Need a Remote for Your Next PowerPoint Presentation? There’s an App for That

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And no matter how experienced they are, invariably a few of them forget to bring (or don’t own) a remote control for advancing their PowerPoint slides. As such, whenever I’m working with clients I always take extra remotes with me and usually end up giving them away. I go through remotes faster than infants outgrow clothes. I was recently on my latest search for the newest, highest quality and best priced PowerPoint remote.

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Use Your Own Remote

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Many large conventions are set up by A/V folks who use a presenter remote system that inevitably causes more problems than it solves. The presenter is usually a big wig and the tech folks assume that the big wig can’t handle more than one button on a remote. So they use a remote that has only one large green button on it. The problem is that the remote is not hooked up to a computer.

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Prepare Your Speaker’s Toolbox

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Make sure you have an extra battery for your remote. Have the right remote for the right room. When you purchase your remote make sure to get one that works for the size room you will be speaking in. When you’re presenting up front you may not have the need for distance, but if you are a facilitator and like to work the room, you may be standing too far away for your remote to work. Each remote has different distances—standard is 20-40 feet, and you may need 100 feet.

A Public Speaker’s Checklist

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Location of, and directions to, the venue. Estimation of time to get to the venue (accounting for traffic at that time of day). Telephone numbers of contacts at the venue. Soundcheck of microphone and sound system at the venue. Remote control for your slide presentation. Extra batteries for your remote control. As public speakers, we should be focused on our audience and the material.

Did you bring batteries?

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Yesterday, as I set up my equipment for a presentation, I noticed that my remote wasn't working. About to give up on the remote, I decided to try another set of batteries. The remote came to life and my presentation went on as planned. Think about your activities, your handouts, your equipment, your venue, your props, your business cards, your hydration, your sleep the night before.

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Are you making these rookie mistakes?

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However, if you have purchased a presentation remote ( this one is my favorite) or are using one offered by the venue, then you need to practice with it before your presentation. A simple remote will move slides forward and backward, and will black (or white) out the screen. A more complex remote might have a laser pointer, a mouse, a timer that vibrates when you near the end of your presentation, and more gadgets.

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Why you need to take every speaking opportunity

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I always have my tools in my bag, like my presentation remote, my VGA-to-USB adapter cable, markers and other items I take to my presentations. I got to the venue and immediately started setting up. And then I discovered that my remote was missing. I borrowed a remote from my host, then miraculously spotted an HDMI adapter in the projector cart, and continued hooking up my presentation (at least I arrived early enough to troubleshoot). I forgot my stuff.

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Are you making these rookie mistakes?

Speak Schmeak

However, if you have purchased a presentation remote ( this one is my favorite) or are using one offered by the venue, then you need to practice with it before your presentation. A simple remote will move slides forward and backward, and will black (or white) out the screen. A more complex remote might have a laser pointer, a mouse, a timer that vibrates when you near the end of your presentation, and more gadgets.

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6 great gifts to encourage your favorite speaker

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But whatever you do, encourage those speakers: Advance her confidence as well as her slides: Remotes always go missing at venues, so the smart speaker carries her own. Give her a combination remote-control and pointer, like this Logitech Professional Presenter R800. It''s lightweight, small, easy to take with you and insurance against the missing remote problem.

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Magic flip chart

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I took it with me to a workshop last week to test it out in a live audience setting with the computer provided by the venue. Also, the USB key is "chubby" and if you only have two USB ports side by side or on top of each other, and you need one for your presentation remote, the Papershow key won't fit next to another USB drive. Again, another reason to visit your venue and test your technology in advance so you can prepare for possible snags.

Preparation rituals, part 1

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When we think of preparation for a presentation, we think of the usual stuff: have an objective, organize your thoughts, practice it, time it, check out the venue, check your equipment, anticipate Q&A, etc. I gather up all my gear and obsess over things like having enough batteries in my bag in case my remote or timer stop working. Funny, I've never really written about this here, even though I'm attempting to write a book about it and have developed a workshop on the subject.

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Is your #publicspeaking strength also your weakness?

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A fondness for technology: I''ve seen many speakers--too many--unable to give any part of their talk without their slides when the venue''s technology failed. Clinging to a particular technology, be it the need for a remote to the inability to speak without slides, limits you as a speaker.

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PowerPoint Tip: Corrupted PowerPoint file

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She supports presenters who were out on the road doing a major presentation in venues across the country. They also suggested that when they tested the presentation at the office, they had not tested it with the presentation remote. Plug in the remote, connect to the projector, and plug in the speakers. I got a panicked call recently from a past workshop participant. Whenever they started the presentation, its gives them the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD as it’s known).

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Is PowerPoint the new black?

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Other visuals might include props, toys, posters, videos or costumes, depending on the venue and the audience. Step away from the laptop As I mentioned in this post last year, a wireless presentation remote will free you up from standing stiffly beside the computer, pressing keys to advance your slides.

Gearing up for that really big talk: 6 smart speaker considerations

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Big talks--whether the "big" part is the impact of your words, the size of the audience or the prestige of the venue--deserve a higher level of planning on the part of the smart speaker. Talk to the technicians: Knowing the likely color of the background against which you'll be speaking, understanding how your "confidence monitor" and remote will work, sharing what colors you're wearing: All those are smart topics to discuss with the tech team in advance. Congratulations!

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Sussing out your speaker space: A checklist

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Is there a remote and a portable microphone so I can control my technology if I move away from the front? What's my range of motion with them--how far from the base technology can I get before sound fails or the remote stops working? If there's piped-in music (this happens in restaurants and other venues), can it be turned off? Emily Culbertson posed this question some time ago: What should you know about the room in which you're speaking?

Coaching a cadre of scientists to give TED-quality talks

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KDC: We wanted the SIP scientists to develop not only versatile talks, but also skills and tools to use the TED-style approach in a variety of venues. Since TNC scientists are scattered all over the world, we did the workshops at already-scheduled meetings of the Project's participants, and conducted the 1:1 coaching remotely by phone or Skype, sharing script drafts, videos, and other resources by email, Skype, or Dropbox.

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20 tips for better conference speaking ~ Authentic Boredom

Need a wireless remote? It’s a little more bulky than I’d prefer, but in terms of reliability and range, it’s tough to beat this remote. ( Don’t use the Apple remote that came with your machine. Also, I’ve been wanting to get a remote since my first presentation in 2007. 14 Daniel ~ 16 February 2009 What about the iPhone Keynote remote app? It’s got a handy little USB peripheral that stores inside the remote.

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Keeping it real with Mozilla Tech Speakers: Case study

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Many Mozilla contributors offer tech talks, workshops, and classes at venues ranging from classrooms and cafes to co-working spaces and conference centers around the world. I’d contacted Denise by email 18 months earlier seeking guidance on how to structure remote speaking practice for technical presenters.

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All About Presentations: Checklist for Presentations

Dont rehearse while going to the venue. Sample presentation: 10 lessons in branding Know your data before you present Best of the Month: Februaury '09 ► February (14) Giving Audience the Remote of Your Presentation -. Giving Audience the Remote of Your Presentation -. skip to main | skip to sidebar Jan 14, 2009 Checklist for Presentations You are going to make a presentation in your office or to a client. To a small group or a large audience.

Marketing Through Speaking Engagements - Nolo's Legal Marketing Blawg

Unfortunately, theres usually not much detail provided on how to secure a speaking engagement -- particularly if youre a newer or less experienced lawyer -- how to select an appropriate venue, how to choose a topic, or how to get the word out about your talk. Consider the audience you want to attract, and pick your speaking venues accordingly. But formal, established groups arent your only venue.

How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio

Magnifying the conversation OUTSIDE of the venue you’re in has tremendous benefits. Neither of us can understand why individuals would choose to connect remotely via 140-character–possibly subjective–sound bites to some semi-engaged amorphous audiencem “out there,&# rather than discuss and reflect with the subject expert booked to do the presentation, or with the folks sitting physically near you. Pistachio Micro sharing. Macro results.