Sales presentation strategy

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What is your primary goal in making a sales presentation? So why do so many sales-presenters try to conceal the fact? You avoided any words to do with sales because you didn’t want to sound sleazy, but instead you’ve made yourself sound evasive. You’re there to sell!

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Sales pitch strategy

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When this occurs they become more inclined to give credibility to the presenter’s sales message. Successful sales presentations amplify similarity, while minimising difference. Let’s take a ten second case-study: Imagine you are the Sales Director of an IT company.

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The Sales Presentation Paradox

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In this article, Simon explains this as The Sales Presentation Paradox, and gives some pertinent advice to make sure your next sales presentation accomplishes exactly what you want it to. … Message Performance Corporate Speaking featured Pitching PowerPoint preparation Sales Presentations

Sales arguments that build presentations

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At the core of a sales presentation are logical arguments that lay out why your product benefits the customer. Those sales arguments need the force of mathematical logic. Their sales argument is: “Successful SME’s value our tax advice, If you’re a successful SME. by Peter Watts.

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How (and Why) to Tell Killer Sales Stories

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There’s a scene in the British comedy Cemetery Junction that I love because I think it’s a perfect representation of the power of sales stories and storytelling in sales. The more seasoned salesman, he approaches the pitch from a sales storytelling angle.

The Sales Myth: Delighting Customers Converts Leads

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Do you try to trick them into advancing to the next step with out dated sales strategies (Benjamin Franklin close anyone?!) Do you align your messaging with their key drivers or with your sales needs? Delighting customers is a smart sales strategy.

Dump the Mystery Shop to Build More Sales

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Research reported in The Top-Performing Sales Organization indicates 53% of sales people do not agree their sales process is customer-focused, yet each of their respective companies makes the claim. And sales people (rightfully) hate the shop!

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Sales presentations: Understatement makes a great big statement

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How would you react when you heard that British sales statement? It’s a challenge faced by sales presenters. In terms of sales presentation structure, this isn’t a technique to either lead with or finish on. “Brits aren’t the most uncivilised people in the World.”.

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How to Close a Sale

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What are the communications secrets of a sale? How can you size up a potential customer, develop a fast and durable relationship, and close the sale? Nick has written the following steps that will ensure a win for you (almost) every time.

RHETORIC Game App: Thanksgiving / Black Friday Sale!

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In a previous post, I announced that Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game™ is now available as an app. You can read that post here. RHETORIC can be played in English, Spanish, French, German and Catalan. More languages will be added in 2017. … Continue reading → Rhetoric Dan Pink Florian Mueck gamification public speaking Rhetoric - The Public Speaking Game Springwise

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3 Ways Your Emails May Damage Your Sales Results

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Taking both of his points into consideration, it’s easy to see how the emails we write, sales conversations we have and presentations we deliver can easily damage sales results. Here are 3 Ways Your Emails May be Damage Sales Results: 1.

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Do e-book sales cannibalize print sales?

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Do e-book sales cannibalize print sales? Freelance Writing - General Marketing Your Services My Books Self-Publishing & Print On Demand creating e-books creating e-pubs e-books Kindle books sales of e-booksFind out what Paul Lima has experienced.

3 Things to Do to Sell More After Sales Training

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If you haven’t had sales training this year, jump ship. After all, according to 2012 research from Aberdeen Group, “ 82% of best-in-class companies require sales training as compared with only 68% of laggard companies.”

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[Podcast] Sharpen Your Sales Game with Colleen Francis

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Hall of Fame Speaker and CEO of Engage Selling, Colleen Francis shows the audience how to sharpen their sales game. There are a lot of practical sales tips here that will help any speaker. The post [Podcast] Sharpen Your Sales Game with Colleen Francis appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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Sales Pitches that Snap, Crackle n’ Pop

Manner of Speaking

“When you make a sales pitch, you are not there to close a deal; you are there to open a relationship.” ” That one sentence captures the essence of a great book on sales: Sales Pitches that Snap, Crackle ‘n Pop by Jack Vincent.

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Sell a Sense of Place for More Sales

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Email Etiquette & Productivity Communication Skills email etiquette how to say it to sell it sales skills Selling Skills SpeakerSue When I landed in New Zealand yesterday on my way to Sydney, I phoned home to say “Kia Ora” to my husband.

3 Reasons Sales People Have NEVER Been More Important – Indispensable Really!

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sales people held all the power. That not being true for 2 decades now, how do sales people contribute to the buying process, beyond providing answers that they still try to keep secret until asked (is space available? Sales people contribute more than they ever have and here is why: 1. Excellent sales people collaborate with their buyers to create customized solutions that ensure the buyer’s success. Excellent sales people make buying effortless and risk-free.

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Social media presenting sales

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The fields of social media, sales, and public speaking, can all benefit when they work together. Sales meanwhile, are never afraid to ask for the business. They also understand that for every customer journey, there must be an end-point; the sale.

5 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Focused on Improving their Presentation Skills

DeFinis Communications

Last week I received a call from a sales manager whose team we worked with last year. While this is certainly frustrating for the sales manager, it is understandable. So implement these 5 strategies today and watch your sales team’s presentation skills (and closing ratios) soar.

What makes a successful sales presentation?

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Do you gives sales presentations? Here are some of my thoughts about what makes a successful sales presentation: You have a solution that the potential customer needs. Perhaps you travel to prospective clients ‘ offices and pitch a product or service.

Analogy: emotionally powering your sales logic

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Analogy is to a sales presentation what 3D surround sound is to a movie. This is the final point about analogies in sales presentations. Sales Presentation analogical reasoning analogy description parallel Persuasion presenting sales by Peter Watts.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Focused on Improving their Presentation Skills

DeFinis Communications

Last week I received a call from a sales manager whose team we worked with last year. While this is certainly frustrating for the sales manager, it is understandable. So implement these 5 strategies today and watch your sales team’s presentation skills (and closing ratios) soar.

Blog Carnival Today! Sales Coaching: Top Tips for Increased Productivity

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Today’s offering features top bloggers in their fields who offer timely and thought-provoking tips on every aspect of sales coaching. Whether you’re a sales manager or a salesperson, the information presented by the expert bloggers in our Blog Carnival will broaden your understanding of this important topic. The Secret to Sales Productivity: Customer Data. The most productive sales people are those with the most current, accurate customer data.

Moving sale! 20% off select public speaking coaching services through August 4!

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So I'm having a special moving sale through August 4 to raise funds for my move! Specials and SalesI'm moving. It's pretty momentous. Hubby and I have been living in the same place for 19 years. It's been a sweet home for us and our kitties, but we've grown out of it.

Are You Asking the Right Questions to Advance the Sale?

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Sales person to prospect*: Do you have a few minutes? Reservation Sales person to phone in caller*: How many people in your party? Reservation Sales person to phone in caller: You mentioned that you’re looking for a room for your husband and yourself for his birthday.

Who is the Hero of your Sales Presentation?

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Heroes and villains don’t just exist in fairy tales for children. In our everyday life we are surrounded by them. A business presenter’s job is to identify these heroes and villains, and help his audience to overcome any obstacles in order to reach the brave new world.…

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Emotional authenticity: The Key to Greater Sales Success

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It is to say that the concept of Emotional Authenticity is and has been the key to Sales Success and Life Success for all time. The insights we bring to our buyers and the emotionally satisfying – genuine through and through (caring more about their success than even making the sale!) – make more of a difference today than a bell or whistle or three.

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The Impact of Public Speaking on Top Sales Performance

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been engaged in discussions with a number of talented and experienced sales professionals. Our conversations have focused on various aspects of the sales process including: establishing credibility, understanding customer needs, reviewing various options and recommending a solution. No matter where you are in the sales process, strong communication skills including exceptional presentation skills are critical for success. The Sales Presentation.

Podcast: Sales Communication Skills

Communication Steroids

Improve your communication skills in a sales setting. Tim ‘Gonzo’ Gordon and Roger Pike discuss the benefits of good sales communication skills – and help show you how to develop those skills.


How to Make a Good Sales Pitch


The post How to Make a Good Sales Pitch appeared first on SketchBubble Official Blog. Making a pitch isn’t the same as it used to be – you aren’t supposed just to throw some general information at your customer.

Throw Out Your Sales Pitch and Win More Business

Beyond Bullet Points

Some of the most common mistakes that sales teams make when they pitch are: Doing the same thing they’ve always done, because it worked in the past. Are you willing to throw out your current corporate sales pitch, if it means the possibility of winning more business?

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3 Sales Presentation Openers to Avoid

Executive Speech Coach

Guest Post by Kelley Robertson During the last 17-plus years I have been part of, or watched, hundreds of sales presentations. More recently, I viewed a series of sales demonstrations and all but one of the four sales team opened their presentation the same way. Here are three openers you need to avoid using when starting a sales presentation. The vast majority of sales presentations I have seen open with the seller talking about their company.

Why almost all presentations should be persuasive

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Sales presentations are an obvious example. Content persuasion persuasive speaking sales presentationsDo you think of yourself as a persuasive presenter? If you are a trainer or educator, perhaps not. If you present project updates, maybe not. But you should.

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Are you a professional sales person?

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Jeffrey Gitomer is one of the most brilliant sales people I know. ” Time and again he reminds sales pros to focus on the professional part of their title instead of on the selling part (actually, I just made them up and I really, really like it). Jeffrey loves a certain type of cookie and was wowed when the cookie company (finally) realized what a great advocate he could be, and sent a brilliant sales professional to Gitomer’s office loaded with his favorite cookies.

Can We Really Trust Your Marketing Department With Your Sales Presentation

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If you are in sales, you might occasionally wonder if your marketing people are really working in your (and the company’s) best interest. Sales Well that looks simple. Often, your marketing department prepares or hires a marketing agency to prepare the standard sales PowerPoint presentation. Why is this sales person wasting my time? If the sales person blindly follows the marketing PowerPoint presentation, often the deal will fail.

Free webinar by Eric Lofholm: How to Generate More Sales During Your Presentations

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Eric is a sales expert. He has great ideas that can help you make more sales. Because I am getting so much value from Eric’s sales coaching program, I have invited him to speak at a webinar. Eric will share some of his best sales-increasing ideas. Eric Lofholm.

Use social media to build sales

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From a sales perspective, this is both good and better. Selling Skills Communication Skills how to say it to sell it sales skills SpeakerSueIs a connection a conversation or a fantasy? Always-on/always-on-you devices provide three powerful fantasies: that we will always be heard; that we can put our attention wherever we want it to be; and that we never have to be alone.

Paul Lima 2-for-one book sale

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I'm holding a Boxing Week book sale. My Books 2-for-one book sale boxing day book saleBuy any book or report from, and get another PDF or Kindle book free. But you have to buy your book by Jan. 1, 2012.

Public Speaking - Getting The Sale

Great Public Speaking

Humor can help you get the sales presentation in the first place. It will also help you stay upbeat in the face of rejection, overcome inevitable problems that arise during a presentation, break down sales resistance, and create loyal customers who will buy again. Humor is just the tip of the iceberg for getting big sales.

What is your email style? Take this quick quiz…

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Communication Skills Email Etiquette & Productivity Selling Skills email as a sales tool email etiquette Hospitality Sales how to say it to sell it Power Sales Writing sales mastery sales training

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