Publicity Tip: Five Ways to Be Your Interviewer’s Best Friend

Succeed Speaking

He’s also one of our charter members here at The Speakers Group.). It’s not something every speaker thinks about — Who cares about the interviewer? Check out Steve Harrison’s year-long Quantum Leap coaching program for 100 speakers and authors who want more publicity, more book sales, and more speaking engagements.

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Fresh – and Effective – Strategies for Today’s Speakers: David Newman of Do It! Marketing Interviews Shawn Ellis

Succeed Speaking

Looking for some fresh ideas on how to get “in” with speakers bureaus? Trying to figure out what meeting planners really value in their speakers these days? Marketing, and Shawn Ellis, founder of The Speakers Group and creator of Succeed Speaking, address during this 68-minute interview. Business Strategy Getting Started Marketing Speakers Bureaus Grow Your Speaking Business Marketing for Speakers


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50 Ways to Leave Your Lover… but Only Three to Grow Your Speaking Business

Succeed Speaking

It doesn’t matter if you’re a speaker selling speaking engagements or a hardware store owner selling screws. If you’re a $4,000 speaker and you raise your fee to $7,500, will you no longer be affordable to some of your clients? But now you will be affordable to a new group of clients — those who spend $7,500-10,000 per speaker — who would have never considered you at your previous fee.

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Coaching a cadre of conference speakers to give TED-quality talks

The Eloquent Woman

A cadre of 16 speakers from Aligning Forces for Quality , a national demonstration program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, were featured giving five-minute TED-quality talks about challenges faced by their projects, successes, and lessons learned. By the time each of the 16 "spotlight speakers," one from each project, had done their talks, they''d become the hit of the program. This step is often overlooked and makes a world of difference in preparing the speakers.

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