Sales presentation strategy

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What is your primary goal in making a sales presentation? So why do so many sales-presenters try to conceal the fact? You avoided any words to do with sales because you didn’t want to sound sleazy, but instead you’ve made yourself sound evasive. You’re there to sell!

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Sales pitch strategy

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When this occurs they become more inclined to give credibility to the presenter’s sales message. Successful sales presentations amplify similarity, while minimising difference. Let’s take a ten second case-study: Imagine you are the Sales Director of an IT company.

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Sales presentation outline

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Here are eight ideas for creating a sales presentation outline that targets your sales message onto this specific customer, in this specific moment. Link to the sales cycle. Early in the sales cycle: Address broad issues. Late in the sales cycle: Reassurance.

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Sales arguments that build presentations

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At the core of a sales presentation are logical arguments that lay out why your product benefits the customer. Those sales arguments need the force of mathematical logic. Their sales argument is: “Successful SME’s value our tax advice, If you’re a successful SME. by Peter Watts.

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Sales presentations: Understatement makes a great big statement

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How would you react when you heard that British sales statement? It’s a challenge faced by sales presenters. In terms of sales presentation structure, this isn’t a technique to either lead with or finish on. “Brits aren’t the most uncivilised people in the World.”.

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Developing a Sales Strategy for Booking More Speaking Gigs

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And the cherry on top – developing a sales strategy for booking more speaking gigs. The post Developing a Sales Strategy for Booking More Speaking Gigs appeared first on Jane Atkinson. There is a lot that goes into building a speaking business.

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Sales Pitches that Snap, Crackle n’ Pop

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“When you make a sales pitch, you are not there to close a deal; you are there to open a relationship.” ” That one sentence captures the essence of a great book on sales: Sales Pitches that Snap, Crackle ‘n Pop by Jack Vincent.

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The Sales Presentation Paradox

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In this article, Simon explains this as The Sales Presentation Paradox, and gives some pertinent advice to make sure your next sales presentation accomplishes exactly what you want it to. … Message Performance Corporate Speaking featured Pitching PowerPoint preparation Sales Presentations

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Analogy: emotionally powering your sales logic

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Analogy is to a sales presentation what 3D surround sound is to a movie. This is the final point about analogies in sales presentations. Sales Presentation analogical reasoning analogy description parallel Persuasion presenting sales by Peter Watts.

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Increase Sales with this One Easy Tip

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If they don’t like you, you’re losing sales because really they don’t need you. So if you’re going to boost sales, they have to feel differently about themselves when they deal with you. The more they like you and how they feel dealing with you, the more you’ll increase sales.

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Doing this is directly linked to more sales

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Write sloppily and you’re loaned less money, interviewed less frequently and are less likely to advance the sale. your (again) much more likely to make the positive impression needed to advance the sale to, two, too. Are you looking for fresh, modern ideas to boost success at your next sales meeting or conference? The easiest way to be a better seller is to make a better impression with your emails.

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Your Sales Cycle Has Changed. Have You?

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If your words don’t communicate care, excitement and alignment, the new sales cycle will work against you. But when communicating virtually to customers who pretty much control the sales cycle, it’s more about making their buying experience smart, safe and simple.

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How to Design Better Sales Funnels


That’s where a sales funnel (sometimes called a sales pipeline) comes into play. Exactly What is a Sales Funnel? Put simply, a sales funnel is a process through which companies lead their targeted customers to a purchase. Prospects, Leads, Proposal, Sales.

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Sales Presentation Tips | Public Speaking

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What is Your Sales Posture?

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The post What is Your Sales Posture? Most Recent Post Speaking Profession fees sales sales posture sell from the platform selling strategies stand tall in your feesLast month at Acceleration 365, my live event in Florida, I felt like a rock star. I opened the conference with an inspiring message and really connected with my audience. The program was going so well, I was thrilled.

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How (and Why) to Tell Killer Sales Stories

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There’s a scene in the British comedy Cemetery Junction that I love because I think it’s a perfect representation of the power of sales stories and storytelling in sales. The more seasoned salesman, he approaches the pitch from a sales storytelling angle.

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10 easy-peasy way to make more sales (45 second read)

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Are you looking for fresh, modern ideas to boost success at your next sales meeting or conference? Email Sales Writing Email Tips Featured Selling Skills email as a sales tool email etiquette and productivity email productivity hospitality and hotel sales Hospitality Sales how to say it to sell it Power Sales Writing prospecting sales mastery sales skills sales success sales training say it to sell it SpeakerSue

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Are sales objections getting in your way?

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The only thing better than hearing a sales objection is booking the business without any questions. You’re a sales person! But when you are/have a great option, it’s up to you to, as we stopped saying around 2008, “overcome their sales objection.”. Here’s how to win their trust, boost your likeability and advance to the next step in your sale: Listen for the points you can agree with.

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Is Your Sales Presentation Fit For Purpose?

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From preparation to execution, sales presentations can be difficult to manage. Previously, we’ve published some tips for pitching in general, but in this article Simon delves deeper into the underlying problems with sales presentations today – and tells us how to address them.

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RHETORIC Game App: Thanksgiving / Black Friday Sale!

Manner of Speaking

In a previous post, I announced that Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game™ is now available as an app. You can read that post here. RHETORIC can be played in English, Spanish, French, German and Catalan. More languages will be added in 2017. … Continue reading → Rhetoric Dan Pink Florian Mueck gamification public speaking Rhetoric - The Public Speaking Game Springwise

What is Your Sales Superpower?

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When talking about knowing our strengths, one of the terms he used was “superpower” and it got me wondering… What’s your sales superpower? The post What is Your Sales Superpower? I hired Ed Tate to come and deliver presentations skills training for my live event in February and boy did he deliver. One of my clients, Generations Expert, Amanda Hammett, was busting […]. appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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The Sales Presentation

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Volumes have been written about the skills needed for successful sales presentations. Top sales performers embrace not only these sales skills but, most importantly, this fundamental of effective presenting: focus on the audience. They are clear that a sales presentation should be a dialogue between salesperson and audience. Most sales presentations typically involve small enough numbers of people to facilitate this.

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How to Close a Sale

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What are the communications secrets of a sale? How can you size up a potential customer, develop a fast and durable relationship, and close the sale? Nick has written the following steps that will ensure a win for you (almost) every time.

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What high sales performers do before and in email…

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But if modern, authentic sales process isn’t understood or applied, email morphs into opening words like, “How are you today?” To gain commitment and advance to closing the sale depends on YOU. Looking for a speaker for your next sales meeting or conference? “Email isn’t just a response to a request but a strategic tool that can set you apart from others” SpeakerSue. Email, when used strategically, is an amazing tool to initiate, nurture, grow and close business.

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Sales Intel for Speakers with Sam Richter

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The post Sales Intel for Speakers with Sam Richter appeared first on Jane Atkinson. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast we are talking about technology and how it relates to sales. Considered one of the world’s foremost experts on sales intelligence and digital reputation management, bestselling author Sam Richter, CSP delivers highly entertaining presentations to audiences worldwide.

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How Can You Improve Your Sales? Ask These Questions

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If there’s one key learning that will improve your sales conversations, it is this: Sales is an iceberg, not a mountain. … Understand your Audience Listening Skills Pitching Questions Sales presentation

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Sales Presentation Tips for Big Ticket Items | Sales Presentation Tips

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Sales Presentation Tips: Gain Trust | Sales Presentation Training

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Sales Presentations are About Change | Sales Presentation Training

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Do e-book sales cannibalize print sales?

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Do e-book sales cannibalize print sales? Freelance Writing - General Marketing Your Services My Books Self-Publishing & Print On Demand creating e-books creating e-pubs e-books Kindle books sales of e-booksFind out what Paul Lima has experienced.

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Sales Presentation Tips Long Cycle v Quick Sale | Sales Presentation Training

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Sales Presentation Tips for the Multi-Million Dollar Sale | Sales Presentation Training

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Are you irreverent enough to advance the sale?

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Then, focus on positive, personable, approachable and vibrant word choices to advance the sale. For information on a customized email sales writing workshop for your group, please email or complete our quick Interest form to check Sue’s availability. If Twitter can gain a “14-fold increase in replies” by being authentic, on-brand and fun, can you envision the awesome results you can achieve by infusing personality into your messaging? <

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Using LinkedIn as a Sales Tool? Try this to build business…

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That is how Eric described the icky feeling when “Some goof asks to join my network and then hits me with a sales pitch ten minutes later.”. No spammy sales tactics! No sales pitch. Looking for a speaker for your next sales meeting or conference? “This is like asking for a woman’s phone number ten minutes after meeting her.” Eric Field.

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Using LinkedIn to Fill Your Sales Funnel with Jennifer Darling

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How do you fill your sales funnel? The post Using LinkedIn to Fill Your Sales Funnel with Jennifer Darling appeared first on Jane Atkinson. How do you fill your sales funnel? If you have not tapped into the power of LinkedIn to fill our sales funnel, then you are definitely going to want to listen to this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast and our special guest, Jennifer Darling. Are you using LinkedIn to fill your sales funnel?

A formula for sales success?

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

In this post I’m going to share this formula for sales success with you. Influencing Presentation Skills Sales Techniques. Selling skills sales success formulaSometimes it’s the simplest ideas that are the most useful.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Focused on Improving their Presentation Skills

DeFinis Communications

Last week I received a call from a sales manager whose team we worked with last year. While this is certainly frustrating for the sales manager, it is understandable. So implement these 5 strategies today and watch your sales team’s presentation skills (and closing ratios) soar.

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Are you Using the Best Tools for your Sales Situation?

Presentation Guru

Who decides what kind of sales presentation to deliver? An ability to adapt our presentation style will give us the best chance to meet our audience’s needs and to make that sale. Formal or informal? Passive or interactive?

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How to Reach Decision Makers and Close a Sale

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Professional speakers, freelance speechwriters and entrepreneurs must learn the sales strategies and techniques that will secure appointments in today’s volatile economy. Business Communication National Speakers Association Sales techniquesThat means getting past gatekeepers and getting to decision makers. Armies of executive assistants and the sub-second attention span of crazy-busy executives are barriers to overcome.

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Podcast: Sales Communication Skills

Communication Steroids

Improve your communication skills in a sales setting. Tim ‘Gonzo’ Gordon and Roger Pike discuss the benefits of good sales communication skills – and help show you how to develop those skills.

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Using Your Selling Systems to Convert Sales

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The post Using Your Selling Systems to Convert Sales appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Many moons ago when I was working as an agent for speakers, I developed my own customized system for selling. From the moment I connected with a prospective client, I documented the process and often, after a number of communications via phone, email, and mail, I would convert the prospect into a buyer. What are […].

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What makes a successful sales presentation?

PowerPoint Tips

Do you gives sales presentations? Here are some of my thoughts about what makes a successful sales presentation: You have a solution that the potential customer needs. Perhaps you travel to prospective clients ‘ offices and pitch a product or service.

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The Greatest Sales Pitch I’ve Seen All Year

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… Storytelling Create Powerful Messaging Elsewhere on the Web Making it Memorable Pitching Sales PresentationsHow do you differentiate yourself in a marketplace crowded with similar offerings?

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