Oprah’s Farewell: The Final Ovation for One of the World’s Most Influential Public Speakers

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I recently heard the story of a woman who purchased a pair of Oprah’s shoes at an auction. Here is my tribute to this great woman and what she means to the world of public speaking: O – Optimistic. Wednesday for Women Celebrates Oprah! Oprah’s legend is…well…legendary.

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Public Speaker Marketing - Selling With Affiliate Programs

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You purchase tracking software and have other people putting your links on their sites. When someone clicks from their site to yours and purchases something, you owe them a commission, which the software tracks for you. Affiliate programs allow you to make money by recommending other people’s products. You get a commission if someone buys something.

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Public Speakers - Optimize Your Videos on Youtube

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Your viewers can't sign up or purchase something just from the video alone, you have to get them to a website for them to do that. Just like a commercial on television for Wendy's, the ad can make them hungry but they have to get into the car and go to the drive through to purchase. Learn more about marketing your speaker videos on Youtube Titling Your Videos The title of your video is the main place that search engines look for keywords.

Public Speakers: Promote Your Speaking Business With Affiliates

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Anything that can be purchased online is a candidate: books, ebooks, training systems, DVD's, CD's, speaking engagments, seminars, webinars and even coaching are just a few of what's possible. You can sell a lot more products and services with an army of affiliates promoting for you. Having website owners use their affiliate link to send out to their email list or place ads and banners on their site can drive more orders to your products than you can alone.

Public Speaker Marketing Tips: Sales Letter Exit Strategies

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Here are some exit strategies: Sell down technique: This technique can be used to offer a cheaper price when someone is leaving your sales page without purchasing. If a person leaves one of your sales letters without buying, a pop up box can be displayed that gives them a chance to finance their purchase. Smart Internet marketers make money coming and going. that is when their visitors are coming and going. Obviously when your visitor comes to your site you want them to buy.

Attention Public Speakers: I Don't Know How She Did It.

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and I don't care. If you've known me for a while, you probably have heard me talk about the fact I wanted the "Ka-ching" sound on my cell phone as my ring tone. I gave up trying to figure it out myself knowing it would take me all day. A young, geeky girl in the office heard me complaining about this. She took the phone and came back in five minutes with the Ka-ching sound on the phone. Do I know how she did it? NO Do I care how she did it?

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The Beginning Public Speaker: Some of the basics of getting started


MEMBERS LOGIN Home SPEAKER SERVICES Speaker Services Get Found Now! First, I say congratulations and if you have a dream, a passion, dedication and a powerful message then you are ready to take the next steps to becoming a professional speaker. Charli Jane Speaker Services P.O.

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Guest Blog: Lessons from Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives of New York City – How to Build Income

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We see it in the business world, hear it bandied about among authors, experts, and speakers, and we experience it in the social media landscape. Frankel was able to negotiate the astronomical purchase price of Skinnygirl because of her unique idea and powerful influence. Business Tips Guest Blogs Public Speaker Public SpeakingGot Platform? Part 3 of a Three-part Series: Income.

Improve with Improv – Improvisation for Speakers

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Angela DeFinis is an author, speaker and consultant. Improvisation is a must-have tool in the public speaker’s repertoire. Without it, speakers often find themselves in what I call “The Big Freeze”—that paralyzing moment of fear, physical immobility and mental shut down that leaves them unable to act. But if speakers utilize the teachings and techniques of improv, they can learn to overcome this fear and actually enjoy flying by the seat of their pants.

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Rhetoric of Optimism: Use it or lose it

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Public speakers who are excessively cautious in their presentations will miss out on this one: The New Optimism that the recovery is here and gaining momentum. Piggybacking on a mood is a standard tactic for seasoned speakers.  Being out of synch with national feeling can brand speakers as anything from out of touch to too pessimistic to be effective.   Branding careers Current Affairs Personal Musings Public Speaking Selling

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Why you need a story for your presentations

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This applies even when the transaction isn’t a purchase for money. This is sometimes called a “signature” story and public speakers use it a lot. How do you persuade people to implement your training, buy from you, or approve your proposal? Yes, you need a good “offer,” whether that offer is to help trainees perform better, improve client’s results, or get more done with less money. But a good offer isn’t enough.

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Speakers Put Your Knowledge in an e-Book

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A professional public speaker can broaden their audience and build creditability by publishing a book on Kindle. Kindle versions are also less expensive not only to print, but to purchase for the customer. As public speaker you can place clickable links in your eBook to drive traffic to your website. Publishing a book has always been a good idea but until recently it was a very complicated and expensive process.

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Public Speaking Marketing Tips - Autoresponders

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At the same time you can give them the feeling that purchasing from you was a good deal and that they made the right decision by purchasing and that they do need what they bought and that it was perfectly fine spending what they did. Also, a significant part of this whole deal is to use the sequential autoresponders to upsell the customer to additional related products based on what they have already purchased. Join a dynamic community of successful public speakers

Vanilla Voices - Over, now that public speaking in-person is back

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Now that public speaking in-person is back [my speechwriting dance card is full], the sound of vanilla won't get by.    Here are two eBooks which might help public speakers find a strong, unique voice Download CUsersjasneDocumentsjg  and Download SavingSoulsJaneGenova.   In public speaking we wind up kissing a lot of frogs before we figure out how to make our statements grab attention and resonate. Tags: Public Speaking

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Public Speaking Marketing: List Building with Bonuses

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One way to build a list on automatic is to offer a bonus ebook or product that other business people give away when their services are purchased. Discover other marketing secrets of successful public speakers Building an email database / list can be a slow process if traffic has not yet picked up your website due to it being a new site or if you have a highly competitive keyword phrase. You can make a lot of money with an email list, so building it quickly is a priority.

Public Speaking Marketing Tips: Paid Search

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These website owners pay every time someone clicks out on an ad no matter if the visitor purchases anything or not. Easy tricks that make public speakers a fortune One way to find targeted traffic is to pay your way to the top of the search results. This is called Pay-Per-Click or sponsored ads. You have seen them often almost every time you search online.

The speaker's stocking: Email your friends a Kindle book on speaking

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Want to inspire, encourage or mentor another speaker during the holidays--and save time and money? Here's an easy, inexpensive and useful option to make anyone a "gifted" speaker: An emailed gift of a Kindle book on speaking or presenting.

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Famous Speech Friday: Elizabeth Warren on The Daily Show in 2009

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TARP was created in the wake of the recent economic downturn to strengthen the financial sector by government purchase of assets and equity. Senate, where she continues to tear it up today as a great public speaker. Whether you're a conference organizer, speaker, or moderator, you'll have a better panel--and a sparkling discussion--if you plan with The Eloquent Woman's Guide to Moderating Panels.

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Public Speaking: Draw More Traffic to Your Website with These Tips

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Looking for ways to make your public speaking website more dynamic and attract repeat visitors? Public speakers who want to expand their skills will be attracted to e-courses. Then, you can contact the people who register later to promote your products and public speaking events. Place both low resolution and high-resolution photos on your website so meeting planners will have access to the size they require for print and web publications.

Public Speaking Business Marketing - Self Publishing CDs

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As a public speaker, it's a great idea to take the availability of your training and offer it to more people than just those who attend your speeches and workshops. Prices vary between these two companies a bit, but ordinarily a CD can produced for as little as $2.50, and they don't charge you for it until the Cd has already been purchased.

My effort to reform the panel discussion, starting with the moderator

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Yet few take the time to get the panel ready for success, let alone to meet the conflicting goals of organizers, speakers, and the audience. Even an experienced speaker like Guy Kawasaki says, “Moderating a panel is deceptively hard--harder, in fact, than keynoting because the quality of the panelists is usually beyond your control.” It may not be a dramatic topic in public speaking, but it''s one we face over and over again in the course of our careers as public speakers.

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5 Myths About Public Speaking That Are Limiting Your Growth

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Public Speaking has been my personal development path to phenomenal growth for more than twenty years now. There are millions of people all over the world who engage in some form of speaking to the public every day as a means of earning income and most of them enjoy it. It makes me sad that they would just embrace this information, internalize it and let it take them to a place where they are ever so happy to be afraid of public speaking.

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The best-laid public speaking plans can actually work very well!

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My talk was well-received and the turnout was very good - but an even bigger crowd was expected for their meeting a couple of months later when they had a talk by the Speakers of both Houses of Parliament! Public Speaking Tip #458: If an organisation is very keen to book a public speaker for a particular date - perhaps because they need one at short notice - they will often go out of their way to overcome any logistical problems. Salisbury U3A.

Online University Reviews : 101 YouTube Videos to Teach You the Art of Public Speaking


101 YouTube Videos to Teach You the Art of Public Speaking By L. Fabry With the internet giving users the tools to instantly and permanently post videos, public speakers have to be more careful than ever. General Public Speaking Advice These videos give tips, advice, and more on all aspects of public speaking. Killer Presentation Skills : Doug will change your perceptions of public speaking in this short video.

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Speak & Deliver - A Public Speaking Blog For the Speaking Public.

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skip to main | skip to sidebar Public Speaking? Posted by Rich Hopkins, Speaker, Author, Coach on Wednesday, September 30, 2009 Labels: CEOs , Emcees , Parents , Politicians , Preachers , Public Speaking , Sales , Teachers , Trainers Just what is Public Speaking, anyway?

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Wendi McNeill: Is Your Ebook Gathering Dust and No Visibility.No Sales?


MEMBERS LOGIN Home SPEAKER SERVICES Speaker Services Get Found Now! Giveaway your ebook to a large website with your target audience Offer a discount to another service or product when your customer purchases your ebook. PUBLIC SPEAKERS Get Found Now!

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Speak & Deliver - A Public Speaking Blog For the Speaking Public: Grammar in Speaking: Learn Yourself Good.

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Posted by Rich Hopkins, Speaker, Author, Coach on Monday, October 5, 2009 Labels: Alliteration , Colloquialisms , Grammar , Triads Image courtesy of the Simpsons Chalkboard Generator. Notice I didn’t say good grammar – though as Public Speakers it is a primary goal.

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Presentation Crisis: How a Quote, Cartoon and Story Could Save.

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The auditors had submitted a report suggesting that I, as the chief supply manager, had exceeded my purchasing approval authority. Canadian Institute of Management Presentation Skills Client Feedback More Client Feedback Presentation Mistakes, Myths and Madness PowerPoint Sins Presentation Sins Extroverts Make Bad Public Speakers Bad News Lies Cliche Hell About Me George Torok Co-author of the national bestseller, "Secrets of Power Marketing". Why Do We Fear Public Speaking?

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Creating Passionate Users: Give users a Hollywood ending


As a public speaker, I see many times how a good ending is more important than most of what is said. But neither the post, nor any of the comments have covered the obvious advice that most expository writers, speakers, or presenters miss: WRITE/DESIGN THE ENDING FIRST.

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