I’m proud to consider myself a salesperson

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I decided to talk about being a salesperson and the perceptions that many people have about sales and the selling process. So many people seem to automatically associate the word selling with many negative connotations such as high pressure, foot in the door, manipulation, conning someone into buying something they don’t want or can’t afford. Today , to be an effective salesperson you need to have a different approach.

How to Increase Your Sales Even When You’re an Experienced Salesperson

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I’m in the market for a new car. I want a small SUV in the Honda CR-V / Toyota RAV-4 class. I’ll use this car primarily for commuting and weekend errand running. Since I don’t see gas prices declining, I want a four cylinder with good gas mileage. Because I drive a car until it has 100,000 miles on it, I want it fully loaded with nearly every option available. I want something with cargo capacity so I’m looking at the small SUVs.

6 Presentation Mistakes Every Professional Should Avoid

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Is a salesperson motivated by the goal of remaining compliant? That’s something a salesperson would listen to. “There’s this one guy at my company who…”. So began my in-flight conversation about presentations and presentation mistakes. This happens a lot.

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Your audience has simple requests: Can you fulfill them?

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What did this salesperson do wrong? Yet the salesperson failed to make an appointment. The salesperson failed to let the buyer sample the product. You have a new business. Your product is chocolate-chip cookies.

Public Speaking - Sexist Language

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A salesman is now a salesperson. The use of sexist language is something you must also be careful to avoid in order to be in tune with today's society. There is an excellent section about this topic in the book Speak Like a Pro by Margaret Bedrosian. A fireman is now a firefighter. You don't look for a chairman for a meeting, you look for someone to chair the meeting or a chairperson. You must be very careful in your use of humor in these sensitive times.

Greenwood Chevrolet, Austintown, Ohio - No, I Will Never Do Business There

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Of course, like any seasoned salesperson, I prepared for the meeting. One salesperson's disrespect for another salesperson's time is unacceptable. I am no newbie to the rough-and-tumble world of selling vehicles.

OBSESSION! Grant G. Sarbinoff Was Allegedly a Busy Guy

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It might be a lost love, a lost job, the promotion we didn't receive, the disrespect we perceive we were a victim of and/or being cheated by a salesperson. Obsession is the theme of so much great literature. The classic example is the novel "Moby Dick."

Presentation Skills - Using Humor In Sales

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Another advantage of humor is that it can help break down the status barrier between the salesperson and the client. It helps build a rapport and a sense of we instead of you and me which makes your point of view, as the salesperson, much more persuasive.

Blog Carnival Today! Sales Coaching: Top Tips for Increased Productivity

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Whether you’re a sales manager or a salesperson, the information presented by the expert bloggers in our Blog Carnival will broaden your understanding of this important topic. As you know, every once in a while we enjoy hosting a Blog Carnival. The “carnival” gives our readers a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from numerous authors all in one convenient spot.

Communication is Easy and Difficult: An Exercise

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Nodding to a colleague when passing each other, asking a salesperson where a particular item is, or arranging to meet a friend after class—most people would agree—are relatively easy interactions. I'm developing this exercise for possible use in the new edition of Human Communication and I thought it might be of interest more generally for just about any course in speech communication or interpersonal communication.

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4 Tips to Avoid “Premature Elaboration”

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Watch for the premature elaboration: Salesperson: Hi, this is Name and we met last week at the ABC meeting. We do use hotels like X and if you can email me more information… Enthusiastic but ill prepared Salesperson cuts off prospect: Oh, yes! Do you see all the opportunities missed by this salesperson? The salesperson was passionate about the wrong thing! What is likely to happen when the salesperson calls back?

Talking for a Living - Struggle to Find the Right "Stage" Persona

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Salesperson. Corporate Executive. Motivational speaker. Politico. And, yes, Comic. All those roles involve talking for a living.    To succeed mandates finding the right "stage" persona.

"The Founder" - Business Builder As Anti-Hero

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No, he couldn't see beyond his hunger for a bigger life than he was leading as a traveling salesperson in the Midwest. The 2016 film "The Founder" exposes the iconic Ray Kroc as a ruthless business mogul. His total focus was on his own success.

Preppy Perv Who Had It All Takes 10-Year Plea Deal

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The universe blessed Cameron McDermott with good looks, pedigree, a prep school education, a good job as a medical device salesperson, and a trust fund.

Retiring the retirement speech

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For example, if the individual is recognized as being a great salesperson, you will praise a personality aspect that supports this. Retirement speeches are due for retirement. A blend of good luck and bad means that retirement is becoming a thing of the past. The good luck is that we live longer, fitter lives. The bad luck is that retirement funds haven’t kept up with us.

Yes Checklist: what to discuss when and editor says yes to your article idea

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After all, once the editor says, “Yes, I’d love to buy that article from you…” you move from the domain of salesperson to that of a supplier of words. Excerpt from Everything You Wanted to Know About Freelance Writing . What you do once an editor says “yes” to your article idea can be as important as how you pitch your ideas (the query letter). Upon having your proposal accepted by an editor, you have to discuss a number of details with your editor before you write.

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Professional Public Speaking - Sexist Language

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A salesman is now a salesperson. The use of sexist language is something you must also be careful to avoid in order to be in tune with today's society. There is an excellent section about this topic in the book Speak Like a Pro by Margaret Bedrosian. A fireman is now a firefighter.

Ch. 18: Finding Markets (from “Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Writing”)

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Working as a freelance writer is as much a business as working as an insurance salesperson or a widget manufacturer. Chapter 18: Finding Markets: It takes work to run a business, any business. I happen to find it more fulfilling than selling insurance or manufacturing widgets, primarily because I like to write. Because I enjoy writing, I avoided the business aspects of my work in the beginning and, by golly, I didn’t get paid to do much writing.

For your next video conference: think Nixon…

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Or if you’re a salesperson and you think, “Hey, my customers and prospects are smart. Watch the first televised presidential debate on YouTube. Kennedy and Nixon go head-to-head in 1960.

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Public Speaking: Sales Tips Part 1

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Some salespersons get so wrapped up in telling jokes they forget to go for the business. Sales Tips Part 1 Don't forget to make your sales pitch. Use testimonials. They can be delivered live by happy clients who are willing to help you or in writing or by video or audio tape. You could make a funny video which includes bloopers. Keep your ego out of the sale. Remember the sales profession is a profession of rejection. In most cases, it is not you that is being rejected.

The Economist Called Me Today

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The salesperson with a cultured clipped British accent informed me that the subscription price was going up tomorrow. On my smartphone, the phone number had an international code. So, I answered it, with great hope that I was going to land another global account. 

Nice and Nasty « Elizabethkuhnke's Blog

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You replay conversations you haven’t even had yet. … And Ways Not To Be A double-glazing salesperson rings just as you are about to sit down to dinner.

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Speak & Deliver - A Public Speaking Blog For the Speaking Public: Why We Must Sell.

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You are a Salesperson. skip to main | skip to sidebar Why We Must Sell. Posted by Rich Hopkins, Speaker, Author, Coach on Thursday, September 17, 2009 Labels: Audience , Benefit , Glengarry Glen Ross , Sales The profession of sales gets a bad rap.

Megyn Kelly's "Sunday Night" - Ratings Hit New Low of 3.1 Million Viewers

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As a salesperson would put it:  This dog don't hunt.    That might be the best way to describe Megyn Kelly on "Sunday Night."  "  Kelly can't seem to connect with the audience. And that audience is drifting away.

10 Principles of Successful Upselling

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To upserve, it must be a conversation where you, the salesperson, listen and love your customer. It was a good thing I was in an airplane as I listened to the audio recordings of a client’s “mystery” shop calls yesterday. Had I been anyplace else, and I would have been screaming like a wild woman but didn’t want to frighten my fellow travelers. How can you upsell when you don’t even ask if they would like something else to enhance their event?

The Christmas Tale of Three Tries

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There was an introverted writer who fancied herself a gifted salesperson.     She never again foisted herself on any organization as a salesperson. Dmyla - Dreamstime.com.

Trump's War on Science, Yawn - Marketplace Doesn't Give a Damn

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Even the most non-green car salesperson knows to hammer the great miles per gallon. The shock of Trumpism is over. Vanity Fair can headline with the president's war on science.

Supply Chains - Something Might Be Rotten in State of Ohio

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They directly involved, first, salesperson Dave Bradfield and, then, owner Greg Greenwood. Vendor relations are right up there with customer service when it comes to operating a successful global business. Therefore, my encounters, as a possible vendor, with Greenwood Chevrolet , Austintown, Ohio, were quite puzzling.

Your audience has simple requests: Can you fulfill them?

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What did this salesperson do wrong? Yet the salesperson failed to make an appointment. The salesperson failed to let the buyer sample the product. You have a new business. Your product is chocolate-chip cookies.

Positioning Yourself For More Speaking Engagements

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Besides, when you have done what’s necessary to position yourself, you will more readily attract a commissionable salesperson (and bureaus) because you won’t be so darn hard to book! 12 essential Steps to Attract Your Ideal Customers. With all due respect, love and admiration, why do you, some of our planet’s best teachers (professional speakers) think that all you have to do is throw up a website to get invitations to speak?

Tired of lowering your prices? Good! Don’t…

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Here is what I see: Not enough work was done up front by the salesperson to create a valuable value prop for the customer. Because I only present customized workshops for my clients (this always negates any concern about conflicts between similar type clients and is more practical for them and more fun for me), I get to review a lot of email that sales people write.

Retirement - Road Less Traveled by Those Determined Not to Become Invisible

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In Japan , there is cosmetics salesperson Yoskio Lida. In America there are media tycoon Rupert Murdoch and investment guru Warren Buffett. Both are in the late 80s. Neither indicate they will be retiring. She is 85. She also shows no signs of retiring from work.

The Sales Presentation

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They are clear that a sales presentation should be a dialogue between salesperson and audience. Volumes have been written about the skills needed for successful sales presentations. Advice abounds about how to present benefits, not features; how to conduct product demos; how to use influencing techniques; how to establish rapport; how to close; and more.

An easy and authentic way to sell when your prices are higher…

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” If I had a dollar every time a salesperson said that, and believed it, I’d never again feel guilty about buying my daily Starbucks. “All they care about is price. Especially if it’s an on-lne RFP or a third-party.” Yes, there are a few people who buy on price alone. They want the cheapest and they don’t care or don’t realize that they may not be getting the best deal.

Sins of Sons, Well-Being of Parents - Cameron McDermott, Andrew Bachman

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He had worked as a medical device salesperson. The New York Post refers to Carmeron McDermott, 31, as a preppy trust-fund kid in the headline. So, of course, we are all going to be all-eyeballs. The read isn't disappointing.

The Cool Kids: We can sell more, to better cut of client by not trying to be one

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  Think about it: When is the last time you purchased something from a cool salesperson?  I bought my new car at an East Haven, Connecticut dealership because from the get-go, the salesperson focused on me. The Cool Kids are everywhere.

How to Avoid Half Cadence Video Simulations

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For example, the goal may be to sell 20 more cars per salesperson this year. The first time I immersed myself in a video-based simulation, I felt like something was off, uneasy,, or just plain awkward.

Displaced Professionals - Sure, Demand for Frontline Healthcare Workers Is Growting, But.

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  Think about it: Some salespersons and some waiters make a lot of money through commission and tips. The displaced professional has become the new Everyman and Everywoman. The factors range from technological change to simple aging.

Prosocial Communication

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So, does the real estate salesperson engage in prosocial communication when she convinces a potential buyer to buy a house—that is sure to (and actually does) increase dramatically in value—when her motivation is the commission she’ll earn from the sale? This discussion of prosocial communication is a preliminary version of a section I'm considering adding to the new edition of The Interpersonal Communication Book. It would be the final section of the last chapter.

Public Speaking: Service After The Sale

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About every three months she gets a letter from the salesperson who sold it to her. Following Up After the Sale Humor and lightheartedness can be used after the sale to maintain a nonthreatening presence with the customer. This also helps create loyal customers and repeat business. Customers see that you didn't disappear immediately after getting their money. My office assistant bought a new Saturn automobile a few years ago.