Why can't every talk be a TED talk?

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TEDxUCLA TED talks are the "it-girl" of speaking. I've written about many of them here on Speak Schmeak, in fact. In my workshops (which are often a day and a half long), I'm asked by my corporate training clients to address specific learning objectives and teach specific skills. Not only do I teach skills, but I also give my participants time to practice the skills they've learned.

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Seven ways to practice public speaking at work

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Think you don't need public speaking skills? Along with the results of its 21st annual Jobs Report Survey of 9,290 IT professionals, Computerworld published this article entitled " Nine Nontechie Skills that Hiring Managers Wish You Had." #3 3 is "an aptitude for public speaking." It's getting harder and harder to find a job that doesn't require competency in communication and public speaking skills. What are you doing to improve your skills?

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Public speaking vs. death

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I've written before about most of these mistaken beliefs about public speaking, as they are major pet peeves of mine, but please make a special note of the first one in the article. Here's what she told me in an e-mail: "I have a standing offer to all my participants: Bring me a current, scientifically credible study showing that public speaking is the #1 fear and I'll give you $100. But he never responded, so I guess those countless other surveys and studies will remain a mystery.

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