Comparing webinar services-Google Hangouts on Air, GoToWebinar, and Zoom-and why I chose Zoom

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More and more, presenters are presenting online, using webinar services. So I thought I’d share my experience and maybe comparing webinar services will help you make a choice. Here’s my story of my experience with comparing webinar services–Google+ Hangouts on Air, GoToWebinar (including GoToMeeting), and Zoom. When you pay for a webinar service and they change the interface, they send you an email about it, with tutorials.

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Best Web Services for Sharing Presentations Online

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Luckily, cloud based services have resolved that problem. But these services don’t just allow presentations to be shared online; they also come with their own set of handy features that can help you do so much more than just share your slides.

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The business of speechwriting: Client service

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Whether you write on staff or freelance, you want your speechwriting clients to feel like they’re in good hands. Think about the clients you served last week. Write down 3 specific things you did to convey your professionalism. Keep this list of actions on file.

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Accurately Pricing Writing Services

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[Excerpt from Everything You Wanted to Know about Freelance Writing – [link]. Note : See companion post: Setting your corporate writing rate – [link]. Before you quote on a project, you need to define the scope of the project. To do this, you have to ask the client a number of questions: 1. When does the project start? When is the project due? What am I expected to produce (the deliverable)? Who will I work with as the primary point person?

This is what customer service is!

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The customer service staff were friendly, supportive and helpful. Imagine if every company offered such great service. What service do you offer? Customer Service Amazon KindleI have had my Amazon Kindle for about 18 months (6 months out of warranty), and a few weeks ago it started behaving strangely, in that whenever it went onto standby, it would crash. So, I started a live chat with Amazon support on their website to see if we could resolve it.

Six customer service tips for speakers

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While reading hubby's company newsletter last week, I came across some excellent retail customer service tips, which I've adapted for speakers. Guess what: If you're a speaker, you're in customer service, too! Share your additional customer service tips in the comments!

When your first public speech is in the service of others

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When you find your voice in the service of helping others, and rise to the occasion, you never know to what other successes it will lead you.

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Moving sale! 20% off select public speaking coaching services through August 4!

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Check out my services page on my site, and anywhere you see a PayPal button, I'm offering 20% off the regular price of that service. It's a win-win: I get my moving expenses covered and you get a great deal on a variety of services! I'm moving. It's pretty momentous.

Professional Services & Developing New Business

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The professional services marketplace keeps mutating. That's why those of us who have to develop new business must keep experimenting with strategies and then the tactics within those big plans. That's what I had learned in September 2016. The results have been amazing.

Professional Services - Pricing Pressure and Pareto Rule

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What's going on in the legal sector also is what keeps the majority of us in other kinds of professional services up at night. Each professional services firm has to establish and keep reviewing its unique pricing approaches.

Five ways writers can land clients

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Freelance Writing - Corporate Freelance Writing - General Marketing Your Services freelance writing marketing marketing writing services sales and marketing selling writing servicesFreelance writers can land new clients five ways: through referrals, from previous clients, through a well optimized website, by email, by mail or in person.

Skype Training Services with TJ Walker, Media Training Worldwide

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Skype Training Services with TJ Walker, Media Training Worldwide. Skype Training Services include the following. Fee for service is $XXX (call for info) per hour for all training services. The training I am now doing with clients through skype is really taking off. Below are the specifics. If’ you’d like a free demo, please call me to set on up. TJ 212.764.4955 (If you can think of other applications for Video training through Skype, please let me know).

10 Ways a Contestant Can Add Value to their District

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Speak Outside TM - schedule yourself at local service clubs - Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Optimists and the like. Use it to Speak & Deliver the right messages - messages of communication, service and leadership that define our organization.

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Ten Common Mistakes When Hiring a Keynote Speaker

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Guest Posts Business Services Conferences Keynote Keynote Speaker Paul Rulkens public speakingPaul Rulkens is a personal and organizational development consultant and professional speaker. He helps improve business results by making people, teams and organizations more successful.

Smile Less, Get More Business in Professional Services

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But, for them and for many of us in professional services, that might have been a dumb move. The professional services game is one filled with crisis. Globally, Americans are known for excessive smiling. Here is The Atlantic article on that by Olga Khazan.

30 Blogs on How to Handle Difficult People | Nanny Service

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30 Blogs on How to Handle Difficult People | Nanny Service. Here is a great collection of blogs addressing the general area of dealing with difficult people. There seems to be something here for everyone--we all seem to have to deal with difficult people at one time or another. link]. communicating with difficult people difficult people

Content Marketing in Professional Services - Stop Giving Away the Store

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Every successful player in content marketing knows this: There is a clear line between providing enough information and insight to indicate you know your stuff and too much. The latter situation is known as "giving away the store."

Promoting Your Professional Speaking Services

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[link] This video tells you the importance of becoming a celebrity in your niche. Over 450 public and professional speaking videos

Professional Services - Plain-Speaking Gets the Sale, Reduces Churn

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There was a time when those in professional services were socialized to, well, "speak like professionals." Currently, we run if the professional services representatives talk formally. " The tax experts used formal language and formal terms about IRS regulations. Lawyers would do the same the legal system.    We in communications would pontificate about perception, even throwing in some statistics from the latest research. That was then.

Ch. 39: Accurately Pricing Services (Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Writing)

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To do this, you have to ask the client a number of questions: Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Writing Freelance Writing - Corporate business of freelance writing estimating writing services Everything you want to know about freelance writingAlthough the formula I outlined (in the previous chapter) should help you determine your per-hour rate, most clients are interested in the bottom line. What’s this document (media release, brochure, Web page, speech, script.)

Two Slides You Can Lose

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The Vibration of Selling vs. Serving

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One of the things that Joel said was that he did everything in his business from a place of service. Most Recent Post Speaking Business Strategy business strategy selling vs. servicingRecently I interviewed Joel Boggess, a well-known author, speaker and podcaster.

"Presence" in Professional Services

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That's especially in professional services which have become a buyer's market. Now the successful in professional services do backflips to send a very different message. The 2015 book "Presence" is holding on to a high ranking on Amazon.

5-Question Q&A about the freelance writing business

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Marketing Your Services Recently I was interviewed about the freelance writing business. The information will not be available online, but I have posted here the questions I was asked and my answers to them.

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Are you in the minority?

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Customer Service sales manners service smalltalkI was queuing to pay at a shop the other day when my phone rang. I took the call and quickly hung up when I got to the front so that I could pay for my shopping. The shopping assistant was surprised that I had hung up to speak to her. She told me that it was the first time that had happened, and everybody else just carried on speaking on the phone while they paid; as if she did not exist.

Do you want my money or not?

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Communication Customer Service business customer service moneyWhy do so many companies make it so difficult to give them money? Here are just 5 ways to make me take my money elsewhere? Don’t have a website. Have a website, but don’t provide contact details. Have a website with contact details, but don’t respond to my queries. Don’t return my phone calls. Break your promises, or make unreasonable promises. I bet you are thinking that your business would never do any of these.

Professional Services Providers - Sure, Accept Payment in Bitcoin

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Some professional services firms are now facing this decision: Should they accept payment in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  Currently there exist technical support services which convert bitcoin into American dollars.

Professional Services (including PR), Power & #MeToo

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The media spotlight on alleged sexual harassment has widened the territory covered to include professional services. The #MeToo in professional services, be the niche law or public relations, is more about the plain-vanilla abuse of power.

Do e-book sales cannibalize print sales?

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Freelance Writing - General Marketing Your Services My Books Self-Publishing & Print On Demand creating e-books creating e-pubs e-books Kindle books sales of e-booksDo e-book sales cannibalize print sales? Find out what Paul Lima has experienced.

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Chapter 25: Corporate Market Services (Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Writing)

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Chapter 25: Corporate Market Services: In writing for the corporate market, the problem is not a dearth of opportunities but a plethora of them in terms of the number of companies out there and the types of written communication they require. However, in this chapter, we will look at the types of writing services you can offer corporate clients.

Wine and service

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At the first tasting room yesterday we met Mike, a soon-to-be grad student studying management. His background is varied, from studying at the Culinary Institute of America to serving in the Air Force.

Wine and service

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At the first tasting room yesterday we met Mike, a soon-to-be grad student studying management. His background is varied, from studying at the Culinary Institute of America to serving in the Air Force.

Non-fiction book titles and SEO

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Freelance Writing - General Marketing Your Services My Books Search Engine Optimization Excerpt from "Produce, Price and Promote Your Self-Published Fiction or Non-fiction Book and eBook" on using SEO in your non-fiction book titles.

A Public Speaker’s Checklist

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Anatomy of landing a client on the Web

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Marketing Your Services Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization SEO writing for the webAbout 70% of my new training and writing gigs come to me through my website. The rest are from referrals or my marketing.) Recently, I wrote a business letter for a client in Russia who is trying to land distribution deal with an American company. Other writers have asked me how a client from Russian [.].

Courthouse News Service, Camden, NJ - Full-time Reporter (help-wanted)

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$20 per hour. Here are details and how to apply. careers

Charli Jane Speaker Services: 10 Tips to Help Position Yoursel

You can also learn more about speaking leads, visit to learn more about her services. Charli Jane Speaker Services P.O.

Consulting Services for Freelancers

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Paul Lima offers consulting services for freelance writers and editors, and other independent practitioner. Work one-on-one by email or phone to discuss the business of freelance writing and editing or starting almost any service-based business. Business Training Freelance Writing - General Marketing Your Services business of freelance writing freelance writing freelance writing consulting services Paul Lima

Thought Leadership for Professional Services Firms - Focus on Target Markets

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Professional services players, ranging from lawyers to management consultants, have always recognized the marketing power of thought leadership.

Guest Post: How to Write a Bio and Website ‘About’ Page That Sells Your Writing Services

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The bio and about pages are vital parts of a freelance writer's website. In a concise format you define yourself to an audience of strangers. It's where a large chunk of your traffic will end up. Your bio helps prospective clients determine if your interests and expertise align with their needs. People enjoy reading interesting bios; they'll stop reading, however, if you simply list strings of boring information. Freelance Writing - General self-promotion write about page Write bio