On a Fox Radio Tour This Morning Discussing Obama and Putin

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WOAI San Antonio, TX. WRVA Richmond, VA. 0705AM ET. KFAB Omaha, NE. 0713AM ET. WDRC Hartford, CT. 0720AM ET. WNDB Daytona Beach, FL. 0750AM ET. WILM Wilmington, DE. 0838AM ET. 0847AM ET. WILS Lansing, MI. 0900AM ET. Press Room obama putin radio

Quotes about America

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Need to connect with an audience in Charleston SC … Las Vegas NV … San Antonio TX … Tulsa OK … Winston-Salem NC … Elmira NY … or any other location in the US? Someone who recently attended one of my speechwriting seminars emailed to ask if I could recommend a book of quotations about the United States. I can.

Teaching Templates to Professors

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At the end of October I was in San Antonio speaking at a conference of business communication professors. The topic we were talking about was how to teach students to create an attractive template for their slides. The professors agreed that too many students (and in my experience presenters of all ages) spend too much time formatting every slide individually instead of using the slide master to set the common look.

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What America Reads…

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16 – San Francisco Chronicle 312,118 354,752. 25 – The San Diego Union-Tribune 261,253 330,848. 31 – San Jose Mercury News 227,119 244,661. 40 – San Antonio Express News 192,930 303,737.

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MLM sales: Creating wealth and happiness

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Your amigo in San Antonio.&#. I spoke to my first multi-level marketing group last week via phone interview. Because I had never ventured there before, I tweeted for help. And help arrived. Mame Noonan wrote: &# It’s about building relationships. People will buy from those they like and trust. Personal notes go a long way when it comes to staying in front of your customers. When you believe in what you do and your passion and enthusiasm show, things will happen.

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