Public Relations - AI Can Wipe Out Humans

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Big chunks of public relations services could be next. Public relations leaders might balk. Currently, with client churn becoming standard in professional services, public relations players have to be among those figuring out how to integrate AI.

Public Relations Firms - Don't Invite Millennial Prospects to Play Golf

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The usual courting rituals to attract new clients are changing. When it comes to Millennials, many of them making big bucks in tech, forget inviting them to a game of golf. The Sports & Fitness Industry Association reports that Millennials have little interest in the game.

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Wells Fargo, Public Relations & The Invisible Hand

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Myriad public affairs case studies will be created about what it had done wrong and what it had done right to manage the fallout from the faux accounts. In public. Brand equity. Corporate social responsibility. Trust. 

Public Relations - Have Down Cold Pros/Cons of Blockchain

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Clearly, public relations firms must have down cold the pros and the cons of the blockchain. Recently, TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington transacted the closing of the purchase of property in the Ukraine via blockchain.

Public Relations: Yes, Gini Dietrich at "Spin Sucks," it's become too timid

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Too much of public relations (PR), at least among the big brandnames, is timid.    In a column on "Spin Sucks," Gini Dietrich asks if the PR business has become risk-averse, wary of offending anyone. 

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USC Public Relations Crisis - Lawyer Parachuted In, But Does Debra Wong Yang Lack "Independence"

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At Fox News and at Uber, a public relations crisis meant parachuting in a brandname law firm. After that was made public, he left his job, taking a position in pharma in the private sector.

Public Relations Representatives - Can They Have the Legal Right Analogous to Attorney-Client Privilege

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"A California appellate court opened the door this week to extending attorney-client privilege to an unlikely source, experts say - a litigant's public relations team." For example, in public relations a growing niche is crisis communications.

The Truth About Public Speaking

Matt Eventoff

There is a saying in boxing that holds true for public speaking – “Styles Make Fights.” This is why I have always felt that the idea that you can become a great orator after reading a book on public speaking is like being prepared to go on the Tour de France after reading a book on bicycling– not really possible. Styles also make presentations, speeches and media appearances – every person is unique and every person has a unique style, something that works for them. .

Public Relations Firms - What You Have to Teach Your Legal Clients

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Law firms have long been savvy how the courts of law and public opinion intersect. Last year, Dentons launched the Nextlaw Global Public Affairs Network. Not that public affairs outreach, even at the grassroots level, is a sure thing.

The Inside Story On Why A Luxury Public Relations Firm Is Offering Free PR For The Occupy Wall Street Movement

TJ Walker Interactive

Occupy Wall Street protesters picked up by public relations firm Workhouse pro-bono Kate Fowler of Inside Communications Radio speaks with Workhouse Publicity’s Adam Nelson to go inside his firms decision to offer pro bono PR help for the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Analysis Audio adam nelson kate fowler occupy wall street workhouse publicity

Public Relations Employment Continues to Grow, Surges in D.C.

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Public relations is among the niches in professional services which continues to grow. Members of iGen doing career planning might consider entering public relations and not attending law school.

[Podcast] Harness the Power of PR with Marsha Friedman

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Public relations is all about being the kind of expert that can serve […]. Public relations is all about being the kind of expert that can serve the audiences of print, television, and radio.

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Shift from Journalism to Public Relations: No longer predictable rite of passage

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Baby Boomers holding positions of authority in public relations agencies frequently started out as reporters.  When they wearied of covering stories or simply needed a whole lot more income, they were welcomed into public relations agencies.

Public Relations Industry in U.S. - Slowing Growth

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While other kinds of professional services, such as law, were struggling during and after the financial crash, the public relations industry was growing.  Now, studies have found that the rate of growth for public relations firms in the U.S.

Brand Gordon & Rees - Another Public Relations Setback

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Along with a public statement opposing Colwin's comments of Hannity, it relieved her of our duties as managing partner of the New York office. In the legal and business media the Mercedes Colwin story caught fire.

Sex Harassment Allegations = Big Business for Public Relations Firms

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The allegations about sexual harassment have generated new business - and a lot of it - for public relations firms. Public relations firms have the know-how and contacts to help organizations, brands, and individuals in crisis to at least not make things worse.

Global Public Relations Industry - Gender Gap in Leadership Positions, Pay

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Women represent two-thirds of those working in the global public relations industry. Public relations is the business which creates its clients' stories. In , Steve Barnes reports on a study headed by the Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations.

Bitcoin - Lobbyists, Public Relations Pros Understand Power of Regulatory Uncertainty

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It's downright primitive. Fear of the unknown is the most terrifying form of angst. CaveMan didn't fear so much the lion he had spotted as the other predators that might or might not be lurking in the woods.

Public speaking pet peeves from frequent speakers & speechwriters

The Eloquent Woman

Inside Voice is the interview series in which we ask speakers and speechwriters to share their public speaking insights, lessons learned, and best practices. Author and public relations executive Liz O'Donnell adds, "I try not to do it." "Not

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Podcast: Public Relations & Social Media

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I was intrigued to hear what the PR professionals at the conference thought of the impact of social media on public relations, so I asked a random collection of people I met in the halls what the thought. I was intrigued to hear what the PR professionals at the conference thought of the impact of social media on public relations, so I asked a random collection of people I met in the halls what the thought.

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Georgina Chapman, Harvey Weinstein's Estranged Spouse, Seeks Crisis Public Relations

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So, we get a news flash from Kevin McCauley at O'Dwyer that Chapman is searching for a public relations representative or public affairs firm to manage the crisis. Meanwhile, Weinstein had hired Sitrick Public Relations to represent him.

Christopher McCowen - Public Relations Push for New Trial

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She was a brandname fashion writer for glam publications such as Elle. Her father was a Harvard-educated lawyer. She had dated one of Gloria Vanderbuilt's sons - Christopher Stokowski.

Retirement/Semi-Retirement - Message Public Relations Agencies Have to Get Out

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Public relations agencies can get the message out that retirement and semi-retirement may entail radical psychic shifts.   What should motivate public relations to adopt this initiative is that more and more of their clients will be involved with both Baby Boomers (76 million) and members of Generation X (65 million). In America, headquarters for capitalism, we are our work. When the work goes so does much of identity - both social and internal.

Public Relations Campaigns Can Be More Effective than Litigation in Seeking "Justice"

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What goes on in the court of public opinion can have more power than what could be ruled in a court of law. I have participated in a number of public relations initiatives in which the objective was to encourage a settlement. 

Public Relations - Not About Clickbait

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In general, clients of public relations agencies want constituencies to take action. The game is influence, not sales.    They are not selling advertising or subscriptions as are media properties. Therefore, the initiative is not about establishing clickbait.

Benjamin Franklin - America's First Public Relations Player

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Franklin, more typically, nurtured  his reputation, as a matter of both pride and utility, and he became the country's first unabashed public relations expert." Part of Franklin's public relations expertise was understanding the power of charm.

Public Relations - Rated 6th Most Stressful Job

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Public relations is frequently viewed as a glam industry. The stress factors range from amount of travel to how much the profession is in the public eye. The investor relations folks are negotiating with clients what to put in the earnings release.

Public Relations Pros - Perfect Holiday Gifts

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  The public relations industry is doing better than some others. So, you want to give the public relations pro in your life the perfect gift this holiday season. Think journalism, legal services, and manufacturing. But, it's still a caldron of pressure.

Valentine's Day - 5 Best Gifts for Public Relations Players

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Here are the 5 best gifts to give to the public relations players in your life. What do you find more a public nuisance - 10 barking dogs next door or 10 writers who are tireless in putting together supposedly Steve-Jobs marketing tactics to get your attention?

Apple (AAPL) Exploits Greatest PR Gimmick Ever

TJ Walker Interactive

As a media trainer, I am often critical of Apple because they violate almost every rule of good media relations. But Apple does have that loyal a fan base, and that’s why they can get away with breaking all of the other rules of good media relations.

U.S. Government = Big Spender On Public Relations

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"The federal government has dropped more than $4 billion on PR work since 2007, according to a report conducted by non-profit Open the Books, a nonpartisan watchdog dedicated to transparency in public spending."

Finally, Law Firms and Public Relations Agencies Partner on a Formal Network

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As every seasoned lawyer knows: The courts of law and of public opinion continually intersect. Increasingly, law firms are partnering with public relations ones to help their clients tell their stories.

David Boies, Boies Schiller - Need to Listen Closely to Public Relations Experts

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" Any public relations expert would advise Boies to lay low. Now that superlawyer David Boies had gotten targeted in the Harvey Weinstein mess (thank Ronan Farrow's The New Yorker article) he can't seem to do anything right.

David Sweat Needs Ghostwriter, Public Relations Agent

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For that he needs a seasoned ghostwriter and public relations agent. David Sweat has nothing to lose. And plenty of attention to attract. He could live well on that ego gratification until he goes senile in prison or simply is found dead in his bunk of natural causes.

Halloween 2016 - 5 Sure Bets for Public Relations Pros' Costumes

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Here are 5 sure bets for costumes for you public relations pros. animal companions Books Branding careers Current Affairs Food and Drink Media Personal Musings Politics Public Speaking Selling Television Travel Values Web/TechHalloween is the family-free holiday.

How to Assess Your Public Speaking Comfort Level

DeFinis Communications

Nervousness and public speaking go hand-in-hand. These people have little desire to speak in public, but now are required to do so. These people may be great product evangelists, expert salespeople, senior leaders, marketing and public relations professionals, motivational speakers, and corporate trainers. And in all my years as a presentations skills coach, I’ve found that people’s anxiety tends to fall into one of four categories.

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Law Firm, Akron, OH - Public Relations Specialist for Special Project (help-wanted)

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Here are details and how to apply. careers

Zumado Public Relations - Nick Gaffney's Genius Use Of Snail Mail

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It was from Nick Gaffney who had launched  Zumado Public Relations in San Francisco about a year ago. I had participated in the voting conducted by the legal publication The Recorder. Yes, In the snail mail today arrived an oversized postcard.

Podcast: PR Troubles with Ozzie Guillen

Communication Steroids

Public Relations Miami Marlins Ozzie GuillenOzzie Guillen, manager of the Miami Marlins, stuck his foot in his mouth this week by saying he ‘loved Fidel Castro’ and caused a rumble in the Cuban Community in Florida. Tim and Roger take a look and see how the Marlins and Ozzie in particular, handled this PR situation.

Law Firm, Akron, OH - Public Relations Specialist (help wanted)

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Here are details and how to apply. careers