Public Speakers: Be like Edelman, do a survey, talk about implications

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

For years now the ambitious but budget-challenged have been turning to free software service SurveyMonkey.  Others then go on to subscribe to SurveyMonkey's more sophisticated services.    Before she took her current position in social media at Cox, marketer Toby Bloomberg used SurveyMonkey brilliantly for branding her firm Bloomberg Marketing and reporting on her famous Diva blog.  An in-between initiative is to play with SurveyMonkey.

Who's in the audience and why should I care?

Speak Schmeak

Get some background on the company, the culture, the level of experience with your topic, the event you're part of, the demographics of the attendees, and basics like how many people will be there (I use a SurveyMonkey questionnaire for this so it can be completed easily online). Speak to the attendees Maybe speaking to every attendee is a stretch, but you can always send a brief questionnaire to the organizer for distribution to the group (SurveyMonkey for this, too).

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