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If 200 people are in a room and you speak for a half hour, you are taking up 100 hours of people’s time. You should plan to arrive at the venue with plenty of time to spare and go to the room at least one hour prior to when you go on. You may need to arrive much earlier if there are sessions before yours because you will want to set up and test your equipment and stand on the stage to get a feel of the room. Sign Out (URLs automatically linked.)

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Twitter Tips for Speakers: Before, During & After the Event


Find some interesting facts about the city, the venue, the organization and pass those along. Write a follow up blog about the event with lessons learned, people met and useful information for anyone – then tweet the URL.

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But–even this is debatable as one of the tweets coded in this bucket does contribute to the “feel” of the room in a funny way: Lots of trust issues in this crowd, come see me for a hug. sxsw @amyrsward meeting up with @carribugbee after session in front of room, audience-left.

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Dear Speakers - James Duncan Davidson - James Duncan Davidson


A couple of the speakers that day spent all of their time talking to either the left or right side of the room and never addressed the audience. This just says to everyone in the room that you feel trapped up there. But speakers at other venues often make the mistake of writing a speech & then reading it - which is a great way to put an audience to sleep. After all, 100-1000 people may be in the room.

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