Post-9/11 - Searching for Safety

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  Many of us then had to search for how we could ever feel safe again. What was most vivid to us in the New York Metro area after-9/11, were the cars still parked in the lots of commuter railroad stations throughout the counties ranging from Fairfield to Westchester.

Cryptocurrency Assignments - Search Beyond U.S.

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Communications strategists and content providers eager to penetrate the cryptocurrency industry can search for assignments outside the U.S. The way "in" for a field or a niche is usually to do assignments or even full-time jobs for a low fee.

Voice Search Optimization: I have one radically different thought

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As I work on voice search optimization projects, I keep reading about the topic. In short – voice search is on the rise. You need to think about voice search optimization. If you’re interested in voice search optimization — go ahead.

Donald Trump Says He's Searching for Replacement for Fox News

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Those who are up on their history know that Henry VIII wound up offing those institutions and people who didn't do what he wanted. That template seems to be playing out in Donald Trump's seeming definition of "loyalty."

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"Searching" - Extreme Crime Thriller Via Smartphones, Laptops

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He rushes back to that same location with a search and rescue mission. In the "Law & Order" programming, the detectives use law enforcement databases to help get their man - or woman.

Searching for Buddha in Trumpville

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Raccoon Road in Austintown, on September 1, 2016, I searched for Buddha. Austintown, Ohio is rural. So many long-time residents have stories about how things used to be when the coal and steel industries were booming. That was then.

"Cheap" Shakes Off Its Lousy Connotation (yes, I searched for a cheap apartment)

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Language is a living institution. It continually changes. One change is that the term "cheap" has lost its negative connotation. "Cheap" is good. It signals those using it are high in financial literacy and learned lessons from the two economic downturns in the 21st century. 

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Become a Google power search user

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But if all you do is go to Google and search, you might be interested in pumping up your search ability. About a month ago, I attended a Google search seminar offered by the Society of American Business Editors & Writers and picked up a number of Google power search techniques, which I am sharing here. Freelance Writing - General Google Google power searches Google searches

When to use social search to supplement Google search…

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” For such queries, social search might be a better option. Before the popularity of online social search, I used my favorite social network: face-to-face. 2) under what other circumstances might you use social search to supplement Google search?

Cold Emailing in Job Search - 5 Tips

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Read classic job-search guide "What Color Is Your Parachute?" Most jobs, contract assignments, and new business for our enterprises aren't advertised. There are no help-wanted posted out there indicating we should pitch ourselves.

Google Searches Up for "Dow Jones" - Can Freak Main Street into Frugality, Increasing Odds of Recession

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Both those who own equities and those who don't are doing a lot of Google searches for "Dow Jones." " That's what Nicholas Colas, co-founder of DataTrek Research, has observed, reports Marketwatch. That can be a dangerous development for the economy.

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The Search for Work & Extreme Vetting

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The bottom line on getting a job, any job, is that the search for work has become for more and more the kind of journey mythic heroes take on to grow. Inside the beltway, extreme vetting of those nominated for positions such as SCOTUS justice is standard.

How to develop horizontal and vertical search engine optimization key words

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When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) -- optimizing your website for the best possible rank in search engines -- knowing your keywords and key phrases, and optimizing for them, are important. Search Engine Optimization key words keywords optimize your website Search engine optimization SEO

Why blog I: Boost your search engine optimization

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They boost the rank of a company’s website in search engine results, help companies deepen their relationship with existing customers, engage new prospects, and build their brand in the online universe. Tags: Business Writing Marketing Your Services Search Engine Optimization blogging and SEO company blogs corporate blogs Search engine optimization why blog Blogs are effective for B2B companies for a number of reasons.

Herman Cain: In Search of Ethos

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As the plot thickens for Herman Cain, his credibility grows thinner. Each new allegation brings a slip in the polls and makes it less likely he’ll be able to win the Republican nomination. His “ethos” is shot. Aristotle argued that there are three forms of persuasion when using the spoken word: Ethos – the character [.]. Opinion Political Speeches Presentation Skills Public Speaking Rhetorical Devices

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Yahoo! Image Search Engine - Creative Commons Search

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Image Search Engine and it's capability to search based on Creative Commons License - a great benefit for presenters looking for images with the appropriate license for use. The search engine allows you to search for images that allow for commercial use and to filter out adult images as well. Meanwhile at Google you can search for an image with a particular color according to the Google Blogoscoped. . Research Buzz reviews the Yahoo!

PR Firm Wanted - Legal Marketing Association Launches Search

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A sign of our promotional times, the Legal Marketing Association is searching for a public relations firm.    As Kevin McCauley reports in , the Association has 4,200 members. Many of them belong to the AmLaw 200.

Podcast: SEO – Search Engine Optimization in 2010

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Resumes/Cover Letters, Your Edge for Success (YES), and The Disrupted Job Search Category

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"  Large corporations such as Unilever are experimenting with blowing up job search. Playing the Job Search Game - Literally. How much should side hustlers be willing to invest in the front end of a search for gigs, at least for now? Resumes and cover letters?

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Peace of Mind - The Search by Even Successful Players

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Hmmmmm. I would look up from my cushion three times a week at the Buddhist meditation center in New Haven, Connecticut. What the hell are they doing here?    That's what I wondered. 

Theranos - Still in Search for Survival

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Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes isn't giving up. That's despite investor and consumer lawsuits, a federal criminal investigation if she misguided investors and being banned from the blood-testing industry for two years. As many know, she switched the startup's identity from actual blood-testing to technology development. The focus in now the minilab, which has the mission of providing portable blood analysis. At Theranos, there will be 220 employees left to work on that.

Searching for Job on the Computer - Optional Cover Letters

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Most of the search for work takes place on the computer. Some may conduct the first vetting via a robotic search of the resume for the required keywords. And more of those application forms on the computer indicate that the cover letter is optional.

Professional Services Firms, Like McKinsey - They Must Go in Search for a Soul

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  If diverse constituencies continue to pressure professional services firms to go in search for a soul, the bad guys might lose out on having sophisticated paid help. Once a powerful brandname in management consulting, McKinsey is being attacked on many fronts. 

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Search engine optimization can boost your online presence: here’s more proof

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Marketing Your Services Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization SEO"Changing my website copy around has landed me first page finishes in all the horizontals I use on my website! That's a pretty amazing feat -- to go from only being able to find my company with my company name to typing "copywriter Moncton" and popping up in the top 5." - Kathy Mercure, Writenow! Communications.

"The Mule" - Earl Stone Is Aging Everyman's (and Everywoman's) Search for Redemption

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  Earl Stone seems to be so many of us aging who find we are being pushed by some internal forces to search for redemption. In 'The Mule," glad hander Earl Stone enjoys things his way.    For decades, not surprisingly, that didn't include his wife and daughter.

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Thomas Duncan - His Search For Happiness Has Ended

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Like most human beings he was searching for happiness. Thomas Duncan died today. The courts of law were ready to judge him harshly. Both in his homeland of Liberia and in Dallas, law enforcement wanted to know what he knew and when he knew it.

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BigData Uncovers Correlations: Forget searching for causes

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" In a big-data world. we won't have to be fixated on causality; instead we can discover patterns and correlations in the data that offer us novel and invaluable insights.

Small Business (including law firms) and Ecommerce - Realities of Local Search

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One of her key recommendations is for lawyers to consult with search engine experts to have the website programmed for local search. Law firm rose to the top not so much on the basis of their websites, although search engines do pull material from websites.

Headhunter Conducting Search for Asst. for PR Firm, D.C.

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Details and how to apply - here.    careers

Harper's Magazine, NYC - Searching for 2 Assistant Editors (help-wanted)

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Here are details and how to apply. careers

"Energy" and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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  Of course, a factor to consider immediately in any situation of low visibility on the web is faulty search engine optimization (SEO). 

Freak Show: Top 10 Search Words For June

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The best thing about doing this blog is reading the search words people use to find it. A few people searched on ‘presentations’, but they were outnumbered by the wacky ones. Tags: Top 10 Google search words Karl Stefanovic Presentations “Feels real to me.&#.

PR's Alison Brod et al. - Search for slow-down switch

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  A few months ago I went on a search for serenity.  When Buddhist career coach Marc Lesser's book "Less" came out in 2009, it didn't seem to get the attention it deserved. 

Drudge Report - Dems Don't Need to Soul-Search, Says Harry Reid

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No need for soul-searching about losing everything in Campaign 2016. The Drudge Report headlines with Harry Reid's alternate reality. The outgoing minority leader in the U.S. Senate thinks the Democratic Party is doing just fine.

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The Language of Transition - Keywords in Job Search (that's why outplacement coaches use it)

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The language of transition is what McKinsey uses to describes the future of work around the world. Here is its December 1, 2017 report on jobs lost and jobs gained.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Magic Number Is 1,500 Words (different story in real life)

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The search engine optimization (SEO) mandate has become 1,500 words. That's the gospel according to search engines. No wonder Twitter is developing a long form option. That's what help-wanted ads for digital content specify.

Searching for Images on Google filtered by use licenses

PPT - Powerful Presentation Techniques

Research Buzz has a posting on how Google Image Search no w allows users to "filter their searches by a variety of use licenses including Creative Commons and GNU Free Documentation". Here is a screenshot of the Google Advanced Image Search.

HuffingtonPost+AOL: Digital Consolidating, Search for Partner

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Congratulations to AOL's Tim Armstrong for closing a deal to buy      Clearly, this is the era of consolidation in digital.    Armstrong selected just-the-right property and even managed to hold on to the founder as Editor-in-Chief. 

LinkedIn Members - 4 Tips For Smackdowns In Networking, Rainmaking, Job Search

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LinkedIn is crushing all its networking competition. It has become the platform for professional whatever. Just as Facebook is for social. If you're ambitious you check its messaging system a few times a day. You take a peek at who has viewed your prolife.

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Don’t Search for the Perfect Word | Public Speaking Training

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Thomas Merton - Was he searching or running?

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  The professor saw Merton as the Patron Saint of those of us who were searching for spiritual wholeness.    He stopped running and halted long enough to start, yes, searching for his own answers.  When I left the University of Michigan doctoral program for a while, a professor told me to read the works of Thomas Merton.    But was that professor right?

Public Speaking Marketing Tips: Paid Search

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One way to find targeted traffic is to pay your way to the top of the search results. You have seen them often almost every time you search online. They will be typically on the top of the page or the right hand side of the search results on Google with websites that match your inquiry. The ads in yellow are the sponsored ads and the ones below that are natural search results. This is called Pay-Per-Click or sponsored ads.

Searching for Success: Every culture has its poignant tale, says Boris Kreiman of

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With the economic shift from recession to growth, the herd is headed back in search of success.  Just about every culture has its version of the archetypal journey in search of success. 

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