Day One review

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Here’s my review. Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary review copy from Day One. Products Web/Tech reviewsIf you use a Mac and keep any sort of journal this is an app to look at. If you are a Windows user this is one more reason to make the switch.

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Big speeches of 2016 reviewed

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Here’s a concise review of the major speeches of 2016 on both sides of the Atlantic by FT columnist Sam Leith. Public Speaking Sam Leith

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Product Review: Logitech Spotlight Remote

Manner of Speaking

Slides are a staple of most presentations. And if you use slides, you should use a good remote to go through them. My latest remote is the Logitech Spotlight. I have been using it for the past couple of months and am … Continue reading → Slide Presentation Logitech presentations Spotlight

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Book Review – Visual Thinking by Emma Bannister

Presentation Guru

… Book Reviews Design Principles Resources Visuals books featured Presentation Design Reviews Visual Aids Visual Language

Book review: The Healthy Programmer.

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Disclaimer: I was given a free review copy, and I run 20km+ races on a regular basis. Books agile programming review This book is a practical guide for computer programmers (or any office worker) who want to get more fit and healthy.

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Book Review: The Speechwriter, by Barton Swaim

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Cultural Differences Speechwriting Book ReviewIn a book that is in part the machinations of The Good Wife and in part the political farce of Yes Minister, Barton Swaim shares insights he gained into the life of a speechwriter during the second term of South Carolina governor Mark Sanford. The author of The Speechwriter does not dwell on the series […].

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Breaking Comedy’s DNA: Review

Pro Humorist

The post Breaking Comedy’s DNA: Review appeared first on Pro Humorist. Comedy Reviews Comedy Writer comedy writing humor Stand-up ComedyI’ve been on author Jerry Corley’s mailing list for a couple of years now. I really enjoy what he has to say. And there’s a lot to be learned, for free, on his blog. He’s always entertaining and insightful.

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Book review: Obstacle Illusions

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Books deaf reviewObstacle Illusions: Transforming Adversity into Success. Stephen J. Hopson was born deaf but quickly learned to speak and began attending public school.

Book review: Your Best Just Got Better

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It’s a pleasure to review a book that has changed not only how I achieve results, but most importantly has affected the results that I choose to achieve. Tips From The Top book review business inspiration Jason Womack performance productivity public speaking Wiley Your Best Just Got Better

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Comedy Writing for Late-Night TV: Review

Pro Humorist

Note: This is a version of a review I posted on Amazon. The post Comedy Writing for Late-Night TV: Review appeared first on Pro Humorist. Comedy Jokes Reviews Comedy Writer Late Night Stand-up ComedyI don’t believe you can learn to be funny. Some reading this (when I say some I mean all one of you), will disagree with me. Some suggest you can learn to be funny.

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Review: “HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations” by Nancy Duarte

The Presenter's Blog

Now for the confession: This wasn’t the Nancy Duarte book that I initially wanted to review. If you track the world of presentation skills, then you’ll know the name Nancy Duarte as a multi-channel celebrity of the public-speaking world.

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Review: Viewfinder

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

If you’re like me, you like to take advantage of the power of visuals to not only get your point across, but also increase retention of that very message.

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Book Review: The Great Oom: The Improbable Birth of Yoga in America, by Robert Love

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Long before Lululemon, Bikram Hot Yoga and the ubiquitous downward facing dog, yoga was being taught in small studios in San Francisco, New York and the Hudson River Valley.

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Book Review: Keynote Mastery, by Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

My recent review on Amazon of the new book, Keynote Mastery: The Personal Journey of a Professional Speaker was incomplete. I need to explain in more detail the many positive elements of Patrick’s story as well as clarify why I referred to it on Amazon ‘flawed’ and show where other emerging speakers can learn from […]. Freelance Work Public Speaking

Book Review: The Compelling Communicator, by Tim Pollard

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The true value of Tim Pollard’s excellent new book is conveyed by the subtitle: Mastering the Art and Science of Exceptional Presentation Design. While much of the literature on what makes a ‘compelling communicator’ focuses on cultivating delivery skills and stage presence, Pollard rightly consigns these topics to a brief Epilogue. Rather, his focus on […]. Public Speaking Speechwriting presentation design

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Books Reviewed: How to Stop Time, by Matt Haig and Forever, by Pete Hamill

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

(Full disclosure: Matt is the nephew of my good friend James Haig. I heard Matt speak at a recent Marin County bookstore where I purchased his book. I’ve not read any of his other writing, but see from Twitter that he has a large and loyal fan base. It was Matt who told me that […].

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Book Review: Cold Cream, by Ferninand Mount

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

A memoir by a shy and retiring British aristocrat with the unlikely title Cold Cream: My Early Life and Other Mistakes would not usually grab my attention, or warrant a review in this blog.

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Charteo review – create custom slide decks

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PowerPoint Products reviewsHere is an interesting way to create your presentations. It’s an online tool called Charteo, which allows you to create a custom slide deck based on a selection of over 10000 online slides. In summary, you pick and choose your slides and create a custom desk.

Review: Cloudberry online backups

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I have far too many friends that just don’t create backups, and far too many that backup to an external drive that lives next to their computers, which while marginally better is still basically useless.

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Review: Beyond Bullet Points by Cliff Atkinson

PowerPoint Tips

ReviewThis is the 3rd edition of this very successful and well-known book. Cliff Atkinson was one of the first major presentation experts to talk about ridding slides of bullet points and with the 1st edition of the book, he launched a revolution in slide design.

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Book Review: Leonardo’s Brain, by Leonard Shlain

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Deep End Book Review Leonardo da Vinci Leonard Shlain’s latest, and final, book is a tour-de-force. Leonardo’s Brain: Understanding Da Vinci’s Creative Genius follows from the spirit of the author’s previous books, most notably The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image and Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light. Taken together, the three books examine […].

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Hackers: book review

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Thanks to the folks at O’Reilly for the review copy. Related posts: Book Review – Speak Up! Book review – The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership I have just finished reading a remarkable book – The. Tags: Books Resources computers hackers hardward review software Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution – 25th Anniversary Edition Steven Levy.

Review: PowerPoint 2010 Bible

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Tags: Review

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Review of “Start strong – 3 gripping ways to open your talk” by Craig Hadden

PowerPoint Tips

This is a review of a blog post by Craig Hadden , who blogs about presenting at Remote Possibilities. The post Review of “Start strong – 3 gripping ways to open your talk” by Craig Hadden appeared first on PowerPoint Tips Blog.

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The Epic Keynote - a Review

Speak and Deliver

Yesterday, I reviewed several books I've read this year in my Win Anyway Blog. Two of those books, The Art of Doing and You are a Badass , had some good lessons for speakers, but were still motivational in nature enough that I included them in that batch of reviews.

I’m feeling lucky – book review

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Books google reviewI’m Feeling Lucky. The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59. Doug Edwards. This book is for anybody looking for an inside view into the growth of one of the biggest brands in the world.

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Book Review: Cash Out, by Greg Bardsley

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Book ReviewAll these people that you mention Yes, I know them, they’re quite lame I had to rearrange their faces And give them all another name – Desolation Row, Bob Dylan Fear and Loathing in Silicon Valley Greg Bardsley does for Silicon Valley what Hunter S. Thompson did for Las Vegas. His new novel, Cash Out, [.]. Culture Shock!

Book Review: Cold Cream, by Ferdinand Mount

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

A memoir by a shy and retiring British aristocrat with the unlikely title Cold Cream: My Early Life and Other Mistakes would not usually grab my attention, or warrant a review in this blog.

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Timeline 3D: A Review

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

This surely doesn’t seem like a glowing review. If you’re a Mac user like me, you might be aware of those software bundle deals like Mac Heist and MacUpdate Promo. I bought the promo bundle last year, which gave me $500 of legit, full-featured (not demo) software for $50.

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Confessions of a Public Speaker – review

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Thanks to the Folks at O’Reilly for the review copy. How to introduce a speaker The other day I head a speaker being introduced, Book Review – Speak Up! Tags: Books Communication Speaking book review Confessions of a Public Speaker, by Scott Burken.

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Book Review: The Art of Immersion, by Frank Rose

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Business Communication Social Media Speechwriting Book Review storytelling transmediaA decade ago, the tools of communications belonged to a chosen few.

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Book Review: Illuminate, by Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Casting Light on the Dark Arts of Communications Any book on communications that starts out quoting 19th century French sociologist Émile Durkheim has my attention. The authors embrace his idea of ‘collective effervescence’ to describe the magic of a group sharing a common purpose.

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Speaking PowerPoint by Bruce Gabrielle — A review

PowerPoint Tips

Full disclosure: I received a free copy of this book for review. I’m embarrassed to say that I received the book many months ago and am only now getting around to writing the review. ReviewSpeaking PowerPoint: The new language of business , by Bruce Gabrielle is an important book. Why do I say that? It covers “boardroom presentations&# exclusively. These in-house business presentations are undoubtedly the most common type of presentation given today.

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Review of two books on speaking

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I recently read two books on speaking and thought I’d review them together. Jess asked if I’d be willing to review the book. Tags: Resource Review books public speaking

Book Review: Discover Your CEO Brand, by Suzanne Bates

PowerPoint Tips

I reviewed Suzanne Bates’ first book, Speak Like a CEO , because it was so related to presenting. I was impressed with the thoroughness with which she researched and covered a topic, so I’ve continued to review her books, even though they are less related to presenting.

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Book Review: The Freelancer’s Bible, by Sara Horowitz

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Freelance Work Book ReviewHaving heard Sara Horowitz interviewed on KQED Radio I immediately ordered her book The Freelancer’s Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Career of Your Dreams – On Your Terms. An excellent reference for all freelance workers The primary value of this well-designed 462-page book is as a one-stop reference for new freelancers [.].

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Review Sengoku Basara Season 1

Speaking Of...

Review Anime Sengoku Basara season 1 terdiri dari 12 episode, episode pertama diawali dengan bangkitnya Oda Nobunaga (raja iblis ke enam) untuk menguasai dunia. Oke sekian dulu review dari Risal Fajar tentang Sengoku Basara Season 1. Review Anime

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Public speaking blogosphere review

Speak Schmeak

I've pointed you to Andrew Dlugan's blog before, but today I want to mention his " Week in Review " Saturday posts that gather interesting content from around the public speaking blogosphere and plops them down all in one place.

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Book Review: 11 Deadly Presentation Sins by Rob Biesenbach

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Rob Biesenbach is an independent corporate communications pro, actor, author and speaker. He is a former VP at Ogilvy PR Worldwide and press secretary to the Ohio Attorney General. His first book, Act Like You Mean Business: Essential Communication Lessons From Stage and Screen was published in 2011.

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Review of a new e-book: Visual Presentations

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Review Design Ramgopal Visual PresentationsI recently received a free copy of a new e-book, Visual Presentations: Boring Slides to Visual Presentations in 3 Easy Steps, by M.S. Ramgopal. The author owns a company, Metamorph Training, and has a website at

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