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 Instead they go straight to search engines or ask the URLs for our blogs.  That's because they already liked what they had found on search engines about my approach and styles of writing. 

A great resource for presenters–

PowerPoint Tips

When users had questions about PowerPoint, they just went ahead and asked their questions because there were not as many search options to look for similar questions that other people had asked before them. I want to share with you a great resource for presenters–

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Why you need to get your presentations on the Internet–and how

PowerPoint Tips

YouTube is the #2 search engine and will give you the greatest exposure. You can then display them in a browser and give people the URL. You can just upload the presentation to a web server and give people the URL so they can download the presentation file.

Public Speakers - Optimize Your Videos on Youtube

Great Public Speaking

Titling Your Videos The title of your video is the main place that search engines look for keywords. Doing your keyword research early gives you the titles you can use for search positioning and the content ideas about what to say in your vidoes. For instance: Publc Speaking: Getting Over Stage Fright or Leadership Skills - Teaching Teenagers Responsibility The search engines can grab any of these keywords for a search result.

Article Marketing For Public Speakers

Great Public Speaking

Also, make sure that the article page on your site has been indexed by the search engines first before submitting to the article sites. To find out if a webpage has been indexed, copy and paste the URL of the page into the Google search box and hit "search." If a clickable result appears, then the page has been indexed, if the result says: "Your search did not match any documents", then it has not yet been indexed. *

Charli Jane Speaker Services: 10 Ways to Boost your Business O

Dont clutter your site, make it easy to navigate, because if visitors have to search up and down for what theyre looking for, they will give up and head to the next website - so make sure you grab their attention! Adding your URL to everything!

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Charli Jane Speaker Services: Speakers increase your credibility

ALWAYS insert a clear, concise bio at the bottom of your articles, sharing a bit about yourself, your links and products, the URL of your website, and your contact information. Be sure to use keywords and SEO-friendly phrases so you show up higher in search results.

Five Platforms for a Classroom Back-channel Chat

To set up your chat area just select a name for your room (that name becomes the url for your chat area), how long you want your room to exist, and select an optional Twitter hashtag for your chat area. To invite people to your chat area send them the url.

Free Product and Service Promotion with Big Results for Speakers and Coaches

I gathered e and URL addresses of ePublishers and Web sites who wanted free information. Within eight months, I was #1-3 in Google and 35 other search engines. Free Product and Service Promotion with Big Results for Speakers and Coaches by Judy Cullins How much time do you spend promoting your business? Two hours out of six? One hour out of six? Maybe not even that much. No need to feel guilty.

Web Ink Now: Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking

Web Ink Now Follow me on Twitter Your email address: Powered by FeedBlitz Search this blog WWW THE BEST OF WEB INK NOW Top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking The one question to ask your prospective social media agency No blog? Sign Out (URLs automatically linked.) Name is required to post a comment Please enter a valid email address Invalid URL BLOGS THAT LINK HERE I want to speak at your next event!

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