Nun's Nice Handwriting - If You Got It, Here's REMOTE Contract Assignment (help-wanted)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

A company in West Seattle, Washington is paying $15 for that kind of handwriting. The contract opportunity is remote. It was back in the days when the Roman Catholic Church dominated the lives of urban-area immigrants, blue-collars, and upward-mobiles.

Emotional Intimacy: Quality Eroded By Remote (Digital) Relationships

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Unfortunately, the quality of that emotional intimacy is being increasingly eroded by remote (digital) relationships. The holy grail of relationships is more the chase after  emotional intimacy than marriage.

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Branding: The Language in Help-Wanted Ad on Craigslist

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In the Seattle, Washington section of Craigslist's help-wanted there is a job post by Liquid and Grit. The opportunity is for a remote part-time researcher, at $30 an hour. 

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The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

Fly without slides: How to speak like a pro without slides will help you put that remote down and face your audience. Be The Eloquent Woman will take place in Washington, DC, on Feb.

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9 famous TV and radio speeches by women

The Eloquent Woman

With millions listening, she updated the audience on what was happening in Washington and urged them to turn from uncertainty to the certainty that America would prevail against its enemies.

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"Visual aids scare me!" How to embrace visual presentations

The Eloquent Woman

Get some expert help: It's worth asking your company's audio visual technicians to spend a few hours teaching you how to use projection technology, remotes and what goes with them before you speak, if visuals scare you--the more the mysterious becomes familiar, the better you'll do.

How (and why) to follow the @TEDWomen conference, Dec. 7 & 8

The Eloquent Woman

After next week, when TEDWomen convenes in Washington, DC, December 7 and 8, I expect those requests will taper off, since this conference on the future of women and girls offers an array of top women (and men) speakers.

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Top 10 Stock Shot Cliches To Banish

Can You Hear Me Up the Back?

The cost of creating a stock shot depends on how many models appeared in it, how remote the location was, and if it needed expensive props. You don’t take this stock shot to Washington for your presentation any more. _. Let’s continue this week’s theme of presentation images.

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Designing Choreographies for the New Economy of Attention

The present essay grows out of a project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities where we are studying the integration methods of remote participation and digital backchannels into live scholarly events ( [link] ). Washington Post , April 7, A13.

"Pay It Forward" or "Pay It Yourself?"

Speaking Of...

Pay It Forward is an income-based repayment plan (or what some call a “human capital contract”) modeled on similar efforts in Washington State and California that waives upfront tuition costs for students, instead requiring students to pay up to 3 percent of their income for 24 years to the state (0.75 With this option already available to students yet not remotely popular, why should the state get involved? The Atlantic Washington Post Houston Chronicle.

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