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Start a video with a remote

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A subscriber asked how to start playing a video while using a remote. Furthermore, let’s say that you are using a remote and don’t want to have to walk over to your laptop and click on the video itself. There are remotes that do give you that control, but most don’t.).

Need a Remote for Your Next PowerPoint Presentation? There’s an App for That

DeFinis Communications

And no matter how experienced they are, invariably a few of them forget to bring (or don’t own) a remote control for advancing their PowerPoint slides. As such, whenever I’m working with clients I always take extra remotes with me and usually end up giving them away.

How to use your remote to switch to another presentation in PowerPoint 2007 & 2010

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A friend asked me, “How can I link to another presentation and use my remote to get to that presentation?” What if you’re not close to your laptop and are using a remote to go from slide to slide?

A remote control can set your presentations free!

Presentation Zen

You do not have to use multimedia in a live talk to be successful, but if you do choose to present with the amplifiying power of multimedia, then a small, remote control device is a necessity. A good remote allows you to get away from the lectern and your laptop.

Which presenter remote do you recommend?

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If you presenter from a laptop, you probably have — or should have — a remote, so that you don’t have to be tied to your laptop to forward the slides. I use a small Targus presenter remote and I like it very much.

Legal Blogger, Remote (Help Wanted)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Here  are details and how to apply. careers

Review: Targus Bluetooth Presentation Remote

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

To date, I’ve been using the Keyspan PR-US2 Presentation Remote. It’s a good remote. A Bluetooth remote would remove that need. Would the remote survive a nuclear holocaust like the Twinkie? Over all, my experience with this remote was a mixed bag.


Technical Copywriter, Sarasota, FL - Mostly Remote

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Here  are details and how to apply. careers

The Interview Is Remote - 5 Tips for Presenting Yourself Online

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Remote interviews aren't new. And The good news is that the time you invest in these remote interviews will likely pay off.  And it isn't new that if you ace them you can receive job offers, without any additional steps in the application process.

Remote control cars and memorable presentations

Speak Schmeak

If you want your presentation to be informative and fun and memorable, take a lesson from the hosts of Top Gear. It's a show about cars. And in the course of each show, various cars are driven, raced, analyzed, discussed and thoroughly examined.

Remote control cars and memorable presentations

Speak Schmeak

If you want your presentation to be informative and fun and memorable, take a lesson from the hosts of Top Gear. It's a show about cars. And in the course of each show, various cars are driven, raced, analyzed, discussed and thoroughly examined.

Six Tips for Remote Presenting

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Sitting through a bad one delivered remotely! As travel budgets tighten, remote presentations have had a severe up-tick (which has also been known to cause facial ticks). Tags: Delivery Event Strategy Video remote presenting six tips What’s worse than sitting through a really bad presentation?

PPT Remote Control for the iPhone

PPT - Powerful Presentation Techniques

The New York Times reported that touchscreen smartphones like the iPhone have found new utility as universal remotes for televisions and for projectors using PowerPoint. PowerPoint remote application for the iPhone (and the iPod Touch) called i-Clickr.

Emotional Intimacy: Quality Eroded By Remote (Digital) Relationships

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Unfortunately, the quality of that emotional intimacy is being increasingly eroded by remote (digital) relationships. The holy grail of relationships is more the chase after  emotional intimacy than marriage.

NEW HAVEN REGISTER Obits: Remote condolences

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

    This remote collective mourning has been surprisingly satisfying. The newspaper industry now can digitally link families of the deceased with those who want to express their condolences. This week the NEW HAVEN REGISTER published the obituary of a professional acquaintance - Bob Stanley.    For 30 years he had worked at Aetna insurance.    Next to that is a Guest Book. 

Use Your Own Remote

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Many large conventions are set up by A/V folks who use a presenter remote system that inevitably causes more problems than it solves. The presenter is usually a big wig and the tech folks assume that the big wig can’t handle more than one button on a remote. So they use a remote that has only one large green button on it. The problem is that the remote is not hooked up to a computer.

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How not to use a presentation remote

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I am a strong advocate of using a presentation remote to advance your PowerPoint slides. But I recently saw an example of how not to use a remote. The presenter had one of the nice small remotes that fit in your hand, but for some reason kept it in his jacket pocket. And kept his one hand in the pocket to work the remote. If you are using a presentation remote, get one of the small ones that fit in your hand and hold on to it during your presentation, don't hide it.

When to unplug your remote or mouse

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

We talked about a number of possible causes, but the most likely cause was low batteries in the remote mouse she was using. Many presenters are using remote mice or remote devices to advance their slides, which is a better approach than being glued to the laptop. First, always turn off the remote or remove a battery if there is no "off" button, when you store it in your laptop case.

The speaker's stocking: Replace your remote with a mini Bluetooth keyboard

The Eloquent Woman

If you're wishing your remote could do more--say, serve as a fully functioning keyboard, but from across the room--you can make that come true with this ProMini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard.

Does your audience want to fast-forward you?

Speaking about Presenting

Maybe I’ve got spoiled by my TV set-top box but, in so many of the presentations I’ve attended recently, I would love to have a remote-control with a fast-forward button! ” Quick – where’s the remote?

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Use a remote for more than changing slides

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

I have advocated for years that presenters should use a remote instead of being tethered to the keyboard. If you have a remote, use it to build each point on your slides. But I see far too many presenters use it only to change slides. All the points come up on each slide when the slide appears and the audience is left to figure out which point the speaker is discussing now.

Are you making these rookie mistakes?

Speak Schmeak

However, if you have purchased a presentation remote ( this one is my favorite) or are using one offered by the venue, then you need to practice with it before your presentation. A simple remote will move slides forward and backward, and will black (or white) out the screen.

Review of “Start strong – 3 gripping ways to open your talk” by Craig Hadden

PowerPoint Tips

This is a review of a blog post by Craig Hadden , who blogs about presenting at Remote Possibilities. Craig is an instructional designer living in Sydney, Australia. Currently, the main tool he uses at work is Articulate Storyline.

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11 Tips: When Technology Comes to Work

Matt Eventoff

10 Remote Team Members – If you have a team where most employees work on sight, and one or two members work remotely, those team members are at a disadvantage. Make a real effort to ensure that remote team members are on sight to interact face-to-face at least a few times a year.

Telecommuting: are you ready for your close up?

More than PowerPoint...

If you’re a writer, teacher, or communicator: you might have access to tools that allow you to do your jobs remotely. The scheduled speaker ended up speaking remotely via Skype. Why not try scheduling a few meetings remotely when you don’t absolutely have to?

Unleash your imagination: watch creative videos

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

They range from simple Flip videos which tell winning stories to full-blown studio productions with panel discussions, remote participation via TelePresence and pre-recorded transition or interstitial segments. Executive communications professionals increasingly work with video. The challenge is to not only to research, script, edit and produce the content, but to do so in as creative a [.]. Business Communication Culture Shock! Shallow End

Making presentations with an iPad. It’s time.

The Presenter's Blog

You can’t black-out the screen, and I’m still not convinced about using an iPhone as a remote control. The Bluetooth connection between phone and pad is temperamental, and at the end of the day, an iPhone is just too big to subtly use as a remote. And Apple, if you’re listening, the option of iPad control from the standard Apple remote would be wonderful, and how about maybe a black-out option in the next update of KeyNote? <a.

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

It's a great way to expand your public speaking knowledge: Better in a click: Logitech has a new presentation remote intended to make you a better presenter.

Presenting with an iPad

The Presenter's Blog

There are three big ones: No reliable remote control. iPad remote control apps are available, but I’ve experienced their WiFi / Bluetooth connections as too shaky to be relied on in front of an audience. I would miss my remote control too much.

The 5-step cure for boring body language

Speaking about Presenting

Put down anything you’re holding, whether it be a pen, the remote or your notes (once you’re gesturing naturally you can hold your notes or the remote, but for the moment they just make the task of freeing up your gestures more difficult). Could your body language be more expressive?

9 ways to use props for maximum impact in your presentations

Speak Schmeak

But then he mentioned the multiple TV remotes we all have, and suggested that if we have trouble finding them, this one might be a good replacement. And he pulled out the biggest remote I''ve ever seen.

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Executive Coach Uses Humor and Acting to Deliver Unforgettable Presentation Performances

Duarte Blog

Topics covered include remote presenting, her paradigm “The Prism Effect”, Velcro communication, Twitter-inspired friendships, and peach bellinis. Sounds crazy, but I met Victoria Labalme on Twitter and we’ve become lifelong friends.

Superior Presentations 75: The Most Striking PowerPoint Slide to Include in Every PowerPoint Presentation

Executive Speech Coach

Use the blackout button on the remote. Most remotes have this feature. If you use PowerPoint slides to accompany your presentation, you might like this powerful technique to distinguish your talk from the ocean of PowerPoint presentations.

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Go to Black

Manner of Speaking

You can also make the screen go black with most remote controls. When you black the screen out with your remote or the keyboard, you return to the same slide.)

You Don’t Know Dick!

Manner of Speaking

Two things leap to mind: (a) he spent much of that time talking to the computer; and (b) he was “chained&# to the computer because he was not using a remote control to change the slides. A remote would have allowed Hardt to move about the stage and thus interact more with the audience.

Success & the Art of Developing Your Inner Coach

Presentation Zen

He does a great job, although a remote control would have helped him free himself from the computer. Brett Ledbetter is a former college basketball player and author of the book What Drives Winning.

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Make your webinars super interactive

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” It’s been a rewarding journey to learn how to engage remotely, which I think is definitely a trend that is here to stay. This is a guest post from Brenda Bence , who is a corporate branding and personal branding expert.

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My 2015 holiday speaker gift list is here!

Speak Schmeak

Unhitch yourself from the laptop with a wireless presentation remote. There are a lot of nice remotes on the market; pick the one that fits best in your hand and has the features that you need. It''s the most wonderful time of the year!

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Nancy’s New Book on Shelves Now

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The comprehensive go-to guide is a distillation of 25 years of VisualStory™ experience, featuring highlights from Resonate and Slide:ology , as well as new insights on presentation delivery (including remote presenting!)

How your smartphone can help you become a better presenter

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

b) Presentation software remote control apps. As well as the common wireless USB remote controllers for PowerPoint and Keynote, there are a number of smartphone apps that claim to allow the presenter to control their slides wirelessly via Bluetooth. Personally I am a little sceptical of these and so prefer a nice simple, dedicated remote control like the Kensington Presenter Remote.