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hosting any event is a performance; as such rehearsal and attention to detail are a must; grooming, dress, choice of accessories, all these small details must be considered carefully because all eyes are on you for much of the time. don't upstage contestants or awardees; note, American Idol hosts--calling attention to yourself and upstaging contestants reflects poorly on you. Last Saturday I had a real dose of Stage Time.

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Make sure you are not upstaged by your devices. Can you get rehearsal time for a run-through with all hands on deck? Blame it on Bill Gates: In 2009, during a TED talk about his foundation's work to eradicate malaria, he opened a gigantic jar while delivering this part of this talk. From the transcript: But, malaria — even the million deaths a year caused by malaria greatly understate its impact. Over 200 million people at any one time are suffering from it.

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But dont let it upstage you. He also helps technical teams plan, create, and rehearse oral proposals for large government contracts.