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SMS Polls. I looked into the popular new method of SMS polling ,and I found some really promising stuff. Using SMS polling is an exceptional choice for polling an audience of any size. Event Strategy Technology chat room meebo poll sms twitter web 2.0Last month Nancy Duarte spoke at Web2.0 Expo and it was a huge success.

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Add a QR code to your presentation

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A QR code can also lead to text, a phone number or SMS (texting). By now, you’ve probably seen QR codes in many places. You may even have used them. They’re still fairly new. What’s a QR code?

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How to Improve Communication Skills – Avoid These Common Mistakes

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Since then we have had a revolution in communications technology with the advent of a host of tools like Mobile Phones, SMS, Emails, the Internet, Instant Messaging and Video Chat but the problems I saw back then haven’t gone away. This little, how to improve communication, tip works equally well whether you are speaking face to face, on the phone, or via written communication including SMS and email.

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Google Wave - The Future of Presentation Collaborations?

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This is a piece of software, which will be open source, that will not only allow you to collaborate online on documents, but also provide you with a new way to email, send SMS, easily add pictures, integrate with Twitter and so on. Google Wave, the future of emailing, is coming. You might be thinking: “hang on, what’s a Google Wave?&#. Imagine this….

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And now a few words from our sponsors

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Some days you might not know whether to reach them via SMS, Facebook or Twitter.” How to get more visitors to your tradeshow booth Each conference sponsor had a booth in the tradeshow room and they were invited to the main stage to say a few words.

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Articles you should have read

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They looked at Twitter, SMS Polls and a Chat room. Instead of delving into something new today, I wanted to highlight some of the great posts and articles that I have found over the past couple of weeks that I felt needed to be discussed more. With so many posts out there, it is sometimes hard to find the good articles and a lot of times someone will post a great blog and for whatever reason, it is just missed.

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Leadership Fatalities – 5 Mistakes a Leader Must Never Make! « The.

The Shy Speaker's Guide to Succes on Stage

See article) And by the way, in the midst of all the debate going on in the hall, they had another volunteer in charge of disseminating sms updates to all 900 volunteers to coordinate their actions. Home About Gary Testimonials FREE MATERIALS! NTU PPT TRAINING FILES The Shy Speaker's Guide to Success on Stage Tips & Strategies to Help You Speak Effectively to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime Stay updated via RSS Get Gary Now!:

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