Screaming Kids - Yes, Regulate Them Out Of Public Places

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

We want regulations created about how long that screaming can go on before the child and caretaker have to be ejected from the scene. Since there are no regulations in-place, that disturbing behavior was allowed to continue. Supposed modern parents assume that it's "natural" for their kids to scream in public places. And that they are doing in restaurants, transportation facilities, and even libraries. Many members of society are not as tolerant.

Anonymous "Cyberbullying" - NY State wants to regulate

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Both the New York State House and Senate have bills which would create regulations about anonymous comments posted on sites on the Internet, reports Margaret Hartmann at  NEW YORK Magazine.

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Financial regulators were 'party poopers'

Max Atkinson

Talking about the origins of the crisis, Nobel prize winner Joseph Stiglitz is explaining the origins of the crisis - when there was a party going on that got out of hand because the regulators didn't want to be 'party poopers'. Economics is a highly technical subject that can make it difficult for anyone trying to explain things like the recent financial crisis to a general audience.

Regulated Kidney Sales - What I Found Out When In A Real Financial Pickle

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Selling a kidney in a regulated market, once unthinkable, has become part of the national conversation. My preference would be to sell it on a regulated market. And once something is thinkable, it can morph into the doable.

Viagra-Ad Spoof: Tactic leveraged in lawyer's presentation about tax regulations

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Abendroth framed discussion of tax regulations as a spoof of the Viagra ad.  In its marketing, the legal sector is not known for great performance art. 

Crisis Media Preparation – 6 Crucial Rules

Matt Eventoff

regulators warned West Virginia Coal Mine This week has been rife with examples of organizations that have had a rough go in the media. The week began with the social media storm surrounding GreenPeace, Sinar Mas and Nestle, playing out on Nestle’s Facebook fan page. There are new issues, a record fine and overall Washington troubles for Toyota (more on this here and here ). Front and center has been Massey Energy and the unspeakable tragedy unfolding in West Virginia.

Presenting = Communicating = Training

PowerPoint Tips

Some trainers needs to teach boring subjects, such as legal regulations. If you’re a trainer or teacher, the title of this blog post if an obvious statement for you. But if you do more persuasive presentations, it may not be obvious.

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Crisis Response – Plan to Protect Your Corporate Reputation… Today, Pt I

Matt Eventoff

Who reaches out to Regulators? An unfortunate reality of life is that crises occur, and they often occur when we least expect it. Few organizations are hit with a crisis situation on a Tuesday afternoon at 2pm when things are a bit slow and all hands are on deck. So what are some steps your organization can take to prepare today? 1) Start planning now. Plan and prepare before you need to. What are your organizational themes when you are not in crisis mode? Identify your key messages.

Corporate Crisis Response Blueprint, Pt I

Matt Eventoff

Who reaches out to Regulators? An unfortunate reality of life is that crises occur, and they often occur when we least expect it. Few organizations are hit with a crisis situation on a Tuesday afternoon at 2pm when things are a bit slow and all hands are on deck.

Perfectly imperfect & the art of making a connection

Presentation Zen

The precise and the perfect carries no overtones, admits no freedom; the perfect is static and regulated, cold, and hard. To be human is to be imperfect.

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Free Webinar tomorrow: Learn the Physiology of Information Overload

Beyond Bullet Points

How an effective presentation regulates the physiology of the audience. What you can do to start regulating your audience – and yourself. Have you ever wondered why your blood boils or you grow ice cold when you experience an overwhelming amount of information? There actually may be a physiological explanation, which heightens the need for getting it right when it comes to presenting information effectively no matter what tools you use.

Unmasking the Myths of Silicon Valley Innovation

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

She debunks the myth that innovation in Silicon Valley is a result of brilliant young minds (Jobs & Wozniak; Page & Brin) unfettered by regulations thriving in garages in a California […].

The Nonverbal Communication Book TOC

The Communication Blog

Regulators. To Regulate Conversation. Paralanguage and Conversational Regulation. Regulating Paralanguage]. Here is the Table of Contents for The Nonverbal Communication Book. The Nonverbal Communication Book. Contents in Brief. Welcome to The Nonverbal Communication Book. Part One. Foundations of Nonverbal Communication. Introducing Nonverbal Communication. Part Two. The Codes of Nonverbal Communication. Body Messages. Facial Messages. Eye Messages.

Protect Your Reputation Today…Your Crisis Response Blueprint, Pt II.

Matt Eventoff

In a crisis, there may be a number of parties who want answers and access public, victims, press, regulators, investors, elected officials – who filters each call and determines who answers; what are the answers for each?

Uber - Not Enough to Stop Drunk-Driving

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

On the front lines of lobbying for this kind of regulation could be DUI lawyers. The mag ical thinking out there is that the technology underlying ride-sharing Uber will significantly reduce drunk driving. Various studies, reports The New York Times , have shown those kinds of results.

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Speakers: To persuade, get concrete. To inspire, be abstract.

The Eloquent Woman

They are right, but remember that "changing the world" also can include things like skirting financial regulations and selling unhealthy foods to increasingly obese children. Should you try to inspire your audience--or persuade them? Are you speaking about why your audience should do something--or how to pull it off? New research suggests that decision depends on the timing of your message and what the audience has to do next, whether that deadline is in the future or next week.

Beyond Bad PR - Uber's Business Problems

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

If the latter, then it will have to comply with myriad regulations. No one needs The Donald to tell them that regulations add on lots of baggage in operating an enterprise. What company has been having the worst week? No question, it's Uber.

Rebranding Uber - The Stakes Are High

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

A major obstacle in rebranding is that the members of the media closely cover the lawsuits against Uber, the federal investigations, and the imposing of new regulations. Job number-1 for new Uber chief executive officer Dara Khosrowshahi is rebranding the ride-hailing service.

7 ways to keep audience attention during your presentation

Speaking about Presenting

I’ve had email discussions with a number of readers who present on topics such as health and safety issues or environmental regulations.

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5 speakers share what writing a script did for their talks

The Eloquent Woman

But using a script has a variety of advantages, from helping you stay on time and regulate your speaking speed to ensuring that you don't forget the important things you want to say.

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Landlord Nation Takes Hit in Brooklyn, Manhattan

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Clearly landlords had the upper hand on everything from how they determined whether to rent to you to the move-out rules and regulations. Good news for the Class of 2017. Maybe you can afford to dream the dream and come to Brooklyn or New York. Landlord Nation has taken a hit.

Quick & Dirty Views on the Obama/Romney Debate in Denver

Speak and Deliver

calling Romney out for a lack of a detailed plan to reach his objectives for the economy, federal regulations, and healthcare, and 2. Well, that was fun.

The prostitute factor: Why we're not serious about women at conferences

The Eloquent Woman

Both conferences take place in countries where prostitution is legal and regulated, and both conference's organizers denied responsibility for their presence. We've made a lot of progress from the days when women were forbidden to attend, or to speak at, conferences.

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A Message from Zimbabwe – Sometimes Speech is Not Free

Matt Eventoff

We often complain about the hassle of the new airport security regulations. On November 2nd, in between getting off the train and going to the gym, I pulled up to my polling location, ran in, voted, and ran back to the car. .

Compliance - That's where the jobs are, including for ghostwriters

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Increasingly, as a ghostwriter/speechwriter, I am doing assignments associated with regulations. Those range from explaining the regulation to lobbying against a certain proposed law. New York University School of Law has started a blog focused solely on the field of compliance.

Occupy Wall Street, Mitt Romney, and the NBA: Three Problems in Search of a Solution

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  If Romney presents the usual Republican shibboleths – less government regulation, lower taxes, cutting the budget – thoughtful voters are going to realize that those solutions, while fine in themselves, don’t match the problem.    Sure government regulation is irritating, but a recent study found that only a tiny percentage of businesses actually cite it as a real problem. 

The Worker Bee U.S. President

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  That would have been a 12-nation trade deal reducing or eliminating myriad tariffs and regulations.  The conservative Drudge Report spent most of the weekend on football. But today, Monday, it got back to covering the dynamics of Trumpism. And what a day it has been.

The three causes of public speaking fear (and what you can do about them)

Speaking about Presenting

Our emotions are regulated by the Mid Brain. Fear of public speaking often feels like it hits you out of nowhere. But I’m going to suggest that there are three distinct causes of speech anxiety. I’m using a common brain model to explain these different causes of speaking anxiety.

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Cryptocurrencies - Regulaton Coming, Predicts SEC Head Jay Clayton

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Some contend that cryptocurrency couldn't and shouldn't be regulated.   However, he also predicted that digital currencies will be monitored and regulated as have traditional currencies. SEC head Jay Clayton does not agree.

Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief: It's not the degree, stupid

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Talk to JDs from decades ago and most recall difficulty in starting a career, often so brutal that they shifted to leveraging the credential in non-legal departments such as public affairs in regulated industries, e.g. energy or health. 

Future Business Leaders of America – California State Leadership Conference

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Suit Up for Success FBLA conference regulations dictated a dress code requiring professional attire to a quite persnickety level of detail (Males: Banded collared shirt may be worn only if sport coat or business suit is worn. I was fortunate to volunteer as a speech contest judge for an impromptu speech contest for High School students held Friday and Saturday as part of the State Leadership Conference of the California Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).

Renouncing U.S. Citizenship - The 2-Part Tax Story

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

citizenship have had it with the complex and expensive IRS regulations. " In themselves those new regulations have made the struggle to protect assets from taxes more expensive to pull off.

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Cryptocurrency - Wild West, Way Internet Had Been

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Since there is little regulation globally, this kind of scam is not illegal. Part of the solution could be to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges and markets. It's a $200 billion market. And essentially unregulated, just as early internet activities had been.

Body Language Quick Takes 3 – Are You Connected?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  In addition, there is a whole language of nods, head moves, eyebrow motion, and hand gestures that regulate connected conversation.  How do you tell – in body language terms – when you’re connected with someone?    A conversation between two connected people – lovers, friends, colleagues – who are in sync is a beautiful thing to behold.    If you’re one of the parties involved, it may spoil the connection to take time out to notice it, so be careful. 

A Story of courage: Hiro Fujita on ending ALS (TEDxTokyo)

Presentation Zen

Hiro is angry at the disease and at the government regulations which are slow and burdensome.

Bad Timing for Alleged Sexual Harassment at Amazon

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Increasingly, regulators in Europe and the U.S. If sexual harassment is proved, that could push open the door for regulators to check out what else might be going on. The "verdict" is in: Sexual harassment of females has been standard in the U.S. entertainment industry.

Professional Services - Plain-Speaking Gets the Sale, Reduces Churn

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" The tax experts used formal language and formal terms about IRS regulations. There was a time when those in professional services were socialized to, well, "speak like professionals." Lawyers would do the same the legal system.    We in communications would pontificate about perception, even throwing in some statistics from the latest research. That was then. Now is a whole different era. Trust is

Presentation Tip: Reduce the words in each point

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Revised point : Maintain records during retention period Original point : Identify the Company’s Records to facilitate access to information required to conduct the Company’s business and to comply with applicable statutes and regulations, including recordkeeping, privacy, security and confidentiality requirements. In my latest book, Present It So They Get It , I provide five strategies for reducing the information in your presentation down to just what the audience needs to know.

Job Interview Game - The 5 Tells

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Interviewers know all about EEOC regulations. In the new economy, continually turbulent, many of us are forever searching for work. That might be full-time, part-time, contract or clients for our enterprise. What goes along with that is THE INTERVIEW.

Kinesics: The Categories of Gesture

Kuhnke Communication

Building on Birdwhistell’s work, Professor Paul Ekman and his colleague Wallace V Friesen classified kinesics into five categories: emblems, illustrations, affective displays, regulators and adaptors. Regulators.