discovered that we have a similar approach to audience engagement.

Are you leaving out the most critical piece of your presentation?

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Quick Fixes Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies The Business of Speaking Openings and Closings I watch a lot of presentations. A lot of them are good and some of them are great. I walk out of many of them feeling excited and motivated to do. something. But what?

Are you motivated or committed?

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Preparation Public Speaking Techniques and StrategiesI was reading the testimonial this weekend of a women who lost over 100 pounds and is now running marathons and getting certified to become a personal trainer.

21 tips to improve your presentations right now

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Adding to one's public speaking "bag of tricks" is a constant effort. Find more ways to practice your speaking. Quick Fixes Engaging the Audience My Favorite Tools Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Resources PowerPoint Openings and Closings Communication

Is your speech too "speechy?"

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Pet Peeves Public Speaking Techniques and StrategiesWhy is it so easy to write in clichés? Why are so many speeches and presentations full of trite platitudes like "humble thanks," "heartfelt wishes" and "I'm so honored to be here?" Because we've heard it all before.

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Address your audience's fears up front

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Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies The Business of Speaking Taking RisksI came across this sentence on an online subscription page: " And of course we’ll also send you 30 emails a day asking you to buy various unrelated things – just kidding! " I had to laugh.

Maximum message, minimum time

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Clients tell me how stressful it is to be invited to speak for 20, 30 or 90 minutes. Public Speaking Techniques and StrategiesThe shorter your presentation, the less time you have to persuade your audience.

Training vs. experience

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We frequently see this disconnect on awards shows, when a highly trained actor is at a loss for words upon receiving the Emmy or Oscar, because speaking from the heart has been superseded by memorizing dialogue. You must make opportunities to speak in front of a wide variety of audiences.

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Turning Republicans and Democrats into Americans: a talk by Mickey Edwards

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Authenticity Election Fun Stuff Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Speakers Stories

Lessons from driving: Don't be a mechanical speaker

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How do you develop this speaking approach that's conscious but not too self-conscious, and autopilot but not in the clouds? Speaking to lots of audiences helps you get over the self-conscious over-awareness of everything your body and mind are doing.

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5 public speaking lessons from a college president

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Making friends with the audience and building a connection before you speak is such a simple tool for reducing speaking anxiety and getting comfortable with the room, but few speakers (besides politicians) think to do this.

Can your audience feel you?

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American Idol TV inspired Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Taking Risks Authenticity

Visuals are the emotional heart of your story

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Engaging the Audience PowerPoint Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies TV inspired Even though television is a visual medium, I don''t find most commercials as visually compelling as they could be.

Don't be a technology dinosaur

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Technology Speakers Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies The Business of Speaking PowerPointI attended a conference last weekend where several speakers had technology issues that could easily have been solved in advance if they had any idea how their technology worked.

Speaking from a script doesn't have to sound scripted

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Write like you speak, don't speak like you write. Writing and speaking are two different languages. If you speak like you write, you will most likely come across as though you are reading from a tome, and not in a good way.