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How to write, sell, and market a business book – IV: You’ve written that proposal; now what?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

So you’ve written that proposal, and it’s killer.    You can’t approach a publisher directly.    If you go to a publisher directly, it will think “Amateur!”   The web is a great place to start.    Look for an agent – this is really important – that covers the kind of book you are proposing.    Go with confidence; if you’ve written a great proposal, you’re exactly the kind of author they’re looking for. 

Should You Write an eBook?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

  Should you publish one?    I get asked these questions all the time by people understandably confused by the sudden explosions of options in publishing thanks to the Internet and the lack of a coherent response by the traditional publishing industry.    Because the publishing industry is changing so fast, I encourage you to weigh in with your experiences.    Publishers used to do 5 things for authors. 

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Market Your Book with a Movie Trailer

Each cost the publisher about 30% of the books marketing budget to produce. Beware the Lowest Bidder If you have a webcam, you can create unlimited 3-minute do-it-yourself web videos for $2.95