What You Need to Know About Self-Publishing

Great Public Speaking

It's a free online self-publishing tool that helps you prepare your book for printing. As soon as you approve the proof copy, createspace will make it available for purchase and even distribute it through Amazon.com and other outlets. The price of the book covers the production costs and your royalty. In addition, Amazon offers a lot of tips to help you self-publish your book through createspace.com.

No Joy in Bookville

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  I scanned their bookshelves and the last owned book had been purchased a while ago.    Public relations icon Bob Dilenschneider published in February, with the imprint of the American Management Association, HANDBOOK ON PUBLIC RELATIONS.    For assistance with the HANDBOOK I am due 50% of royalties.    Will update you in August when the American Management Assocation sends out the sales and royalties numbers.

The Tony Soprano Approach to Accounts Receivable

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  For instance, a prospect "told" me to run out to Barnes & Noble and purchase a book on the subject, which later I could bill back to him.    I am considering using PSI for gaining access to royalty statements for a book I ghostwrite for a professional-services firm.    The client signed a contract that I would receive 50% of royalties