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ASJA membership has its advantages

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I credit the book’s 32 years of publishing success (read: 32 years of royalties) to the savvy advice I’ve gotten at ASJA. I’ve been active in the American Society of Journalists & Authors since HOW TO WRITE & GIVE A SPEECH (St Martin’s Press) was first published in 1984. Consider joining.

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Elizabeth Warren - Weary Nation Turns Away From Clinton Royalty

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And a nation weary of the Clinton Royalty (Mama, Papa, Baby, Grandbaby Bears) is willing to get energized about a possible Warren run. 

How To Write & Give A Speech: coming soon in Chinese

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How To Write & Give A Speech was originally published in 1984 and has remained continuously in print (producing royalties) for more than three decades – a distinction in publishing and a testament to the commitment of publisher […]. English as a second language (ESL) News, events, and awards Speechwriting

Share of Royalties, Only: Those "deals" still being offered

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  As for compensation, what is offered is "share of royalties."  Books

Shared Royalties as payment: Pre-digital dreamer

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  A wannabe author puts an ad for ghostwriting, offering as compensation a share of royalties.    To bring in any royalties it has to be published by a big brandname like Sarah Palin or really dish the dirt like THE POLITICIAN.    Otherwise it's unlikely to yield any royalties at all. 

How out-of-touch: Wanting to pay ghostwriter only with royalties

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  What they offer, and sometimes, with a bit of a gush at their own altruism, is up to 50% of royalties.  Hopefully, this post provides appropriate compensation education to those who want to retain ghostwriters in exchange for just royalties.   Here is one wannabe book author who has that sort of thing in mind. 

How to Send the Wrong Message

Matt Eventoff

The New York Post reported today that John Liu, New York City’s newly elected Comptroller, has instituted a new policy … drum roll please… and the new policy is: “New York City’s new comptroller, John Liu , has ordered his staff to rise whenever he enters the room and to address him as “Mr. Comptroller.&#. Wow. .

One Writer’s Tale of Self-Publishing

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They only pay royalties when books sell and leave almost all of the marketing up to the authors. In 2009, 76% of all books released were self-published, according to Publishers Weekly. Since then, the industry has all but stopped keeping stats. POD publishers charge aspiring authors modest fees and pay no advances.

Growth of ebooks and indie authors

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Writers retain all rights while earning 60%–80% of the list price as their e-book royalty. According to Publisher’s Weekly : Ten years ago, e-books accounted for less than 1% of the trade book market. Today, e-books account for about 25% of dollar sales and 40%–50% of units. Traditionally published e-book authors earn only 12%–17%.

Public Speaking: Royalty free music can really enhance your presentations and products

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Launching the new Eloquent Woman Index of Famous Women's Speeches

The Eloquent Woman

And many lists of important speeches only feature a handful of famous talks by women. Not anymore. All of them rock the house in their own way.

Famous Speech Friday: Carrie Fisher roasts George Lucas

The Eloquent Woman

Boy, did we ever lose Carrie Fisher too soon. Fisher also was an accomplished actor, screenwriter, humorist, and memoirist. Go and do likewise.

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Do you make your audience feel stupid?

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I was reading an article the other day, one geared toward speakers. Got it. "By Maybe the author was trying to impress us. So why use it? So please.

Branding: Where Marketing and Writing Become Friends by Matthew Turner — The Book Designer

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These people wrote, sent out their work, got published, and sat back watching the royalties pour in. By Matthew Turner (@Turndog_million).

How to give a great ignite talk

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You can find royalty free images to use. This is super short, which means it’s easy to practice. It is ok to breathe. What do you love?

Article: Self-Publishing, Author Services Open Floodgates for Writers

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Mid-level authors already know that the era of large advances, generous royalties, book tours and media spots are over. They have to spend their own time and money to create a website and publicize their books. Publishers just don't have the resources to offer them full support. Yet in 2006 print-on-demand exploded.

Authors versus publishers in the digital age

Max Atkinson

for last year's royalties on the book, which they're now selling at an RRP of £18.99 (or £16.54 per copy, I'd only have to sell 6 copies a year to earn more than the miserable royalty payment just received from the 'publishers'. Does a book ever go out of print? Well, er - in a sense, yes" came the reply. Er- yes." "But So what?

Write a Book. Change the World.

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and several small publishers offer much higher royalty rates because they''re using an online-centric distribution model.

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Putting Your eBook Sales on Autopilot

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What’s a standard royalty or commission? recently announced that its monthly eBook sales have surpassed its print book sales. This revolution means the market for your eBooks is burgeoning. If you are ready. But how do you enter this market? How do you convert your books into eBooks? Does your book need to be in all formats?

How to Speak & Offend Part IV of IV: 9 More Ways to Offend the Audience

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We probably are there because we already recognize you in your royalty. The Best Defense is a Good Offense. When I speak I assume nothing.

Should You Write an eBook?

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  The publisher, finally, will pay you royalties based on every book sold after you’ve paid back the advance.  Should you write an eBook?    Should you publish one?    What does that even mean?    What has worked for you?    First, a brief bit of context.    1. 

Feuds Are Good For Publicity - Trump/Ailes Know Exactly What Shakespeare Had

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There were the feuds of Lear with his daughters, between the Montagues and the Capulets, and among the royalty in Denmark. at Fox News.

Visualizing concepts-24-hour protection

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I think it’s the best value in royalty-free images around. It was an important concept to visualize because of the emotional impact.

Do you make your audience feel stupid?

Speak Schmeak

I was reading an article the other day, one geared toward speakers. Got it. "By Maybe the author was trying to impress us. So why use it? So please.

Fox Effect and Long Tail

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

My concern with this particular long tail is that I had been contracted to receive 50% of the royalties because of my assistance with the book. 

Books As Loss Leaders: More authors realizing that

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 In exchange the ghostwriters would receive a share of royalties. There are many digital ways to get insight into what is going on.

Queen Elizabeth II Preserves Royal Branding - 4 Public Relations Takeaways

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Aside from its value in tourism, British royalty is an expensive anachronism. Singlehandedly, she had preserved the royal brand.

Kate Middleton's Bun in the Oven: Institution of royals saved from being tossed as anachronism

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  British royalty is threatened in these times of austerity.  The world loves a baby. 

Clinton, Bush - A Pox On Both Their Dynasties, Draft Caitlyn Jenner

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That means the playing field is open for non American political royalty. " - Headline by Gary Langer, ABC News, June 2, 2015.

777: 7 Kindle books, 7 pluses and 7 minuses

Max Atkinson

we get from sales of conventional paperback books. Very portable. Long battery life between recharging. Good connectivity with a computer. 1 & 2

Progress: I feel like Kalinda on "The Good Wife"

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Sleuthing unfolded this information:  The information about royalties from the book I assisted Bob Dilenschneider with - AMA HANDBOK ON PUBLIC RELATIONS - is solely in his hands.    By written contact, I am supposed to receive 50% of those royalties.  Street vs. elite might be making some progress. 

Book Authors Now Earn $17,500 Annually (Authors Guild Survey)

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In addition, the royalties for syndicating my three blogs ( here and here are the other two) are also increasing. That's down 30% from 2009.

Book Sales Uneven

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Because of my assistance in preparation of the manuscript, I am contracted to receive 50 percent of royalties.    The publisher - the American Management Association - will issue the report on the sales and royalties mid-August and then in February.    They can be significant.

Translation and fantasies of global domination

Max Atkinson

Savannah Guthrie: Who isn't in angst from the numbers game

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  Wildly popular legal tabloid linked to my post on my own syndicated blog (yes, I receive royalties) Law and More. 

Migrant Workers: More of us all the time

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Sometimes royalty checks come which I hadn't expected.  To keep the wolf from the door I became a migrant work back in 2005.

Your Online Presence - No, It Doesn't Have To Be The Happy Valley

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Gleefully, photos of grandchildren, the perfect chocolate mousse, and the royalty check from publishing that book are posted. The ethos of Facebook is primarily The Happy Valley. Even in sad events such as the death of a relative, the tone is upbeat. I have yet to come across a warning not to despair. Always. Not random praise.

Readers, give your input: should I give up my day job?

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All that adds up to 50% of royalties for me.  ON THE MONEY: Twice I contacted office manager at The Dilenschneider Group Joan Avagliano [] about the status the royalties.    From I what I know of the publishing industry, some report of sales and royalties should be available by now. 


Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Because of my assistance with the manuscript, by contract I receive a percentage of the royalties.  Nice way to go into the weekend.    As this PDF   informs, D2 has been hawking the book AMA HANDBOOK ON PUBLIC RELATIONS at the Javits Center.    In December D2 announced it was representing D1.

How the Professionals Make Money

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With royalty for first-time authors between 6% and 10% of the net receipts, the total amounts to about $1 per book going to the author. Some of them have even turned down offers from major publishers b/c they’re doing so much better than what the big boys would have offered in royalties. Is it from book or product sales?